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2/? Moon Jongup Appreciation Posts: 
           Eyebrow Dance Specialist

Murdoc Davis and his wife Murdoca Davis with their son, Murdo, and daughter Murda, and family dog, Murdog.

@se-serena no need to introduce his family I already did :D

okay so I was talking to @tiberius-herondale abt Julian nd kit and ,, this happened

  • okay so kit is utterly terrified of jules at first bc he’s probably v scary to anyone who isn’t family (ya I’m choosing to ignore that scene where cristina compared him to a puppy or whatever the first time she saw him let me have this) and also bc Julian is rlly tall and kit just isn’t
  • so ya kit is scared of him , (like Julian would look at him and kit just, shits himself) BUT eventually they warm up to each other and bond through their mutual love of gossip and ty 
  • its not uncommon to find them talking shit about ppl (especially Cameron-discount-captain-America- ashdown) 
  • nd if someone says something rude about ty you can bet ur ass that Julian and kit are both there to fuck a bitch up , , (one day someone says smth rude about kit and he goes to stand up for himself and Julian just walks up beside him and folds his arms and stares that person down (bc he actually cares abt kit ok) 
  • ok but real talk,, shadowhunters are completely disconnected from the modern world so  kit has to teach Julian all the modern slang and memes,,
  • like one time Julian complains abt the heat like, ‘its too hot,’ and kit is just like, ‘hot damn,’ and that’s how Julian learnt what uptown funk was
  • (he didn’t stop playing it for four months much to everyone elses horror)
  • oh and if u thought that kit wasnt gonna take this opportunity to screw with jules u thought wrong buddy
  • he convinces Julian that the way to woo a girl is by going up to them nd saying ‘hey lil mamma lemme whisper in your ear,; and Julian falls for it,, Emma has never been so confused in her entire life
  • kit gets the whole thing on camera but the video quality is really bad bc kit wouldn’t stop laughing
  • one time emma walks in on Julian and kit just bopping to fireflies and she just does the stares into the camera like shes on the office face
  • kit also tries to convince Julian that wearing Hawaiian shirts on backwards is currently the height of mundane fashion and Julian says he doesn’t believe him but later he gets a text from emma with a picture of Julian with his shirt on backwards ‘did you have anything to do with this?’ and kit straight up cackles
  • pls consider,, kit printing out memes just to teach them to Julian only for him to use them incorrectly in an attempt to be ‘down with the kids,’
  • nd kit shows Julian vine and when he goes to download it and finds out that its gone, he gets So angry, ,,
  • everytime Julian does something remotely wild he says ‘do it for the vine,’

             - ‘Julian that was a red light !! you’re supposed to stop,” “yeah well, I, an intellectual, am doing it for the vine,’

         okay this got rlly long but kit and Julian bonding nd getting to have a good time nd a fun relationship is my shit ok ,, 

anonymous asked:

I think Bluestar/fur was too good a protagonist. Like she saw Thistleclaw as a threat and was like "i think tf not" and so :/ yknow he never got the chance to be really evil bc Blue was was too good.

i….i don’t think that was the case at all LOL

we never saw a blue/thistle confrontation or actual fight (the only time could be when thistle attacked oak bc he had crossed the border and blue tried to get in-between) 

i just think the erins were “he’s a BAD guy he’s BAD bluefur thinks he’s BAD” without showing us much cause IN BLUESTAR’S PROPHECY. his only faults were being ambitious (like blue) and aggressive, which in the old forest was seen as a great quality in warriors (remember graypaw thought clawface was an amazing warrior). arguably he shouldn’t have allowed tigerpaw to attack tiny but even then you could blame that on his own egoism and his inexperience with being a mentor (the same goes w his relationship w whitestorm) 

it wasn’t revealed until much later that he trained in the DF and i still refuse to believe that spottedleaf’s heart even happened so i just think the erins were lazy in trying to make thistleclaw into a big bad villain and that it was just bluestar’s paranoid perception that made him out to be super evil 

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i have so many feelings about adhd!lance ok let me just hug this space danger noodle in my heart

  • if he’s on meds well gl trying to find an alien equivalent of adderall or something up in space; he tries to save them for days he really needs to focus but it’s disheartening when his pills slowly dwindle; on the bright side his sleep quality improves, and his appetite starts coming back so he’s less of a noodle (except there’s only gross food goo to eat most of the time…)
  • on bad days he has trouble meditating and focusing on forming voltron bc dammit focus is hard when you’re homesick as heck, and he throws off the rest of the team with his rapidly switching thoughts; on good days, they have to call his name a few times to snap him out of it
  • he genuinely tries his hardest to follow instructions for missions and day-to-day tasks but it’s just so dang hard to remember a sequence of directions in the correct order, and he feels guilty that he’s holding everyone back
  • he’s got hella reflexes on his good days and lords it over keith that he can dodge better
  • imagine everybody learning he has adhd and helping him??? 
    • pidge makes him a little digital memo thing so he can remember what he’s supposed to be doing on missions
    • hunk quietly prompting lance on what he’s talking about whenever he forgets, bc they’ve known each other for years and he’s got lance’s back, man
    • shiro and allura repeat important instructions to make sure lance remembers, and try to keep all the paladins on a routine so he has some sort of daily structure to work with
    • coran tries to help him find a safe space alternative to meds, and chats with him about home when he’s homesick
    • keith is just there, competitive as always, and lance won’t admit it but it’s kinda nice to have someone more impulsive than he is (he never knew that was possible) that would make him slow down and think, and will actually take his dumb contests seriously
    • lance isn’t sure what to think about the space mice but hey they make good listeners when he wants to ramble and they’re cute
  • he can’t remember bookish info very easily but he picks up hands-on skills very quickly, like this danger noodle figured out how to fly the blue lion and dodge death lasers pretty fast
  • adjusting to life as a paladin is so hard? it’s stressful suddenly changing from a rigidly structured student life at the garrison, to being a magical space lion pilot universe defender with a schedule that can change at the drop of a dime, and sometimes he wonders how many ticks he has wasted without anybody dictating what he has to do
  • he is easily distracted (especially by pretty alien babes), but put him in a dangerous fight and he’s in The Zone
  • sure he holds some dumb grudges sometimes and remembers the weirdest details (like how to identify keith from a kilometre away by mullet alone, apparently), but more often than not he’ll forget stuff that upsets him, and he’s really forgiving, kindhearted, and easygoing

i just love this danger noodle help me