bc the look would really fit her



If you want for that art request thing, if you’re sill doing that that is, maybe Aradia in like pastel goth attire if you want? Please and thank you!!!

1. PASTEL GOTH IS GREAT AND I WANT TO DRAW SO MUCH MORE THANK YOU FOR INTRODUCING ME TO THIS 2. I have lost most of my confidence that this actually lives up to true pastel goth style 3. I hope you like it anyways?

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I don't know what his motivation was. They never said why & neither did he. Rumor was he liked her but she turned him down. As a kid he always had fits of sudden anger. I wrote to him once just bc I had a hard time understanding that my friend could do that but his reply was about seeking forgiveness from God. Anyways. his name is Raymond McMasters, from Moore Oklahoma. You should look up the story when you have the chance.

That’s really sad. I can understand why you would reach out in an attempt to understand. I’ll certainly look the case up.

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hello! can i get some hc of the main trio with a female overweight s/o that is still very shapely and slender?? like her overweight just increases more her hips and her hourglass figure and it's all beautiful but shes self conscious about it?? pls 😅

of course you can ! 

i hope you like them x



  • he loVEs to run his hands down her figure like it’s so enticing to him
  • finds it completely alluring
  • if his s/o or anyone else body shames her body he will go on a loNG lecture
  • he just thinks that the extra weight just means that there is more of her in the world
  • and he just can’t get enough of her s O
  • would love to go shopping with her for clothes so that if she is slightly unsure about an outfit and if it actually looks good on her, he will be there to reassure her that she looks stunning; he would hAte if she didn’t buy a dress or something that she really loved simply because she didn’t think she could pull it off
  • he just adores her curves alright 
  • will kiss every part of her body
  • will get slightly frustrated if she hates on her body like you are blEsseD you are gorGeouS you are sO beauTifuL i am sO in lovE with yoU
  • he finds her sO lovely to cuddle with like she’s so snuggly and soft and he just loves it
  • he will compliment her so many times a day; anytime he sees her and thinks ‘oh wow she looks gorgeouS,’ he will tell her because what’s the point of keeping those thoughts to himself when it could potentially make her feel more confident with herself

Yuuri K

  • honestly he thinks she’s blessed ??
  • like all of her extra weight went to the right places and she looks completely gorgeous whilst when he gained weight it all went to his gut and he felt like a dumpling 
  • in awe of her tbh
  • he always resented when his body became overweight but he just finds hers perfect and if anything it only enhances her figure
  • when she feels insecure about her body at first he’s just like ??? what ?? what’s there to be insecure about ??? bUT he is empathetic and will understand that everyone has their insecurities and, whilst for the first few moments he was like o.o, would be sO reassuring and tell them that he absolutely adores their body and that there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of
  • is slightly hesitant to touch her at times in case he makes her feel uncomfortable or insecure about her body
  • but if he knows that she does like his touch, he will try to be as verbally and physically reassuring as he can

Yuri P

  • is actually v sad when his s/o is visibly insecure about her body
  • if they do anything in attempt to try and hide her body he will just snAp and stop them 
  • ‘oi, have more confidence would ya?’
  • slightly irritated that it’s apparently such a hard thing but that’s just because it’s just something that never applied to him so he has a hard time empathising
  • but he does try his best and eventually understands that she can’t just suddenly become confident after one comment
  • so he tries to become more reassuring; he’ll pat her head if she ever looks slightly embarrassed or self conscious and he’ll just remind her that she looks gorgeous
  • ‘hey, stop stressing, you look great,’
  • if she’s visibly struggling with her confidence, he becomes such a softie like he’s quite blunt with her at most times because he doesn’t know how to help her because he hadn’t dealt with what she was going through before, but he does know how to be a comforting and reassuring boyfriend
  • he will pull her into the most cuddly hug and will quietly whisper that he loves her figure and that he wouldn’t change a thing about her
  • he wants her to have more confidence in herself 
  • he understands that extra weight might be something to stress over, due to his figure skating career, but even with it she looks stunning and if she’s healthy then what’s the problem ?? there’s nothing wrong with her ?? why’s she so worried ??
  • ok hE WOULD N EVER tease her like how he did with yuuri; like he’d neVer call her a piggy or anything simply because he doesn’t see her as one; he thinks the weight looks good on her 

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ppl who assume a lady's underage by the size of her chest like, im sure some of you are grown ass adults with washboard flat boobs. doesn't it feel really condescending to be looked down and treated as a "child" just because your chest didn't grow to fit "adult expectations"? And antis would use your small boob predicament to justify their dumb pedophilia logic, it sucks. Reminds me of that dumb Australian Law about small boobs from years ago.

Legit I look about 14 bc of my height and build etc if she was to be based solely on aesthetics I would be fucked


My sister had prom the other day and I’m really proud of her because she won prom court and looked amazing in the dress I made her
Whenever we went shopping she would get really angry that she couldn’t find any dresses that fit her body shape and I don’t like seeing her, or anyone, like that so I was like hey lemme make you a dress and she said no bc my mom said it would look like shit and I was like well you’re full of shit then two weeks before prom she decided that she wanted me to make it and it just so happened that we were on break so I spent each day trying to get this dress done and I finished it at the morning of prom at 4 am, I’m also really proud of the dress cuz it was the first huge thing that I’ve done and the biggest thing I’ve done before was my homestuck cosplay of the mayor which was really simple so I’m glad that it turned out really well

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will u tell us more about Riley??? ❤️❤️❤️

she was born on august 20th, 2010 and her mother died during childbirth

she’s black and her parents immigrated from cuba in while her mother was pregnant with her and she has been in the foster system for most of her life bc her father later died in a car accident when she was 2

she had a really hard time growing up bc she didn’t really remember her parents and she felt wrong in her skin? but she didn’t know if it was a gender thing or a sexuality thing or a “living in a majority white neighbourhood as a black kid” thing? 

so she ended up at quite a few foster homes and nothing really bad ever happened but the foster parents would decide after a little while that “it just wasn’t the right fit” and look she is skeptical as all hell when she was being placed with another family 

especially so soon after the last one turned out to be homophobic, transphobic douchebags 

but then she gets placed with our boys? and like jack is a freaking gentle giant and bitty is so kind and welcoming?


she hates milk with a passion and wasn’t actually a huge fan of pie pre-bitty

she chose her name when she was 11 even tho she didn’t start using it until her last foster home (once she went into a store and a nice store assistant asked if she wanted to try on a dress she was looking at and that person’s name was riley so it kind of stuck with her)

her favourite colour is orange bc one of the only things she has left of her mum is a beautiful orange headscarf 

AU WHERE: Leo, Piper, and Jason live together. Originally it was the three of them plus Percy, but he recently got engaged to Annabeth and they decided to get their own place. Now the trio is looking for a new roommate. Nico of all people is looking for a new place. Piper decides to interview Nico and thinks that he would be a good fit. She also thinks that it would be fun to try and set Nico up with Jason bc she likes to ruin her bff’s life (also Jason has been single too long but that’s another thing). So about two weeks into Nico living with them it’s all going really well. He is really easy to get along with, of course, Leo makes it hard with some good-hearted joking and rough-housing but overall Nico is v interesting and he is just as cool as their other friends. But then Nico and Jason are out shopping or some shit and they see two guys kissing on the street. Jason makes a face and Nico literally hurls himself into a lecture about homophobia. What Jason was actually showing disdain for was the shirt the guy was wearing. It was a band he detested. Nico suddenly retracted his statement and of course apologizes. Jason is still confused though on how Nico would ever assume he was a homophobe. Apparently, Nico wasn’t aware Jason was like the most bisexual guy ever™. Jason realizes that it is possible Piper did not inform Nico of anything as an attempt for Jason to embarrass himself in front of a guy she knew he would fall for. It also becomes clear to Jason why Nico has not been responding well to Jason’s obvious flirting. Nico also figures this at the same time and feels like an asshole bc he thought Jason was joking all the while and when he once lowkey asked Nico out he proceeded to laugh in Jason’s face. Nico then says he assumed Piper and Jason were together. Jason then mentions that Piper has known Jason forever and also how she failed to mention to Nico that she is the biggest lesbian. Jason, of course, doesn’t really pay attention to that issue and gets more worried about how this will affect their living situation and new friendship. Of course, Nico reminds Jason how he now knows it doesn’t bother him and he is actually quite gay himself. Jason deep down is concerned about if Nico reciprocates his feelings.
“Sorry about the mix-up. But I guess if you’re cool with it…my offer still stands. Of course, you don’t have to if that would make you unc-”
“Yeah, of course, I understand and again I’m-wait…did you say ‘sure’?”
“Yeah. There’s a movie theater right around the corner.”
“Now??? Oh, fuck. Ok cool. Nice. Wow, thanks. Awesome”
Later Piper (and Leo, her willing accomplice) get the biggest earful on how shitty that was to leave Nico in the dark and how badly it could have turned out and how Jason is the only one who cares how others feel. Piper calls herself Captain Cupid for a week after that nevertheless.

Bonus: Percy and Annabeth are immediately suspicious on how Nico, a childhood friend and near-relative hasn’t rsvp-ed to the wedding, but somehow Jason has a plus-one?