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Kind of always low-key irritated by the fact that third world as a term has now been so divorced from it’s original political context and basically been used by the west as a ranking/income system when it originated in the cold war as a way of describing postcolonial countries who refused to align themselves with the capitalist first world and the communist second world by being a third way out aka the anti imperialist non-alignment movement



i know i know ill stop uploading art but also. i love haruki elisia and marzipan, and their cool big bro kata who ive already uploaded a picture of so instead. u get an old quick sketch of them

rt if u wanna scream

emaya forever

I would put my life on the line for emison but the absolute truth of the matter is if Maya was still alive you Know who the true endgame would have to be not any of these crusty white girls marlene keeps pushing on Emily. Maya had to die for this to actually happen and that is that

renora is so pure? they’ve been best friends since, as toddlers, they found each other hiding from a village-murdering monster. they’ve been protecting and caring about each other for like 10 years!! they’ve been by each other’s side for that long! they love each other so much! it’s one of the sweetest, most wholesome relationships in the series and i absolutely loved the importance they had in volume 4. i honestly dont care whether they end up dating or not, as long as theyre together. platonic or romantic, they will never leave each other’s side and i just love them so much.

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