bc she's a black woman

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ch*nce is a black woman. she can not like zayn bc of his constant antiblackness w/out people trying to police her feelings. ofc that doesnt give her license to say anything islamaphobic but legit what has she said tho? simply making fun of zayn doesnt count lol. i like zayn but legit black fans have a right to hate zayn imo and fellow poc ought to be more sympathetic esp since hes a celeb and really ought t watch what he says. and unlike zayn who will never see this, ch*nce will. ur post is ugly

you must have misread my fucking post just because you don’t like somebody doesn’t give you the right to act like an insensitive cunt THE FACT THAT SHE HAS BEEN CALLED OUT ON IT SO MANY TIMES AND CHOOSES TO IGNORE IT AND NOT SAY ANYTHING ABOUT IT MAKES HER ISLAMOPHOBIC! SHE LAUGHED ABOUT A POST COMPARING DONALD TRUMP AND ZAYN AS IF ZAYN AIN’T MUSLIM AND BROWN HIMSELF. But yeah do tell me how i’m dismissing her because she’s black get outta here lmfao. She’s also said many shitty things about zayn not just petty insults. You have no proof about zayn being antiblack being uneducated about police brutality doesn’t count. 


While I was procrastinating on doing my ACTUAL homework, I figured I’d throw together a little appreciation post for these ladies who deserve more breath of public mention. I sincerely hope I’ve piqued somebody’s interest about at least one of these underrated women.

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hey try to avoid commenting on posts like that bc as a black woman she is right in a sense that woc are ignored, but if you're white don't comment on stuff like that (idk if u r white or not i can't check ur faq but ignore if ur not)

This incident is about Dr. David Dao. It has nothing whatsoever to do with black women. People need to stop derailing.

And I can comment on whatever I want. I’m allowed to express my opinion. That person was being self-centered.

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tbh it would be better to draw betty boop with darker skin bc she was based on a black woman anyways, that would be neat

ur right, it would have been really bad though to have drawn the last pic as black since her original design was made to look like a dog but here is Real Human Betty for u


inspired by a post saying star wars needs more women of color - i definitely agree, but i added a list of the woc there are in star wars at the moment and then decided i wanted to make my own shoutout post for them!

listed in chronological order of appearance: adi gallia, steela gerrera, sabine wren, tynnra pamlo, sana starros, iden versio, rae sloane, tabala zo, rose tico, & paige tico (whose picture i was unable to provide bc a picture of her has yet to be leaked).

i hesitated to list adi gallia & sabine wren - adi bc she’s technically not even human, and sabine bc her race is left uncomfirmed. but i decided to include them anyway - adi bc she’s portrayed by a black woman, and sabine bc her complex suggests that she isn’t white.

i considered listing maz kanata as well, but ultimately decided not to bc, while her voice is provided by a black woman, her body is not. just like how agent kallus is voiced by a black man, but is white.

anyway, all of this is to say that i love that there are already so many woc in star wars. but a lot of them have very minor roles, so i’d love to see more woc with major roles in the future!

eleanor’s treatment of mr scott makes me so fucking angry lmao. every single interaction they have - the very nature of their relationship - has such a power imbalance due to the fact that her family literally fucking owned him and at any moment he could once again be sold into slavery and there’s all these comparisons that like. they’re in the same position socially bc she’s a woman and he’s black and it’s plainly obvious they aren’t equals at all in any capacity!!! and for all he says about loving and wanting to protect her she. literally doesn’t give a fuck lmao she uses him. she absolutely uses him. he’s willing to sacrifice the lives of dozens of his people to slavery like he holds this one white woman’s pride to be more important than the lives of dozens of enslaved peoples and he was nearly enslaved himself trying to protect her and all this woman can do is get mad at him for returning after “betraying” her!!! and he technically can’t leave her because Her Family Fucking Owned Him and she’s just like “uhhh ohhhh you know i don’t see u that way :(” white guilt like who gives a fuck eleanor go be a human being and free the people you’re keeping as cargo in your shed oh my GOD

blease…..blease stop begging people to not ship allura with shiro bc you think shes a “strong independent woman who dont need no man”

yall are perpetuating a gross racist trope aka “independent black woman” where racist fandom just cant “”“see”“” the black womans romance bc she would be “”“better off alone”“” or some shit

my princess is black ok let this lovely black woman be loved damn!!!

And all of that brings me back to the sad truth that I’m convinced Senator Pamlo, the gorgeous Black woman who had the most speaking lines during the Rebel Counsel scene, is Finn’s mom not because I’m simple-minded and “omg all the Black characters are related11!!” but because LucasFilms and Kathleen Kennedy aren’t gonna cast a dark skinned Black woman, give her lines, and zoom in on her face constantly unless she’s Super Important™ and def aren’t gonna give her a storyline independent of an existing character (bc then they’d risk having to cast more Black people OH MY lol) so she’s GOTTA be Finn’s mom. Their blatant racism makes their plots so predictable. 

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Can I jump on the poc issues train and say that today my nan called me (She's born in Jamaica but has lived in the Uk for so long) and asked how I was and had to remind me to not be looked down upon bc I'm black and she said to me that as a black woman I have to push my weight even harder than some of my counterparts and it's sad that so many poc have to hear such pep talks. PoC everywhere are amazing and I'm sorry that life doesn't always work in our favour. Love your blog Faiza 🌸🌸

Hi, Anon!!!!

Aaaaah, your Nan is absolutely 100% spot on, in that you have to keep reminding yourself to not let others put you down, and not giving anyone the right to look down upon you. And it’s hard somedays, it’s so hard, to always be so strong and brave, and it sucks that that is life for POC.

I love you, Anon! And on those days, we’ve made a safe space here, and you can come and talk and vent as much or as little as you need to!

alright y’all here it is!! the bitchiest post of the year from yours truly!!!!!

points about why sh*ty is straight garbage!

  1. we’ve been over this, but maya is an expy of shawn. they bring it up so much that it’s become extra. maya’s father is supposed to be an expy of shawn’s mother. so what people are choosing to ignore that katy is then an expy of chet. michael jacobs loves to paint chet as a misunderstood father, but in reality chet was straight garbage. he was an alcoholic who beat jack’s mother, emotionally (and probably physically) abused shawn and abandoned him multiple times!! and even when he was around he was neglectful. katy is neglectful towards maya and y’all being like “queen *clap emoji*” is getting old. she literally said like two episodes ago that maya’s problems don’t concern her. that is not development at all. she is still garbage. shawn is marrying a woman who is (to be fair the lesser of the evils) nearly as neglectful as his father who ruined his life.
  2. it’s racist. sh*ty is for white feminists plain and simple. katy stans will be like “y’all are so sexist! you just hate her bc she’s a strong woman!” nah fam we hate her bc she replaced a black woman and ignores her child. bringing angela back for one episode only to have her tell shawn she was married was disgusting. michael jacobs constantly kisses her own ass about having an interracial relationship in the nineties and he paid it dust. i have seen so many black women on here talking about how much that relationship meant to them growing up!!!! and to see angela get over shawn and have basically no closure is ugly. even trina was pissed bc she’s a queen. 
  3. it moved so fast like………….shawn has been out of character since the second he appeared in gmw s1 so it’s not worth much to complain but shawn moves so slowly with love!!!!!! it’s so hard for him to put his heart out there bc he knows he’ll get hurt!!! he and angela took forever to develop and i know they’re worried about the show getting cancelled and want to give endings fast but this is too much. and since when would shawn be into marriage. please let me know. i would like receipts.
  4. the best thing about the turner/shawn relationship was that turner had no reason to take in shawn as his son. he wasn’t banging his mom or getting paid. he took shawn in because he needed a parent. maya/shawn is garbage compared to them. they erased riley, who would literally be shawn’s pride and joy if he was in character because she is cory and topanga’s daughter and cory and topanga are the people he loves most!!! not katy! not maya! cory and topanga. from day one. riley would be shawn’s favorite person in the entire world. but they erased that, therefore making him look bad, and throwing together some rushed bullshit. maya/shawn’s development is ugly. if they wanted an expy of turner/shawn they didn’t need to put him with katy. it makes shawn look selfish which he isn’t at all. the only in character thing he’s even done in this whole mess was buy maya a shit ton of clothes just to make her happy. he can still be a father figure to her without marrying katy. this show is just full of hetero bullshit and can’t have a man and woman in the same room without banging tho :/
  5. they have no chemistry
  6. shawn hunter is the reason i am alive right now. watching boy meets world when i was younger, i fell in love with shawn. he was the bravest, kindest most selfless person i’d ever seen and he gave me hope and i had never had that before him. him marrying katy just makes me believe i’ll grow up to marry a replica of my own neglectful father. maya was right. hope is for suckers. 

i’m so prepared to get dragged come @ me show me where i lied idgaf i will fight until the day i die protecting shawn from michael jacobs

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I'm not saying that people are so quick to crucify Nicki bc she's a black woman . . . but actually that's exactly what I'm saying.

I mean i feel like i’ve seen SEVERAL people reference nazism in their art and most of these people weren’t black.

i hate when im in public and i hear people talking shit about willow smith. like she is so little?? she has done nothing wrong?? and why u  hate her? bc she made a pop song? bc she dared 2 b a successful young black woman? i need these bland people out of my space