bc they are so doomed

Hi guys welcome to the registration page for the young animal fan zine, based on the comics by DC's young animal (quelle surprise) This will be a collaborative project open to artists of any medium! Don't fret about having your pieces done yet, this is just for you to submit your details and some of your art for me to check and to organize the participants of the zine. Entry deadline is May 15th! Good luck and happy arting :). Any further questions feel free to @pinkishincoiour

Hi! How’s it going friends! I’m opening up a zine dedicated to the young animal comics if anyone’s interested in contributing :) its open to all artists and I think it would b a neat wee thing to do for team young animal!!

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The pretty please bit in s3 kills me for obvious reasons, but I'm always sent tumbling into imagining how Hannibal is so fucking doomed bc all Will has to do is bat those baby blues at him and Hannibal will give him anything he wants

Hannibal is absolutely doomed by how much he loves Will. I mean, he did just sort of let go and allow Will to attempt to kill him at the end of season 3. Boy’s got it so bad he thought his only way out mid-season 3 was to eat that which he loved most. Will Graham is the deadliest thing Hannibal has ever known. 

But UGH that moment where Will says please is just EVERYTHING. I mean yes, it’s definitely fair to assume that Hannibal is going to do anything Will wants him to at this point, but also??? Hannibal asking Will to say please was more like Hannibal asking Will to put on a show. He knew it was performative, and Will knew it was performative, and Will knew that Hannibal knew that he knew and??? Hannibal was, as always, being Hannibal, with a big heaping side of Murder Husbands foreplay, and I will never be the same again tbh.

Anyway here nonny I made these just for you…

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Omg i just started watching crazy ex gf and i love it.. but does Rebecca get over josh and get with greg eventually because he really bores me and i want to know if i'm gonna be dissapointed in advance

She’s not gonna just “get over josh” and end up with Greg. Rebecca and Greg are not endgame in warning you right now. Also josh is kind of boring (mostly watchable bc Vincent Rodriguez the third has so much charm I love him, I think it’s bc he’s gay (not josh the actor)). BUT josh is a SYMBOL of Rebecca projecting all her happiness onto a man and a relationship bc the patriarchary told her too and it’s gonna doom her. So the story goes in an unexpected place. I would advise you to get invested in the Paula/Rebecca/Valencia relationships tho. If ur on this level of gender theory You can’t watch crazy ex girlfriend.

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jimin and yoongi are at an amusement park and they end up getting into the same cabin on the ferris wheel and when they reach the top it suddenly stops. a few minutes later it is announced they it’s going to take a while to fix it and everyone should stay calm they are perfectly safe. jimin starts to panic and yoongi helps him calm down, he holds his hand  and starts to softly caress it while talking to jimin about everything that comes to his mind. like his hyung who cooks for him and tells horrible jokes and about his friend who is clumsy and breaks a lot of things. jimin listens intently and eventually starts laughing at the things that yoongi says and yoongi is so doomed bc jimin is so pretty and his giggling is even prettier. when the ferris wheel is finally fixed and they are on the ground jimin kissess yoongi on the cheek and thanks him and is about to leave but yoongi stops him and asks him on a date  and of course jimin says yes he really likes yoongi but he was scared and embarassed to ask him out.  they go on a lot of rides and yoongi buys him cotton candy and wins him a plushie. at the end of the day yoongi walks jimin home and kisses him.

I always get excited when I remember Yato and Hiyori’s new “heavenly soulmates” status could be used like Yato’s new anchor instead of his Dad, but then I also remember it was Kofuku who created it and that kinda destroyed even the last springles of chance for a happy ending those two had so then I lay on the floor and cry for a few hours