bc she knows that he is there

okay my fav thing right now is the pokemon go team leaders being in a poly relationship bc that is just so perfect and listen

-i know spark is suppose to be this meme lord and all but listen to me he will fucking mess you up if he saw you hurting a pokemon or one of his friends

- get wrecked bc no one can save you from his wrath

- candela is so hot like lord help me i am not straight

- she is not cool i repeat she is a nerd and weird and probably cries a lot

- candela acts really cool tho and her first impression makes girls very weak, super kick ass but when she gets in fights she always tries really hard not to burst into tears bc she in sensitive but she still kicks ass

- she just internally apologizes to the pokemon and kid she just totally fucking destroyed

- inside she’s just “shit shit i am such a terrible person i am crushing this kids dreams, im breaking they’re heart oh no” and then another voice that sounds like Blanche tries reasoning with her “pls chill no you are not, beside if it bothers you just let the kid win” this next part is out aloud “NEVER, VICTORY OR DEATH!!!!”

- candela definitely encourages spark’s crazy meme-loving behavior but she is just as bad

- she calls him sparky which is just my heart exploding

- blanche is just too much okay they are definitely non-binary and is too good looking

- both candela and spark are screwed

- they need to chill

- blanche is super collected but gets really weird at like 3am, is the one who asks the weird questions when candela and spark are trying to sleep

- “i just really like eevees okay, there are just so many possibilities, they can be anything, do anything, i want to be an eevee, they are just really soft and pretty and space is just so big, wait i think i saw, WAS THAT A SHOOTING STAR?!?!” Blanche practically falls out of bed pointing at the ceiling

- Spark jumps out the bed and and is looking around frantically screaming “WHERE? WHERE? I DONT SEE IT, DO YOU SEE IT? WAS IT REALLY A SHOOTING STAR” he asks shaking an angry candela

- “no. no it was not. Why? BECAUSE WE ARE INSIDE A HOUSE! GO TO SLEEP” you do not want to see a sleep deprived candela

- “i swear to god Spark if you encourage Blanche one more time I will fucking annihilate you” “what about Blanche, they’re the one doing all the talking” “Blanche’s hair is too nice, i can’t hurt them” “tru”

- “who even says annihilate these days???” “i do, fight me sparky”

- blanche listens to electro pop and is proud

- spark hates it “HELP!!! MY EARS ARE BLEEDING!” blanche makes direct eye contact and turns the volume up to drown out the screams

- spark loves electric type pokemon and unfortunately they love him a little too much

- this kids gets his stupid ass electrocuted 5x a day and Blanche is just done

- on the plus side Spark uses all the static electricity to completely scare the shit out of candela, he just taps her on the shoulder and her hair just stands up on end

- its actually really cute

- Candela wears Spark’s clothes and she especially like Blanche’s weird long ass jacket

- she does that dramatic *swish* turn

- she definently does impressions of both of them, she’s kinda terrible at it

- every chance candela gets she’s screaming “TEAM VALOR” she tried getting it tattooed on her arm with a really badass looking charizard breathing fire but Blanche was not having any of it

- “I DONT CARE WHAT YOU PERMANENTLY ETCH ONTO YOUR SKIN AS LONG AS ITS NOT THAT MONSTROSITY” blanche shouts while pointing at a poorly drawn sketch that spark had made

- the feud lasts three days and spark is both scared and a little turned on

- in a moment of clarity candela decides to get a tattoo of something else bc what was she thinking????? that sketch is put up on the fridge bc spark is super proud of it

- candela has a tattoo now, maybe more than one

- blanche and spark are weak

- Spark sometimes braids Blanche’s hair

- Candela literally almost dies bc Blanche with a braid is too much

- candela is still cool i want everyone to know that but honestly she is a mess

- blanche most of the time is just lowkey roasting everyone like they’ll insult you in such a dead pan way and is basically savage

- spark my sweet boy is still meme trash and only communicates in the group chat with gifs that are really out of context

- blanche is a sucker for horoscopes and anything related to zodiacs

- “candela maybe you should stay inside today” blanche says worriedly “why?”candela asks and she sees spark peering over Blanche’s shoulder to read the screen “yeah it says you’re gonna die today” “wow again?” “yep” she walks out the front door anyways

- candela hogs the blankets

- spark microwaves things that dont belong in the microwave and no one is happy

- between a disapproving blanche and a scolded spark “why???” “the internet said this wouldn’t happen” “the internet is full of lies” spark emits a shocked and slightly offended gasp

- candela can make a solar powered microwave which they use until they buy a replacement

- spark is officially banned from the microwave, not the kitchen just the microwave

some of y'all make it seem like Brooke completely forgot about Jake, he’s her literal plot line of this season. Did you miss the part where she told Stavo she couldn’t bc Jake was still there or where she dragged her Dad to hell and back over him being the reason for his death? It’s not like she cried about Jake and then he’s gone, she’s still not over him. Her sleeping, if they even did have sex, with Stavo isn’t her acting like Jake never died

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Do you know who might be leaving?

danielle (topanga). rumors are she wants off the show, which i can’t blame her bc they did her character so dirty and her divorce was just finalized in march so i’m sure she’s still dealing w/that. my guess is if its just her leaving, auggie would go with her too bc he’s literally only used in topanga scenes lol.

or if its the end of gmw they all go. yikes.

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I love Cory and all, I know he was joking when he called maya a waif but that shit rubbed me the wrong way. Like really he's seen the shit she's been through & the way she is bc of her dad and he still called her that like really?????????

Gotta agree with you there, anon. I try and be objective and see both sides in literally every, single situation but I can not really find solid ground to defend him calling her that. She obviously wasn’t offended (probably because she doesn’t know what it means),but regardless I am at a loss as to why the writers had to use that terminology, there are plenty of other things he could have said that would have been hilarious. Unless of course, theres an alternative meaning of the world. 

ways to say i love you
he calls her crazy / it hurts too much to say her name / you borrow one of his hoodies and forget to give it back; three months later he tells you, you can keep it / she sends you every new song she finds / you fall asleep in his bed, waiting for him to come home / he gets in at 5am and sleeps on the couch / she takes him lunch when he’s at work / he bakes her brownies on the weekend / the front door is always open

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Arzaylea was bad enough and made him/band lose stans but then rs came out and he lost more. In late 2015 you couldn't find me a Luke stan. They were all dropping him and the band. 2015 was literally the year of hating Luke. Everyone did it. Just bc now it's not as bad and some have decided to suck it up till she leaves doesn't mean anything. You shouldn't be attacked just bc you're a popular blog and people know you. You love lu so much. He does wrong it's important to call him out sometimes

thANK YOU, he was acting like an asshole in the first few months of them dating, he literally thought he was gods gift to us and i just wasn’t having that i’m sorry. I unstanned for so many reasons it wasn’t even all of his fault, i just couldn’t cope, i needed a calm lane and i chose Cal. I had so much shit going down in my personal life i needed my tumblr to be a safe place for me so if people wanna get angry and upset at me bc of that then… okay…. it’s kinda pathetic but okay 

ok i really like (as in holy FUCKIGN SHIT WHY AREN’T THERE MORE) supernatural aus (not the show) and i just want to share some hcs for it

  • rubes is a necromancer (like qrow and her mother) and yang has fire powers (pyrokinesis is it called???) like her dad.
  • weiss is a witch and her whole family is comprised of magic-wielders. 
  • blake is a vampire, debating whether she’s actually lived a long time or was recently bitten (i’m leaning towards long time tho bc she seems the type to be very wise)
  • jaune is a werewolf bc werewolves are my faves, he’s my fave and also he’s a very emotive person, so it fits
  • nora is can control electricity/lightening 
  • pyrrha’s magneto basically im not very creative
  • ren probably telekinetic leanings, being able to heal, empathy etc. he;s mysterious so you know ambiguity and whatever

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It’s like if someone says we’re gonna go get ice cream and you get there and it’s all weird flavors of sherbet. You’re still gonna eat it, even though you know it’s not exactly what you wanted. Hillary Clinton is sherbet. And Donald trump? He’s coleslaw. I would not eat coleslaw if I was starving to death. I would rather eat dirt and grass. I hate coleslaw.
—  My sleepy 19-year-old sister’s take on the 2016 American election

actually what I’ve wished since age fifteen is that my dad would turn out to have cheated on my mom or would just do something bad in front of her so she’d divorce him n we could all just cut him out of our lives which is really sad bc he’s just a dude who doesn’t know how to listen to other ppl or care abt them when he doesn’t have total control over them. like he’s just a dude, he listens to NPR and likes his dog a lot. but his behavior means his kids sort of hate him a lot

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what about an au where team voltron work at a theatre?

my heart


Director extraordinaire 

gets Really Stressed

she basically built this theater company with her own two hands 

Do Not mess with her at Q-Q holy shit she will verbally flay you alive and then leave you out for the crows

also u better know ur lines bc Allura does not take any shit

But if you’re trying, she’s actually the sweetest person
she helps actors get over their stage fright, provides resources and tips 


Choreographer. No, it doesn’t matter what kind, whether it’s fight, dance or just character building warmups, he’s there to help the cast get it together. He’s also a dramaturge and gets super excited about these random ass facts that no one but pidge and allura really appreciate

seriously though he gives like two hour presentations on the setting of the plays (with powerpoints!) 

at least he brings cookies


Pidge is like a one person tech crew. Yes, they technically have a couple of interns running around underneath their feet, but they don’t do much more than get in the way. Pidge is the only one that actually knows what’s going on

they refuse to use ladders. 
they say they’re ‘not necessary’ or something. the cast thinks they’re crazy, but at least they’re really good at climbing

Needs coffee to function, especially as Opening Night approaches and nothing is done

sometimes plays innappropiately loud sounds through the speakers to get the cast’s attention


sends u passive aggressive texts if ur not standing in ur light


Set design! Also costuming! 

He’s the brilliant mind behind the innovative (and budget) sets that the theater is known for. seriously that man works magic with cardboard

Now the actors


Shiro is the most experienced out of them all, having actually majored in theater

he has an Equity Card and has actually been in a couple of broadway productions

co-founder of the company with Allura. it literally started with just the two of them, but it grew pretty quickly

he likes less well known plays bc he’s a fucking hipster

he doesn’t drink coffee, he drinks tea. 

also shoves tea down other actors’ throats when they start getting sick around hell week


always asks if they can do a musical

will generally find some reason for his character to sing, even if fervently denied

actually like super dedicated to his craft?

So superstitious holy fuck. actually dragged Keith out of the theater for saying the M word once


Had a method acting stage. Lance still won’t let him live it down. he regrets sharing that.

has so much trouble with choreography. why is dancing so hard. he’s convinced Coran makes these routines just to hurt him

did i mention he’s a drama queen? like a) vert good at dramatic scenes

refuses to fake cry. he’ll cry for real sometimes because he really connects to that character that much, but he won’t just pretend. you have to connect Lance. 

unironically loves sonnets. ironically quotes them at Lance when he’s trying to memorize lines


Matt goes to every open rehearsal and as many shows as he can. he’s the personification of Support and he has something kind to say about literally every aspect of the show, though of course he really focuses on the lighting and lead actor ::)

also he really likes set design, so he’s constantly complimenting Hunk

also he brings Shiro themed flower arrangements on opening night

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In your opinion will they do damage control? Writers know that Bellarke fandom is huge and that Eliza screwed it over... I really didn't expect that tweet of "She said ship" lmao. She acted like a fan, she was unprofessional and rude with her own fans. That was disrespectful, against fans, and even I'd say Bob. Bob always talks good about BC even if he says that it's not romantic. He acknowledge BC and their work. At this point, really, I'm glad he cancelled the next con

I don’t think they’ll do anymore damage control than they have, and I thin Season 4 will feature it’s own kind of damage control if you know what I mean (Canon Bellarke is what I mean.)

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I hate to jump in this but we literally don't now if he's happy. We don't know if he's unhappy either but currently his face says unhappy. Stop preaching that we have to like arz bc "she makes Luke happy" there are so many other reasons a relationship can still be happening that don't involve happiness. Luke doesn't care that we don't like her just let us talk in peace. Whether he's happy or not you shouldn't support something this toxic. Stop acting like you know

Lol “i hate to jump in this” is just another form or “no offence, but” or “not to be rude or anything, but” 

So I’ve always kept the Brandon James mystery in the back of my mind and tried to connect the dots. My first prediction is: Brandon is alive. And Maggie knows this. More so, she has helped him to stay under the radar all those years bc she knows he’s actually a good guy and not a killer (they’ve never found his body so one can assume that he survived the incident). Also, I could see her having been in love with Brandon all along, so they continued a rl in private. That’s why Brandon could actually be Emma’s biological dad. To keep up pretenses, Maggie stayed with Kevin and when she got pregnant from Brandon again (Emma) she had no choice but to claim it was Kevin’s child. Maggie couldn’t come clean about it bc Brandon was labelled as the Lakewood killer and assumed dead. He could have camped out on the old pig farm and that’s why Emma went there when she was a little girl (bc Maggie let Brandon see his daughter). The pic of Emma and a man with a scratched out face (Brandon) would fit that too. And the Sheriff is in the know about it. As for the killer, I think everyone is suspicious in their own way. Plus, we don’t have enough BG information on the charas. Maybe one of them is actually related to Brandon (niece/nephew) and grew up with Brandon’s brother being consumed by revenge for example. Just my 2 cents. 

this theory makes so much sense

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OKAY so like, I’ve had my hair cut two times this year, but I’ve been trying to grow it out.

FIRST TIME I tried a new barber bc I was at school and in a new city. The new barber is a new yorker type, really to the point. She firmly asked me what I wanted with no small talk, so I panicked and said to “box it in” meaning just take an inch off of every side, which isn’t what i wanted. 

Then like 2 months ago my dad was like “your hair’s too long, we gotta get it cut” and I LET HIM KNOW I wanted it to be longer still, he agreed. We went to the family barber for my Arabic family, and he said “I know what to do, you have your uncle’s hair”. He never turned me towards a mirror, so I couldn’t say to stop it.Then after a while, he finally turned me to the mirror, and my hair was ALL GONE, AND I WAS SO UPSET. 

so yeah I hate getting haircuts bc I hate having my hair short and no one understands what I want

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Oh please why are they acting like everyone didn't go through a "I hate luke" phase even I did until I realized this relationship is a pathetic mess and nothing to take seriously and now I'm just sticking it out till he finally kicks her to the curb or she lets him I should say. You getting hate is dumb and another tumblr user calling you out publicly is even dumber. Stop acting so holier than thou just bc you didn't unstan luke

Who tf knows, she’s just a bully and i’m tired of giving her attention, she doesn’t deserve it. Everyone knows she’s acting ridiculous even her followers have come to me and said she’s being gross so 

Alright we all know that Hunk can cook but like…..listen…..imagine……Lance being able to cook

  • Lance’s mama raised her boy rIGHT she aint gonna expect no future wifey that’ll cook for him no she taught Lance how to cook like nobody’s business
  • Lance is one of the older ones of several siblings, and there’s no way his parents could be home to cook every day and night for them. Conclusion?? Lance often ended up cooking for his siblings
  • Lance is a Good Son™️ he would totally cook up a plate of some amazing food for his mom when she comes home from a long day of work bc he’s a total mama’s boy and a low key sweetie
  • Do you know how good Cuban food is??? So. So good. Let Lance cook for the team 2kForever
  • “Wait, Lance, you can cook?” “Duh I can cook” “Then why do you always leave the cooking to Hunk?” “I dont want to step on his toes dude, I let him do what he loves” “That’s….nice of you….” “Plus cooking is a lot of work” “There it is”
  • Hunk coming to Lance whenever he needs help in the kitchen
  • Did you wake up at one am?? No prob, Lance is probably awake, he’ll make you a late night snack. He’s less defiant when he’s tired
  • Imagine my son in a nice fitting apron. Did you imagine it?? Good
  • Now imagine his aproned self giving a spoonful of whatever he’s cooking to Keith to try and Keith just heart eye emoji-ing
  • Finally, imagine baby Lance holding a big bowl, learning how to chop and mix and season right by his mother’s side

I rest my case


#i just want to know if the way she pushes his hair out of the way is something talia probably did for them as children #some sort of comforting small touch to make them feel better when they felt sick #or was it just instinct for cora to touch her brother in a very simple but comforting way because he needed it or maybe she needed it #to make sure her brother was okay #im just very emotional and i wish they would have explored their relationship more


After looking it up, I found out that Jenny actually did see Stevonnie defuse on the night of the rave in Alone Together. She could have easily called them “he” or “she” after knowing the truth, but called Stevonnie as a person “they” a few times during Beach City Drift. bc of this scene above, it could have been from a plural standpoint, but regardless, still called Stevonnie “they”, which made me and so many other people happy tonight. Thank you, @stevencrewniverse

*tips hat*