bc they are really cute n i hate it

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Which nct members do u ship with YOUR mutuals and why?

thats a lot of pressure man,,, like a lot omg yall gonna hate me but

@960227s with ten bc shes really soft n cute and dreams of him

All my johnny mutuals with johnny bc we all share johnny, porque like iss jus a fact

@taeyongshi with taeyong because her love?? For him?? *insert dragon ball meme* ITS OVER 9000

@beaujaehyun with jaehyun because i seen her tags, she freaky just like him, yall one day jaehyuns gonna wild out like sulli did, just give him a few years

@debuthansol with hansol because 1. Fashion king and queen 2. Selfie king and queen 3. Dragon ball and Naruto NERDS THEYRE SO CUTE and just the cutest noses ever

@yutagf with yuta OFC BECAUSE THEYD LITERALLY RULE THE WORLD,,, THEYRE REALLY SLY AND EVIL YET SI FUCKDJJD ADORABLE like??? a visual couple?? Beat me up ill pay them both???

And omg i cant think of anyone else to tag bc im pretty shy n,,, im scared of rejection and honestly i love all my mutuals so much theyre all chill and not wild, like the bad wild, theyre a good kind of wild

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what if mccree just rly loves bugs b spiders n stuff n infodumps constantly while hanzo listens n asks engaging questions bcs theyre in love and support each other

That’s actually really cute even tho I bet hanzo just. Hates spiders but God Damn It if he’s not going to listen to Jesse info dump about them

a big fuck you to @staff and the new update for marking this post as sensitive material when its actual just cute pics of my gf n i at pride?!?!!? the caption is “happy pride from your favorite gays” so if anyone could please tell me any word that suggests ‘sensitive material’ bc id really hate for tumblr, with a huge lgbtq+ community, to be homophobic. thanks.

Expectant father! Yoongi

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  • wakes up and immediately rubs your belly bc ‘wow Y/N, it’s getting big I’m gonna be a great father’
  • ‘I dunno, Y/N, I’m pretty sure I hit some magical spots last night ;))))’
  • kicks him out of bed bc it’s too early for his cheesy greasiness
  • you do end up checking with the doctor anyway, just as a regular monthly health checkup, and CONGRATS!! You two are having a baby
  • even though Yoongi always seems to want a baby, you’re not sure about how he’ll respond once he finds out
  • when you two got married, he made you promise not to keep any secrets from him
  • since then, he’s always been like, ‘out with it’ whenever you seemed like something was on your mind
  • and you always did that to him too
  • although sometimes it’d get annoying bc both of you tend to have naturally worried/contemplative faces
  • whenever this happens, you’d say ‘fite me’ and he’d smirk and go ‘ok false alarm, but y’know that idea doesn’t sound half bad’
  • he’d end up tickling you for an eternity and you giggling and
  • actually that’s what happened the day before and led to what happened later that night…
  • so anyway
  • you decided that you’d tell it to him as soon as possible
  • you wait by the couch nervously, dinner already on the table, and Yoongi’s mixtape on the stereo in case you need to play it to calm him down if he gets hysterical
  • so when he comes home with some headphones around his head, mumbling the lyrics to another one of his songs
  • opens the door and tries to look for you immediately (his end-of-the-day ritual)
  • his gummy smile brightens his face when he sees you and he runs toward you with his arms out in a hug
  • what a dork
  • (but also what a cutie, you love him)
  • before he gets any closer, you quickly get up and blurt out ‘I’m pregnant’
  • which he, having headphones on, doesn’t hear and tackles you to the floor, wrapping his arms tightly around you and rolling you on top of him
  • ‘Yoongi did you hear me, i just said that I am pregnant’
  • ‘we’re having pretzels for dinner? Um ok, if that’s cool with you, but I brought chicken’ this boy smh
  • you rip his headphones off and urgently repeat, not so amused anymore, ‘Yoongi, we’re having a baby’
  • he freezes and stares at you
  • and you start to panic again bc he hasn’t been saying anything for a few minutes
  • his voice is hushed: ‘you’re having a baby?or’ he swallows thickly ‘I’m having a baby?’
  • tears are starting to stream down your face ‘I’m having the baby you dork, have you ever taken biology’
  • a huge smile breaks out on his face and he puts a hand in your hair, tugging you forward to pepper kisses all over your face, wiping your tears away with another hand
  • ‘why are you crying?’
  • ‘bc I was worried you idiot I thought you’d get angry at me’
  • he pulls you back to lock eyes with you ‘Y/N, why would I ever get angry? You’ve given me the greatest gift a woman could ever give a man’
  • you smile back at him
  • ‘a vessel to pour my hopes, dreams, and aspirations into and also a really cute mini me who I could teach to hate the things I hate.’
  • you tackle him to the floor and try to tickle him ‘THAT’S NOT WHAT BABIES ARE, YOONGI’
  • And that’s how you two end up arguing the night over what Yoongi can and cannot teach the child to hate, which culminates in the bedroom
  • ‘I knew my magical bean would step up to the job,’ he murmurs as you two fall asleep
  • you try to shove him off the bed, but he cries out that he’s the father of your child
  • next day, he’s already up and rubbing your belly with a grin
  • ‘you can’t stop me y/n you’ve got no excuses I will rub your tummy until little Mirelluna comes out’
  • ‘you’ve already named it?!”
  • ‘her. It’s a her. Her kick is as fiery as yours’ (’it’s literally been a day since I told you, how can it kick?!??!)
  • in the mornings, when he’s on his break from composing new songs, you two go to furniture stores and baby supply stores to buy a crib and some clothes
  • he always lays down on the beds to test them out himself and ends up lowkey falling asleep
  • ‘Yoongi, get off, we need a crib’
  • so he tries crawling into one of those but you stop him
  • Yoongi wants pink everything
  • ‘but what if it’s not a girl????’
  • ‘whatever, pink is for champions. Besides, I’m pretty sure I squeezed out a girl.’ You slap him for that
  • tries to convince you to put the baby’s crib into his studio in the house so that she’ll learn the beats of great hip hop artists before she can even speak
  • no
  • ‘no??!? B-but it’s her legacy….’
  • grumbles as you end up putting the crib in the spare bedroom (sneaks in a few stereos and decorates the walls with pictures of him at the genius lab and some old bandmates)
  • every day, gives you vitamins, cups of milk, and forces you to eat healthy
  • ‘Y/N, I will whoop your butt (figuratively) if you try to eat that entire bag of cheetos that is NOT good for Mirelluna, here have some celery instead’
  • really nice whenever you want to watch tv, lets you put on romcoms or corny movies that he used to openly hate
  • actually cries during (500) days of summer
  • ‘But Y/N, what if that happens to us???’
  • don’t make me kick you, you dork, I’ll always love you and your sorry butt’
  • kisses all the time
  • in the kitchen when you try to help him cook (insists he cooks bc you’re having a harder time moving about, but ends up buying takeout from his friend Jimin’s restaurant)
  • in the baby’s room while you decorate
  • actually tries to make out with you in public but you get embarrassed and stop him, which makes him sulk the whole way home
  • before you tackle him and make up for it
  • has a countdown calendar for when you’re due, marks off each day with comments about things he loves about you
  • ‘that’s so corny Yoongi when did you get this corny’
  • ‘since I married you, honey pumpkin (*you’re gagging*) deal with it Y/N you’re mine forever and I’ll love you the way I want’
  • it gets better worse each day
  • raps softly to your belly at night (maybe not your agust d mixtape yet? You swear like a thousand times)
  • when you’re finally going into labor, he’s in the kitchen trying to make spaghetti and hears you screaming for him so he rushes into the room
  • scariest he’s ever seen you, also the most swearing he’s ever heard from your kind sweet mouth
  • he’ll forgive you but files it away in case he wants to blackmail you for cuddles in the future
  • absolutely panicking, but calls Jungkook on his cell to get there asap
  • Jungkook happens to be passing by in the neighborhood (about to visit this girl he’s planning to ask out, sheesh kookie perfect timing) helps Yoongi carry you to the car
  • Yoongi drives to the hospital, sweat pouring from his face bc he’s freaking out and you’re still screaming from the backseat as Jungkook’s whimpering ‘pls breath noona’
  • feels helpless as he sits in the waiting room as you give birth, passes the time by writing lyrics onto a napkin
  • ‘she screams my name not once, but twice/while i shout out for help, advice/her cries get weaker by the hour/while i just sit, just wait, just cower’
  • he’s feeling really worried and sad
  • Jungkook, bless him, gets the boys together to come in and cheer him up and keep him company as he waits
  • ‘I brought donuts–‘ ‘NOT a good time, Tae’
  • Yoongi does take a donut but mostly just stares at it
  • Hoseok tries to distract him with stories about their time in BTS
  • ‘remember when Tae drank toilet water?’
  • Yoongi eventually cheers up and ends up laughing so hard he nearly misses he nurse calling his name
  • ‘she’s ready fo-‘ he darts inside as the boys trail behind
  • you’re in the bed, tired but holding a tiny pink infant in your arms
  • gulps, asks, ‘girl. True or false?’
  • you smile and laugh. ‘true’
  • he goes straight for your face and kisses you everywhere from your forehead to your cheeks to your nose to your mouth
  • ‘ew hyung’ Namjoon whispers
  • ‘shut up, she’s my wife, I’ll kiss her wherever I want’
  • trying to come up with names, the other boys are pitching in suggestions
  • ‘whatever it is, she’ll never be golden maknae’
  • ‘ABigail if you get my drift ehehe”  “Jimin, get out”
  • ‘Maria?”   “I actually like that, Jin. So, just Maria?” “um, Super…*whispers*Maria Bros”
  • “Namjinae?” “no”
  • “smiley sunshine?” “hoseok, that’s too corny, no.”
  • “Sia.” “like the singer, Tae?” “like that seaweed I befriended in Thailand” “tAEHYUNG NO WE ARE NOT NAMING OUR DAUGHTER AFTER A PLANT”
  • “Mirelluna. We’ll stick with that.”
  • She has your eyes and Yoongi’s smile~

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it's super cute that you think non-jews don't realize 'goyim' is your version of the n-word for white people. except not really. and yeah, you're definitely white. considering you can't answer that question directly. it's so adorbs, bc we get to see exactly what kind of jew you are: a hateful, talmud-following ball of vile behavior that leaves the real, good jewish community ashamed.

lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i havent updated this blog in like a yr but thanks for making me laugh

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Alternatively Link could be like "if we get engaged now and wait a year, we could use that time to travel around the world together!" "Stop encouraging him!!!" "But what if I don't mind the idea of being married to you?!" Then Dorephan just laughs because Link is not only soft but willing to stand up to his giant son who could easily throw him across the room. "Oh I really like this one Sidon!" "STOP encouraging each other!"

sidons all bristly n “>:(” bc he Hates hs dad messin w his boyfriends but then link convinces him tht it could work n he really wouldnt mind being engaged to him and eventually marrying him and hes vry soft and gentl n cute n he melts sidons big tough heart n then he agrees “but were only staying in the best hotels and only flying the best airlines and going all the places youve ever wanted to go and he” (pointing accusatorially @ dorephan) “is paying for the whole thing” (which dorephans fine with tbh he luvs sidon and his cute bf)

ON THAT NOTE, I wanna know what you think. So- when I was like 10/11, in school, they had brought in a lambs heart to dissect and like, we were gonna watch.
Now, I’m like, a soft boy who refuses to eat lamb (bc I feel bad eatin baby animals and also lambs??? Are cute and soft and I just hate that thought) so I found this REALLY REALLY UPSETTING.

So while they were dissecting this heart w everyone gathered around I sat in the corner crying VIOLENTLY. Like it was awful I was curled up n hugging myself n everything; this lambs heart REALLY REALLY bothered me.
The teachers response was to ignore me and just say to any of the kids who tried help to ‘leave him alone he’ll be over it’.

Was that an appropriate response from them??? Bc I still think abt that happening sometimes and it bothers me more than it probably should.

boyfriend!seventeen series ; hansol (vernon)

first kiss with vernon, your high school boyfriend! 


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Scary Movies

Request: Hiiii i love your imagines can you please do Bucky barnes imagine were the reader and Bucky live together in a apartment. So one day the reader decides to watch a scary movie but Bucky gets scared he hates to watch horror movies and becomes like a child everytime. So the reader forces him to watch it. And at night Bucky can’t sleep so he decides to be in her arms like a baby.

A/N: I tried my best to make this cute and fluffy. Hopefully I succeeded! I hope you like this one. BTW for all of you who requested for a part two for Hurt, I’ll write one, I promise. 

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Words: 1,349

Warning(s): fluff, mentions of scary movies (didn’t describe any scenes bc i haven’t really seen any scary movies i get scared very easily too)

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Helping hand

(This is the bad jeffclarence fanfic i was talking about. Prepare to cry about my shitty writting)

“You should try it once, you know, asking him out”

“I can’t…He’s obviously not interested in boys….or even girls..”

“That’s because he has never been with any of them, he has no opinion yet”

There was a short pause between both of them, the air was tense, so were the kids.

“He had a girlfriend like 5 years ago, Sumo…”

“We were 8y/o kids by then, he didn’t even know what to do..”

Jeff saddened a little bit, he really liked his friend Clarence. He had been liking him since the moment they met, it was a really deep feeling. He really wished that the other kid felt the same, but it was almost impossible.

“I don’t know…”

He softly replied, falling into his own thoughts and becoming silent for a while. Sumo looked at him and crossed his arms, he was really worried about both of them. He KNEW he had to do something, they were his friends after all. He stepped back, ruffled Jeff’s hair and waved goodbye.

“I gotta go now, Jeff, see you later at my house!”

He said then and ran away, he already had a plan.

“Um…okay, see you there…”

—- —- —- —-

“Hey! Clarence!”

“Sumo!! What a surprise–”

The smaller kid grabbed the other’s arm and pushed it with him. He had to do it because of the plan.

“What are you doin’..” He laughed.

“No time to explain, we gotta go to the shop and make you look cool after your date”

Clarence’s eyes widened. Did he hear date? Who was the one he was going to date?? He was really really confused by then, he started sweating a bit too.

The two kids arrived to the shop Sumo always went to buy cheap stuff, they came in and Clarence smiled, he liked that place tbh.The smaller gave the other lot’s of different options to try on, and they finally decided for one set; a greenish sweater, brown coat, dark pants and blueish shoes. It was really small for him but he still looked nice. After they bought the set, Sumo looked at Clarence.

“You’re ready. See you at my house at 6pm, i’ll be waiting for you!”

He ran away again, now going to Jeff’s house.

E.j Randell opened the door, smiling at the kid with her eyes and mouth. He did let him come in, so he went up to jeff’s room.

Knock knock

Jeff appeared throught the bedroom’s door, looking confused at his friend.

“What are you doing here, Sumo? Wasn’t the meeting at yOUR house?”

“It is at my house, i just wanted to tell you to dress up very nice, you’re gonna be surprised there…”

The square headed child looked even more confused now, crossing his arms as sumo talked.

“Okay…? I will, if that’s what you want somehow…”

“Great. See you there at 6pm!”

And sumo ran away again. He was already tired of hurring everything up, but he couldn’t stand to see his friends feeling bad. He went now to his house and prepared a tiny table with some flowers and two candles at each side of it.

The time passed and, exactly at 6pm, jeff arrived. He was wearing a light blue no-arm sweater and a white bluise, brownish pants and black shoes.

“Woah jeff, i thought i told you to dress nice.”

He said mainly to make him angry. Jeff instantly looked at him with a death glare.

“So, what are we going to d-”

The taller kid stopped talking as soon as he saw a person at the other side of the…garden. Could that be….Clarence?? He panicked. Why was clarence there, dressing THAT good?! He looked at Sumo and widened his eyes, again death glaring him.

“Oh! Hello guys!…haha jeff what’s that you’re wearing! You look like a gentleman!”

Jeff swallowed saliva and blushed. Sumo invited the two others to sit at the table he prepared before and as soon as they did, he left.

“S-sumo! Where are you going?!”

Jeff almost screamed.

“I have stuff to do so, you two stay there and eat that cheeto puffs next to the table! Don’t wait for me!”

He was gone now, and the other two kids stood silent. Jeff was feeling nervous, his hands and legs trembled as he tried not to look at clarence. They kept this silence for a while, until Clarence started talking.

“So Jeff, tell me, why are you dressed that way? You look cool!”

“UH, UM, i …i always dress up like this! Haven’t u noticed my fashion skills? ” he laughed.

“Haha, aw that’s great…”

Clarence grabbed the bowl of cheeto puffs and ate some of them, then looking at jeff and offering him some as well.

“Oh, no thanks… I’m okay”

He smiled then. This was weird and was making jeff more nervous than ever, you know, to be with your special someone all alone.

“S-so … Sumo told me you had something you wanted to confess to me”


“Yeah, is that true?”


The two of them stood silent again, now they were both nervous.

“I …also have something i’d like to tell you”

Jeff’s eyes opened like golf balls, he sweated and began talking again.

“What…is it?”

“You’d have to tell me first! Hehee”

Clarence giggled and eated another pile of cheetos. Then he looked at Jeff straight to the eye.

“Are you going to tell me, then?”


Jeff was really trying to do it, but the words couldn’t come out off his mouth. He panicked internally and began to tremble again. His cheeks turnt bright red, he was scared about saying it, but he also wanted to take that off his brain.


Clarence’s smile didn’t help at all, that made Jeff even more nervous and blushy. Why did he have to smile now! Now it would be even harder for him to tell him his feelings.


“Would you like me to say my secret first?”

“….would you?”

“Yeah, it’s okay!”

Jeff moved his arms to the bowl of cheetos and ate one out of nowhere. He chummed the orange puff and swallowed it. It wasn’t that bad, to be honest.

“The thing is……I like you, jeff”

The thin kid chocked. He was blushing harder that before and his heart began racing faster.


“I…think i …like-like you…”

Clarence smiled and blushed as he finished talking, he was free now, no more secrets.

At the other side, Jeff was red as a tomato, he had his whole body trembling. He couldn’t help but cry, after all, his emotions were flowing freely now.

“Oh my god, Are you okay Jeff?!”

Clarence stood up quickly and hugged Jeff. Caring his back.

“I’m sorry, i shouldn’t have said …that”

“N-no! It’s okay!”

They stared at each other for a while, eyes shining like stars.

“I…..like you too, Clarence..”

Jeff said, hugging the other harder and letting out a big sigh. The light haired one giggled happily.

After a moment, clarence sat in the other chair again, smiling at the other kid.

“I guess we…could start dating now…?”

“we’re 13…”

“I know, but i think it would be great!”

“Just if you want to….”

“Do YOU want to?”

he nodded.

“Then let’s do it”

The silent stare appeared again.

“…okay then”

Jeff blushed and hid his face between his hands. Clarence stood up and hugged him again, kissing his forehead softly.

“What do you wanna do now, b-o-y-f-r-i-e-n-d~?”

“AH! Stop it!!”

“Aw, so cute..”

They laughed and standed up, hugged and cuddled. They were happy after all !!

And there, Inside the house, Sumo was smiling, he really did a good job getting the two together.

The end.


So this is a Sam x Reader thing. I tried plz don’t hurt meh (   ._. )

i really hope you guys like this bc I’m really insecure about my art and writing.

Y/B/F/N = Your best friend’s name

“You know why I brought you here Y/N?”, your best friend says. You’re at a bar. You don’t know anyone besides your friend.  “No, not really.” You turn to face her. “Okay, Y/B/F/N, you know I hate this sort of place. Gives me the creeps.” you explain. “The only reason we’re here is because we’re both single and cute. I bet,” She points in a direction that you don’t look at yet, “You can find somebody here.” You look where she was pointing. There stands this extremely tall guy, long-ish hair, and, “Holy shit, Y/B/F/N, we have the same style, and he’s hot. Shit, should I…” “Nah, wait for him.”


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For the ask thing: I'm a fairly tall bi girl with blonde poofy hair and glasses! I'm a Hufflepuff and I love hugs, baking, gardening, reading, writing, and drawing! I'm fairly smart, and I am often described as "pure", and I have a tendency to ramble! I'm also quite shy. (Also I love your blog!)

thank you !

i ship you with andromeda black. she loves that you look like a cute hufflepuff stereotype and often steals your glasses “dammit Y/N you’re really blind”. you’re the one who introduced her to hugs and she became addicted ever since ( only to yours tho ). she is not one for baking and gardening bc she hates to get dirty but she will happily stand by the side and watch you do it as she reads you the instructions. you two have a book trade going on. she always speaks for you when you get too shy to do it yourself. you drew her portrait so many times and she lowkey loves to pose for hours. she will also ramble back at you so your convos can quickly become long mutual monologues.

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(1/2) LOUDLY WIGGLES EYEBROWS I HEARD TENDOU RAREPAIRS (its tensuga anon go figure) I DONT REALLY HAVE A LOT TO SHARE BUT IDK ABOUT YOU GUYS.... BUT IM HYPED FOR GUESS MONSTER and i mean all the new episodes because im looming ominously over the

(2/3 changed my mind) fandom waiting to snatch people into tensuga. ahem anyway halloween tensuga tendou always tries getting them matching costumes and suga caves and does it anyway (its ridiculous) and they always buy a shit ton of candy but don’t

(3/3) REALLY give it all out (i bet tendou has a huge sweet tooth and eats way too much of it) and they like to spend the night in watching horror movies together on the couch snuggled close (and clinging to each other because horror) n its a wreck.


also listen. it’s canon that tendou hates horror movies but he once watched one bc he thought the main actress in it was cute. imagine him trying to have a poker face about it and then like a few seconds in he’s screaming and clutching at suga’s shoulders and asking suga not to tell anyone about this. suga carding his fingers through tendou’s hair, his lips twitching in a smirk as he’s like, “i’m never letting you live this down” (it’s almost as bad as that time tendou teasingly stole suga’s curry from him and then regretted it two seconds later when his mouth felt like it was on fire 

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What are your favorite (or some of your favorite) ships in Awakening? n_n

MY DEFINITE GO TO SHIP IS KELLAM/SULLY even looking at it from a mutual/platonic standpoint, i just really love how they look out for each other its soO SWEET aksjdlkjshfLKA (imo kellam looks the most suited to be kjelles father too kek)

i only beat awakening once, so in this second playthrough  im still exploring my supports n stuff (my first playthrough i didnt recruit a lot of the kids bc i didnt know about them until my cousin told me after beating the game OTL, so i didnt pair up a lot of the 1st gens), but here are a few i remember:

frederick/panne i havent paired frederick up much with anyone else bc hes a lone wolf and could clear a map but i paired them out of a whim and ended up liking it. its really cute how they ended up hating each other and becoming friends :3c

donnel/lissa ITS SO CUTE!! AHHH!!!! ESPECIALLY THEIR ‘A’ SUPPORT, i havent s supported them yet bc im still exploring, but its very likely ill pair them up. gaius/lissa is really cute too, so fluffy……….. (but i might just pair her up with either vaike or libra bc i want blond owain LOLOLOL!!!)

stahl/olivia TWO CINNAMON ROLLS TOGETHER im a sucker for flustered shephards :UUUUUU!!!! that being said, i think lon’qu/olivia is really cute too (actually lon’qu with anybody is all things right in the world bc hes a tsun tsun)

lon’qu/any 1st gen female bc i love flustered lon’qu tbqh ^^^^^^^^

gregor/nowi i paired them just because they were recruited together, but i ended up really liking their dynamic with each other :333c!!!! (i like to think nah is showered and spoiled with lots of love by the both of them WWWWwWW!)

i heard m!morgan/nah is cute ;;;;v;;;;, and i just recruited her on my 2nd playthrough so ill see how it goes. 

ive seen so much cute inigo/lucina fan art im a closet shipper LOL!!!

oh and ill always be trash for chrom (i try my best every single gotdaNG time to romance someone else but noP  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(im open to suggestions for my second playthrough!!! the only 1st gen units currently married are sully/kellam, chrom/mu YOU ALREADY KNOW, and gregor/nowi)

idk why but i’m such a slut for…. like…,,, ships where one of them is famous and the other isn’t ??? like it can be any kind of famous it can be band or youtube famous or anYTHI GN but what really lifts my skirt is like….,, cute tweets between them and dumb twitcams and obnoxious snapchat selfies, and sometimes they’ll trend on twitter every now and again over somethini dumb……. and like bc the other isn’t famous some like jealous die-hards i guess track down where they work and egg the place or somethi n or vandalize it in other ways and the non-famous one is just :’))) it’s ok :’)))) and they get online hate sometTIMES and it’s just wow i’m emotional 

Shut Up And Take My Hand

anonymous asked: would you do a really cute jack Barakat imagine where you guys cuddle and watch an orioles game together (since it is opening week for baseball) and he lets you wear his sweatshirt bc you love big sweatshirts and just really cute and fluffy thank you xox

A/N: Since I’m from New York, I had to make my babies part of this imagine ;)


“For the millionth time, the Mets are no where near the Orioles babe” Jack said as we pulled into the stadium’s parking lot.

“They are totally better than the Orioles hun, sorry to disappoint” I said, pretending to dust of my David Wright Mets jersey.

“You do know how much hate you’re going to get wearing that here, right?” he asked as we got out of the car.

“Please, if I survived wearing this to a Marlins game, this is a piece of cake” I said, grabbing for his hand. I was shocked when he pulled away from me.

“What was that for?” I asked.

“I’m sorry I just, I can’t be seen with the enemy” he whispered, looking around as we walked to the entrance. I laughed and rolled my eyes at him.

“Shut up and take my hand” I said. He smiled and interlocked his fingers with mine as we walked into the building. We gave in our tickets and made our way to our seats. We sat down and were instantly greeted with boos from a group of guys nearby us.

“Dude, you letting your girl walk into this place and disrespect you like that?” a bald guy from behind us called out.

“I’m trying to change her dude, maybe after today” Jack replied jokingly, earning a wink and thumbs up from the guy. We sat down and waited for the snack dudes to come around. I decided to get into the baseball spirit and started singing softly.

Take me out to the ball game,
Take me out with the crowd.
Buy me some peanuts and cracker jack,
I don’t care if I never get back,
Now I’ll root, root, root for the home team,
If they don’t win it’s a shame.
Cause it’s one, two, three strikes, you’re out,
At the old ball game

Towards the end I had Jack and the group of guys behind me singing along

“Eh, she’s not so bad” the bald guy said. Jack nodded and put his hand around me as the game started. Every time the Mets were up to bat I was up on my feet screaming, and every time the Orioles were up I got a show from Jack an the dudes behind us. Soon it was the sixth inning and I was getting tired.

“You okay (y/n)?” Jack asked. I nodded and rested my head on his shoulder.

“You wanna wear my sweatshirt?” he asked. I almost nodded right away when I realized what he was trying to do.

“You’re not gunna turn me, nope” I said, turning my attention back to the game. He chuckled and pulled me close to him, kissing my temple. A snack dude came by us and Jack bought me some Cracker Jacks.

“It’s getting cold” I said a little while later. I looked at Jack and saw him smiling at me.

“You can always have my sweater” he replied. I bit my lip and shook my head, munching away at my snack to keep distracted from the cold. Both teams were tied and by the way the game was looking, it seemed like it might go into extra innings. 

By the eight inning both teams were still tied and I was shivering. I had left my sweater in the car and wore shorts to the game since we were going to be in the sunny part of the stadium.

“Jack” I managed to stutter. He looked at me and I nodded. He took off his sweatshirt and I put it on, bringing my knees to my chest under the fabric. He put his arm around me and I rested my head on his shoulder, feeling my eyelids get heavier and heavier.

“(y/n), babe, wake up” I heard Jack say softly as he shook me awake. I still had my knees in my chest under the sweatshirt and the stands were emptying out.

“I fell asleep?” I asked, rubbing my eyes.

“Yea, you looked cute” he said smiling.

“Who won?” I asked. He gave me a huge grin.

“Ugh, honestly, I don’t care, it’s just a game” I said, trying to cover up my grief. He laughed and turned to start walking to the stairs.

“Jack” I called. He turned back around and looked down at me.

“Can you carry me?” I asked, still sleepy from my nap. He smiled and turned around. I hopped on his back and he hooked his arms under my knees as I rested my head on his shoulder.

As we were leaving the building, I heard a bunch of familiar cheers.

“Yeaa!!!” I heard a voice the I recognized as the bald guy yell.

“I got her!” Jack called back. I smiled and buried my head into the back of his neck. We got to the car and he set me down. As soon as I was inside I turned up the heat to defrost myself. He got in and held my hand as we drove home.

“So does this mean you’re officially an Orioles fan?” he asked.

“Nope” I piped with a smile. He half-groaned, half-chuckled and squeezed my hand.

“But, maybe some day I will” I said, kissing him on the cheek.