bc so much has changed about the way he gets to present himself

evidence that peter parker is Trans:

  • “penis parker” is just………. if hes trans + being bullied u can guarantee its about that and i mean..
  • the conversation with aunt may in the car where shes like “i know its hard for u right now with ur body going through all these changes” and like ! the way she says it as well?? like this is not a parental figure talking about cis puberty… she seems genuinely upset for him and like ?? what if they cant afford hormones/blockers just yet and he has to wait longer etc ?? what if hes had to go off hormones/blockers bc they cant afford it this month??? and then his response isnt just like embarrassed “stop it aunt may im a teen!!” he seems genuinely distraught that she brought it up, bc he wasnt expecting it and now thats something ELSE on his mind and like . woah man
  • the whole conversation with aaron like .. a) aaron misgenders peter bc he thought his voice was ‘’’’’a girls voice’’’’’’ and i mean.. peters not 11 hes 15.. im p sure aaron wouldnt have misgendered him if peters voice sounded “’’’’cis’’’’’’’; and b) peters response is like IMMEDIATELY very upset + on the defensive and like tbh embarrassed? but in a different way to how a cis man is embarrassed by being misgendered… hes not insulted hes just… upset. Sad .
  • also he directly argues back by citing his name like ‘im spider-MAN spider-MAN MAN MAN get it’ like WOW i cant believe this is a #canon version of that post about how superheroes with gendered names are trans wow
  • it also like explains peter being bullied at school altogether ? like hes also like a weird fanboy + doesnt like parties + hes a weird introvert + he has a non-nuclear family so hes probably bullied about a lot of things but if he was out as trans that would kick it into second gear which explains like a whole bunch of randoms who have an inexplicable problem with him and like the snickering behind his back + shit
  • also peter idolising his male role models ?? like 100% a lot of peters feelings towards tony are uncle ben related but like !! he also idolises steve in civil war ? and i think peters like constant projection onto men he admires is like. a very trans Thing
  • his constant ?? presenting ????? + posing /????????? like hes almost always trying to position himself into some sort of impressive, macho, masculine pose like wow. we get it. ur Trans
  • for a movie thats about learning to put urself and what u want + think is important first and not worry so much about what other people think/want from u like……
  • anyway peters trans thank u for ur time



FLUFF FLUFF FLUFF with the lightest most PG mention of sex

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masterlist | ask

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tumblr acting like kylo ren’s story is as simple as boohoo mom and dad ignored me so i lash out by throwing tantrums and killing people

do you realize that this is what’s happening in the world today? young kids are being used by terrorists. snoke started on kylo when he was young and vulnerable. emphasis on young and vulnerable. and feeling abandoned by his parents. this is literally what is happening in the world right now. terrorists target the children because they’re not set in their ways and if they start them young, these kids grow old with their foundations as whatever the predators want them to be. whatever they need to be able to use the kids for their twisted causes.

this is the exact same reason why kylo ren thinks what he’s doing is right

am i saying he’s not accountable? no. but do i want to see his character be further developed and explored? to see his character rise above the manipulations of snoke on him as a kid? fuck yes

story-wise that is why he is fucking compelling to me as a character especially with current events and yall reduce him to a whiny ass boy that you all think of as a bad villain

you’re fucking right. he is a “bad” villain. and to those who want an iredeemable villain in star wars he’s not your guy. he is a “bad” villain because he has always been conflicted by the pull to the light. he is conflicted when he does the things he thinks are right (right = evil). like come on that is literally the first movie

and i don’t understand why some people were so confused when rian johnson said he and rey are sort of dual protagonists. like??? are you paying attention? KYLO REN IS NOT THE VILLAIN IN THIS STORY. rey, actual protagonist, went through the same shit and it only made her kind you say. well don’t you see kylo ren is just the other side of rey? with snoke lurking on the side to ensure ben solo stays dead inside?

this makes me so fucking angry tbh. i’m tired of seeing posts about how people who like kylo ren as a character are apologists and pro this and that shit and oh yeah blame it on the absentee parents boohoo. it’s such a one-sided view of kylo’s story.  he is a victim AND he is accountable for the shit he’s done. it can both exist on a character??? and it’s not even a subtext on the movie. it’s so explicit that some people are just being too selectively blind to see it for whatever reason.

i literally have no idea how he’s gonna redeem himself especially after killing his father. i really don’t know. but those kids recruited by terrorist groups that have killed people in the name of their cause and want to quit and remove themselves from the evil organizations they once swore allegiance to… do i not want to see them renounce the false and evil beliefs and get back into the light? even if they never fully redeem themselves, isn’t it a good thing if they try? isn’t it a good thing for them to start choosing the good? that kylo ren’s redemption is a good fucking message to say that it’s not too late for everyone? that you can’t undo the past mistakes but you can do something about the present and the future? i’m not talking about kylo ren turning into a saint. but just the mere fact that these lost and fallen ones stand back up and find their way to the right and good again… isn’t that what we should want? i literally don’t understand why this redemption arc is such a bad thing for some people. like who are we to say who can and cannot at least try to redeem themselves?

the art of chasing ♔ billy hargrove

concept: steve has a female best friend and billy has taken it upon himself to flirt with her just to piss steve off. that’s it. that’s the plot.

a/n: i don’t know where this came from. it just sort of happened. it’s not really an imagine bc i don’t like writing in second person or even first person, hence the reason the girl actually has a name. but i guess it can classify as one. i’ll be glad to write more if people enjoy it. also just a disclaimer, i don’t condone billy’s behavior in the show. i know he’s an asshole. but i do love dacre montgomery, so. this happened. also this has no timeframe, it’s just basically taking place randomly in season 2. each scenario is numbered separately that way i can write however many i want whenever i want. sound good?~~

just a young gun with a quick fuse,

i was uptight, wanna let loose.

i was dreamin’ of bigger things and

wanna leave my old life behind.


“’Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit…’” he reiterated in a high-pitched rendition of Nancy Wheeler’s voice.

Annie’s eyebrows rose as she replaced a few things in her locker.

“Ouch,” she said, frowning a bit. “Are you sure she knew what she was talking about? I mean, she was drunk. She might not have even heard what you said. Drunk people usually don’t.”

Steve Harrington gave her a dubious look as he leaned against the locker next to hers. He inclined his head, a strand of brown hair falling down over his forehead.

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Keith + the prospect of being the leader.

/  i just want to talk about keith + leadership in terms of his own perception and how he may progress in s3. this is a passing discussion, there’s a whole lot i want to go more extensively into at some point. let me just preface by saying this is a discussion focusing mostly on keith’s own mindset, and i am assessing things as critically and objectively as i can here from the information we’ve been presented with and what we know about this guy so far. 

okAY let’s go!! the thing is that arguably and from what we’ve seen thus far and how keith behaves the only person keith will listen to about shiro is shiro himself. that has a lot of implications for the future. but anyway yea. throughout s2e1 especially we can see just how much keith respects shiro. it’s not putting shiro on a pedestal or idolising him. he cares deeply for this person, will follow them anywhere, do whatever it takes for this person. which also coincidentally does include piloting the black lion, admission he’s not shiro - keith is his own person and that’s okay - but when it comes down to Crunch Time there’s no messing about this is it and there’s no space to hesitate. 

keith sees shiro as a person that he admires and respects, a person who has been this unsuspecting anchor in his life. someone who has literally changed his life. shiro has so much gravity, is integral to his focus and a balancing out the chaotic turbulence in many senses. i mean tbh for me one of the most important canon lines keith ever says - honestly it’s right up there - is THIS.

firstly you can see the unguarded smile and appreciation for this. but also something else important is happening, keith is indulging the conditional + the past simultaneously - something he doesn’t often tend to do tbh. and he’s doing that willingly and so openly with a smile (if it wasn’t for you). he’s allowing himself to think about what’s come and what may be coming. in this moment keith is talking about something extremely personal, alongside showing his gratitude. i’m pretty sure the sheer significance of what keith is saying, how monumental a statement like that is doesn’t go amiss to shiro, which may be why it’s brushed over a little in favour of an easier conversation.

in general, like i’ve said before in many places, keith is a creature of the present and endurance - survival. shiro has helped him reach just a little further for horizons that were never even really seen before. not worth chasing, there’s no big aspirations or dreams. 

shiro offers him the opportunity to be a person and take a path he hadn’t even considered could even be there. to start something with new foundations. not to dream, or hope. to be

not to mention, the second time shiro brings up the subject of keith and leadership in s2e8, once shiro makes it clear if keith is to grow into this role he needs to focus and demonstrate his capabilities. keith backs down.

he doesn’t fight the words or dispute it. that’s what he has to do. there’s just too much to say to go into keith + the blade at this stage so i’m just going to forgo it. i do have a keith + BOM meta coming up. i’ll make sure i do a preface to it on this and a few other scenes i’ve been thinking about. 

back to the actual point: when it comes to taking on leading the team, there is absolutely no way keith is going to let it go and not step up to that task. i mean, we’re talking about someone who literally gets back up pretty much instantly whenever he’s knocked down [s1e10, s2e3, s2e8], someone who doesn’t quit. and it’s not bc he’s being selfish or wants the limelight of being the leader. it’s not anything like that. in his eyes, surrendering the position of leader would be an act of ultimate disrespect to shiro entirely. and to his own self - the person he is CAPABLE of being, that SHIRO thinks he is capable of being.  

that doesn’t mean he won’t have doubts. it doesn’t mean he won’t be feeling overwhelmed at times and lost in some respects. i mean he’s lost the most important person in his life, again. but he endures, he survives. and he endured. he survived out there in the desert. he knows he can work his way through it - given the situation and the fact shiro is gone he doesn’t have much of a choice. people are counting on him, they’re counting on each other. the longer he spends accepting that, the more time they waste, the more they stand to lose. including shiro. 

one thing keith does know better than anything is who he is, and what he’s about. confidence in his actions and self often can be misinterpreted, and his ability to be objective can be seen as detached and cold. both are far from the case. the way keith is perceived by others, set against how he can perceive people [1, 2] is so damn interesting and honestly i think i might save that for a whole new discussion. 

anyway, again: we’ve seen how keith operates in high pressure situations, and we see what he is prepared to do for the mission and shiro AND the team in general time and time again. he says it himself, and this is another line of keith’s i think is just so encompassing and important:

keith is all in. 

we know this, we’ve seen this. as aforementioned we see time and time again just how far keith is compelled to go for a cause. this is one hell of a cause. the universe and shiro. more than this, shiro’s words. and we also see how keith holds onto the words shiro gives him. he’s shown in s2e1 to be repeating shiro’s words to himself, and again in s2e1.

also. i am 100% convinced that in the pinnacle moment when shiro is getting the team back on track in s2e13 keith is thinking patience yields focus and eternalising it. because each time he says this phrase out loud it is preceded by a deep sigh or exhaling of breath, his eyes closing for a moment as he grounds himself and focuses himself on the very words. there’s a very specific way he delivers and is seen to be dealing with this line. (that’s just really exciting to think about ahHHH look below)

so honeSTLY, like hell is he going to do an injustice to shiro and his words and turn his back on them. like hell is he going to back down and throw in the towel for the sake of his own self. 

keith will want to prove that he can be the leader. his entire life has probably been set against a backdrop of people thinking he won’t amount to much, laden will all kinds of assumptions that bleed constantly into how his actions and words are misinterpreted. there’s no goal and focus - the garrison gives him a chance to explore something he is inherently good at, but keith isn’t the same breed as many cadets in the sense that they may have dreamed of being a pilot for a long time. keith flies. he also damn good at it. that’s pretty much the extent of it. 

voltron and shiro combined, the team, all of this comes into play in shaping something even more unwavering inside him. keith has always been resolved at seeing things get done and finishing a task. in a situation like this, it’s tenfold. 

and even more: he wants to become the person shiro sees in him, he wants to earn that unyielding belief and prove he can do this. he has done it before, perhaps not to the magnitude this asks of him, but he has been able to in the height of a pressing moment give out a command to the team, alongside steer them in the right direction effectively. something not worth overlooking with keith is the fact he doesn’t falter in his actions [1, 2]. keith is able to make quick decisions in tough situations. because every word and action has purpose he commits wholeheartedly to. he’s all in, again. that’s it that’s the mantra that is just so so keith and integral to him. 

here’s a few quick examples of that put into practice: 

also he knows he’s not shiro. keith is pretty self-aware [see links above that talk is somewhere up there lol]. like i said, he knows what he’s about. he’s not going to try and step into shadows that aren’t his own and fill boots that don’t belong to him. that’s not right to shiro, and it wouldn’t make sense to do that from where he’s standing. he doesn’t want to try and be shiro. he wants to be a person shiro and the team the universe can count and depend on. trying to be shiro or become shiro is off the cards. it’s not taking shiro’s place or being a replacement. it’s assuming command on his own terms in the way shiro believes he can. 

he’ll carve his own path just as he has done in the past, apply what shiro has shown him and become his own person and in turn his own leader.


keith will endeavour to become the person that would make shiro proud. the person that will do as shiro asked of him, doing what shiro believed he was capable of doing. lead the team forwards in adversity and keep going. 

he wants to honour those words, he’ll cherish them. hold them close and pour every fibre of his being into living by them no matter what. 

(Im assuming you meant a kastle fic masterlist for myself… putting it under a cut bc it’s… looong)


One Batch Per Dozen (au/drabble collection on ao3)

- Strangers on a Train - accidentally fell asleep on each other on the train AU
Coffee” for two - Always in front of me in line for the coffee shop with a ridiculous order that takes forever to make AU
- Running in the Dark - that’s a hideous shirt and you should take it off AU
A Warm Place - Prompt: What happens when Frank (natural dog person) discovers Karen is a cat person?
A Haunting - I moved into the apartment next door and it’s 100% haunted please let me crash here for the night” au
Sleepless in Hell’s Kitchen - Neighbor who’s way too enthusiastic about LOTR soundtracks AU
A Girl Can Dream - I’ve never actually talked to you but I had a dream we were in a relationship and now I have a crush on you AU
- Mistakes Were Made - College AU 
- A Study in You (part 1) - A Study in You (part 2) - AU in which Frank and Karen are teachers who argue a lot and the whole school ships them
- Clouds in My Coffee - AU where they are neighbors and one of them can hear the other every single morning singing in the shower
- Speechless - Prompt: Frank dealing with brain damage after effects - temporary aphasia. Karen finds him hiding on her fire escape, confused and unable to speak, and shelters him until it passes.
- Bruised Not Broken - Prompt: Frank becomes attached to the 8 year old girl Karen Babysits
- Pieces of You - Prompt: Frank showing up once or twice in Karen’s apartment to lay low, but doesn’t give her any warning, etc. Karen’s hides something of his so he will come back.
- The Daughter of My Enemy - Prompt: Kastle with Karen as the daughter of a mob boss
- Cradle the Fury - Kastle switched backgrounds AU
- Your Knight (part 1), Your Knight (part 2) - Prompt: AU where Frank and Karen live in the same apartment building. Frank is usually a smartass toward her, but one day Karen sees how gentle, patient and kind he is with their 6 year old neighbor
- He Couldn’t - Karen gets Frank’s suit back when he goes to prison, bc it belonged to Nelson & Murdock, and she keeps it in her closet, unwashed, bc still smells like him
- Rescued - Prompt: Someone grabs/kidnaps Karen and Frank rescues her
- Fight for Your City - Prompt: they meet at a protest/rally and feel attraction from afar so mutual friends decide to set them up on a date
- Every Six Seconds - Nurse/Doctor Kastle AU
- Caress - Karen notices early on that he doesn’t like sleeping. He clings to his coffee late into the night like it’s a life raft, circles under his eyes, exhaustion in his hoarse voice.
- Restless - He wonders if the ethereal night dress is something she wears often. It floats around her weightlessly, frilly lace edges brushing against the tops of her thighs. It’s something out of time, an angelic relic from a sepia toned past.
- Almost - Karen Page wasn’t a drinker, not really. A shot or three after work with a few friends, just enough to feel loose and uninhibited, that was one thing, but this losing herself in the murky depths of amber liquid wasn’t her deal.
- Just a Little Touch - Prompt: a tipsy karen @ frank: “your hands are so much larger than mine”
- Along Came a Spider - Tumblr Prompt: You report on the most dangerous gangs in New York, no problem… but you’re scared of that tiny little spider?“

Birds of a Feather - AU (fallen angel soulmate) - Francis has spent his fair share of lifetimes looking for his Karina. 

Kastle Week - A series of unconnected one-shots made for the first (i think) kastle week 1) Rolling blackout, frank shows up, the past is talked about. 2) Karen almost dies, but doesn’t, frank reacts 3) this one’s just an excuse to write bed sharing and then make you stupidly sad 4) the night in the woods at schoonover’s shack goes… differently 5) New york is buffetted by a hurricane and one wounded vigilante seeks shelter 6) Karen watches as the last of Frank Castle’s former life goes up in flames, but she manages to hang on to a piece of him 7) Frank tells himself over and over again that he won’t see her, and over and over again he’s wrong

Heartbeat - Karen is injured, not badly, but there is an unexpected complication (angsty)

No More Running - Kastle channeling their inner rom/com and having and epiphany about each other and RACING TO CONFESS THEIR LOVE

Stop Waiting - Frank finds his way back to the living with a little help from the dead.

On Broken Wing - Cornered and running out of options, Frank lets go of the last thing worth holding onto.

Lest You Forget - He tells himself that it’s better that he can’t fall asleep in the dark anymore, that there’s too much work to be done with the moon’s out. He only ever feels like it’s a problem when he’s with her.

Blue At the Edges - Forgetting is a darkness he’s come to embrace.

Violets and Violence“I need you to scream. You’re Karen Page. He’s the punisher. He will come for you.” 

Reflections - The last things she wants or needs is someone to scold her for being reckless… she knows it already. She knows and yet there’s a part of her that relishes the feeling of her knuckles smashing against another’s unyielding bones. It’s the bruises afterward that she has trouble with.


No Sugar, No Cream - Five times Fic - Five times Frank brings Karen coffee and one time he doesn’t. (FINISHED!)

Fight the Night - AU (vampire/werewolf) -  Frank has one job, to protect the innocent from vamp scum, but his black adn white world view is sorely tested by one ethereal beauty and her craving for blood. (WIP)

Try and Try Again - The night after the punisher’s funeral Karen is approached by a stranger woman and given teh opportunity to change the past and give Frank Castle back his future. (FINISHED!)

Hold On Tight - He remembers what she looked like when she told him, eyes glistening, a half formed apology on her lips. He just shakes his head, denial pushing away all other emotions. He can’t do it again. (WIP)

Of Gods and Monsters - AU (greek gods hade/persephone) - Frank is the God of the Underworld, quietly ushering honorable souls to the Elysian Fields while ensuring the evil ones start their time in Tartarus as soon as possible. He doesn’t want or need anyone to care about, until one day the beautiful daughter of Demeter needs him. He can’t ignore his fate, and neither can she. (WIP)

Five Line Fics

Short and Sometimes Sweet (collection on ao3)

- Coffee - Blood - Eyes - Body Language - Regrets - Bullets - Flowers - Birthday Present - Restless - Dive - Reach - Boundaries - Fear - Flames - Caress - Are You Wearing My Hoodie? - Smile -  Ice - Tell Me You Don’t Want This Too - I Don’t Want Anyone Else - Dance - Watching Hocus Pocus - She Gave Me Her Hand And Didn’t Need More - Stuffed Animals - Blanket - Lingering Glances - Record Store - Yoga Class - Office - Underwear - Window - Insomnia - TrustDreams - Nightmares - Breathless - Hope - Fuck - Swallow, Run, Rum, Kness, Wander - Rain, Bare, Peach, Clock, Knuckles - Ache - Poker - Karen Helping Frank Get Dressed in a Suit to go to the trial - Honor - Dancing - Just don’t go…

P.S. The first two kastle fics i wrote - (putting them at the end because frank and karen were so so new to me and i was a bit tentative)

In the Night - In the darkness everything else falls away.

Clear Skies - Frank visits the graves of his family for the first time since the massacre in the park.


Originally posted by the-princejinyoung

  • for the request for spirit!jinyoung!! i changed it up quite a bit as you can see, so hopefully you like the idea
  • this is also heavily based off goblin, the kdrama, but it doesn’t follow the same storyline, so much as it just uses its definition of the goblin and life consequences of the goblin

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The Goodnight Gansey Squad

So you know how the gangsey got Adam to eat by making everything nonchalant and sly, like, “oh if this pizza isn’t finished, we’ll just throw it away so why don’t you eat it Adam?? ” and of course Adam eats it and like that was
a whole thing? A sneaky way to take care of Adam?

What if the gangsey did something similar for Gansey but with sleep?

•The dark circles under Gansey’s have become too prominent to go unnoticed now

•One of the Aglionby teacher’s even pulled Gansey aside to ask if everything’s alright, to which Gansey replied that everything was wonderful and that it’s really nothing, all Ganseys have dark circles and it’s just the way his face has always been

•It has Not always been like that

•Ronan’s the one to notice first that Gansey’s sleeping habits have become really bad bc Mini Henrietta is growing twice as fast as usual

•and Gansey is using his politician’s mask around his friends now bc he’s too tired to be emotionally present 24/7

•And for the first time, he can’t seem to get really excited about the Glendower Search, a big sign that something is wrong

•So Ronan begins the Goodnight Gansey Squad, and their goal: get Gansey to sleep

•Gansey’ll be at St. Agnes with Adam studying for an exam, and Adam will make sure that Gansey takes a seat on the bed with a blanket and pillow positioned nearby

•Adam’ll tell Gansey that, Oh he read that it helps to remember things if you lay on your back with your eyes shut, so all your senses are focused on hearing and memory and blah blah statistics

•So Gansey of course humors Adam and lays down, eyes shut and smirking a bit at the oddness of the idea

•Adam will then dim the lights and read in a soft, soothing voice from the textbook (something Gansey used to do for him) for a while until he hears Gansey’s breathing change to the deeper breaths of sleep- and he lets Gansey stay the night

•On warm Henrietta nights when being under the covers is too hot, Noah will complain that’s he’s “lonely and tired” and will convince Gansey to lie in bed and pull the covers over them both, with Noah’s presence keeping the temperature cool and making sleeping more comfortable

•Blue knits Gansey the Most Comfy Sweater he’s ever worn in his life, and she gave him a scented spray with it that supposedly helps people sleep better

•whenever Gansey wears it to bed, he gets a full night’s sleep :)

•Blue also makes Gansey take her midnight calls laying down in bed instead of on the cold hard floor of the kitchen/laundry/bathroom. She keeps her voice soft and low, and it makes her smile softly whenever he falls asleep during the call

•About two weeks into the Goodnight Gansey Squad mission, Gansey confesses to Ronan that it’s not just his insomnia that’s keeping him awake, but he’s purposefully not sleeping bc his nightmares have been getting worse (they deal a lot with the Gansey’s Foretold Death Sentence and what it means for him and his friends, but of course he leaves the specifics of his nightmares out), and sleep has become a burden more than a necessity to him

•Ronan understands, of course, being Oh So Familiar with nightmares himself

•He convinces Gansey to try and sleep anyways, and if things get bad, he can come sleep with Ronan

•Sometimes Gansey just starts the night sharing the bed with Ronan anyways bc Ronan’s presence is warm and secure, and Gansey feels safer with Ronan by his side

•Surprisingly, Ronan dreams less when he shares a bed with Gansey- whether it’s from sheer willpower of not wanting to dream anything to life or from feeling more at ease around Gansey, Ronan’s grateful for it

•Gansey during the day slowly becomes a whole new person now that he’s actually sleeping

•He has!! So much energy!!

•He hardly ever wears his Autopilot Mask of neutral emotion anymore like he used to do bc now he has the energy to deal with people and society

•He throws himself wholeheartedly into everything he does

•Mini Henrietta doesn’t grow nearly as much as it used to, but nobody really seems to mind :)

“Push” Daryl Dixon x Reader

Word Count: 2,011

Daryl Dixon x Reader

Request from Anon: Is it possible that you can write a daryl x reader one where the reader is Maggie and beth’s sister and she tries to get Daryl to open up to her? And daryl just keeps pushing her away bc he has feelings for her

Setting: The prison

Warnings: Fluff, occasional swear word

A/N: Super excited for the new episode tonight!

Originally posted by onlydarylnormanfic

There’s just something about Daryl that intrigues you. The way he presents himself. He’s a quiet man- doesn’t talk much. He stays out of everyone’s way and does his own thing. That just makes you want to know him more. Ever since he and his group showed up at your farm a while ago, you can’t deny to yourself your feelings for him anymore. He was a handsome, strong man. He has a hard exterior but you saw a different side of him after Sophia’s death. He was caring.

The only person he ever really speaks to is Carol or Rick. Sure, he’ll “talk” to other people, but that’s different. You want to be able to talk to him like he talks to Carol, you want it to be deep. You want to get to know him for his true self, not the shut off redneck he makes himself appear to be. If you’re in the same area, you’ll try and start conversation, only getting a mere grunt in response. If it’s a good day and he’s in a chatty mood, he’ll give you a short response. But those days only happen on a rare occasion.

“Mind handing me that gun? I see something.” You say to Daryl as you two patrol the outside of the prison. Rick had put both of you on duty today. Usually it would be Glenn and Daryl, or even Rick himself, but Glenn was out doing a run and Rick was having some… issues dealing with Lori’s death. He was coming to terms with it, he had finally come back from disappearing for a few days, but you could tell he was struggling. So he assigned you to patrol with Daryl today, as you were the only other person available who was as good of a shot as him. Truth is, you were pretty excited to spend time with him.

Daryl handed you the gun, not saying anything as he raised his crossbow. You look into the scope, seeing a walker on the outskirts of the prison. Nothing to worry about- they couldn’t get in.

“False alarm.” You lowered the gun. Daryl grunts and sets his bow onto his back again, walking in front of me.

“What are you thinking about?” You attempt to make conversation, hoping that this day wouldn’t be spent in boring silence.

“None of ‘ya business, that’s what.” He responds. Despite his rude response, you smile- it’s a good day.

“Alright, I’m sorry.”

“Why are you talkin’ to me, Y/N? You’re always with your sisters, you’ve never even tried to talk to me until a few weeks ago.” He asks.

“Why not talk to you?” You shrug, walking faster to catch up to him.

“People like ya don’t talk to people like me.”

“Well what am I doing, then?” You smile up at him. You could’ve sworn you saw the faintest hint of a smile, but if you did, it was gone quickly.

“I’m gonna go take watch on the tower. You got it down here?” His good mood seemed gone. His face seemed strained, like he was rushed to get away from me.

“Uh, yeah, sure.” You mumble. Daryl doesn’t say anything as he walks away, leaving you to be alone.


Ever since that day, it seems as if Daryl is avoiding you. If he’d walk into a cell and you were in there, he’d turn on his heels and walk away. If he saw you in the halls, he’d walk past you quickly or just find another way to get wherever he was going.

You’d had the end of it. It had been about a month of this, this torture of not knowing what you did to make him hate you.

“I need to talk to you.” You hiss, walking into his cell. He was laying on the bed, seemingly about to go to sleep. He jumped up quickly, his face changing into an emotion you can’t read when he spots you standing at the foot of his bed.

“What do ya want? I’m tryin’ to sleep.”

“I need to talk to you.” You repeat yourself.

“Then talk.”

“Could we possibly go anywhere else?” You look around. Everyone else was still up, walking around and talking to each other. He looks at you, and you think that he’s going to protest, but to your surprise he gets out of his bed. You try to not stare, noticing that he’s in his boxers, but you admittedly let your eyes wander a tiny bit. He quickly puts on his jeans, and you blush thinking that he knew you were admiring him.

You lead him out of the cell block, and into the empty one next to it.

“Why do you hate me, Daryl?” You sigh. “You’ve been ignoring me for weeks. We finally had a conversation, a good one, at least for you. And ever since then you’ve been ignoring me. I’ve been trying so hard to get to know you, Daryl. There’s not many options of friends here. And all you know how to do is push people away.” You rant. “So, tell me, what did I do? Why do you hate me?”

“I don’t hate ya.”

“Well you certainly act like it.” You spit. “You walk the other way when you see me coming. That doesn’t scream ‘friendly’ to me.”

“Ya can’t stand there and tell me how I feel! Ya don’t know me, Y/N!”

“You’re right. I don’t know you.” You say with a bit of an attitude. Daryl looks at you, a look of hurt on his face. He shakes his head and stomps out, leaving you to be in there by yourself.

In retrospect, maybe taking him this far to talk wasn’t a great idea. You didn’t exactly know your way around the prison as well as he or Rick did, so trying to find your way back was hard, especially in the night time.

“What the hell happened? You and Daryl just disappeared and then he came back pissed as hell a few minutes ago.” Maggie ran over to you once you finally found your way back.

“I don’t know what happened.” You say truthfully. “He’s confusing.”

“You gotta give him more time. Carol’s made it seem like he’s had a pretty rough past.”

“Yeah.” I walk into my cell. “I’m going to bed. See you tomorrow.”


“Y/N?” A voice whispers to you next to your bed as you sleep. You jump out of bed and grab the person by the neck, an instinct you’ve gained since the apocalypse began.

“Shit, Y/N, it’s just me.”


You breathe out a sigh of relief, letting go of him and sitting back on your bed. It was sometime in the middle of the night, judging by how dark it still was.

“What are you doing here?” You ask him, whispering.

“I, uh,” He pauses. “Nothin’. It was stupid.” He begins to walk out, but you grab him by his hand to keep him from moving.

“What’s going on?” You frown, pulling him down to sit next to you on the bed. He hesitates, but gives in and takes a seat.

“I just… I don’ know.” He sighs.

“Hey, it’s ok. You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want.” You pull him in for a hug, but he goes stiff. You pull away quickly, forgetting that he was iffy about human contact.

“Well, you are welcome to stay in here if you want.” You offer, not thinking that he would accept given the response he just had to your hug. Much to your surprise, he lays down on the other side of the bed. You get underneath the covers, facing your head away from his feet, and drift back to sleep.

At some point in the night, one of you two must have moved around enough to get yourselves in the position that you woke up in.

You were nuzzled up in his chest, with his arm wrapped around you and his leg twisted around yours. You were both covered up in the blankets, so to anyone who walked by, it would certainly look like you two just had a wild night.

You tried to unwrap his arm from around you, but were unsuccessful. He was too damn muscular. You took this chance to admire how attractive he actually was. Normally, you’d see him with a permanent scowl on his face, but now? Now he just looked so innocent.

Your thoughts were distracted by someone coughing at your cell door. You jumped away from Daryl, causing him to wake up as well. His eyes widened when he saw how he was holding you, and he got up quickly.

“Uhh, Daryl, we have to go on a run.” Glenn said awkwardly before walking away.

“I’m sorry for comin’ in here last night.” Daryl mumbled as he got off the bed. “This won’t happen again, was a mistake.”


And just like that, he was gone again.


You have had enough. The avoiding, the “pushing away”, it only got worse since that night in your cell.

“I’m sick and tired of this, Beth. I’m not doing anything wrong.” You scoffed, rocking baby Judith in your arms as she was drinking a bottle.

“I don’t think you’re the problem. I think he’s just dealing with some inner conflicting emotions.”

“Like what?”

“I was with Carol the other day, taking care of Judith while you were off doing god knows what,” Beth started. “I was talkin’ to her about the problems you were having with him. She thinks it’s because he’s in love with you. He hasn’t ever said it out loud, not even to Carol, but she knows him better than anyone else.”

“In love with me?” You raise your eyebrows. “Me? He doesn’t even talk to me.”

“I don’t know.” She shrugs her shoulders. “I’m just the messenger.”


Your conversation with Beth stayed in your head all day. If what she was saying was true, Daryl has a real funny way of showing love to someone. Although, considering he had a bad childhood, maybe he just doesn’t know how to show it.

Only one way to find out.

You walk up to the watch tower, knowing that it was Daryl’s night watch time. You open the door to the top to see Daryl sitting there, eyes focused on the land surrounding the prison.

“You shouldn’t be up here.” He grunts.

“I want to be up here.”

“Why?” He finally looks at you.

“You’re confusing me. I hear that you’re in love with me, but then you treat me like-“

“What?” His face freezes. “Who told you?”

“So it’s true?” Your heart flutters.

“Doesn’ matter.” He turns away from you. “Please leave.”

“Tell me.” You walk in front of him, forcing him to face you.

“Y/N, it doesn’t matter, ok? I’m nothin’. I’m no one. You could never-“

You cut him off with a quick kiss to his lips. You don’t force more than just a peck, but your insides about melt at the feelings of his lips against yours.

“I love you, too, Dixon.”

Daryl smiled the biggest he’d smiled in a long time at hearing that sentence.

“I’m sorry I was pushin’ you away. I thought I could get rid of my feelings for ya. Thought there was no way you would ever even look at me, been thinkin’ that since the farm, you know. And then you started talking to me, and it freaked me out. I’m sorry, Y/N.”

You kissed him again, this time letting it be more than just a peck.

i find it so fascinating and interesting and telling that it’s the moments of tragedy and heartbreak where you see how much tony and steve really loved each other. bc trust and intimacy, caring so deeply for each other, risking their own lives to save the other person  ––  that’s just second nature. it’s instinct. it’ll always be a part of who they are and their relationship with each other, it’s not something that needs to be Telegraphed and pointed at to be real and profound and life-changing. 

they both know that the moment they met, the moment when steve opened his eyes and saw the avengers, when tony’s voice was the first one he heard after decades of the ice, that their lives would never be the same. there are Direct Quotes to illustrate that but tbh even if those didn’t exist they know.

because this is a friendship that’s been building on over a decade. ten years of fighting beside each other, inspiring each other to be better men, better heroes, better leaders, seeing each other at the best and the lowest. this friendship is one of the most long-lasting & significant friendships for both of them. the avengers liken them to mom and dad because this is literally the closest analogy there is in terms of the sheer closeness, understanding and compatibility that exists between them. when it’s been that long, everything becomes implicit, unspoken, it just is. you don’t need the constant affirmation – even though stevetony do that too – of the love and loyalty between you. 

so, it’s really only when they hit those Dark Times that it manifests in all this terrible conflict and anger and ugliness. people are constantly trying to characterise modern stevetony (e.g. 2007 – present) as ‘steve and tony are always at each other’s throats’ but like Again, As I Always Do, i want to point to the revolutionary concept that the only reason they can hurt this much and hurt each other this much is because of how much they loved each other in the first place. their love and hate at different periods throughout their wars or conflicts or civil wars aren’t mutually exclusive, the anger / betrayal / grief / heartbreak bleed into each other. 

these moments of conflict wouldn’t have as much impact as they do if they happened all the time. and they don’t. steve and tony have lead multiple teams, saved the world, endured one or both of them being brainwashed, and remained steadfast in who they are to each other throughout. marvel pits them against each other because of how significant their relationship is and the fact that tearing them apart means they can generate a universe-wide event, a film franchise, multiple spin-offs and essentially lasting (albeit unacknowledged) consequences for the rest of their comic universe.

tony spends a year in mourning, hallucinating steve and throwing himself into suicidal self-destructive missions during his tenure as director of shield after steve dies. when steve rejects any of his attempts to compromise and make peace during cw1, he literally prepares to die and let steve kill him. when steve thinks the illuminati has betrayed him and committed the most unforgivable act of erasing his memory, he only goes after tony. it’s tony he’s furious at, it’s tony he’s single-handledy hunting down, and it’s tony he wants to pay the most for what he’s done.

tldr, tbh, altho depressing and utterly typical of marvel to do so, i find it v. true to life and realistic that it’s only in moments of point-of-no-return tragedy that we get the big moments and confessions and ‘i loved him’. the tragedy of stevetony is that these two men do love each other, and they both know it on an instinctual, intuitive level. everything about the way they interact and trust and hurt each other is indicative of that love. they never expect there to be a moment where that love won’t be there in the subtext, they never Expect that there’s going to be a ‘this is my last chance to tell him’ kind of moment. (bc usually, lbr, it’s some kind of world-ending crisis where they’re in the middle of a war on opposing sides.) their tragedy is that they’ve spent so long loving and being in love w/ each other where the timing has never been right, or they keep convincing themselves they’re content with the status quo, or the other person isn’t in the right place or headspace to hear it, that they just never get their Moment.

so their moments end up being morgue-side confessions, hugs and speeches where one person all but tells the other person they can’t live w/o them, and y’know, the ultimate act of no homo where the only universe they’d ever be together is if they can become a heteronormative straight™ couple.

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I don't wanna call it too soon but this is the CUTEST PHIL LS maybe ever. Can't wait for you to say a little on it (especially re his many verbal eyerolls at chat, and the cat paintings...)

ughhhh yes there were definitely so, so many cute little anecdotes and jokes, and a lot of interesting tidbits that i took note of while watching: 

  • he opens the show by saying that he “welcomes” people calling him dad and appreciates all the father’s day messages. amazing
  • he bought his own dad a tasting selection of jams and marmalades which immediately made me irate bc it sounds like the perf gift for my father except i would never think of it bc i’m not as creative as phil ugh. phil probs buys everyone the best presents and i’m envious of people who are good at that
  • i loled at the fact that some vintage family drama sent like nine of phil’s great uncles to australia why is that so funny. also hearing re-confirmation of just how huge phil’s family is was kind of refreshing
  • the whole centipede anecdote killed me omg jst the image of phil freaking out and calling dan into the room (whether it was in his bedroom or somewhere else, i don’t rly feel like weighing in on that debate) and then dan obviously proceeding to freak out even more than phil (which we can very vividly picture based on his reactions in the piece of art that is phil lester vs. praying mantis.) it was just such a cute story lmao, i loved the way that phil called the bug a creepy crawly and said, ‘dan’s not a fan of those creepy crawlies either’ ughghghghhh. and i love that phil is definitely forever and always going to be the designated bug-catcher in their house even though he’s scared of bugs too, jst bc dan is always too busy having an actual breakdown any time he sees an insect
  • the random interjection of him screaming ‘bear’ from the bear kayak video made me lol
  • when he’s talking about bryony’s cat paintings and says he and dan are the only ppl who like them, i like that they pretty much always share tastes in everything, be less conjoined pls 
  • him narrating his thought process when he bought the fairy light twigs: ‘what i need in my life is some light-up sticks’
  • his plan to change up the dresser trinkets for every video is interesting and referring to the setup as a ‘tableau’ lmao–as i’ve said multiple times i don’t believe this room is his primary living quarters so i def took this idea to change up the background every time he films as further confirmation that this room is basically a set 
  • martyn has been in a ‘plane incident’ at one point in his life, didn’t know that
  • the way he talked about louise’s baby was so cuteeeee, his huge grin, the way he immediately went into a higher pitched voice, cheeky suggesting ‘phil’ as a name and then saying philippa could be a boy’s name but getting a bit nervous to make the general point about not needing to gender names and just saying ‘i mean’ a lot and giggling. then his feigned indignation when someone suggested ‘daniel’ lol he’s cute
  • learning dil was pregnant made him want to ‘rip his face off’ ok calm down mate
  • the fidget spinner omg: the way that he needed to make clear that it was no ‘2 pound friend present’ lmao i read this as him jokingly being a bit salty that dan didn’t appreciate all of the time and effort and ‘good money’ he put into this loving and thoughtful gift ahhaha. it was jst such a comfortable and warm little comment i loved it. and i love that he thinks it’s beautiful bc of the colors and i was lit dying at the whole story of him lying on the floor and trying to show off to dan that he could balance it on his nose and then utterly failing. adds more context to the way that dan was so fond last week when he talked about phil injuring himself with it
  • he doesn’t like killing animals, and always finds a way to trap them and throw them outside 
  • when someone asks him to give them a nickname and he comes up with, ‘ma more like mars expedition’.. wtf he’s adorable
  • kath could ‘open a brownie farm’ PHIL PLS 
  • ‘stop calling me dad though bc it’s inappropriate,’ he says with a barely concealed smile as he complies with everyone’s wishes to clean them. why does he love being called dad i need to lie down 
  • traditional lester thing is to get fish and chips when they’re all together
  • his sheer excitement about wonder woman was amazing omg. ‘she kicks so much butt but she has a personality and more movies should be made with a woman as the main character like that’ yAS phil 
  • thoughts on chris pine: he originally jst says he’s ‘funny’ but then when someone in the chat says ‘chris pine is fricking hot,’ he basically agrees and adds that he is ‘distracting’ and ‘radiating out of his face … what is that face? how do you achieve such a face?’ fucking amazing.
  • he always finds coins that are from 1997 lmao only he would notice that and think it’s some secret conspiracy by the universe jst to fuck with him
  • this week’s beauty tips:
    • change your face wash every 3-4 months because your face gets used to it. also you might want your face to smell like something different (his face currently smells of tree sap)
    • don’t spray hair spray directly into your mouth bc it tastes really bad and probably isn’t good for your health
    • drink lots of water (again)
    • put tea bags on your eyes and the caffeine will make you feel more energized and also you’ll look beautiful with teabags on your eyes
  • i’m certain that phil giggling, ‘but they’ve seen it from space and it’s a globe!’ single-handedly debunked the flat earth conspiracy
  • he goes ‘poot’ when he sprays febreze,,,, jesus christ. also of course he had a vanilla cupcake scented air freshener once,,,, have i mentioned that i am so fucking in love with phil jesUS 
  • his spon of dan’s vid was interesting to me, he kind of seemed to think of it at the very last moment even after he’d said goodbye to a bunch of people, and focused more on sponning it than sponning his own vid or anything from the gaming channel. he said it was ‘very funny’ which i’ll admit only added to my confusion about the objective or intention of dan’s video bc it didn’t strike me as trying to be comedic in any way. i wonder if phil genuinely found it funny and what he liked about it hahah, i honestly would pay for him to give it an honest review
  • his lil meows at the end before he clicked out were v pure i adore him

ya i love phil, ik it’s breaking news to yall but i really, really do. his live shows are always exactly what i need and he makes me so happy 

(phil live show: giant centipede attack - 6.18.17)

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how would the rfa+saeran's reactions be to their s/o being extremely flexible?



  • One day he comes home and you’re just hanging from these silks???
  • D E A D
    • You just look so good!!!
  • He’s honestly so excited for you
  • He loves watching you perform on the silks! He’s utterly fascinated by the way your body can move
  • “MC you should perform!!! I’d go to every one of your shows!”
  • triesithimselfonedayandbreakshisarm
    • “I wanted to try and look like you…”
  • you bet ur sweet ass he makes you cosplay and perform on the silks
    • instagramaestheticpicturesyespls
  • shows you off to all his LOLOL friends because youre his precious, talented bean


  • wakes up and you’re not in his bed???
  • someonestopthisdramaticunicornomg
  • finds you in his living room iN THE SCORPION POSE
  • alittleoffendedthatyoudidntshowoffyourflexibilityduringthediddlydotime
  • obviously he wants you to teach him!!!
    • Lowkey jealous that you’re better than him at a fitness activity
  • Almostbreakshisspinetryingtodoscorpionpose
    • “it’s okay MC!!! I heal fast”
    • udumbassyoukindaneedurspine 


  • when jaehee sees you dancing at the party, she never thought much of it???
    • Obviously you were fantastic but she thought you probably had a lot natural skill
  • Sometimes when you’re helping at her coffee shop, you dance around a little!
    • HonestlyursocuteJaeheealmostspillscoffeeonhercustomers
    • You’re standing on your toes what the hell
    • Are legs even supposed to go that high???
  • She’s really worried at first because she’s scared you’ll injure yourself!!!
    • but the customers start noticing your little ballet moves???
  • Pretty soon you’re putting on dance sequences in the coffee shop and you’re attracting a lot of customers!!!
  • Her little bean is happy so she’s happy!!!
    • nothingcomparestothesmileyougetwhenthecustomersclapforyou


  • As a birthday present from him, you two are now at the Summer 2016 Olympics!
    • Youknownormalcouplestuff
  • As you’re watching the Rhythmic Gymnastics portion, you casually mention that the hoop was your favorite item when you used to do this
    • Jumin is floored
  • “You can do stuff like that with your body???”
    • “I mean yeah..it’s not hard..”
    • rushesyoubacktoyourhotelroomsoyoucanshowhim
  • He hires a trainer for you because he think you’re that good
  • “We’ll get you to the 2020 Olympics, MC”
    • He supports you so much???
  • Youdonthavethehearttotellthisprecioustrustfundkidthatitwasjustahobby


  • Alright this little nerd LOVES superheroes
  • Of course he does, he loves calling himself defender of justice
  • When Deadpool is released on DVD, hE IS SO HYPED
    • Dressesupasdeadpoolwhenhegoestobuythemovie
  • Drags you into watching it with him but honestly ur were probably as excited as him to see it!!
  • During the strip club scene, you mention that you kinda miss pole dancing???
    • Wait what
    • What do you mean you miss pole dancing
  • Turns out you used to perform at a strip club for little while as income for college???
  • How did he never know about this? He searched your entire background???
    • “People don’t normally advertise that they were strippers, Saeyoung…”
  • “Willyougivemeshowsforfree?”
  • looksuphowtoinstallapoleinhishouse
    • actuallymanagestodothis???
  • This boy plays “Right Round” every change he gets with MC and hopes she’ll actually dance to it
    • “Saeyoung you have to work to make these panties drop”
    • B L U S H E S he may be a kinky mofo but he embarrasses really easily, what a cutie
  • Wants to learn so you two can become a stripping duo lenny face
  • Honestly though, he jokes about free shows n all, but he thinks that it’s so amazing that you’ve trained your body that hard!


  • He walks in on you lying down on your stomach with your head tucked between your feet???
    • “Oh I’m just trying out my contortionist skills!!! I used to dabble in it when I was younger”
  • He used to think you were royalty but now you’re a god???
    • Considersbuildingashrine
  • Loves watching you!!!
  • Alittleturnedon
  • “Wow MC you’re so talented”
    • “What???”      
    • “i sAID YOU’RE UGLY BYE”


  • this boy has no idea what he’s in for when you invite him and the rest of the gang for a pool day!
  • You invite your own friends too bc they’re hella awesome
  • Oh boy oh lord oh pal is he surprised when all of sudden u and your friends just start dancing???
    • Are those ur legs hOT DAMN
    • How are they moving like that omg
  • You look like an actual mermaid???
  • When you come out of the pool, you’re just giddy from happiness because you got to show your bf one of your most loved hobbies!!!
    • “Can I see again..?”
    • “Haha remember when you used to be blind and you couldn’t see”
    • MCwhy
  • buysanunderwatercameratophotographyou


isak and even: a or b 

2 weeks before

  • they’re doing an unplanned movie marathon over at kollektivet with eskild, linn and noora and during some foreign film no one but even really seems into eskild suddenly turns towards even asking “when is your birthday exactly?” “the 12th of February” “ok, cool” and with that it’s over and they continue half dozing off
  • except isak is suddenly in full on panic mode bc the 12th is 2 wEEKS from then and how could he forget and oh god what will he get even that is enough?!!??

1 week before

  • isak still isn’t clear on what they’re going to do or what he’s going to get even bc he wants to make it so so special but so far the only things he has come up with are:
  • a self made birthday cake but honestly does he reaaaaallly know how to do that and he’s not yet desperate enough to go ask noora for help but getting close
  • a dinner at some fancy restaurant but that means having to get his dad to give him money for a date and would he even do that??? (or finding a job in a week that also pays out within like a day which seems v unrealistic too)
  • a party at kollektivet with their friends, but honestly everyone has gotten into a habit of coming over a lot lately anyway (including evens friends) so really how would it be much more different??
  • himself. naked. with a bow. but he gives himself to even with everything he’s got already so….
  • whatever he thinks of it just doesn’t. seem. like. enough. not enough to tell even how thankful he is for everything he has done for him (and for existing in general) and how loved even makes him feel and how safe and how truly like himself and it’s messing with his head

6 days before

  • “what do you want for your birthday? what are you even doing? its this weekend right?” magnus is the one who asks even first and even just shrugs and nudges isak “i don’t care as long as its together with this one” and everyone is taking isaks panic as him being embarrassed  

4 days before

  • everyone keeps asking isak what’s going to happen on even’s birthday and he feels like the worst person ever because he just doesn’t know and then finally finally he goes to the girl squad for advice bc they will know what to do (right?????) and he just has to tell someone and then thanks to them for their advice he FiNAlly knows

1 day before

  • they’ve been chilling in bed all day having a lazy saturday and isak just can’t get enough of even but he has shit to do to prepare for the next day so after even finally falls asleep isak sneaks into the living room to do the prep


  • it starts with breakfast in bed which noora helped him with (bc really isak you want to give him a cheesy toast with cardamom??? how basic??? lets bake him a cake) and isak got eskild to keep watch so even wouldn’t get out of bed yet

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  • “Guys, we need to tell you something.“ 
  • Jinjin’s sitting opposite Bin and Rocky in one of their favourite cafes, hand tightly clutching MJ’s under the table 
  • Bin looks at Rocky 
  • Rocky looks at Bin
  • Oh my god
  • It can’t be 
  • ??????? 
  • Bin, cautiously: "You’re pregnant?" 
  • Rocky, nodding fervently: ????? 
  • Bin: "listen we told you to have safe se-" 
  • Jinjin reaches across with his free hand & knocks Bin’s head into Rocky’s
  • They might be best friends but 
  • Truly his best friends are idiots 
  • "He said yes!!!!" 
  • And before they know it Rocky sees Jinjin swing his & MJ’s hands above the table, silver bands glinting in the light
  • And it’s suddenly all celebration and laughter and MJ squealing and Bin choking in glee and Jinjin beaming proudly and Rocky has never, never felt this proud of Jinjin in his life 
  • His hyung might be an idiot but !!!!! Now he’s officially MJ’s idiot and Rocko couldn’t be prouder 
  • !!!!!!!!!!! 
  • @ myungjin: "ur going to have sunshine babies!!!!!! With sunshine beams!!!!!!!!!!!!!! & ur going to power five villages for years!!!!!" 
  • And so toasts are made and months go by and more plans are made and 
  • Bin: "Oh my god rocky" 
  • Rocky: "What" 
  • Bin: "We’re the best men”
  • Rocky: “Well I know we’re the best men, Jinjin and MJ asked us like three months ago" 
  • Bin: "No but we’re the BEST MEN" 
  • Bin: "We gotta get TUXES”
  • Rocky: “Oh”
  • Rocky: “Oh shit" 
  • Rocky: "oh S h I t" 
  • Bc wow truly have you seen the boys in tuxes for that AAF photo shoot truly A+ the A in Astro stands for Amazing-visuals 
  • But the S in Astro also stands for Styled-by-professionals 
  • Rocky and Bin
  • Are not professionals 
  • Fast forward to two weeks before the wedding: Rocky and Bin finding themselves in a tux store, frantically begging the tuxedo gods (ie, the store managers) for suggestions 
  • And so the magic workers toss them a couple of different cuts to try out to see what fit them the most 
  • And naturally Rocko picks the first one he gets because 1) he really cannot be bothered to try more than one he would totally go to Jinjin’s wedding in a hoodie and jeans if he had the choice 2) they all honestly look the same to him 3) I mean he’s rocky he looks amazing in everything 
  • So he lets the tailor take his measurements and flops over on the fitting area sofa to wait for Bin 
  • Who has gone through at least three different cuts of pants and four different blazer designs 
  • He’s honestly crying why doesn’t he look good in any of them
  • He looks good in all of them, Rocky doesn’t understand what he’s saying 
  • (Flings open the fitting room curtain to pose in front of the mirror for Rocky) 
  • "This one makes my butt look flat" 
  • "Bin your ass looks flat in everything" 
  • Rocky cackling and throwing another pair of pants at Bin 
  • On Bin’s fifth pair of pants and eighth blazer though, Rocky gets bored 
  • And he smells 
  • ? Food?? 
  • He leans as far back as he can on the sofa and cranes his neck to peer out the fitting area door 
  • Food????? :–) 
  • Yes that’s more Rocky’s style 
  • He peers back at Bin’s closed fitting room curtain and silently gets up from the sofa 
  • He’ll be back real quick, he promises Bin in his head 
  • And nips off outside to see whatever it is that smells so amazing right outside the store 
  • Oh my god
  • It’s a pretzel food cart bless uP
  • Walks past two arguing brothers (?) 
  • "Hyung, I sat through that damn minion movie the least you could do is sit through this one fitting with me" 
  • "But you’re so,,,, oddly shAped they’ll take forever to take your measurements and I’m hUngry" 
  • "MINIONS" 
  • Eunwoo grumbling and shoving Sanha’s shoulder 
  • Damn Sanha for getting into the final round of that competition 
  • I mean, Eunwoo’s proud of him but 
  • Who even wears a blazer to a guitar competition anyway 
  • That’s dumb, Eunwoo decides, plopping his butt down on the fitting area sofa while Sanha goes off with the store managers
  • Wait
  • There’s someone mumbling from a fitting room
  • Huh talking to himself, Eunwoo guesses and goes back to tapping aimlessly on his phone 
  • Bin: "Rocky oh my god i think this is it" 
  • Bin: "My ass actually looks good??" 
  • Ass? 
  • Eunwoo looks up 
  • Bin: "And this blazer fits my shoulders so well?????" 
  • Bin: "wow Pacific Ocean coming through wew nice shoulders Binnie”
  • Bin:
  • Bin: 
  • Bin: "Rocky?" 
  • Bin, ripping open the fitting room curtain: "Yo dude how do I look" 
  • Eunwoo, sort of stunned because wow this guy’s right his ass does look good in those pants 
  • Huh nice shoulders too
  • :–)
  • Well, he doesn’t know who this Rocky guy is but 
  • “You look like you could win a pageant,” he offers cautiously 
  • Bin whips around
  • That in no way resembles Rocky’s voice
  • Rocky’s voice is a little like snow, powdery and soft and rough all at the same time 
  • But this man 
  • His voice (pardon the lack of poetics) sounds like someone gently hit icicles with other icicles and the result was a light, tinkly icy echo 
  • “And the thing about your ass?” the man continues, “Very true.”
  • Bin flushing because 
  • what 
  • the 
  • ding diggi ding diggi ding ding dong
  • is this man saying !!!
  • also wow 
  • if Bin thought Eunwoo’s voice was beautiful
  • he truly set himself up for a surprise 
  • the man himself 
  • literally the most ethereal being he’ll ever have the fortune to meet
  • excepting the fact that Eunwoo walked into a tuxedo shop in a minion t-shirt 
  • Bin isn’t sure at this point if Eunwoo’s aware he’s staring very hard at Eunwoo’s beautiful face
  • Eunwoo truly enjoyed the ass and shoulders but wow the minute Bin whipped around
  • startled cat eyes and slightly worried pout and mussed up hair from changing 
  • wow 
  • truly 
  • wow 
  • Rocky: “Hey Bin, I’m bac-”
  • Sanha: “Eunwoo, what do you think abo-”
  • Rocky blinking in confusion because wow Bin isn’t angry that Rocky went missing??
  • Sanha blinking in confusion because Eunwoo isn’t whining about waiting??????
  • wait 
  • Rocky and Sanha squint at their friends 
  • who are staring at each other 
  • because wow truly Bin has never seen someone with a face that small or with eyes that bright or a smile so amused 
  • Eunwoo finally breaking the eye contact and coughing slightly and going, “well i really think you should get that pair of pants”
  • “uh rigHT YES PANTS”
  • “i mean if you ever want a second opinion on clothes or whatever you should uhhh definitely uh call me ??”
  • Bin:
  • Bin:
  • Bin: :–)
  • Sanha, squawking slightly because wow Eunwoo complains so much about shopping with him but would willingly go on shopping trips with a stranger he just met??????? would give second opinions on clothes????? would hand him his phone so that he can input his phone number into Eunwoo’s contact list????????
  • Rocky sighing in relief because holy heck Eunwoo can suffer shopping with Bin then 
  • ie, Bin looking at two hoodies in different shades of black and humming over them for half an hour before deciding on a white one
  • i’m highkey bin


/ i apologise in advance im gonna type this Properly some time when im not so tired. but there’s something about keith re: how he perceives others i just can’t stop thinking about it so i’m gonna drop it all here before sleeping:

The thing is, Keith likes to deal with two things predominantly: the present and the facts. He’s a creature of the now and the moment, he doesn’t linger in the past or indulge the future that much. focusing on the task at hand, or what’s going on is what counts. I could write an essay on keith + conditionals and the future itself but that’s another topic entirely. So anyway back to the topic here: eliminating the chances of there being a threat in a person is important, as we see him do with the Arusian (he could be dangerous) (im not taking any chances!). 

BUT here’s the thing. Keith doesn’t really actively make a judgement on people, he lets their actions do the talking to determine who they are. Like i said in my second lubos meta about keith + not judging Lubos because it’s not his place to but he kNOWS from the behaviour of Lubos enough to declare he’s NO KING and is resolved to bring him back to the Olkari so he can face his mistakes and they get the chance to make their own choices.

The thing is, several times in canon we see that once keith has evaluated the actions of a person/people, he doesn’t really think to re-question it UNLESS he’s presented with information that conflicts with it - like with the revelation of Ulaz and there being galra that aren’t working with zarkon. That makes Keith question are all Galra are truly bad? and he makes it abundantly clear that now he has seen Galra fighting against the Empire it changes things (It means something to me. It means some of them are actually willing to help. And we could use all the help we can get! It just seems crazy to lump everyone together.)

And ofc the weblum Galra affirms this: We’re Paladins of Voltron. We can’t just leave people to die even if they are Galra.

Keith is not really ever shown to JUDGE people based on his own personal feelings. Jumping back a moment, whilst admitting he is wary in S2E3 “Shiro, are you sure you can trust this? I mean, after all the Galra have done to you. They - They took your arm.” (we need to talk about Keith re: shiro bc that is important and it’s where inconsistencies can creep in for many reasons) and “You know I trust you, Shiro, but this doesn’t feel right.” 

- he’s not making judgements on Ulaz or bringing Ulaz himself directly into it. He’s assessing the situation objectively and expressing his concerns because from what they know and have seen the Galra have done nothing positive for the team or even the Universe. But he trusts Shiro. Once it’s clear they’re being tracked he accuses Ulaz “If Zarkon knows we’re here, it’s because you ratted us out.” because of Ulaz’s actions which have led him to believe that’s the truth in a pressing situation where people and Voltron are now in DANGER.

BUT. BUT once Ulaz’s actions prove he’s on their side and it’s clear, Keith seldom can keep quiet about it (Sorry we doubted Ulaz, Shiro. He saved all our lives). honestly he actively defends Ulaz’s name and his intentions to Allura when before he had been questioning Ulaz because he now has the facts at his disposal (Yeah! Maybe Zarkon found out about this place on his own. He’s probably been searching for the Blade of Marmora.)

And god is he passionate about making sure people understand that Ulaz sacrificed himself FOR THEM. i’ve written somewhere before about this point. The way he speaks about Ulaz and Thace really is something to touch upon for another time in depth. In fact, the meeting of Ulaz, Thace and the Mystery Galra is so interesting and important to understanding how Keith perceives people tbh.

he’s actually very open minded despite being so logical and keen to eliminate the risks. Like okay we’re gonna hop forwards to the galra in the weblum for a sec. Keith KNOWS what that symbol means it’s the symbol of the empire. So he takes a precaution to eliminate the risk. Once the galra helps him and their ACTIONS are clear, Keith lets them keep their weapon. they have a job to get on with and that’s the priority here. but the thing is he even goes as far to shield them from the blasts multiple times. 

and then - he even tURNS HIS BACK to the armed galra to collect the materials up??? i m just. KEITH.

It’s not trust exactly. And it’s not carelessness either because Keith has reasons to believe that he is able to do this. he has rationally decided this Galra is not the threat at the moment. “So you’re just like the rest of them” demonstrates that Keith gave them the benefit of the doubt, despite having the opportunity to just lump everyone togetherbased on how they had behaved and interacted with him - regardless of the symbol on the pod and the fact they’re Galra. 

Now their actions have proven to Keith something different. 

In general, he believes no matter who you were your actions determine who you are NOW and he’s made the choice based on the actions of that galra to believe that as they have a common enemy working together is going to be feasible. 

Even when he’s wary of the Arusian on Arus once allura tells him to back off he begrudgingly does because he does understand what it means to be a paladin, i’ve said this in a few metas before he really does think like a paladin of voltron and he is so devoted to this cause and to the mission and the greater good. it’s juST.

Anyway with the Arusians. they get to the village and he lets one of them hug him, he could just easily shake them off or make a scene, i mean he’s walking away from the scene at the time. He’s clearly uncomfortable and openly admits to not really being the kind of person to hug strangers. But he kind of pats the arusian anyway and lets them be, and even is seen talking to the same on at the party later???? And then his face when he sees the Arusian village being burnt down. He’s such a good honestly like. He REALLY IS.

but that whole scene in particular with the Galra in the weblum SHOWS exactly what I fear and is potentially a weakness of Keith - which is that actually Keith can be so incredibly open and in quite an alarming way  - which i don’t even think Keith himself is aware of. because he doesn't necessarily judge people he just leaves their actions to do the talking and then makes a decision on how to react. 

he is shown to make sure that people face the repercussions of their mistakes and bad choices because if you commit yourself to a choice you see it through no matter what or else that choice was nothing and your actions have spoken. 

furthermore, Keith is not afraid to call people up on things no matter who they are or their stature (lubos/allura). He’s also insistent that people get credit and respect when they’re due no matter who they are or their stature (ulaz/thace/hunk). 

TLDR: Because of all this, because of how he operates it is very possible keith can and could be betrayed.


member: park woojin.
genre(s): high school!au, hoobae!woojin
summary: ludic. (adj) - full of fun and high spirits. in which park woojin finds himself entangled in the antics of the school’s troublemaker sunbae. (requested - bullet point format)
word count: 1.6k

note: the very first request ever on this blog! thank you so much to the anon that sent this ;; i was going to format it in paragraphs but somehow i ended up going bullet-point format and and i don’t know i feel nervous presenting this bc i fear that it won’t reach your expectations but i hope that you’ll like it anon! 

btw, thank you so much for all the reblogs, likes and follows that i’ve received throughout the week. it means a lot to me heheh! i’ll try to continue working hard ;; i really, seriously, truthfully, completely, thank you all! < 3333

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It’s Corpse Groom but it’s a Gladnis/Fleurentia

So Ignis is the best option to be Noctis’ adviser and a gem for the Council, but he can’t officially become so because the Scientia are not royalty by title, and due to war and such they need to get him the title but only current way (legally) is for him to marry into royalty.

And Ignis ends up in arranged marriage to Gladio (because genders don’t matter okay stfu), bc he’s basically the only option (only close in age to him, and only single), but it’s a chaos because while they’re very good friends, Gladio’s a bit uncomfortable because he had never been with a man, Ignis had never been with anybody and doesn’t know if he even wants that, it’s odd marrying a friend, Clarus is always poker-faced and Ignis over-worries by not knowing if that’s good or bad, and after a few days Gladio starts getting stupid in front of him.

Like stuttering and face going red and brain freezing, and Ignis assumes it’s because Gladio is very uncomfortable about this (not understanding the crush, omfg the poor man), so it’s a mess and he feels terrible.

One day at rehearsal for the wedding things go chaotic due to Gladio’s nervousness, and in the middle of the mess Ignis leaves for some fresh air because he’s so frustrated and upset, and takes a stroll through a creepy old forest (because apparently that’s logical)

And there he goes super upset and thinks a lot of things: Gladio hadn’t acted as chaotic and dumb until their engagement; he was fine when they were only friends, so is the idea of marrying Ignis really that awful to behave like this? Maybe Gladio’s ruining the rehearsal on purpose to put the wedding off. Ignis knew he was not an attractive choice of a partner (always so serious, and inexpert, and so little physical), but he thought maybe Gladio could give him a good chance. That he reacts like this is offensive and…saddening. Ignis knew he was not the kind of man Gladio would like to marry, but he didn’t think he would be that repulsive.

Ignis tries to compensate the sadness with anger and thinks that, well, Gladio isn’t the kind of man he’d marry either, and starts listing all his flaws.

And then he gets sad again because he realizes that despite his flaws, Gladio is an excellent choice of a partner, and lists his good things. And he realizes Gladio wouldn’t treat him bad but also doesn’t blame him for not wanting this; “him, as handsome, so charming, so caring and loving, so outgoing and strong…stuck with me.”

So all the train of thoughts leads Ignis to get angry at how easy it is to recite the vows and doesn’t understand why Gladio can’t do that just fine, and so Ignis starts reciting the vows to prove how even in a random moment it’s as easy.

“With this hand, I will lift your sorrows”, he recites, “Your cup shall never be empty, for I will be your wine. With this candle, I will light your way into darkness. With this ring…” he looks around and spots a very hand-like piece of root, and slips the ring on one of its fingers as he says, “I ask you to be mine.”

There’s silence for a moment. Ignis doesn’t even know what to do now that he recited the vows. He thinks himself idiotic and internally jokes (if only in an upset way) about how he just married a root, rolls the eyes, and as he’s about to stand back up on his feet, the “roots” suddenly and very quickly move and get a ridiculously strong grip of his wrist, so Ignis panics and tries to get away, but this hand has like inhuman force and is pulling from him.

And suddenly there’s an entire figure raising from the ground and this majestic but imposing white figure surges from the ground and Ignis can do but look up, his wrist still trapped in that goddamn strong hand and

[adding a read more]

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anonymous asked:

I'm seen a ton of people do MCs that are a little chubby/have a bit of a belly but I've never really seen any with like, a borderline obese MC? Like, they have to wear 4X clothes at least and it really upsets me bc I love body positive posts but I've rarely ever seen one for bigger than a little curvy and well tldr: can I request RFA+V+Saeran with an MC who is obese and really insecure about it?

A/N: I know I said before when I wrote one about MC with a tummy and freckles that it was me but like yo i was wrong this one is me ;A; tho my clothes are usually bigger to fit my shoulders and bust way more than anything else fucking rip i hate clothes Also!!!! Body positivity!!!! Yes!! ~Admin 404

I hope this isn’t too repetitive to the other one I’ve written but??? It’s basically the same thought process??


           -Loves your body so much!

           -You’re always so warm to cuddle up with!

           -He really doesn’t care what you look like, he loved you for your personality before he even saw you in person

           -You’re so kind-hearted and amazing, why would your looks matter?

           -Reminds you all the time that you’re amazing and absolutely perfect to him!

           -Will buy hoodies that are way too big for him because!!!! He wants you to wear them!!

           -Love love loves to lay his head on your tummy and you play with his hair

           -If you get insecure over it, he cuddles you close and literally refuses to let you go

           -You can get up and try to walk away but he’s literally attached to you

           -When you get tired of dragging him around and give up, he’s ecstatic and peppers your face with kisses- Just wants you to feel good about yourself!!!!


           -His job relies heavily on looks (and of course talent but shh)

           -But literally does not care what others say about you?

           -Again, you’re so kind-hearted!!! So nice!!!!!! So amazing!!!!!!

           -Personality > looks

           -You look past his looks, so why should it be any different for him?

           - Body worship

           -Tells you there’s no reason to change! Don’t fight him on this MC, he will shut you up with kisses real quick

           -10/10 will straight pick you up and carry you everywhere if you’re insecure

           -“But Zen! I’m heavy!” “Nonsense, you’re as light as the feathers on your wings my angel!”

           - BLUSH BLUSH BLUSH


           -She has to buy bigger clothes as well, to fit her bust!

           -SHE CAN WEAR YOUR CLOTHES!!!!!

           -Really doesn’t care about your body size

           -Judges you by the size of your heart, not your clothes!!

           -Cuddle time is the best!

           -Wants nothing more than for you to love yourself!

           -Will curl up with you, sipping coffee, and watching one of Zen’s DVD’s!

           -When you’re insecure, she will marathon these DVD’s, talk about your guys day, or bring up literally any topic of conversation

           - this lil shit makes you lose your train of thought

           -Once she knows you’re too preoccupied to think about your appearance, she visibly relaxes and puts all of her love into her words and actions


           -He’s looking for an emotional connection

           -He doesn’t care what you look like

           -Loves you for you!!! You helped him emotionally!

           -Always holding you close!

           -And??? Elizabeth the Third loves you?????

           -She’s always laying with you! And he loves it!!!!

           -If he notices you’re insecure, he will sit you down and tell you how beautiful you are!

           - will full on make a powerpoint presentation on why he thinks youre amazing

           -Seriously, you’re sitting there for hours upon hours until he believes that you understand his point

           -Enjoys all of the blushing he causes, and at the end of his talk, he’ll drag you to the bedroom to show you just how much he loves it eyebrows wiggling, wink wonk


           -You were the one who was able to look past the fake personalities he’s put up

           -You’re the one who’s been through everything with him

           -So he really does not care what you look like

           -You’re so important to him!!!! Looks don’t matter to him!

           -Plus, he loves cuddling with you anyway! More to love! MORE TO LOVE!!!

           -Feels so so so bad when you get insecure!!!

           -He’s insecure as well, so when he sees that you’re insecure he reFUSES


           -Can and will kiss every inch of you to show how much he loves you

           -Literally lays across you until you give up and admit defeat. Afterwards, he will spend hours upon hours telling you every little thing he loves about you



           -How could you talk bad about yourself!!!!

           -He can’t believe it!!! You’re amazing!

           -Why couldn’t you see that?

           -So, you’re plump? Who cares? NOT HIM

           -He thinks you’re soooo beautiful!!!!!

           -You’re his favourite subject matter for pictures!! ALWAYS TAKING PICTURES scream

           -Holds you close every time you’re insecure and makes you go through all of his pictures of you as he tells you every single thing he likes about the picture

           -The moment he has you in his arms though, you will not be leaving. Nope. Not until he knows for sure that you’re accepting of yourself

           -Realizes that it takes a very long time to actually accept yourself and your body, so he promises to help you as long as it takes!! Wants you to love yourself as much as he loves you!!


           -Why do you care what you look like?

           -He doesn’t care about what you look like, so why does it bother you?

           - Team Insecure featuring the Choi twins and this MC

           -You’ve helped him through so much!

           -He loves the personality and heart that you possess, so why would the size of your shirt matter?

           -When he catches you being insecure, he will immediately drag you to some place where he can cuddle you

           - saeran i dont wanna cuddle on the floor its cold omg why

           -Will hold you completely against himself, and won’t let you go

           -He lets you get all ranting or crying out while he holds you close, and runs his hands through your hair

           -Waits until you’re almost asleep to whisper how much you mean to him regardless of what you look like, hopefully putting a smile on your face

Touka's words - of the past and present and what she wanted to tell him on the bridge

When she asked about how he felt and talked about how she’d feel, of course it completely applies to AkiraxAmon’s case ( goes to say how many parallel there are between them).
But the way she looks on, the expressions in her eyes, so lost in thoughts - she’s clearly thinking about a certain someone.

Now, my initial thoughts were connected to the events around Haise Sasaki. But on a second thought, her words have a much deeper meaning/more deep rooting. It not only applies to the situation around Haise but goes way back to part 1 of TG. Let’s digest this bit by bit:
“While you were just aimlessly roaming about” - Kaneki was aimlessly roaming when he left Anteiku. He tried to find answers but didn’t know exactly where to find them and what to find. He was a little lost - in mind and in finding his way back home (as she said herself in the end of the manga) This situation then continued with Haise, although the circumstances were different.

“did you ever feel like wanting to go see her?” - You know, I think there was another underlying factor that urged her to ask “did you want to see her?” - she’s also curious about what Kaneki might think and feel (although I’m sure she has already thought her own part about it).

Amon admits he did and Touka’s basically like ‘then you really should go see her. If I was in her situation I’d be happy no matter the circumstances or if the person himself has changed.’
(ahh i just almost killed myself with the feels. She loves him for who he is and would welcome him back in whatever shape or form. That’s true love~)

(They’re basically exchanging insights about each other’s significant person. I liked that dynamic of the conversation.)

>>“Even if time has passed, even if our bodies have changed, even if he’d forgotten me completely… as long as he came back home, things’ll be alright.” This is addressed at Kaneki. This is what she’d also want to tell him. Those are her feelings. Who’d have thought Amon gets to hear them first lol
(The question is, will the Touken talk go as smoothly as this conversation? Will she be just as open about her thoughts and feelings when facing Kaneki? I do believe so. She’s the one who asked to talk bc he’s been avoiding it. And this whole conversation embodies her growth in character and she seems to be very aware of what she feels and how to put them into words.)

When Kaneki left right after the Aogiri arc, when she went so far and risked so much to save him and she probably didn’t notice just yet how important Kaneki has become to her. she missed him terribly but she was also confused. Confused about their relationship and her own feelings. And when Kaneki finally visited Anteiku and left just before her arrival, she dashed after him without a clear plan of what to do or say when she’s finally faced him. And then things went wrong very quickly. Actually, both didn’t find the right words to say. Kaneki’s words hit a nerve with her and she failed to contain herself and later regretted it.

^ And those words she said now, they’ve probably been on her mind for the longest time, in one form or another; Long before Haise showed up.
-> Making the connection to how this has a much deeper root, I feel like this is what she’s probably wanted to tell him after he left, after his body gravely changed from the weak boy who couldn’t control his kagune to the infamous Eyepatch ghoul. This is the kind of message she wanted to get across on the bridge. But back then she was confused and talking (about her feelings) has always been her weakest point. In these past years though, she has experienced a lot and had plenty time to think.

The Touka now is a result if her own past and her failures. I love that through this conversation we’re able to see an actual example of how these things connect and influence each other and helped her grow. Knowing that she’s been thinking continuously, that she’s worked on herself and that her efforts bear fruit, I love this character exploration.

// They’re in a similar situation - Her and Akira and of course Kaneki and Amon (who pretty much have been walking in each other’s shoes for the past years).
So Amon talking about his fears/insecurities regarding Akira also indirectly shines a light in Kaneki’s feelings. We’ve seen how he’s “acted a little off” when they had their first casual conversation after all that’s happened. The difference between Kaneki and Amon is that Amon expresses he’s feeling guilty because he actually had to chance to meet her but Kaneki kinda didn’t as he lost his memory. (But then again, Kaneki actively left them and avoided her throughout the rest of TG part 1 until it was too late…)

Again, this whole conversation had so much meaning to it and I never thought it’d give us so much additional insight about their relationships and especially Touka’s changes. I’m really happy about it.