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Dean Winchester Smut- Anger Management

Prompt- Anon- “Can you do a dean story where he’s pissed about something and he’s driving while you’re in the passenger seat and you two are dating but you haven’t had sex yet(about 6-8 months into the relationship) and you scotch closer to him and kiss his jaw line and whisper sweet things to calm him down and he ends up pulling over so he can kiss you, and you end up having sex in the impala? (She’s riding him) and fluff after?”

A/N- so i’ve been holding out on writing for a few days, bc not only am i busy, but ive been trying to wait until i get my phone. But I dont like doing that to you guys :( Keep requests you cuties, i gotchu <3

            This was the longest most tension-filled car ride you had ever been on. The worst part? No one was here to break the tension. Dean was pissed, but he was calm and pissed, which frightened you more. He wasn’t speeding or clenching the steering wheel, he was just being Dean. 

      “Talk to me abou-” You turned in the passenger seat to look at his profile. “No.” Dean quickly cut you off, then began to speed up just enough for it to be noticeable . “Seriously Dean?” You asked, your arms thrown up a little. “Seriously.” He replied, kissing his teeth and shifting in his seat.

     Scooting closer on the leather seat, you put your hand on the inside of his thigh, mid way up and kissed his jaw. You felt the muscle under it flex as he groaned in his throat. “I’m all yours baby…” you moaned into his ear, knowing he would go for it. You had both been dying to have sex since you got together, but never really got privacy for long enough to do so. 

        “Show me how mad you are…” you said, nipping at his ear lobe. You squeezed the inside of his thigh, kissing behind his ear. You felt Baby accelerate every few seconds when you hit his sweet spot at the corner of his jaw. Feeling Deal pull off to the side of the road, it was seconds before he grabbed the back of your thigh and swung your leg over his so you could straddle him. 

          “I want you so bad right now, baby girl..” Dean said, pulling your head back by your hair, kissing and sucking at your neck. “Take me , I’m yours.” Dean didn’t need to be told twice. Immediately, he was pulling your yoga pants down, along with your underwear. 

          Slowly, you started to grind on his hard denim covered cock, his eyes watching you contently. “Fuck.” He moaned as you pushed just slightly harder. “Dean..” you moaned, feeling his hands that were running up your sides, gripping and feeling your smooth skin. The warmth of your body against his cold hands sent electricity through you. 

        Cupping your breasts in his hands, Dean massaged them lightly, reaching behind with one hand to undo the clasp. Pulling your shirt off, you removed your bra, kissing Dean’s lips. Continuing to his jawline and neck, you felt him shift, his head between your breasts as he kissed up and down the valley. 

         Tangling his hands in your hair, Dean pulled your head back, kissing from your neck to your belly button, then back up. Licking your nipples, Dean took one in his mouth, sucking and nipping lightly, just enough to send all the pleasure to your core. 

            As he reached down to cup your core, Dean smirked at you, kissing your chest before he plunged a finger inside you. “I just want to feel all of you” Dean spoke before taking his hand out of your hair and cupping your ass.  Moaning, you let Dean pump his fingers fast inside you, his thumb rubbing rough, fast circles on your clit. “I’m gonna cum” you moaned, out of breath from pure euphoria. 

     “No you’re fucking not. Not until I’m pounding that pussy.” Dean’s eyes were full of lust as he quickly undid his belt, pulling his cock out. Twitching and leaking pre cum, you watched Dean line himself up with you as he pulled you down, forcing himself completely inside you. “Fuck you’re so tight.” Dean said, grabbing your hips and moving for you. 

       Moaning, you let Dean take his anger out on your body, his thrusts deep and full of pent up anger. “Fuck Dean, fuck me.” Pounding into you, Dean’s cock filled you to the brim, your pussy stretching to accommodate him. “Don’t stop, Dean” you moaned, gripping his shoulders. “Dean I’m gonna-” you were out of breath as Dean started to play with your clit. “Cum on my cock baby..” Dean said, playing with your clit roughly, making sure you were over the edge. 

      Clenching tightly around him, you dug your teeth into his shoulder as your high took over your whole body. Legs shaking, Dean went impossibly faster, chasing his high. When he finally came, he thrusted a few more times before he finally pulled out. 


     Laying in bed after you and Dean got home, you were in his arms, just talking about old memories. Laughing, you let the slow silence take over. You looked over at Dean who was watching you, his green eyes full of love, just simply adoring you. Pushing hair behind your ear, Dean grabbed your face, kissing you softly. “You’re all I want…” Dean said, kissing you again.