bc sloths

living with yoongi

- always hearing music playing from somewhere in the house and yoongi randomly tapping whatever surface he is near in the process of writing a song

- living with yoongi is like having a human pet bc he needs you to check up on him and feed him every now and then

- sliding his dinner to him and having him grab you by the arm and make you sit on his lap while he continues “your presence helps me think better” “o-okay”

- either sleeping or working in the studio and nothing in between 

- playing nba basketball video games on tv and doing cartwheels when you win which just confuses the heck out of yoongs bc how did u beat him at his own game

- sleeping, sleeping, and more sleeping;; did i mention sleeping? sleeping on the couch and on the bed and on the floor and practically everywhere bc yoongs is a sloth and he needs his rest 

anonymous asked:

What are your and diar's favorite animals, or animals that you identify with?

            diarmuid is very weak to dogs and little fawns, tbh . he also loves bunnies and little baby goats . chances are that if they’re cute and fluffy, he likes them. i’m no different ! though i’m more of a cat person as opposed to dog person. my absolute favorite animal, however, is the red panda . and i absolutely love sloths bc i can relate to them <3 and they’re so soft and cute how could you NOT love them ?

PSA to any pjo/HoO fanartist

MAY I REQUEST a piece where the Seven are the seven deadly sins:

Annabeth- pride
Percy- wrath
Jason- sloth (bc he gets knocked out a lot)
Leo- jealousy
Piper- lust
Hazel- greed
Frank- gluttony

(And if anyone makes it, please tag me or submit it so I can see!)