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Saying “Gender is fake so how are people trans?” is like saying “Money is fake so how are people poor?” Like as much as we facetiously say gender is fake, “social construct” is not synonymous with “fake”

EDIT: ok this post was really vague bc I was a little inebriated when I made it. It’s not a strawman. I saw someone I’m following get an anon from a TERF that said “Gender is fake so how are people trans?” verbatim. So I immediately thought about how gender is a social construct and so is money, and the rest was history…

disclaimer: I am not trans so I don’t speak from experience here. This post was not meant to delegitimize trans ppls experiences or worldviews. It was just an observation that I didn’t expect to get notes


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All of the Katie interviews I could find, zoomed in on her face with bleeping when necessary.

Hope y’all enjoy ✌️


favorite sh moments 5/?royalty™