bc they are really cute n i hate it

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When one compliments the other…

  • when sirius compliments remus:
  • it’s at the most inopportune times
  • like they’ll be sitting in the middle of charms and sirius will turn to remus and sigh and say “moony, you look really good today”
  • and remus rolls his eyes
  • And without looking over at sirius says “shut the fuck up” just loud enough for him to hear with a smirk on his face n a lil chuckle
  • Sirius grins and blushes just bc he knows remus is flattered even if he won’t admit it
  • when remus compliments sirius:
  • It’s very subtle and sirius might not realize it was a compliment until an hour later when he’s thinking about remus and then it hits him
  • he got a compliment !!!!!!!! from remus !!!!!!!!
  • And he’s v excited and even brings it up to remus later
  • It’s like “oh by the way thanks for saying that earlier, moony”
  • “what the hell are you talking about?”
  • And sirius tries to explain but remus claims he has no idea what he’s talking about
  • he does, though
  • he just likes razzing him n seeing him blush and get his undies all in a twist
  • and it’s literally just a constant cycle of nerdiness

anonymous asked:

imagine being so pressed about someone thinking two people are in a relationship I'm xhcijvnvm most of them have common sense, they know there's gonna be hate (??? this is why larries don't go through the larry tag) they literally just go through the tag bc they're bored and they wanna fight. if they really wanted to find cute pictures of narry, it's their fault for not following enough narry blogs lmao

BYE I KNOW I was just saying this, they said they look through it for cute n*rry pics like… sure jan lmao