bc thats what im going to do

here’s a tip: if u get called out for doing something shitty and happen to have an anxiety attack over it, try…. not posting about ur anxiety attack…. bc thats guilt trippy as hell…. just ride it out and when ur feeling better go back online and try ur best to fix what u fucked up. it’s really not that hard, not everything that happens needs to be posted about online, and dodging legitimate criticisms with “waaaahhh im having a panic attack” is so transparently you trying to make yourself seem like the victim

Straight White Boy Problem #952

Bro: on a scale of 1 to 10, how hot do you think katie is?

me: she’s a 6 but her personality is a 10

Bro: you can’t keep saying all these girls have 10s for personalities

Me: dude…of course i can! Katie, Megan and Rachel are all fun to hang out with bc they have great personalities!

Bro: so what am i? am I a 10?

Me: uhhh…..thats weird im not going to say anything

Bro: well I think you are a 10 because i love hanging out with you dude

Me: bro…..

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Wishing I was spending my afternoon cuddling with Peter and watching Disney movies in a pillow fort. Cute nicknames and maybe a make out session would be lovely, sorry if that's too much but thank you for taking the time to either do this or read it. 💙

a/n: you are soo sweet! im sorry if this wasn’t what you were expecting but I can’t even contact you bc anon but if you read this i really hope you like it

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You sighed deeply, he was late again. Your fingers ceased their tapping on the table, getting up before leaving to go to your room. You and Peter were supposed to go out for ice cream and a movie. Usually, you wouldn’t get upset or frustrated with him because you knew he had a lot going on in his life but this was the third time he has done this. You checked your phone, reading the last text message he sent you.

Be there in a few x

That was over two hours ago. You closed the door to your room, dropping your head against the door frame.

“Peter..” You mumbled in disappointment.

“Yes?” You jumped up, grabbing the nearest object before turning around and aiming at the person who scared you. Spider-man himself was standing in your room, both of his hands up in surrender. You watched as a muscled arm reached behind his head to pull the mask off. You watched as your boyfriend’s hair bounced slightly from his actions. You lowered your arms, waiting for him to say something.

“Were you really going to defend yourself with a lamp?” He attempted at a joke. You frowned further, setting the lamp back in it’s rightful place.

“Are you really going to start sassing me after having me wait two hours for you?” You crossed your arms, hip jutting out slightly. An eyebrow raised and a frown etched into your features you watched Peter fumble for words. You felt your shoulders slump a little.

“I’m sorry I was late. I was driving over here to come and pick you up for our date when I heard the sirens in a distance and gunshots and I know both you and Stark tell me to stay out of it and I really did want to, trust me Y/N I really wanted to but I just couldn’t bring myself to ignore people’s cries. i went to go text you but my phone died.” You watched as he reached for his phone in a pocket of his backpack. His fingers held down the power button before showing it to you. A picture of an empty battery popped on the screen for a few seconds before becoming pitch black again. You sighed, shaking your head.

“I don’t blame you for doing that Peter, and I know I shouldn’t be mad but-”

“You have every right to be mad at me. But I did stop at a few stores to make it up to you.” Peter motioned for you to sit at the foot of your bed. You contemplated your options. You didn’t want to be mad at him for helping other people but if he really wanted to be with you, he was going to have to make some sort of sacrifice. There are cops for a reason and you are pretty sure that they would have done their job. You don’t know if it was the exhaustion or the fact that he had a bruise by his cheek that you love to kiss so much but you decided to see what he had planned. He leaned over and kissed your forehead, whispering ‘thank you’. Whether he was thanking you for sitting down and giving him a chance or for not kicking him out would be left a mystery to you. He turned his attention to his backpack, ruffling the clothes and loose papers in there.

“Don’t you think that if someone sees Spider-man with the same backpack as you it wouldn’t raise some questions?” You asked, trying to see over his shoulder as he reached almost elbow deep into the backpack.

“No, a lot of people these days have black backpacks, if anything people can narrow it down to a high school student and even then it’s too broad.”

“Not every teen has a “Stark Industries” patch on theirs though…or a captain america patch either. I think it’s a little obvious.” You retorted. Peter finally found what he was looking for. He pulled out three things from the bag. Your eyes focused on the objects held in his hand. “The Tonight Dough” (your favorite Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavor), with another flavor balanced on top, and in the other hand he had small stack of Disney movies. You smiled when you saw the ice cream, immediately going for a pint. You went to open the lid until you realised that there were no spoons. You were about to ask if he had brought any by any chance until your eyes landed on him. He had two spoons held in his mouth.

“Surprise.” He mumbled through them. You laughed a little, admiring how cute he was and how he never failed to make you smile. You grabbed the spoons from his mouth before rising to your knees, leaning over, and planting a kiss on his lips. He tilted his head to deepen the kiss, scooting up the bed further. You heard a small thump on the floor before feeling his cold, glove-covered hand on your hips, indicating that he had probably dropped the other ice cream. His hand guided you over his lap, lips not daring to detach from yours. You moved your left hand to remove the movies from his hands before moving his hand to your hips. Peter leaned back until you were both lying on the bed. You swiped your tongue on the bottom of his lip, wanting to explore his mouth. His stomach rumbled, causing him to chuckle before pushing your head back with his lips and dropping his head back on the bed. You pouted a little, eyes glazing over his red and plump lips. He didn’t move either of you, using his web shooters to grab the other ice cream from the floor. You grabbed your mini tub and the spoons, handing Peter one.

“What movie do you want to watch?” He asked, grabbing a few of the movies. He shuffled through the movies, naming each one until you picked one.

“Didn’t we watch that last weekend?”

“Well we can watch it again. The Little Mermaid never gets too old, Parker. Besides you don’t know half the songs so you can’t say anything.” You got up from the bed, putting on the movie in while Peter plugged his phone in. Peter half-sat half-jumped on the bed before outstretching his arm. You grabbed your spoon and ice cream before snuggling up to his side.

Throughout the movie you and Peter continued to silently eat your ice cream, occasionally sharing with each other. You both had eventually finished the ice creams and opted to cuddle instead. You were slightly dozing off, missing some chunks of the movie at a time.

“You still up, babe?” You heard Peter mumble, the sleep evident in his voice.

“Mhm…” You replied, turning towards him. He had taken his suit off at some point during the night, finding some sweats and a t-shirt of his (which shouldn’t of been hard because you keep some of his spare clothes in your room in case anything happens where Spider-man is needed) before coming back to bed with you. You snuggled closer to him, wrapping an arm around his torso. You looked up at him, studying his features. Your eyes traveled to the same bruise you saw on his cheek earlier in the evening. You raised your hand up to his face, your fingers gingerly tracing the edges of it, scared that even the slightest pressure might cause him pain.

“Flash.” He breathed. Your eyes focused on his. He had dark circles under his eyes, his lips set into a frown and you weren’t sure if it was from his tiredness or from the memory of Flash.

“Peter you shouldn’t let him do that to you. You can defend yourself.” His gaze dropped from yours, only nodding in response. You stretched your neck slightly, pressing a gentle kiss on the bruise that had formed. He turned his head, pressing a kiss to your lips once more. He pulled you closer, before turning his head and reaching for the nightstand, turning the light off. You closed your eyes, resting your head on his chest. You listened to his heartbeat, finding it somewhat like a lullaby. His breathing was gentle, the light rocking of the rise and fall of his chest added a nice rhythm. You yawned, planting a kiss on his chest.

“Goodnight, I love you.” You whispered.

“I love you too.”

edited-to-be-less-angry tourette’s psa:

- don’t!! tell someone who is obviously dealing with tics or compulsions to stop or that theyre crazy or stupid or a twitchy freak or stare at them or make them feel uncomfortable. like i promise i Know i look weird. it’s p common to have anxiety abt vocal and motor and facial tics and how people notice and look. but i cant help it & i cant stop it any more than you can stop swallowing! while it’s possible to temporarily suppress tics, it’s uncomfortable and borderline painful sometimes and it’s unfair and often impossible for someone to suppress them for hours

- please don’t refer to tourettes a mental illness!!!!!! its a neurological disorder, as in a permanent and inborn alteration to the brain. also: its not temporary; its a disability. telling someone they’ll “get over it” or talking about “recovery” or a “cure” is similar to telling someone born without an arm that it’ll “grow back”. my brain is physically different to yours; it’s not a psychological thing. (edit to clarify: this isn’t meant to imply that mental illnesses all have cures/recovery, or arent disabilities! they can be just as permanent and affect people just as much as any neurological disorder)

- hooooo boy if someone tells you they have tourettes dont say theyre “making it up” or “faking it” because they dont have a swearing tic. coprolalia (compulsive swearing) affects a tiny minority of people with tourettes? don’t you ever think you know more about how someone else’s brain works and let alone tell them that they can’t be some way because of a damn stereotype!!!

- “oh wow you have tourettes? do you know lots of tourettes people then? i think x has tourettes bc of (nervous tic like playing w their hair/person likes to swear/stupid habit thats obviously not a tic) what do you think?” NO!!!!! often people have never met anyone else with tourettes. i’ve been advised against seeking a support group because of the high likelihood that i’ll adopt tics from other people there (which is a real and very annoying thing) and i know others have too. it’s pretty common to be isolated with tourettes. and im not going to diagnose someone else with a damn neurological disorder because you’ve noticed a nervous tic or some habit they have or because they have a potty mouth. that’s pretty out of line.

- “(overly sympathetic, pitying voice) oh wow this must be hard for you!! i’m so sorry!” this one is more annoying than anything ??? like. like yes it sucks sometimes but i guess it also sucks that people have to like. sneeze? or cough? or swallow or blink? i and others (typically) don’t want your pity. i’m used to this. yeh, i’ll complain about my speech being interrupted or a sore back etc from tics, but. this is how i live. if i wanted pity i’d ask for it!!! (this is also often accompanied with an “i hope you get over it soon!” which genuinely is infuriating though)

anyway @ any tourettes people (or other tic disorder people!!) i love u and ur tics and i hope youre never made to feel embarrassed or uncomfortable or isolated. youre rad as hell!!

note - i edited this to be less personal and less aggressive, so i’d appreciate if you could reblog this version instead of the previous one!! & if you have any tourette’s-related questions, my askbox is always open.

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Oh, Connor... *hugs you*

girlgroups changing their concept (esp if from girl crush/whatever to cute): oh my god here we go again .. cant they just stick to one thing ..  absolutely no identity.. how do they plan on being remembered that way?? disappointed.. i miss their 1895 BC era.. this is trash and the reason why im not a big gg fan.

boygroups changing their concept: oh my god!! im SO excited . oppas are finally coming back (for the fifth time in a year)!! kings. digital monsters. i love that they experiment so much! they are never the same boring thing. thats what real artists look like.. i would let satan eat my ass with his tail for theml!!! 



He stood half naked in the kitchen hand holding a croissant waiting for you to come home. He had on his Calvin Kleins and made sure to moisturize so when you were feeling him up later it would be silky smooth, now he just had to wait for you to get home from work. He heard the door unlock as his mouth was full of french cuisine, quickly swallowing it wont be the only thing he  started walking over talking dirty wasting no time 

KAI: ‘Hey baby, im all softened up for you tonight, you should come here though because we dont want everything to be soft, in fact im feeling….Baekhyun??? wtf are you doing here”

BH: Honestly if i was Y/N right now id literally superglue my underwear to my legs bc i cant think of a way to be more turned off by what you just said.

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*After sending you continous flirty messages he was convinced he had you hooked even though you legit ignored them all, but he thought you were playing hard to get. You were, just slightly. You walked through the front door to find him leaning on the counter in only his boxers, giving you the biggest grin*

SH: Hey babe, im glad you finished work, but we got some more to do in the bedroom ;)”

Y/N: “Go back to your laptop Sehun, thats where you do most of your work anyways”


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*He had bought you an expensive necklace, ready to put on you when you came over, in more detail he wanted to put it on after bang time bc he was feeling hella needy. When you came over earlier than expected you saw it sat on the table and stormed over to find him

Y/N: “Junmyeon i told you to not buy me things like that, you are much more than money, you are kind and talented and wonderful, and ive already got the most expensive thing in my life and thats you”

*He smiled at you and kissed you on the lips”

Y/N: “Anyways now ive told you the facts we can bang, lets gooo”

i needed to give Suho a win he deserves it ANYWAYS stop making reactions abt Sumoney byE

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*The boy and his mullet has crazy ideas for tonight, it involved a whip and a saddle and someone yelling “yee ha”. It wasn’t going to be you though. You received a strange text from him saying “you wont believe your eyes when you get home tonight”. He was right.

BH: “Hey sexy, do you like what you see?”

Y/N: I kind of want to rip my eyes out Baekhyun”

then stick them on u bc kinky shit

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*You started sexting him whilst he was at work, he tried to reply when he could but decided you were in for it later, he was gonna give you the wildest night of your life. And he did in some aspect. He comes back home with a tin of hula hoops, some soup and a bagel and ur wondering wtf????

CY: Hey i thought we should try sloshing tonight babe, you know sex involving food”

Y/N: So anyways idk you get out my house”

*he stod looking up at the balocny


grind with the baked beans hunny

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*Kyungsoo was honestly having such a nerve wracking day planning out fun times tonight, he didn’t think you were gonna go along with it. He bought the mask, the whip, the leather blindfold he was ready. You came home stared at him in disbelief before pushing him into the bedroom*

KS: “Wait you are ok with this?”

Y/N: M8 ive been waiting for you to crack out the whip, spank me sir”

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ill do the rest in another 1 this is long

bts react à·´ s/o gets hurt

anon asked: could you do bts reaction when there gf is practcing with them and memebers for fun and she broke her (arm, hand, finger or leg) if thats okay with you

im an #asshole for not getting to this sooner. i might change this up a little bc breaking a bone is smth ive never experienced and it might seem a little unrealistic

+ im going to write the next few reactions with bullets and probably in crack form bc im totally lacking in writing spirit bc of school, work and sports and also i haven’t had any fu n in a while so HERE WE GO

⁂ seokjin:

  • he saw you on the floor clutching your ankle, and immediately he’s on the floor with you, replacing your hands with his to see if it’s swollen
  • he cried a little inside cause u hurt ur pretty ankle
  • “i told you it was a bad idea!” he’d say with a frown, thumbing over your ankle bone as jimin came back with an ice pack
  • “it seemed fun when i was watching” you had grumbled
  • and jin was like ))): aw honey
  • he kinda forced the boys to pamper you a little more than usual once you got your injury wrapped
  • EG: one of the members helping you elevate your foot, changing the ice pack when in need for a new one, aiding you in walking when your crutches are far away
  • of course jin would do his part
  • feeding you food, wrapping you up in a blanket, carrying you around on his back
  • he vowed that spraining ur ankle would never happen ever again since u told him it hurt like a bitch
  • “the only dance you’ll be doing from now on is the one you’ll be practicing for our wedding”
  • [ im cringing thts so cheseys AAAAAA ]

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⁂ namjoon:

  • ok but
  • kind of expected you to get hurt when you said “im gonna try that twirling kick shin hyesung did in shinhwa’s perfect man choreo!”
  • did not approve when taehyung and jungkook spurred you on by saying “you can do it!!!!”
  • winced when u nearly succeeded but still failed, landing on your front with a brutal ‘snap’
  • your hearing kind of got fuzzy after that bc the pain in your arm was unbearable, but sorta numb ?
  • but you still (barely) heard hoseok’s shouts of terror as you felt someone’s hands on your shoulders
  • 자기!” namjoon said urgently as he tried snapping his fingers in front of your face
  • yoongi would be calling the ambulance as your boyfriend tried to keep you awake as they waited for help to arrive
  • with a frown, he would scold you after you got your cast on
  • even scolded u on ur cast in neat writing
  • “i’m relieved it wasn’t something even worse like a terrible concussion” he’d say while petting your hair

Originally posted by rapnamu

⁂ yoongi:

  • wasn’t there when it happened
  • probably in the studio while a few of the other members let you hang out with them in the choreo room
  • was ?? when he saw tht jungkook was calling him
  • “thought you guys were practicing?”
  • “um yeah haha funn y story but um ur s/o is kind of on the floor and they’re huR t pls help
  • yoongi:

Originally posted by king-ketsi

  • “WHERE IS SHE” he says once he reaches the dancing studio
  • feels bad for not being there for u the moment you got hurt </3
  • holds the ice pack for u once hoseok searches up what to do with a pulled muscle
  • pats your shoulder affectionately when you thank him
  • smiles bashfully
  • but still feels bad bc he wasn’t there to immediately come to your aid /:

Originally posted by yoongiyi

⁂ hoseok:

  • no doubt panicked
  • for fucks sake you twisted your ANKLE
  • how the fuck did it happen in the first place??!? he asks himself
  • ngl but twisted ankles look disgusting he was screaming on the inside when he had to look at your injury
  • barely did anything when it came to actually helping you bc he was so shocked
  • taehyung had to call an ambulance for him lols he couldn’t move
  • “babe, im fine” you reassured with a grimace
  • hoseok was like
  • “u fucking liar”
  • “how did u even manage doing that just by dancing?? CARE TO EXPLAI N HONEY”
  • “i got carried away ig, geez ,,,,,” you’d respond with and hoseok would FLIP
  • “i’m not letting you dance anymore sry it’s the rules”
  • “now lets take care of that ankle of yours so that i can teach you smth like the waltz next time /: “

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⁂ taehyung:

  • might be one of the calmest when it came to dealing with your injury
  • even though on the inside he was a MESS
  • 내 사랑, how are you feeling? are your legs still not doing great?” he’d ask with worry lines on his forehead
  • he knew how bad your lower limbs’ condition was, and still letting you join their dance practice might have been a bad idea
  • “i’m fine, taehyung,” you’d say with a fond smile, “it’s normal for me to feel like this; i don’t think it’s a big deal.”
  • this makes him frown even more bc ?? wdym u don’t think it’s a big deal ?? you can seriously hurt yourself !!!
  • “for the next few days and maybe even weeks, i wont let you use your legs!! free piggyback rides forever.” he says with a proud smile, wagging his finger at you when you try to protest
  • the boys give you a pat on the head as your boyfriend begins to massage your legs so that they don’t ache and feel sore now and later
  • the others suggest that you listen to taehyung and with a sigh, you nod
  • “thank you for taking care of me, hun.” with a smile, you blew him a kiss in which he responds with a smooch to your knee
  • “it’s what being a boyfriend is for!”

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⁂ jimin:

  • kinda wailed when you tripped over yourself and fell face first onto the floor
  • “i told you the choreography was too hard to do!! see, look! you hurt yourself!” it sounded like he was whining n that amused u a lot how cute
  • once you got up from the floor, jungkook looked at u; wincing
  • he motioned to his nose and mouth area as he tried to speak
  • “u’ve got a little ,, um … “
  • curiously, jimin turned his head to look at you and when he did
  • omg
  • ! oHGDO”
  • blood was slowly gushing out of ur nose
  • and ur lip was split
  • how did you not notice this before omg?? wow
  • “jimin, calm down, we just need to clean her face up and do some bandaging and plugging.”
  • “i should get an ice pack for her nose !!” bolted out of there
  • kind of let jin take care of you bc he was a little worried he himself would hurt you more
  • jin let him put a cute bandage on ur cut lip!!
  • kissed it to make it feel better too <333
  • also pinched ur nose for you and put the ice pack on the back of your neck !!!
  • “no more dancing for you okay!!!”

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⁂ jungkook:

  • totally didn’t expect u to injure ur toes but hey!! u did it
  • very impressed tbh
  • “who knew such a thing could happen??”
  • “ok but for real, are u okay, babe”
  • stood there for a bit with you wondering what to do
  • “maybe we should bring her to the ER, bro …”
  • he snapped his fingers in agreement and smiled at yoongi
  • ! you’re brilliant!” 
  • put fuzzy slippers on your feet instead of your shoes just in case you felt uncomfortable or in pain bc of them!!
  • carried you to the group’s minivan bc he will not let u hurt urself even MORE what a sin
  • held u in his lap on the ride to the hospital ( albeit shyly ) bc he was worried that if your feet touch the floor it would make your toes ouch /:
  • “i don’t think it’s safe for you to dance for now” he said seriously, watching as the doctor examined your feet to see how minor or major your injury was
  • with a frown, you nodded in agreement “you’re right, you’re right”
  • he gave you a smile though and squeezed your hand “i’ll try to think of others ways to have fun without using your feet!”
  • </3 how precious what a babe

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can i request some....oumasai angst heh

daily oumasai doodle - day 31

first of all, HAPPY MONTHSARY!! thats what i meant by 1 day left lol
hm? what does this drawing has anything to do with the ask? well ..

Im going to start a comic/series, 32 pages in total so = 32 days
and just like how the anon said, its gonna be angst!!!! yay
i’ll post 1 page a day,and im trying to draw the comic not too straightforward? bc i wanna hear like theories or some shit from u guys hoho but its p straightforward so eh

i’ll be focusing on the series > requests

the tag for the series will be #oms-com #oms-com pg 1

also this drawing is like the cover or smth??? idk ueh (not all pages has both ouma and saihara btw but i’ll still tag ouma)

thats all! have a good day(boi i hope this works out)

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my fwb invited me over yesterday, we fucked raw and then after i went home he texted me and said "we should just be friends" im like what the fuck bc he was in my guts like an hour ago. I'm heartbroken flizzy. Then i go on fb today and he just got in a relationship WITH MY COUSIN. What should I do?

Damn thats foul… be right back

*exits room*

*enters room*

ok im back damn u dont do anything just charge it to the game and move on lol

OK heres some adhd lance headcanons since i just Cant Resist

if this makes it way around i just wanna say: shaladins dont touch this post


  • lance, staring at a wall of text: haha idk what in fresh hell this says
  • it takes him approximately 2 hours to do anything shiro asks him to bc of Executive Dysfunction
    • shiro: lance we need to form voltron
    • lance, 2 hrs later: ok sure
  • at any given moment he has upwards of 18 stim toys in his pockets. why else would  he need a jacket in space
  • his hyperfixation is cats
    • lance, over comms, while fighting a galra soldier: hey guys did you know that cats only meow to communicate with humans?
  • anytime someone mentions cats he Knows and he Appears so he can infodump
  • he gets distracted doing pretty much Anythign so he ends up putting his belongings in really weird places
    • found his shoes in the fridge once
  • pidge: lance why are you chewing on your napkin
  • lance, completely oblivious: what
  • if he sees anything on the ground that Shouldnt Be There (coins/bottlecaps/etc) he Has to pick it up and will put it in his mouth unless someone takes it from him
    • he gets sick a lot bc of this
  • Cannot hear people when they talk for more than like 5 minutes
    • shiro: (talking about some important thing)
    • lance: wow i bet he thinks i know what hes saying rn. Wild
  • always bouncing his leg to the point where pidge speculates he gets actual exercise. when ppl ask him to stop he just hesitates for like 10 seconds and then continues Bouncing
  • gets bored so much
    • lance: hunk im bored
    • hunk: go do something then
    • lance: i CANT hunk im TOO BORED
  • puts stickers in his mouth more than anything else
    • pidge, horrified: thats not what those are for lance
  • always chews gum bc it helps him think & bc its the only thing that effectively keeps him from putting random things in his mouth
    • always has a pack in his pocket
    • his favorite flavor is spearmint
    • there’s no gum in space so when he runs out he Suffers :(
  • he needs glasses pretty bad but he cant wear them bc seeing the frames in his periphery Ruins his focus
    • he also hates the feeling of contacts so he just walks around not really being able to see anything thats not right in front of him

if you wanna add on 2 this Blease do i love adhd lance thanks & goodnight

what if everyone had a bird that was like, soul bound to them and it just shouted whatever you were thinking. 

but like, it’s just somewhere on Earth. You don’t know where. (but there is a sort of pull/bond that attracts you to eachother, so sometimes birds can find their human counterparts, but sometimes it takes years and years and years) So sometimes you pass by birds on the street and they’re talking about their crush sitting across from them in class or about which shirt looks better on them or what to name their new dog. (Or like, impulse thoughts followed by a ‘ew what?’ or ‘no stop that’) and a lot of birds speak chinese or spanish or any number of languages other than english. some of them sing, some of them scream

But one day, you’re in your room with the window open and a bird on an outside tree just happens to mimic the voice inside your head. It’s speaking in whatever voice you hear in your head and you go outside to get it but it’s already flying away. you start to chase it down.

Some people (celebrities/rich people) pay to have their birds tracked down, and keep them as pets. (if someone on the street finds a celebrity’s bird, they sell them for the highest bidder or get a reward from the celebrity i guess?) Other people HUNT their thought birds and kill them because they dont want anyone knowing what theyre thinking. (id like to think theres a conspiracy theory group thats super anti-bird but the leader definitely has their own bird still alive in a cage bc hes a hypocrite)

Also, imagine; youre sitting in a park, a bird lands on the table and whispers ‘im going to get them. today. theyll pay’ and you have to follow that bird to figure out what exactly its going to do today. maybe a harmless prank, maybe a terrible crime, u r the bird detective & u have to figure out who this one belongs to

AND everyone can have different species of birds. penguins, flamingos, doves, pigeons, etc

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hey can i ask what are your brush settings for lineart? (if thats ok!!) the one you used on your most recent drawing in case you changed it before??

this is the second ask ive gotten for my brush settings so even though you wanted thr lineart one im just going to put them all here. and.. no i havent changed it but i do switch between my regular lineart/sketch pen and the pen i use to fill in colours. oh and the program i use is Paint Tool Sai bc its the only program that my tablet likes. Anywayy here you go:

**sometimes i make the lineart layer lumi & shade to make it sharper i guess, if thats why you thought it was a different pen?

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uhh wow a lot of people want bts to perform at the super bowl...but why idk im just not up for putting up w the same hate they got from bbma again. and it may be an honor for American artists but it's probably not that important to bts so asking them to fly over to perform for sth that they wouldn't rly care abt is...dumb to say the least. what do you think, Sarah?

Ugggggghhh thats a complicated subject bc many ppl dont share the same opinion
But personally I think the same;;; BTS got so much disgusting racist comments at a music event so i dont even want to think about whats going to happen at a sport event.
Also im pretty sure BTS doesnt really care about the Super Bowl?? I mean I can be wrong but they dont seem like they are really into american football (or whatever it is im not from the us lol). So yeaaaaah

You honestly don’t understand how sad it is to stan groups from small labels and see how many blogs end up going on hiatus/giving up completely because they just dont feel like their time and effort is going anywhere. Please know that you are a blessing to the fandom and the group itself and all of your hard work has been acknowledged by many and we love and appreciate you for doing what you do or have done in the past. 💕🌸💕