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Steve/Natasha AU: in order to get close to and take down a Manhattan bad guy, Steve and Natasha have to go undercover and pose as a married couple.

Reita alludes to Kai’s huge dick (Rajigaze Jan 20)

Reita (reading mail): “Reita-san, Aoi-san, good evening. Happy birthday, Aoi-san!”

Aoi: thku

Reita: “Here is my Dark Side Mail…I’ve been dating my boyfriend for almost a year. We hold hands and kiss and stuff, but we haven’t done anything further than that. I don’t really like “doing it,” I can’t get in the mood to do it and it’s troubling me. I feel sorry for my boyfriend, but it’s just really unpleasant for me, and I don’t have any interest in it. Is this my Dark Side? Reita-san, Aoi-san, please tell me your opinions, and I’ll consider it!” 

Aoi: (whispering) Hmm……I see…

Reita: (also whispering) But like dude….they’ve been dating one year….

Aoi: She won’t just put him out of his misery huh…

Reita: (laughing) Right…..it’s not that she’s getting release from somewhere else [cheating] 

Aoi: Yeah, she just doesn’t like it period, right?

Reita: Yeah…well she might not like it, but how long can her boyfriend endure it – I mean, he’s already endured a year…he’s probably gonna ask her about it sometime soon, no? (laughs)

Aoi: No, like, I’m sure he already has many times.

Reita: Hm…I wonder if he knows it’s unpleasant for her?

Aoi: ……But like…..what does she mean by that? ….like, does she mean she doesn’t like getting that intimate with someone? Or like…

Reita: Well…

Aoi: It’s just a thing she doesn’t wanna do or

Reita: Like it hurts or something or…I see…but they hold hands and kiss right

Aoi: Yes

Reita: Right, so, maybe she doesn’t wanna take her clothes off, or…there must be a reason!

Aoi: Maybe she’s embarrassed? No that can’t be it…

Reita: I wonder why…

Aoi: But they kiss?

Reita: Yeah! But like, at this rate…don’t you think her boyfriend will…go to someone else?

Aoi: Yeah, I think so.

Reita: Right (laughs) like…I would understand if she told him like, “I’m never gonna do it, I can’t do it, please find someone else to do it with,” and they made an agreement like that

Aoi: Hmmmm…

Reita: But it doesn’t seem like that’s gonna happen?? If she’s like, “you can’t cheat on me,” like….idk how that’s gonna work….

Aoi: Hmm……

(*this might sound bad and while the majority of ppl in Japan would not forgive their partner for cheating, I have heard a few times of agreements like this where girls let their boyfriends use a prostitute or something bc they can’t or don’t want to have sex w him)

Reita: I want a mail from the boyfriend too.

Aoi: Hmm…I wonder if something bad happened [to the girl I think?] 

Reita: Maybe her boyfriend….is Leader-sized.

Aoi: (whispers) …..omg…could be…..

Reita: Could be…..3D.


(both laughing)

Reita: Well, there could be many reasons, we don’t know. But I think at this rate, it’s not gonna end well. 

Aoi: Yeah, I think so…if I was that guy…I feel bad for him man…

Reita: Same…

Aoi: Hmm….

Reita: Well, she did say she was gonna consider our opinions…so I guess it’s up to us.

Aoi: Just…give it a try once?

Reita: Hmm…yeah…

Aoi: Well I mean, I don’t know…is he a good guy? 

Reita: Yeah, we don’t know that!

Aoi: I mean like if he’s really young or something don’t do it…

Reita: Yes. We would have liked more information, but anyway, we’d like you to try.

Aoi: Yes.

Got7: their gf waiting for them after a long day at the studio

Jaebum:  aw he’d be too worried about you to be smug at the moment. He would gently wake you up and ask if you waited for long. He wouldn’t want you to be uncomfortable, so he’d pick you up and lay you down on your shared bed, where he’d be joining you soon.

Mark:  I think he’s the type to wait for you often as well, so he’d feel really touched that you bothered to do the same. Will lay a blanket over you and kiss your forehead, wondering how he landed someone as great and thoughtful as you.

Jackson:  might wake you up from squealing too loud. He’s like this whenever you doze off, and goes crazy bc you’re so cute when you’re pouting in your sleep. After apologizing for waking you up from your beauty sleep, he’d playfully nudge your shoulder and ask why you bothered to wait up when you knew he was gonna be late. Immediately lays next to you and cuddles you until you both fall asleep.

Jinyoung:  wouldn’t want to disturb you, though he can’t help staring at your sleeping figure. He’d get showered and changed, and then decides to wake you up bc you’re just too cute and he doesn’t want to sleep alone. Will tell you that there’s really no need to wait for him again, though he’s super touched and happy on the inside.

Youngjae:  "omg my baby y/n…should I wake her up? Would she get mad at me? Omgomg I need to take a picture of this and send it to the guys omg she’s so cute" will decide that he should wake you up since he can’t really resist you at the moment. Will scold you a little for making yourself tired and waiting for him, but he’s got a bunch of kisses to make up for it.

Bambam:  whips his phone out as soon as he sees that you’re sleeping. Takes like a hundred selfies with you until he’s satisfied and smiles at your sleeping figure. Whispers your name in your ear quietly to wake you up, then gets all excited that you actually bothered to wait for him.

Yugyeom:  feels like he’s on cloud nine bc someone loves him enough and cares enough to wait up for him like this. After waking you up, he softly asks if you’re okay and why you couldn’t have just texted him and said you were waiting. For sure will let you know how much this means to him, and cuddles up next to you as soon as he gets changed.

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masonbluereblogs  asked:

Hey I am following your web comic swan and I was wondering, is Keira on the autism spectrum? She came across to me as someone who might be autistic living in a period where they didn't have a word for it yet. Which also makes me wonder, was the premise of the comic inspired by that theory that "changelings" were actually autistic children?

yes!!!!!!! yes she is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t think I made her autistic bc of that reason though I just did it bc I’m autistic and I wanted to

I know when I found out about that changeling theory tho I was SO fuckin pumped because that’s exactly what I thought about myself when I was growing up?? I thought I MUST be a changeling bc I felt so different from everybody else like I saw things differently and I was obsessed with faeries and I was just waiting for them to arrive one day and be like “hey we’ve come to take you where you actually belong, you were never supposed to fit in with humans” but that never happened

anonymous asked:

Hi, we know dat Ciel was the one to give the name Sebastian but where does the Michaelis come from?Has Yana explained it sometime?If not, do u think dat Sebas chose it bc it goes well,has significance or it was his old name?Thank you and much love!

Hello! That’s something I’ve been wondering about, too. When they made the contract Ciel named the demon Sebastian, but not Michaelis. In the manga it hasn’t been explained yet where the last name comes from.

Since Sebastian wanted Ciel to name him I think that Ciel had to choose his last name, too. That might have happened a bit later. It’s weird if someone doesn’t have a last name. So to keep up appearances Ciel chose to name him Michaelis. (However, the other servants don’t seem to have last names, either. At least we don’t know them. Maybe because Sebastian is higher in rank he needs a last name.)

I’m not sure if Michaelis could refer to the demon’s real name or a former name. First of all, I don’t want him to have a human origin so I don’t think it has anything to do with a former human name. And I think that maybe demons don’t have a real name at all. In some cultures a name is very important for one’s soul and in order to join the afterlife or heaven. Since a demon is a doomed being I can imagine that they have no name so they can never enter heaven. (But that’s just my thinking.)

Michaelis comes from Michael who is one of the archangels. Quite ironic for a demon’s name. But demons are fallen angels so maybe it’s not that absurd. 

It’s also worth mentioning that there was a French inquisitor during the late 16th and early 17th century with the name Sébastien Michaelis and he wrote a book about the classification of demons. Maybe that’s why Yana chose Michaelis to be his last name.

I hope I could answer your question. Have a nice day/night. :)