bc they feather you in the heart

you know i love coffee shop aus and the like but can we just consider:

  • merperson caught in a fisher’s net au
  • rival dragon riders au
  • bumped into each other while watching a street magic performance au
  • got drunk and broke into a dragon guarded tower together au
  • stole a sacred artifact from a witch and now i have to hunt you down au
  • well, you try talking some sense into the bridge troll au
  • pegasus joy riding au
  • werewolf gladiators au
  • we’re both cleaning up the ocean because our friends/parents are making us merperson au
  • your kiss broke a sirens spell au
  • my folks are making you steal a griffin feather to prove your love but that’s not stopping me from going with you au
  • i just fell in love with my magic mirror au
  • kidnapped by a band of magical golden hearted thieves au
  • first pet dragon au

ridiculous fluff fantasy aus okay don’t hold back go for gold

anonymous asked:

do you have any taz fic recs?

boy do i

ok so first and foremost i have to DEFINITELY recommend the crytpid zone (cryptid hunting au) and the resplendent puzzle (post-canon, angus hangin out with Cool Aunt Lup) by the wonderful amazing @bureau-of-benevolence

LITERALLY EVERY FIC that @anonymousalchemist puts up is absolutely worth reading (and undoubtedly loving) but a few Pretty Choice faves of mine are and there will be no more sorrows in the worlds to come (which i dont really know how to describe but Hungee Boy John and also so fucking incredibly beautifully written), the garden, never tended (a rly good merle character study), and Refraction (some Sweet Sweet taakitz)

teacuptaako is also a fucking INCREDIBLE writer like holy shit i cannot BELIEVE, and definitely my Most Favorite fic of theirs is because that’s what love is (equivalent exchange) which is a super super good character study about barry & taako & kind of just the whole ipre? 

(are u noticing a pattern here. the pattern is that i fucking love character studies.)

Still Here is one of my favorite fics in one of my favorite genres, that genre of course being Taako And Lup Actually Dealing With Emotions Kind Of (fuck its good i almost got distracted reading it again instead of finishing this list gfkjdhgj)

i dont even really know how to describe Taako the Nasty Crime Boy other than like, taako steals dogs and kravitz pretends to be a cop and this is maybe the best au?

i feel like a lot of ppl have already read an old sad song (you heard it all before) by the incredible and Brilliant @yahooanswer but if you haven’t then like go do it now right now its a roleswap and i dont want to give Too much about those swaps away but like ? what else does anyone even to know other than Best Adventuring Trio lucretia/lup/julia i mean come on

five ravens’ feathers, ten nightshade berries, a silver bangle (taako asking the raven queen a Very Important question) and my heart, my whole heart (another taako character/relationship study bc i cannot help who i am) by @anonymouspuzzler are Pretty Fuckin Choice too

Transactive Memory is super good too, focused on taako and, you guessed it, Losing Memories

Tea and Cookies by @terezis is a fuckin Top Quality meet the family in which taako introduces kravitz to lup & barry and lup just kinda fucks w/ everyone and its great

standing guard over what didn’t happen by @punkwixes is a rly good fic about the potential of the recovery game back in tsg and just….that’s where i’ll leave that but Please read it

aaaand last but not least bc this is getting SO LONG, Journal Keeper by @obvious-apostate which is i think The First taz fic i read, which takes place throughout the course of the stolen century and makes me cry over lucretia every day of my life

i….i read a lot of taz fics okay. i have a lot of love for all of them. let me Live.

He’s in love with him.
It’s not enough.
“But I love him.” he whispered.
“That boy is the sun,” they answered,  
“He was never meant to be yours.”
In the chaos of grief,
he took his sword in hand,
and severed the feathered wings from his back.
And from the ashes of the earth,
he stole the burning wings of a phoenix.
In the end, two hearts became one.
—  Icarus fell, only to rise // k.s. (inspired by @iamyreyi)

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Ohh dude I gotchu with the request (as long as no one has asked this yet?) how bout a class 1-A sleepover AU? Like they're all trying to cram for exams and someone came up with this idea but they all end up doing other teenager things instead of studying the whole night? Idk thats all I got so take it away hahaha

Sorry this took so long I just started school. also u didn’t specify if u wanted a scenario or imagine, so I just did headcanons ^.^ I hope that’s alright and if not you are always welcome to request this again with specifications. Everything is under the cut bc I had a lot of fun with this.

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Ma’at- goddess of truth, balance, and morality (x)

Performance Unit in bed (18+ members only)

this was requested by an anon and ofc it excludes chan bc he’s still underage lmao


  • boi
  • he’s greasy af
  • a dom ofc ofc but like cocky about it
  • like if you ever wanted to switch things up he’d be soooo against it and you would have to really fight to get him to let you dom
  • has a lot of pride in that respect
  • likes power play like being called daddy n shit he lives for that
  • like playing around with anticipation you know like making you hyper aware
  • not into over stimulation but hyper sensitivity u feel?
  • like feathers and light touches and working you up as much as he can before he actually does anything
  • that asshole that gets you so fucking close then stops and u wanna fuckin cry
  • when you finally persuade him to sub he like ?? weirdly enjoys it lol but he’d never admit that out loud
  • like you can’t hold it over him bc he’s so embarrassed that he likes being tied up fjdghstsfgs


  • a sub we know this
  • he has to go all out like he doesn’t half heart anything 
  • even when he’s giving oral he’s also got two fingers for that g/p spot stimulation plus one hand reaching up to play with ya nipple like
  • his motto when it comes to sex is go hard or go home (which he thinks is hilarious)
  • he’s all about giving and like yeah he likes to receive but he makes sure his partner is well looked after 
  • so he’s not necessarily a pure sub but he kinda falls into that just because he loves giving
  • he collects orgasms 
  • sex with him is oddly vanilla but ?? he knows What He Is Doing
  • his hip thrusts are incredible bc he got that roll of the hips like you’ve all seen that video look at the roll of his hips mmm he know’s what he is doing i swear to god
  • isn’t particularly kinky himself but is always up to try things out if his partner wants to like
  • he just wants the other person to feel comfy and satisfied bless him


  • likes 2 be thrown around 
  • like he likes to be told what to do and given instructions
  • you joke about putting a leash on him and he just gets really excited like “yes oh my god please”
  • similarly to soonyoung i feel like he’d be up to try pretty much anything ???
  • if you wanted him to dom he’d be so awkward and like keep having to check like 
  • he’d hesitate then be like “um like this? is this right?” like you have to coach him through it
  • you like put ur mouf on his ear n whisper something dirty af and he goes bright red i’m crying what a bab
  • but like he’s not innocent he just gets flustered easily
  • he gets needy n whiny n clingy 
  • the type to send u a vid of him jerkin it then reply “thank u” to ur nudes
  • the type to send u a vid of him jerkin it but he can’t sext to save his life

buskidsburgade  asked:

also if you're up for it, S1 Skye finds Simmons in Fitz's bed post FZZT and in trying to explain that they are not dating or sleeping together, they end up talking about QPs and aromantic (and/or ace) identities (bonus points if Skye ends up joining them for all the platonic bed sharing feels)

AN ~ Always a pleasure to write for you! Thanks for the prompt <3 

Also tagging @unlessimwrongwhichyouknowimnot bc they’re always down for QP FitzSimmons. Happy Pride!

(and for those of who who didn’t catch them last year, there’s more QP FS in Birds of a Feather and aro!Jemma (who unfortunately didn’t make it explicitly into this one) in Love is Not an Eight Letter Word.)

Read on AO3 (~1600wd).
Fluff! Rated G/K+ for some light/brief mentions of sex.


Peas in a Pod

It was the morning after the scariest day of her life, and Skye woke with her heart pounding heavily in her chest. She couldn’t remember if she’d been dreaming, or if so, what it had been about, but in her state of panic she remembered the way her heart had dropped, her mouth had gone dry, her every thought had turned to death death death when Jemma had jumped. She would have survived and landed and gone on, and her friend would be dead. Gone. Forever. She’d never been that close to it before.

All of a sudden, she felt an urge to see Jemma’s face. Or Fitz’s, which if nothing else, would remind her that they’d come out of it after all. So, still in her pyjamas, Skye bolted across the hall and knocked on Jemma’s door. No answer? She tried Fitz’s instead, her whole body starting to shake, just in case, but then –

“Yeah, come in.”

Not screamingly enthusiastic, but definitely not the voice of a man who had lost his best friend the day before. Relieved, Skye pulled the door open, and yelped.

“AH! NO!” She spun on the spot and covered her eyes, unsure where to look or not look. Unsure what she had just seen or not seen.

Jemma laughed and sat up, Fitz’s blankets pooling around her, now revealing most of the Sci-Tech Academy logo on the shirt she was wearing.

“It’s okay, Skye,” she assured her. “We’re both decent.”

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corvus corone

for day one of zev/warden week, prompt: first impressions

& bc my hand slipped, this strayed a bit from the prompt & became a zev character study. oops?

1,300 words, cw for gore, suicidal tendencies, & brief whorephobic language

Rules of engagement:

  • Strike hard and strike fast; you are a shadow made flesh
  • Hold your blade in one hand and your heart in the other
  • Never let them see you bleed

There’s a bird picking its way along the roadside, black feathers gleaming in the sunlight. A jackdaw, he believes it’s called. A smaller cousin of the crow. Fitting. They are birds of a feather, after all.

The jackdaw cocks its head to one side, regards him inquisitively with one beady eye. He nods a small greeting, crouched only a few yards away. Tries to stay still so as not to scare the bird. It seems unbothered by his presence, hops its way through the grass, pausing to tap its beak at the ground in search of food. The early bird. The poor worm.

The weight of his daggers are a comforting presence on his back, reminding him what he’s here for. He tested their edge only this morning; they’re sharp, deadly, ready to be put to their use. Just as he is. This should be easy. No one can say he’s not prepared.

And yet. Ambushes are sloppy, messy, hardly the Crow way – certainly not for such an easy mark. He could have slipped into their camp at night, slit their throats before they were even aware of his coming. Should have, even.

But instead, he’s here, a trap ready to spring. Lying in wait, coiled, poised, his breath coming sharper than the edge of his knife. He’s done this too many times before to be nervous, but still. His heart thumps like the beat to a dance. His hands haven’t shaken like this since the first.

(He was ten, the first time. They gave him a blade and told him to kill. He slit the throat of a man twice his age; fumbled the first cut, had to try again. Slid his blade through soft skin like scissors through silk. The blood dried his hair to rust.)

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Thank you Riot for this gift, now pls give us Illaoi bc as much as I love Jhin with all my heart, she has waited much longer for a skin,,,
Btw I’m totally cosplaying this skin 

Half drew this for me half drew it for @moruboru and @kisindian bc those two and their content keep me goin tbh <3 

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When watching all Disney shows change the following words to boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other: buddies, nemesis, most hated enemy (add more)

rise and shine
its such a lovely morning
gonna be a perfect day
but if it
should get rainy without warning
we’ll still be boyfriends anyway
happiness is all around us
i sure hope this feeling never ends
we’re boyfriends forever
in all kinds of weather
morning noon and night yeah
we’ll always be together
eternity is gonna be so awesome cuz together we’re the best boyfriends
our romance is
like skipping through the flowers
dancing and giggling with glee
so much better than my evil powers
romance makes my heart soar free
you can make my heart fill up with sunshine
and rainbows are just around the bend
we’re boyfriends forever
in all kinds of weather
like kitty cats and puppies
or birds of a feather
oh something something something something something
cause forever we are the best boyfriends