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Can you give me a tcc history lesson?? Like what the fuck is up with ericfuckingharris?

sit down kids and let vlad the dad tell y'all a brief history of some of the most famous shit to go down in the tcc.

• so, ericfuckingharris was a guy in the tcc around the middle of last year. of course, given there’s only 4 and a half boys in the tcc, girls were swarming all over him because he was a “hot guy”. or so these thots fucking thought. anyway, he gains a little fanbase of the thirsty girls in the tcc wanting to suck up to him, and everyone is worshipping him because he was a guy who was into all that kinky bdsm type of stuff. the girls went crazy, people either loved or hated him, but he was so popular because he was handsome and wanted to be called “reb”. basically eric harris wannabe. so, you may be asking, what the fuck even happened? turns out this guy was a fake, and the pictures he was using was of some (schottish?) instagram dude. this community was set a-fucking-blaze when this shit was discovered. the girls who were riding his dick were crying, people were saying “i told y'all so”, others were just shaking their fucking heads. you can search the “ericfuckingharris” tag on here and there’s still remnants of this train wreck.

• now let’s talk about the dylan klebold pillow ordeal, which i can’t believe some of y'all haven’t seen. a severely mentally ill girl by the url imagines4columbiners made a post about how she stole her mothers debit card to purchase a pillow case with dylan klebold on it. not even a real image of him, some weird ass drawing someone did of dylan and put it up on redbubble. she proceeds to say how she was going to fuck the pillow, but her mom got to the mail first and shipped it back. she said it was our fault and that we won, we got what we wanted. she was also posting pics of her feet for dylan klebold, and made a drawing of rachel scott being forced to give dylan a blowjob during the massacre. she also wrote a fic about eric raping dylan, and as you can already conclude the community was set ablaze again. i personally talked to her because i just couldn’t believe she was actually like this for no reason, and that’s when i got to know her. she’s 16, and she suffers from schizophrenia among many other mental illnesses. so i befriended her, i encouraged her to seek help and to leave the tcc because she really didn’t belong here after what she did, and really she was an all around nice kid but she had severe mental illness. people were pissed at me because i took the time to ask her what the fuck was wrong with her, but so be it. she’s getting professional help now and i know she’s on medication. last i talked to her she was on her way to a psych ward, so there’s that. anyway, it was fucking crazy from start to finish. search my blog for “imagines4columbiners” to see more.

• the time lynn ann (or a fake, still not sure) made a tumblr. y'all gotta know who she is. if not, google “lynn ann eric harris” and feel free to call a suicide prevention line afterwards. basically lynn ann was (probably still is) obsessed with eric harris. she’s severely mentally ill too, and she has a facebook as well as a youtube channel where she worships eric. okay, whatever, but she also goes on to bully the people who died that day. she’ll call them ugly, fat, retarded, ni**er, etc. she just spews the nastiest shit ever towards the victims. she has a pillow (like a big ass pillow) with a picture of eric harris on it. she also has a cup her brother got her, posters, etc. all over her room and she shows off her collection on youtube. view at your own risk.

• v-reb, that little shit. basically he’s a disgusting bigot. not only that, but because of him there was a nationwide panic over a shooter in australia. someone sent him some anons about how they were going to kill the people in their school, which was in australia. they had plans, where they were going to place the bombs, and how they were going to gun down the survivors. and what did v-reb do? laugh and encourage them to do so. then as if that wasn’t bad enough, that same anon, as well as others, went around to other blogs and told people the same shit. some anon said “be prepared for tomorrow, none of you will be laughing then.” or something like that. so basically, @v-reb encouraged a mass shooting, more and more people got the same anons, people were in a panic and everyone was scrambling to get the word out to the people in australia to stay home and stay safe because whoever it was sounded deadass serious. we contacted authorities, we managed to pinpoint someone who we believed was behind the threats, and now things have settled. i’ve gotten asks about how the schools in australia were on lockdown, how people were scared, etc. and v-reb continued to laugh and think it was all a joke and that it was funny. this kid is fucking sick and really i never wanted to beat someones ass so bad. take him as an example of what happens when you don’t beat your kids a few good times. ALSO here’s an update on @v-reb. they encouraged another shooting in england from some mentally ill boy who suffered a lot of trauma and abuse instead of encouraging them to get help. at this point they either get off on making this shit happen or they’re extremely fucking sick, so avoid this idiot at all costs. did i mention he’s only 15?

• okay so @pledgeallegiance. this son of a bitch is literally always dragging people and shit. like will he ever stop? no. he literally just waits for some bigot to say some stupid shit and he’ll just have to drag them. it never fucking ends. also he claimed the title as the first ever black roofie in 2015 and wow???? he hates (most) roofies but he actually would know more about the case than most because he’s been following it since literally day one. but would anybody want to know from him bc he keeps dragging ppl? probably not. have you ever seen a black nazi? look no further. like what the fuck is even happening. his blog is supposed to be true crime but all i see is him roasting racists, reblogging gifs of avenged sevenfold, and riding the dick of dwayne stafford. literally the most cringeworthy person in the tcc hands down. also he roasts nazi’s and yet??? his friends call him black hitler like literally what the fuck is he doing anymore. no one knows what the fuck he’s doing anymore but he keeps getting followers.

• @whitepowercockkk. do not get me fucking started. this is a 61 year old man on here. he’s a neo nazi. swastika tattooed on his left tit, white supremacist through and through. he’s a columbiner, and his blog is filled with him praising eric and dylan as the “gods of columbine”, belittling the victims (similar to lynn ann), and making videos/edits showing his white supremacy and love for eric and dylan. he’s a methhead, that you can tell because he posts about shooting up and stuff. he’s also gay, and posts nudes with a swastika on his dick. so. if you look on his blog, you’ll see his videos, he’s there on camera smoking like a chimney and talking about eric and dylan and nazism. you know liz taylor from american horror story? he literally looks like her. no joke i think his blog is still up so go take a look if you’re brave. let’s not forget that he has a grey shirt and written in red are the words “i condone.” listen. listen. listen he’s like every edgelord on here wrapped into one. this is what happens when you don’t grow out of your nazi and columbiner phase after 18.

• OH GOD THE COSPLAYERS. listen. there’s people on here who, on april 20th, usually like to celebrate the massacre. they will dress up as eric and dylan with their friends, wear the shirts and the coats and the glasses and shit, and they’ll go to school dressed like that and take selfies and videos. two people from russia did this and they posed like eric and dylan in the suicide photo in their school library and just had someone take the picture. i am done.

• okay so now, to wrap it up, what the fuck happened today. now i’m not pissed or judging, but apparently some girls who call themselves the “roofiesquad”???? i dunno. apparently they were in a group chat, and they got an idea. they would make a fake tumblr, kinda like ericfuckingharris but with a twist. they made a fake tumblr, the fake person was a 17 year old boy, and they took someones pic off instagram and posted it. they were doing some sort of experiment??? and they wanted to see what would happen. so i think they did this for a day, and they said that in that day 50+ people followed that fake blog and a lot of thirsty ass girls tried messaging the fake guy. they said they wanted to see how gullible the girls in this community are and how they just swarm towards any guy in the tcc, so they decided to make this fake person, get a bunch of teens to jump all over it, and then posted about how it was all fake. i don’t know what the hell happened, but i’m pretty sure a bunch of girls here got humiliated and their feelings hurt because they hopped on the nearest dick they could find in the tcc.

so that basically sums up a good portion of the crazy shit that has happened in the tcc, there’s probably tons more but this is all i can remember off the top of my head

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Sorry if I'm bothering you but can you share why you think avatar is bad?

hoo boy man ur asking for a lot bc that show is a complete and utter M E S S. first, heres the main phrase my tibetan ass wants u to think about: its a show using asian/indigenous ppl and their devastating histories made by ignorant weeaboo white men. I want to write about it in detail bc i’ve always wanted to say something about this but never rly got around to doing it. maybe ill send this in letter format to the writers lol. anyways im going to split this up into parts. I’ll put a readmore bc its kinda long

@bryankonietzko take a nice long look if u still use tumblr lmao

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burn through my soul

a  fyre festival au because i have 0 chill, set in the ‘marble hearts collide’ universe bc ria asked for like an 80k companion fic, and because 36 of you seemed to like the idea. basically: it’s half fyre and half ust denial jily and a Big Mess.

for @gxldentrio @petalstofish who asked for more and @fredweasleying who supports james and sirius’ stupidity

most of my info is off the snapchat stories, articles and tweets but i’ve also done a lot of exaggerating, so take all reference to the festival with a bit of salt

It’s Sirius’ idea because, if it involves a stupid waste of money and the promise of celebrity chefs, it will always be his idea. And, because it’s Sirius’ idea, James is in. 

“It’s ridiculous,” Lily says, scrolling through the festival’s instagram. 

“No, it’s luxury,” Sirius says and snatches his phone back, “you wouldn’t understand.”

Remus raises an eyebrow, “she practically lives with you, I think she understands what luxury is.”

“And waste of money,” Peter adds, helpfully. 

“I can’t believe I let any of you into my house, when you’ve just come to insult me!” Sirius pouts, throwing himself dramatically back on the chaise. 

“Criticise your money spending habits,” Remus corrects, and just manages to dodge a throw pillow Sirius launches at him. 

‘What does Potter think, anyway?” Lily asks, looking down at her own phone. 

“Why does Potter’s opinion matter?” Sirius retorts. 

Lily is definitely avoiding eye contact, “It doesn’t.”

There’s a murmur of disbelief, and Lily scowls at her phone, knowing that if she looks up she’ll be accosted by five raised eyebrows, because only Sirius has learnt how to raise both separately. 

“But, seriously, when is Prongs back?”

“Well, Moony, funny you should ask…” Sirius smirks, “he arrived last night.”

Lily’s head shoots up, “but -”

“But what Evans, not happy to see me?” A voice comes from the doorway, and they all turn to see James leaning, not as gracefully as Sirius would have, against the doorjamb with a smirk to match Sirius’ on his face. 

“How long have you guys been planning that?” Peter asks, and he’s not as fast as Remus so a throw pillow hits him in the stomach.

Remus laughs, “probably longer than they’ve been planning this festival bullshit.” 

“Losers,” Lily mutters, finally looking away from James, pretending that her phone screen is more interesting than the bit of chest his loosely tied dressing gown shows. 

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Ok, this spooked around in my head since @shadeandadidas​ wrote that bit about Even giving the phone to Isak. 

  • At first the idea of talking to Even’s mom in general terrified him. He never even met the parents of his girlfriends and he knew the parents of his friends since he was a little kid.
    Isak doesn’t like to speak on the phone, period.

  • But when Even was feeling down and he hadn’t yet met his parents (and, well, Sonja kindly offered but he really didn’t want to take her up on playing messenger between him and Even’s parents) so when his phone rang and it read Liv Bech Næsheim he had a little internal scream-attack

  • Of course she wanted to know how Even was. His energy wasn’t up to talk to her himself and since Isak hadn’t even met her it was understandable that she would want some kind of confirmation that her son was ok.

  • Next time was when the battery of Even’s phone had died (the fate of the only android user in a kollektivet full of iPhones - no spare charger for him) and he was at Isak’s for the weekend. Liv wanted to let Even know that they were going on a spontaneous trip and wouldn’t be home until tuesday.

  • Isak coughed awkwardly into the phone and handed Even the phone. (his heart rate didn’t calm down after that for half an hour)

  • Then there was the time when Even’s birthday was around the corner. It was the first time that Isak was the one calling her (after Mahdi, Magnus and Jonas all talked some courage into him) to check if the watch Even wanted was ok for him to get for Even or if they already covered that.

  • But when they talked about who would get that precious boy what, she made a frustrated sound. Bc god damn that computer never did what it is supposed to! And why is my screen so big all of a sudden? Oh no, I can’t even see anything anymore. So, Isak talked her through it, which earned him a lot of gratitude and she made him promise to come by soon so she could make him a thank you dinner.

  • After they met each other time and time again, when Isak went over to Even’s, when they ate dinner with his parents, when he got there before Even after school (he waited outside for 10 min until Liv saw him and asked him what he was waiting for - more awkward coughing) and Liv made them some tea.

  • And Isak never really experienced that. Talking with parents. Having conversations with parents. With his dad it had been the occasional “Everything ok in school?” to which he nodded and then his dad nodded and that was that. With his mom he talked, yeah… but never like this. He never had a grown up just listen to him, give advice or just talk to him from eye to eye.

  • So when Even came he was almost disappointed (he wasn’t bc Even, but almost) that he had to stop his conversation with Liv - which at this point was just about some banality, but meant so much. She gave him a warm smile and an even warmer hug.

  • From then on, when Even’s mom called to check in when Even hasn’t been home for a bit, she always asked to be put on with Isak. At first it was surprising (and a little alarming “She wants to talk to me??” he had mouthed the first few times) but he soon found that Liv genuinely asking how was school, are you eating enough? Will we see you soon at dinner? How did that math test go? was one of the most comfortable and satisfying things he never knew he missed.

  • So now when Even’s phone rings and it reads Liv Bech Næsheim Isak perks up every time. Pauses his game of Fifa, shushes his friends or closes his biology book with an awaiting smile. Knowing he is about to receive parental affection and to be fussed about.

ok i’m going to tell you a story about the time i had to find a tampon at one of my 1989 shows so if you don’t like stories about sanitary products turn your mother effing camera off now

so it was the first show in adelaide and my friends i had been at the venue for a while and when we were waiting in line just about to go through the doors i just got that #feeling you know, that #periodintuition when you just… know you should get some backup, as i will put it

and i was just like ‘ok well we’re about to go inside so i guess i’ll just get a tampon from a dispenser in the bathroom’ and honestly in an ideal world that would have been the end of this story, but do u know what? this isn’t an ideal world. birds chirp too early in the morning and ppl don’t use their turn signals and THE ADELAIDE ENTERTAINMENT CENTRE DOES NOT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT MY SANITARY NEEDS.

i went to two bathrooms and none of them had these dispensers and it’s right before the show so this whole process of lining up for the bathroom has already taken a good amount of time so it’s getting to the point when i’m like…. enough is enough. i find a nice looking staff member (whose name, it turns out, was june) and i ask her if any of the bathrooms have tampon dispensers. june walked me into a corner as if the world was ending and says, in the most concerned voice i’ve ever heard, ‘oh dear. oh my poor girl i don’t think they do.’

i’m just thinking ‘this is literally december in the year of our lord 2015, june, why do you hate women’ but i didn’t say that bc june was actually a very nice lady and i just had a feeling that she was not personally responsible for the lack of tampon dispensers in the facility.  then june says to me ‘go to the cloakroom. say i sent you’. 

so i show up at the cloakroom and i’m just like ‘hello i’m jess. this is weird but a lady name june said you would have some tampons here’. cloakroom lady smiles at me pityingly, reaches into a draw, and pulls out a sanitary napkin bigger than my face. like i’m not exaggerating, i have never seen anything bigger than this thing. i should have asked for an extra one to protect my mum’s car when it rains. they probably used them after the show to cover taylor’s catwalk during transport.

cloakroom lady shoves the World’s Largest Pad in a plastic bag tries to discreetly give it to me, as if we are exchanging hard drugs at a taylor swift concert, which i think would be a good business plan btw, and i make my merry way to a bathroom stall to try and do some civil engineering to make this thing wearable.

5 mins after this, i’ve reunited with my friends, taylor nation upgrades us and i’m dancing in the soundbooth with a pad the size of the continent of antarctica in my underwear. 

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what are ur fav sugamon moments

bless you for asking this seriously

(this is gonna be a long one)

ahhhh i love them so much and i know many ppl kind of gloss over their cute moments together bc they don’t do skinship as overtly on camera as the other members but it’s there if you know to look :’)

(i’ll do 10 or else i’ll be going on for hours)

1. i have to start with that emotional and meaningful hug they shared in MAMA 2016 bc how can i not?

Originally posted by suga-mon

it was just such an important and significant moment for both of them, ship them or not, you can’t deny that it was so heartfelt and showed how close they are :’) they’ve been through so much together and for them to make it here after so much hardship and struggle is so amazing for them both, it was a lovely moment overall for them and i never fail to tear up when i see it :)

2. this entire bangtan bomb bc they’re so adorable and i love the way they were trying to imitate each other’s rap style and just teasing each other

and then ofc them performing together is always amazing and i love it ;;

also it’s dumb but i get a kick out of namjoon calling yoongi chingu instead of hyung bc i love it when namjoon uses informal with yoongi since i strongly suspect namjoon and hoseok forgo polite form with him usually since they’re all close (hoseok does it more on camera but namjoon has slipped up here and there)

3. who can ever forget that one time yoongi was so excited and adorable when namjoon was performing and he kept pointing out namjoon and going “namjoon-ah” ;; my heart

look at that adorable smile on his face, he’s literally so happy and proud of namjoon

jimin even pointed out that yoongi was being uncharacteristically excited and bouncy watching the performance :)))

4. literally the entire episode 4 of bon voyage. sugamon being paired together and working together to go on a tiny adventure in a different country and basically having a great time bc they work really well together 

Originally posted by chimchams

them fixing themselves up together and complimenting each other casually like the actual domestic husbands that they are

(can i just say that namjoon put on his sunglasses bc yoongi was putting hairspray on and he didn’t have to do that, he could’ve just waited or told yoongi to go behind him so he wouldn’t get hairspray on his face but he just casually accommodated yoongi nbd ;;;; my heart x)

Originally posted by chimchams

having random but hilarious conversations about kebabs? and shopping together?? laughing togetherthe cutest tourist couple

5. that whole backstage mission where namjoon had to take a selca with yoongi without alerting him that it was his mission and he FAILED lmao bc yoongi knows namjoon too well 

poor namjoon, he was so happy bc he got such an easy mission with his own group member

thank god for this mission bc the selca was adorable :)))

6. i live for all moments of namjoon and yoongi calling each other cute

namjoon giggling at how cutely yoongi jumped to the center during 21st century girls (x)

and him jumping around during another part in the same song (x)

namjoon even called yoongi a saint which yoongi very smoothly ignored like he always does with compliments but i can’t get over it (x)

Originally posted by syubbed-archive

there’s other times too but i’m too lazy to find them rn

7. this is a small thing but it says a lot about their relationship: yoongi fixing up things that namjoon breaks and just taking care of him

it was said in interviews, it was even a way for them to introduce themselves

namjoon was the destruction king and yoongi was the one that fixed what namjoon broke

like that time in bon voyage where namjoon knocked over some tubes on their dorm room table and yoongi immediately starting fixing them (x)

or in the ynwa preview show where namjoon got up and his mic was hanging out of his pocket and yoongi noticed and picked it up for him (x)

and even recently when namjoon looked confused about putting on his headphones and yoongi immediately went to help (x)

just little things like that :)

8. gifts!! yoongi buying namjoon a wallet when he lost his and then getting all embarrassed and shy when namjoon talked about it happily during an interview

Originally posted by agustdefsoul

(he even lost it again and yoongi didn’t look upset when he mentioned it)

and then ofc that ring during their summer in dubai and namjoon saying he’ll wear it often

and namjoon actually wearing the ring in concept pics, fancams, concert pics, etc ^^

9. this doesn’t have any specific video or anything but they’re constantly teasing each other? and it’s really cute?? and it’s so casual and witty that it kinda flows by you until you go “wait what? did he just say something about yoongi/namjoon?” i love their adorable bantering comments at each other

like namjoon insisting yoongi’s on the same level dancing as him but he just gets away with it or yoongi’s “i agree” when namjoon said he’s the worst singer of bts in the recent gayo episode

Originally posted by ktaejin

namjoon saying yoongi looks like a little count dracula

Originally posted by sugmon

or namjoon talking about how yoongi whines lmao 

(yoongi teasing namjoon about not needing to go to vintage shops when he could just use the clothes there)

Originally posted by cyyphr

or the time yoongi was saying he wouldn’t mind rooming with namjoon when they were talking about namjoon’s snoring bc he’s used to it and namjoon was like “he’s the first one to not wanna room with me when we stay at hotels”

Originally posted by ygnj


but just as much as they tease each other, they help and support each other just as much and it’s beautiful :’)

10. which brings us to my last point, which is the moments where they make each other laugh and just support each other in general ;;;;

(x) (x)

(laughing at yoongi running during not today mv shooting)

Originally posted by suga-mon

like the waist pats that namjoon has a habit of doing at times

Originally posted by donewithjeon

and just so many more moments that make my heart flutter and love their relationship all the more:

Originally posted by suga-mon

Originally posted by ji-min

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Originally posted by yoonmin

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Originally posted by yoongichii

Originally posted by jeonsshi

there’s just so many more but lemme give it a rest for now bc this post is long enough

just know that sugamon is so much more than ppl seem to think and they love and care for each other so much!

their relationship is beautiful :’)

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Autistic Kara Danvers thoughts

ok well in j&j hsau which i still haven’t rly started she’s on the spectrum & just

ok so she’s learned that being totally honest w people isn’t always a good thing like she had some trouble when she was younger abt just saying what was on her mind 24/7 & like sometimes it wasn’t nice which she didn’t like & whoever kara was talking to didn’t like either. she’s not mean yknow & just bc she thinks something at one moment doesn’t mean she always thinks it so it takes a while but in the end the only ppl she’s totally completely unreservedly honest w almost all the time are alex & eliza. kara also has trouble with being distracted like she’ll totally dive into something & Not take a break for hours but sometimes like it’s not the thing she’s supposed to be doing so she means to be reading a book for class but she has this essay she hasn’t finished & it’s not due for a week & the book has to be read in two days time but she just can’t focus on the book. also she focuses rly hard & forgets to eat & sleep & stuff so they have to have rly clear schedules so Kara knows what she should be doing & her fam helps her to stick to them & bring her back on topic. sometimes conversations go astray too bc she follows a trail of thought instead of sticking to one thing

anyway here

lena arrives on friday afternoon. school just got out & kara is skating down the road & dare she say it yes she does she’s scoping out the den of the luthors to see if her newest plot could work. it absolutely will - it’s something of a masterpiece she thinks & james & clark & alex agree - which is awesome. it’s all lazy & quiet & she can hear the sprinklers chuffing away in someone’s back yard & everything is in a hazy kind of focus that happens sometimes when she gets tired.

it doesn’t last. this girl slips out of a car in front of the luthor place. she’s Beautiful with long dark hair & the neatest hands folded in front of her & she has nothing of kara’s restless energy she’s still & quiet & she might sink into the sharp lines & modern backdrop of the luthor house like one more classic sculpture except for small little movements. brushes her hair back behind her ear, she tilts her chin up to examine the place, she frowns with the tiniest motion but Kara sees it she can’t not see it she wants to catalogue every detail she

lands with a thud on the ground & groans, pulls her wrist up to her chest.

“ow,” she complains a little pathetically. two seconds & then there’s the skid of tyres & alex is bending down from her bike. kara takes her hand, lets her haul her up & she pouts as alex takes her hand & examines it with gentle fingers. “what’s the diagnosis, doctor danvers?”

“a scrape.” alex FLINGS her hand back when she determines there’s nothing rly wrong w her & kara hisses, clutches her hand protectively to her chest. “your nose is BLEEDING though. we should get you home.”

kara risks a look over Alex’s shoulder but the girl has long since gone inside the house. alex cranes around to see where kara’s looking & rolls her eyes.

“plot later, wash all this off first.”

Kara nods & after five minutes of trying to retrieve her board from under the parked car she had slammed into, they give it up for lost & Kara climbs onto Alex’s bike, feet on the little bars. she pats Alex’s shoulder when she’s ready & alex doesn’t bother taking it slow. she punches her feet down toward the road & complains about how heavy Kara is now she’s not ten anymore & she swerves, pretending to want to throw Kara off & grinning when kara punches her

they make it home without another incident - okay with only one more incident & it was totally not their fault but there was a pothole & they just wanted to see what would happen anyway now they’re both grazed up & eliza closes her eyes for a whole minute when they walk through the front door & sighs when she opens them again & her daughters are standing in front of her still all ripped up & grinning sheepishly.

“hi mum,”

“kitchen Alexandra,”

“ooooh,” Kara teases & quakes when eliza turns a firm glare on her. “hi eliza”

“You get some towels. honestly girls i just want one day, ONE day, where you don’t come home bloody. is that too much to ask?”

there’s a lot of finger pointing & blame going on in the next few minutes & eliza honestly puts two fingers to her mouth & whistles to get them quiet.

kara flinches. “oh i don’t like that,” she says, tone a little disgust but mostly realisation & eliza & alex nod that they’ll remember that.

“kara what happened,” eliza asks & alex groans & stomps away into the kitchen since there’s no way Kara will lie to their mother

“i was scoping out the luthor place when i saw the prettiest girl in the world she was tall but not as tall as me i dont think and she had the loveliest brown hair and green eyes I think but I was pretty far away and she looked so neat and lovely and I,” kara makes a whistling sound but quiet, not sharp, and slaps her hand against her other hand, “into a car and alex helped me up and my wrist isn’t broken I just grazed my hand and my nose bled a little.” it dripped all over her shirt & more when she dabbed at it & now she knows she looks like someone out of a horror movie. eliza looks faintly amused, maybe. amused looks similar to happy & kind but Kara is pretty sure this is amused. Kara continues. “my board got stuck under the car and the girl must’ve gone inside or something because i couldn’t see her anymore which is a shame and alex let me ride on her bike with her and on the way home,”

“what’s this about the prettiest girl?” Alex interrupts & eliza looks even more amused

“that can wait alex,” she smiles. “go on Kara what happened on the way home?”


“did the girl go into the luthor place?” alex asks & kara covers her ears.

“you’re distracting me alex,” she says quietly & stares down at her dirty sneakers & tries not to lose track of her words. “alex rode into a pothole & we fell & walked home.” she leaves out some details like alex asking if she wants to & kara enthusiastically agreeing but at the root of it that is what happened.

“so it was an accident and you didn’t purposefully ride into it?” eliza asks & kara states wide eyed at alex, looking for a prompt.

it never comes & kara gulps. “um. no?”

“mhm.” eliza shakes her head & sighs. “alright kitchen both of you. i will get the towels and alex you help Kara with that graze of hers.”

answering asks!

SOME GOOD QUESTIONS UNDER THE CUT!!! idk how many ppl read these but u def should if wanna kno more abt my goofy ocs >:^)

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(opsYamanakabb!Deidara anon no longer in anon bc i hAVE GROWN TIRED OF BREAKIN DOWN ASKS)

GOSH im SO flattered you liked it so much i mean ..

anyways, i have resurfaced bc… well i thought of another thing? err


alright so backing up: on the road so far, inoshikacho plus sai have gone into a long and arduous mission of setting the long past wrongs into rights which means finding YAMANAKA deidara and i dunno actually doing sth about it?? and also somehow they acquired hidan for the trip back ??

so, what ive got is this: dei is probably super uncomfortable?? bc in one hand there is ino wanting to bond??? on the other is cho who is an actual legit cinnamon roll???? and to top it off the other one keeps eyeing him weird???? (shika cannot stop staring omfg and to think theres ppl out there callin him a genius) dei can feel himself becoming defensive!! aggressive defensive!!!! (like obvs the best defense is an attack?? or sth)

and so there is two. dei and hidan actually get into a lot of fights bc they just cant rlly understand each other– i mean w deis thing bein ‘momentary’ whats exactly the point of bein immortal?? where is the fun in that??? (hidan can totally show him the fun in that)

also surprisingly dei and sai get along quite well?? (i mean when hidan isnt hogging sai) they are artistic bros?? in so short a time?? (as the only person w common sense at this point, cho is keepin a careful eye from afar– surely the fact that sai gets along so well w the missing nin is vaguely concerning??)


so hidan is just chillin in konoha like ?? there is literally nothin they can do to him to make him care?? he is clearly superior™

anyway, hidan is chillin in konoha and somehow he overhears the true akatsuki plan (or he believes in conspiracy theorist sai so they have a headstart) and he is like outrageously offended!!! WHAT DO YOU FCKIN MEAN I H AVE BEEN WORKIN FOR SOME OTHER GOD?!?!?!! so clearly the only solution is to destroy akatsuki just annihilate everything there is no other option


or (fair warning, this is v crack now i mean)

hidan decides to be petty af and grabs sai to make the ultimate plan

(i actually havent watched shippuden soo might be a bit of on the execution for this one buut)

and so they go to the big ass statue and somehow they do magic bullshit fuuinjutsu stuff

and like in the climax of everything w the thing is ready to be activated and everyone is nOOooO


and turns out hidan and his sidekick sai changed the thing so instead of liberating that rabbit moon goddess (??) the thing is now set to actually summon THE GREAT JASHIN-SAMA

everyone is speechless?? like ???? actual plot twist

hidan starts the thing

hidan is also bragging bc obvs he would be bragging

n some konoha nin (shika?? naru?? probs naru) turns to sai all what were you thinkin??!?! and sai be like i know it looks bad but– *konoha nin goes to save the day*

but the thing already started right? so they dont make it in time and the thing shakes the grounds shakes everything lights up like a goddamn light show annd–

it just… stops

everything goes back to normal like nothin to see here bruh and….

everyone suddenly becomes 1000% more suspicious bc where the fuck did it all go? 

to turns matters worse hidan starts laughing like a lunatic ?? sai goes to retrieve him– hidan needs his alone time now

and it takes months upon months before people start relaxing and a new meme starts as in jashinists rlly do get you all worked up but?? they just cant deliver amirite (obvs when hidan is not around bc he is still a psycho i mean)

and sai just shakes his head.. he only agreed to help bc he knew nothing would happen like bloodshed war rage and muder.. they are all already in the great era of jashin

(what hidan did was like prolong it for more years upon years to come)


maan what a ride


Originally posted by wonnhao

  • sorry this gif has a caption but i have to set The Mood and this v-live was all I could think of when i got this request
  • okay so apparently this is a series?? with mingyu??? where he has this imaginary girlfriend named younghee and honestly i died bc i was not ready when this vlive aired
  • but i got lots of inspiration :D
  • so mingyu has had a few relationships
  • when he gets in one i think he’d be a mix of confident and awkward (kind of like how he was with younghee lmao)
  • mingyu is the kind of guy that’ll come up to you and try to befriend you immediately tho
  • like there’s barely an awkward period
  • at least, for him
  • so you, being a trainee under pledis, you spend a lot of time practicing for your debut
  • if you’re not schooling, you’re practicing
  • this means you’re always at the pledis building, and guess who came to get some last minute dance practice one day :)))
  • mingyu usually comes with wonwoo and a few of the other boys to practice together bc he finds it’s more fun but seeing as they’re all exhausted from practice yesterday mingyu has to go alone
  • the boys usually have a room to train in of their own, and everybody knows that it’s their room so nobody has the balls to use it even when seventeen isn’t there
  • but today they’re not there
  • and you’re too into your dance routine to find another practice room to use
  • mingyu is rlly confused when he comes up to their usual practice room bc he’s so used to them being the only ones using it that he’s like “who dares trespass on our territory”
  • he opens the door a peep and oop, you’re cute
  • you’re in the middle of doing a particularly sensual move on the wooden floors when mingyu just waltzes in and turns off your boombox
  • you’re thinking it’s one of the people you’ll be debuting with so you prop yourself up on your knees and grin and go “how did I do?”
  • but when you look over, it’s def… not a trainee
  • you know everything about seventeen, they’re basically pledis'  babies, and you can’t go anywhere without hearing about them nowadays
  • the only thing is,,, you’re not fond of mingyu
  • you’ve heard rumors from fellow trainees that he’s a natural flirt and overall the general consensus is he’s a playboy in the making and you want nothing to do with that
  • you’re far too focused on having a successful debut that you can’t be bothered
  • “you could use a lil more force in your thrust, I’d be happy to show you how” mingyu offers with a dazzling smile
  • you take that the wrong way completely
  • immediately you scoff and begin stretching, hoping he’d disappear on his own
  • but instead you see him shrug in the mirror and drop his bag in the corner of the room before he plops beside you, beginning to stretch too
  • “aren’t you leaving? this room is taken” you tell him, giving him a nasty glare, but mingyu just beams, totally unbothered
  • “i’m gonna practice with you. hi, i’m mingyu” he holds out his hand for you to shake but you ignore it, going to stretch your arms over your head
  • you’re hoping that your coldness will deter him and he’ll decide this isn’t a fight he can win, but no
  • he’s still there
  • even when you start your own music up again and he doesn’t even know the dance, he attempts to follow your movements, meticulously matching you until he’s doing the dance better than you that handsome tall shit
  • you get back to the bit where you struggled before, having to thrust toward the floor
  • you’re involuntarily holding back even now, very aware of mingyu’s gaze on you
  • you happen to look over and
  • fuck
  • he’s doing the thrust perfectly, with just the right amount of force and flow that makes it look completely natural and really attractive and wow haha are u sweatin
  • mingyu finishes the roll of his hips with a fluid move back onto his knees, and then he grins, throwing your question from earlier back at you  “how did i do?”
  • fucking amazing holy hell how did you do that teach me your ways “you were okay” 
  • you end up having to leave early for singing lessons so you abandon mingyu
  • at first he’s a lil bummed you have to go but then he notices you left your music behind in the stereo and gets a genius idea
  • you don’t realize until the next day that your music is missing, and when you rush back to seventeen’s practice room, you’re mortified to find all of them there, mingyu front and center, showing them your dance
  • “and then it’s like this and this and- oh hey (y/n) come show the boys your dance you did with me yesterday” “how do you know my name”
  • the other boys are just giggling their asses off like it couldn’t be more blatant how much mingyu likes you
  • he’s been talking about you since yesterday and had seungcheol go with him to find out your name from the company
  • “doesn’t matter, come on!!” he even has the audacity to take you by the wrist to drag you further into the room, thirteen pairs of eyes watching you in curiosity and amusement
  • “mingyu…” you warn, glaring hard at his head, but he’s still grinning like an idiot, nudging you softly in the arm
  • “it’s a good dance (y/n). they’ll love it. and i know for a fact you can pull it off way better than i can. i’ll even do it with you!! it’ll be fun!”
  • you’re understandably nervous before them all, bc like they’re your seniors and they’ve been doing this for way longer than you have, and you don’t want to embarrass yourself in front of them but mingyu isn’t letting up any time soon
  • so you finally give in and mingyu starts your music for you before he joins in beside you
  • as soon as you two start dancing tho, all the nerves dissipate
  • you’re lost in the beat, your body moving on its own accord in perfect sync with mingyu’s
  • you don’t even realize how close mingyu is to you, how he moves his body in time with yours as you two are dancing right up against each other
  • to make matters worse, instead of you initially thrusting against the floor, mingyu has maneuvered you and the dance in a way that he’s laying underneath you, grinning ever so cheekily when you catch on
  • dino is forcibly removed from the practice room
  • as soon as you two finish, you collapse on the ground beside him, panting from the unexpected workout, and the others are either in awe or grinning stupidly
  • finally, seungcheol claps his hands together “well i think we’ve been violated enough for one day, good practice everyone”
  • the other boys easily fall back into their own routines again and you’re left panting next to mingyu, oddly satisfied with your performance
  • “that… wasn’t so bad” you admit sheepishly, rubbing your arm as mingyu smiles over at you
  • “told you you could do it” 
  • something about mingyu’s confidence in you after only knowing you for like twenty four hours is really comforting and you find yourself smiling back, the rumors that you’d been fed slowly escaping your mind
  • from that day on, mingyu declares himself your “oppa” which entails taking you out for food at random times in the day, helping you with practices even tho u literally did not ask, and fending off gross male fans once you debut
  • he visits you and you group often, and there is maybe only a handful of v-lives your group has done that mingyu hasn’t shown up in
  • the rumors about mingyu’s flirtatiousness come to a halt as soon as you two become friends and everyone is #speculating but your group and seventeen know what’s up
  • in fact, the only person that is truly oblivious about how mingyu feels is… mingyu
  • like even you know he likes you a lot
  • it’s pretty obvious lmao
  • mingyu thinks he’s being super casual when he,,, texts you at 2 am
  • gets pouty when you spend more time with the other members
  • has fourteen different heart emojis next to ur name in his phone
  • literally refers to you as the love of his life like how goddamn transparent kim mingyu
  • one day he takes you on a late night dinner date to this noodle place and he’s got on his black cap that covers his bleach blond hair, a cozy looking black hoodie and he’s got a shopping bag filled to the brim of things that you can’t make out from how he holds it
  • he orders your food for you and starts babbling on about his day and how tired he is and that their comeback is soon so he should be sleeping rn and you’re just like “??? then why did you take me out for dinner lol”
  • but then he just smiles at you over the rim of his milkshake, a warm blush dusting his cheeks “because I wanted to see you more”
  • at this point, you’re like for fuck’s sake boy just admit your feelings already
  • then he pulls out the bag and he’s grinning like a moron “also!! oppa got you some things since he’ll be busy with the comeback” 
  • and he piles all kind of gifts on the table in front of you like chocolate “bc it’s sweet, like me”, a blanket “since i won’t be there to keep you warm”, even a box of tissues “for the nights when missing me gets too much”
  • he’s halfway through this cheesy shit fest when you just blurt out “kim mingyu is this a date”
  • he’s like O.O gotta blast
  • “w-why would you think this was a date?” “because i know you like me and you’re being very greasy rn so if you could save me the trouble and just confess already that’d be great”
  • mingyu’s ears are lit burning red he’s so embarrassed and it’s the first time you’ve ever seen him so awkward??? usually he takes everything as a joke and is never serious but now he’s fiddling with his fingers and gnawing on his lip and he looks so cute you can’t even deny
  • “…you caught me. i like you a lot (y/n)”
  • he low key expects you to reject him now and leave him looking pathetic in the restaurant but then you just. reach across the table to grab his hand and you’re smiling and… wait holy shit you’re smiling? do ppl usually smile before they brutally reject someone???
  • “about time, dweeb. i like you too. also i’m taking all of this chocolate for myself so don’t even try to ask for any”
  • mingyu is fucking heart eyes the rest of the date ok
  • he’s just watching you eat the chocolate he bought you and when he walks you back to your dorm he’s straight cheesin’ before he kisses your cheek and whispers “goodnight beautiful~” like the goddamn cheeseball he is
  • somehow after confessing he manages to be even more embarrassing
  • any time he sees you in the hallways of pledis’ offices he just throws his arms up dramatically and yells “baby!! it’s me!!! your bf mingyu~”
  • always texting you for selfies when he’s away
  • mingyu: if you don’t send me a pic of u right now i might forget what you look like and not even recognize you when i come back :((( is that what you want
  • you: absolutely
  • the boys know as much as mingyu does about u bc he never shuts up abt you
  • “did you know she used to play this sport when she was a kid? crazy right?? look how cute she is in her lil uniform. omg minghao come back i haven’t showed you the pictures from middle school yet”
  • tall
  • always putting things out of reach when he knows you’ll need those things later so you have to call for him
  • he slides into the kitchen of your dorm with a smile “yes sweetheart did you call for me?”
  • “why are all the forks on top of the fridge”
  • even tho you’re straight up savage with mingyu he knows you love him
  • you always ask if he’s feeling okay and if he needs a lil quiet time
  • you two resign yourselves to the couch and he lays on your stomach, gangly limbs hanging off the furniture as you play with his hair and hum a gentle song in his ear
  • when he gets stressed or insecure during a comeback you’re always the first to be called 
  • just having you in the same room as him calms him like no other
  • sometimes all he really needs is you to look at him and he takes a breath and readies himself for whatever he has to face
  • mingyu really treasures you and he lets you know he’d do whatever possible to convey that to you
  • he’s so thankful that you’re a part of his life and all he wants to do is be the man that you want
  • if he ever gives off the vibe that he feels like he’s not good enough for you, even in a supposedly playful offhanded comment, you just run your fingers through his hair with a smile
  • “kim mingyu, you’re everything i want and more. don’t ever forget that”
  • just saying something like this can get mingyu through anything
  • bc you’re his anchor, his best friend, his confidant, and he’s so glad that you’re his

other boyfriend!seventeen



college boyfriend!wonwoo

college boyfriend!minghao

college boyfriend!jihoon

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Umm.... I'm not sure either, lol. I guess just your general beliefs and your God and stuff?

Well, this got kinda long

Idk if this is what you meant but: 

  • So obviously the basics: Islam is a monotheistic religion. We believe in one God.
  • We also believe in the Prophet Muhammad who preached the religion (kind of??? Pretty sure there’s better wording than that)
  • I’m guessing you’re wondering about hijab (I mean a lot of people do)
    • So it really depends
    • Some people believe that you HAVE to wear hijab
    • Others believe it’s optional
    • I mean I’m more with the first group tbh but each is to their own
    • Also: hijab is not oppressive
      • Like sure you can make it oppressive
      • I mean you can make wearing shorts “oppressive” if you force somebody who doesn’t want to wear them to wear shorts
      • But hijab itself is not oppressive??
      • It’s a piece of cloth, man
      • Bc like if somebody chooses to wear it then… are you saying that they’re…. Oppressing their own selves??
  • Also where did anybody get the idea that Muslims are intolerant of people of other religions??
  • It literally says in the Quran (that’s our holy book) to treat ppl of other religions with respect and justice
  • Those “““““““““““Muslim”””””””””” terrorists that y’all see on the media are?? Not real Muslims?? Like??
  • Seriously what type of religion would promote killing people and more importantly who would follow it?
    • I know I wouldn’t 
  • Also: “Islam” comes from “salam” which means “peace” in Arabic
  • Y’all can even look it up on Google translate if you don’t believe me
  • Also a common misconception is that the highest percentage of people who follow Islam are Middle-Eastern
  • I’m pretty sure it’s only like 20% or something
  • Let me check
  • I knew it!! (well I was 0.1 percent off)

Anyway if you have more questions just ask!!

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Do you think Shiro has ever seen Keith cry? Like, really cry? And vice versa.

OH MAN. Brace yourself, I got carried away!

Alright so I know ppl don’t really believe in astrology anymore but it’s a big part of my religion so it’s very real to me, right? Well, I hc Keith as being an Aries. And coming from experience, typically we don’t like to cry. Especially not in front of others. Like. People tend to make Arians feel like they always have to be tough and strong and bare no emotions blah blah. But really… we’re just people at the end of the day. We /feel/ things. Things hurt sometimes. There’s only so much we can hide before we explode.

I think this is very much true for Keith. Growing up as an orphan, he had to grow a very strong backbone at an early age. He learnt to suppress his emotions. He learnt how to turn whatever was making him sad into a tiny ball n squish it. During his years at the garrison, it was the same thing. When he lost Shiro the first time, it was a little different. He probably hurt so bad, but only allowed himself to cry when he was alone. 

After losing Shiro for the second time… I think he probably would lock up his emotions again. He wouldn’t cry (he really wanted to bc lets face it - this HURTS) because he wanted to be 100% focused on finding Shiro. He wanted to be focused on being the head of Voltron. He didn’t want to mess this up like he messed up his career at the garrison because of emotions.

Now… after they find Shiro…. I think that’s when he would break. Embracing Shiro, this is when he allows his sadness and fear to break free. And, sure, Shiro has seen him cry, like quiet tears and crying due to physical pain. But not like this. This is just pure raw emotion. Never has Shiro seen Keith look so vulnerable and afraid and hurt. So, it’s a complete shock to him and to the rest of the team (especially them because this whole time Keith didn’t look too depressed by Shiro’s disappearance so maybe they kinda just assumed he was handling it well when in reality he wasn’t) to see Keith just break down, but I think Shiro would handle this well - reassuring whispers, tight hugs, pecks to the forehead.

As for Shiro, I like to think that he’s very open with Keith. We saw in S2E1 that Shiro trusts in Keith to help him when he’s in trouble, he can let his guard down around him and doesn’t have to be the #1 Leader, Ace Pilot that everyone makes him out to be. There’s so much trust between them, Shiro isn’t afraid of showing his emotions to Keith because he knows Keith would never judge him for it, or shame him, or anything like that.

And, maybe it was hard at first to do after the whole Voltron thing. Maybe he felt like he didn’t know how things stood between him and Keith after a whole year of absence. He didn’t want Keith to feel like he was obligated to be his rock when he needed support. But over time, he saw that Keith was always there for him, always worrying about him and looking out for possible signs of a ptsd episode coming on. So, maybe one night after failing to sleep due to nightmares and shit, he seeks out Keith. And at first, they just talk - about what this means for their relationship, about what they want out of this relationship since things are very much different than they were back in their garrison years. And after they both agree that nothing’s changed, their feelings remain the same about each other, that’s when he allows himself to be weak around Keith. He allows himself to cry and to be held, especially after nightmares since he finds that to help bring him down from the panic.

TL;DR - Yes and yes! Let boys cry and be sensitive!

What The Hell Is Wrong With You!? Jay Park x Reader [Requested]

By: Admin G

Revisions by: Admin H

Request: Heyloooo♡ I’ve seen that the requests are open? ^^ can I request a Jay scenario where you go to the beach with your girls and he goes with his crew, you meet. Then he gets so jealous when they flirt with you and then he decides to finally ask you out. (You are an intelligent and mature girl with a big booty, you don’t weat two pieces but instead just one piece and you’re so hot){Request modified in order to add to plot}

Genre: Fluff, angst, lots of comedy

Word Count: about 3k

A/N: Hello!! Thank you for taking the time out of you day to read my scenario. I got a lot of positive feedback from many ppl, including the requester, and that was just a sneak peek!! That is insane!! You have no idea how happy I am to please you all. Anyways, I have worked really hard to make this detailed and entertaining!! I love feedback, so if you wanna let me know something, have at it!! Don’t forget you can request this Friday though Sunday, so if you want me or Admin H to write something for you, you know when to do it.

Character info: The character is a confident and mature person. She knows how to stand her ground, even when she’s tempted. You will see the character start to become shyer, as the story progresses, that is mainly bc of the situation she is put into. I put some original charcters in the scenario. One of my favs is Crystal, who you will see have an important role in this. Request if you want her in more stories!!! Thank you for reading!!

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You slammed the door to your jeep. You were so excited to go into the sun and swim in the beautiful water at the beach.

 “You ready girls?” One of your friends shout. Everybody else, including you scream in agreement. 

You all head down to the hot sand. The sand stung your feet as you walked, so you all quickly rushed to the area where the water used to be when it was high tide. You quickly set up your chairs, towels, umbrellas, and coolers. You all were prepared to spend the entire day in the bright sun. You start to take off your beach dress.

“What time is it?” asking no one in particular.

 “10:47” someone answers. You jump up as the stranger answered. Of course, you had expected an answer, just not from a stranger! In fact, it was a slightly deeper voice (a/n: Jay doesn’t have that deep of a voice that’s why I added it, lol). 

You turn around, confused.You see a very attractive man in front of you. Asian, with many tattoos, which were very attractive. He was very buff, but kind of short for the average male. He wore some black swimming trunks and nice sunglasses, showing off his taste in fashion. You realized that you were staring at his body way longer than you should’ve, and sure enough, the man definitely noticed.

“Um,” you fidgeted speechlessly, as you were caught off guard by his sheer beauty. You snapped out of it. You had made a rule for yourself to not allow boys to have any control of your emotions.

“Who are you?” you ask confidently. Good job, Y/N, you congratulate yourself. He reaches out to shake your hand. You see his arm slightly flex, and you almost melt. OMG, why is he so sexy? Wait…. What?!?! 

“I’m Jay,” you take his hand and shake it slightly before you let go. 

“Y/N,” you state.

“Nice meeting you, Y/N,” Jay says, a seductive smile crawling on his face. Wow, that smile was gold, you think to yourself.

“Me and my crew are over there,” he points over to a group of guys, who seem to be watching everything that’s happening over here, “as soon as I saw you, I had to talk to you,” he continues, with a smooth voice, eyeing your body.

“Like this isn’t a bet,” you said, putting your hands on your hips. 

“Of course not babygirl, I w-,”

“Wait, pause…First of all,” you say, becoming annoyed, “I’m not anyone’s babygirl, so you can miss me with that… Second of all, I know damn well that when a boy comes over and all his little buddies are watching, this ain’t serious.”

“What will make you believe that this isn’t a joke?” Jay asks. You notice a small part of his eyes look like they’re pleading to you with a little mischief to the side.

“You could always go back to your crew” you signal quotation marks around the word crew, “and maybe when I feel better, we can talk. But I came here with my friends for a reason,” implying that you meant to spend time with your girls, not to flirt with boys.

Jay pauses for a little, then he starts to back up.“Alright,” he looks you up and down, biting his lips. With that action, you wanted to just die, but you held a confident, stern face, 

“I’ll be over there if you need me,” he smirks. He winks to your girls and walks away and over to his friends. You turn your head and see your friends. Half of them are staring at the group of guys, that Jay was still strutting towards. Their faces look slightly confused and others looked hella turned on. The other half of your friends were looking straight at you with ‘what’s wrong with you’ looks. 

“What?” you ask simply.

“WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!!” They yell. You step back a little, taken aback by how they said it almost in unison. 

“What do you mean: what’s wrong with me?” you defend yourself, “I came here to hang out with you all.”

Crystal was in the process of setting up a chair, but she decided to just slam it down. She stomps up to you, grabbing your face, 

“When hot boys take interest in one of us, you get a pass to not hang out with us,” she explains slowly, with her eyes open wide. She keeps nodding, like she trying to help you comprehend her statement. You slap her hand away, 

“but I didn’t like him,” you lie through your teeth.

 “Oh my god,” Ella huffs, sitting under the umbrella, applying sunscreen, “do you really think we believe that fuckery?”

“Didn’t you see how I was talking to him?” you say, “that was not flirting, you know.”

“Get the fuck outta here man,” you hear Rebecca say, “I will literally leave right now if you don’t go over there and get a possible man.

“I-” you start to say. The thing that none of them knew was that you had a man… and his name was Jay Park. 

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Hello. Your post showed up in the tae/kook tag, and I got curious. You're saying other shippers are "taking" jikook things, such as "the hotel room". Can you tell me what that thing is? Being a tae/kook shipper myself, I just fangirl over things I find cute, I don't go out of my way to "take" things from others just because. So now I must know what you guys felt was actually a jikook moment.

I apologize for my post showing up in the tae/kook tag! I try to not post asks with hate towards other ships without a ’/’, so I’m sorry that one slipped past me.

I don’t think I mentioned the hotel room, because I do believe that was a cute tae/kook vlive and not a ji/kook moment since no one knows who or what was in the room with Kook. I also don’t really like taking moments away from ships since I know all of BTS are close and that every ship is real in the mindset of brotherly bonds.

The things that some (not all obviously) Tae/kook shippers have taken away are the jeonlous tongue thing and satellite jeon. And by “take away”, I don’t mean Jungkook doesn’t do those things with Tae as well, I mean that it started as a Ji/kook thing but one or two shippers changed it into a Tae/kook thing.

What I mean by this is: Jeonlous started out in the ji/kook fandom before the jealous tongue thing even started, shippers would freak out because Jungkook has been shown to be jealous when people (mainly Hobi lol) were around Jimin. Then, the jeonlous tongue thing started to get popular in the Ji/kook fandom (before anyone says anything, it started in the ji/kook fandom first back in 2015, so don’t give me that “its a ______ thing not ji/kook!!” shit), and yoon/min and tae/kook shippers accused us of shipping a toxic relationship and shipping abuse ?? which makes 0 sense bc everybody gets jealous, even of friends and siblings? and jealousy doesn’t equal abuse. But after Ji/kook shippers were shamed for this, multiple gifsets showed up in the tae/kook tag with the “jeonlous tongue” and highlighted how ‘cute’ it was. When ji/kook shippers got mad, and called the people out, tae/kook shippers said it was never a ji/kook thing. ji/kook shippers then clarified that it’s more than likely a nervous tick, but jungkook does it around jimin 90% of the time. They also pointed out that it’s not necessarily (it could be) a tae/kook thing because kook’s done it around jin, namjoon, and hobi when they were near jimin. But again, some tae/kook fans denied it completely and called us delusional.

Then satellite jeon became a tae/kook thing as well. “Satellite Jeon” is a term Knetz came up with because at award shows and stages, they noticed that more often than not, Jungkook was following Jimin around like a lost puppy. This has been in the ji/kook fandom since the start of time, yet tae/kook shippers used it to refer to jungkook being near taehyung. Again some drama like above happened, and ji/kook shippers were shamed for shipping ‘in/cest’ or whatever ppl came up with and we had to explain ourselves again.

I’m not saying ji/kook shippers don’t do this as well (istg if i see one more person take away from a jin/min moment im going to fight them). But it’s just kind of unfair for tae/kook shippers to accuse us of being delusional and shipping abuse only to then use those same things to glorify tae/kook??? like it doesn’t make sense to me.

And i mean, if you want to know what I think an actual jikook moment is…. go through my blog??? like there’s tons of them out there lol.

megades-sweet-darkness-delight  asked:

I know my post is kinda long but you can edit in a readmore for me if you want. ^ ^; ♥ It's just that it's only gained three reblogs so far and I think it'll gain more of a following if someone with some influence reblogged it. ^ ^; ♥ Plus I've never done this before and I haven't really gotten any feedback so like I'm kinda scared? ^ ^; ♥ That I'm being ableist to myself? ^ ^; ♥ For trying to think of a clever way of coding a character with my own disability "mewman style" and (2)

I don’t know if it works or if my writing is just bad or what anyone is thinking when they see it, especially other people with disabilities and it’s making me worried and all I can really do is throw headcanons out there because I don’t have any “evidence”, only Eclipsa sitting and I feel really silly because all I can do is make up a story so that people will constantly want to draw her that way and I don’t know if I’m offending anyone in trying to make a metaphor for my own disability(3)

and I know we’ve never talked, but I feel like I’ve been acting like this, jealous brat towards you the entire time and maybe that’s why ppl didn’t reblog the ask I sent you when I asked? Because they didn’t like my tone and now making the actual post about it and sending these asks is only gonna make things worse? ^ ^; ♥ I dunno, maybe I’m being paranoid. ^ ^; ♥ But I’d just really feel more comfortable if I had some more feedback an’ reblogs. ^ ^; ♥ I mentioned starbutterflyisautistic and (4)

marcodiazisatransgirl and they haven’t responded and I’m too afraid to put the Disabled Queen of Darkness post in the main show tag, because it’s gross. ^ ^; ♥ And now I’m feeling discouraged because Eclipsa’s tags are being bombard with (still) abled bodied (skinny) fanart of her and of course the “TOFFEE IS ECLIPSA’S SON AND ALSO THE MONSTER!!” bull gonk and I’m just like “/This/ is what I stayed up for? For you to ignore me?” And I even got an ask basically complaining it was harder for(5) 

(7)like, HE was was the first thing that officially put this show OVER Steven Universe for me, when I thought it already WAS bc Star her was already so relatable to me as a disabled person, which is why I love the autism headcanon.♥ But Toby himself didn’t get any cute side character appreciation posts, no fanart as far as I know, nothin’. And what’s more? I THOUGHT I’D NEVER SEE HIM AGAIN. But who do I get to see in the final? Not only Toby, having a good time, BUT ANOTHER KID IN A WHEELCHAIR?

AS IF I HAVEN’T CRIED ENOUGH ALREADY?! AND THEY GET TO BE THE “BAD KIDS”?! THE “IMPERFECT KIDS”???? Just having a fucking party on THE ROOF???? LIKE IT’S NOTHING???!!!! LIKE I WANT TO ASK DARON HOW DID THESE FUCKING KIDS GET THESE TWO OTHER KIDS IN WHEELCHAIRS ON THE ROOF?! Because the abled bodied bad kids care about accessibility for their Cpunks, that’s why. I just … it was a magical moment for me, okay? I’m dying my hair back 2 blonde so I can be an actual Star on Wheels ♥ (Continued ♥) 

Daron Nefcy treats me like a person. ♥ She not only got my tastes both mentally and atheistically, but then a kid in a wheelchair happened, and he’s black. ♥ And all he wanted was a remote to his wrestling, and he played that girl in order to get it. Did you see how fast he came out of those waterworks? That was a set up, Janna was in on it. He was was one of the gang and I couldn’t believe this was actually happening. ♥ Then, in the final, I get to see him AGAIN, along with another cpunk(con)

that include wands used as joysticks and Eclipsa’s chapter symbol on HER wheels as well. ♥ People know they should do it and this is the first time in a fandom I feel comfortable asking for it and theirs canonical characters on the show so there’s no reason not to give me art and fic for it. Especially Eclipsa, whom we have no way of knowing she’s abled bodied. LET ME HAVE MY DISABLED QUEEN OF DARKNESS,FANDOM. STOP DRAWING HER SKINNY AND ABLED BODIED!!!! LET HER BE LIKE CHERRY IN A CHAIRY!!!!

Honestly I really really hope they do go this route, especially with the possibility of Eclipsa turning out to be a positive role model for Star and many, many hints that the ‘Queen of Darkness’ may not be as bad as the reputation Mewni has given her.

nurse!yuta au
  • sooooooo, nurse!yuta
  • like imagine it
  • yuta in scrubs while wearing a cream colored cardigan i’m not dead you are
  • and he’s always smiling at the patients
  • them kiddies love him
  • when they’re like admitted and they’re assigned to him he always distracts them long enough so they don’t notice him getting blood and other medical stuff
  • and he always always makes the kid laugh 
  • but when they absolutely refuse to drink their meds or smth 
  • you bet yo ass he’s gonna bring out the sass
  • lbr we all know how sassy nakamoto yuta is
  • the poor kid will be roasted 
  • but as soon as they drink it yuta’s gonna be all smiles and jokes and sunshines and unicorns
  • ha actually had this patient once
  • it was a little girl that was so stubborn
  • nurse!winwin tried everything he possibly could
  • bribery, threats, flattery he even offered to give her 20 bucks if she just drank it
  • but guess what
  • IT DIDN’T WORK poor nurse!winwin
  • so winwin called for reinforcements…….
  • DING DING DING y’all are right it’s errbodys fave nurse
  • nurse!yuta to the rescue
  • and like the kid is so overwhelmed by how handsome he is that when he told her the consequences of not drinking her medication
  • and so winwin switched with yuta and the little girl got discharged after a day or two
  • YAY
  • but like yuta loves children but he loves taking care of old people more
  • like he always calls them grandma or grandpa and he handles them with the utmost care
  • and he doesn’t even know why he favors old people more
  • he just does
  • he always gets attached to his patients 
  • like it’s so bittersweet everytime they get discharged
  • he’s happy they’re healed but he’ll miss taking care of them
  • but like, even tho he’s really really perfect at his job he still has his bad days
  • he can get vital signs wrong too sometimes, and he gets grumpy with patients too
  • but he tries his best 
  • and really that’s all anyone can ask for from a nurse
  • soooooo how do you meet nurse!yuta?
  • well you, my dear sweet dumb reader had appendicitis
  • at first you thought you just had a stomach bug (or maybe your period was coming too soon?) so you went about your day at uni
  • bcos come on,,,,,,,,you hAVE fINALS neXT WEEk
  • and you couldn’t really afford to rest just cause you have a fever and your tummy feels bad
  • but then the pain got waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much
  • and when i say too much i mean your seatmate see you trying to crawl out of your desk with tears in your eyes
  • and thank god your seatmate is a pre med student 
  • and he calls the hospital rlly rlly fast and before you know it you’re on your merry way to the hospital
  • you get your much needed surgery and of course you get admitted 
  • sadly for you my dear reader, it aint nakamoto yuta
  • your lovely nurse goes by the name dong sicheng
  • but most ppl call him winwin
  • and well, let’s just say you’re really really stubborn when winwin tries to switch the iv to your other hand
  • your other hand was swollen af but, you’d rather it stay there than get pricked in the other hand
  • and winwin tried rlly hard to hold you down so he could get the needle to the vein properly
  • but you wouldn’t budge 
  • so he called for reinforcements
  • and yes it’s yuta 
  • so like winwin holds you down and yuta is the one inserting the needle
  • and like, your friend kun is on the side admiring winwin’s arms and wishing he was you bc hOT daMN
  • moving on
  • so when yuta was inserting the needle he tried to glance at your face and saw you trying to look away 
  • it hurt a lot ok
  • and well, he couldn’t help but smile bc he found it really cute
  • when he was done you were all like ‘i hate you so much’ with this rlly cute pout in your face
  • and yuta died inside
  • and like from then on he convinces winwin to like let him be the attending nurse instead 
  • and when he goes back to check your vital signs you’re all like
  • ‘please don’t stick needles in me anymore >_
  • he just laughs and says ‘and what if i do?’
  • and with the most threatening glare you have you say ‘fight me’
  • and he just lAUGHS
  • so now everytime he goes in your room you’re like ‘if you inject anything on me i will fight you’
  • and yuta always answers back with ‘okay. sure. but when you’re all better, i don’t fight sick ppl.’
  • but you’re like ‘your cowardly ass just afraid of losing to a girl. a sick one at that’
  • and it seriously becomes a thing between the two of you
  • before you know it y’all are rlly comfortable around each other and are friends sort of
  • because admit it reader YOU LIKE HIM~~~~~
  • like how can you not when he’s always taking care of your needs and he always eats at your room on his break bc you have no visitors
  • and he even sleeps in your room when he’s so tireddd
  • he’s just really there for you, like a lot
  • and you don’t really mind because you love his company and bECAUSE hE’S CUTE
  • but like one time you had to go to the bathroom to pee but no other person was there and you can’t really get to the bathroom so you ask yuta to help you
  • and he helps you get to the bathroom and was there to assist you while you pee
  • like you had trouble sitting up from the toilet so he held your hand while pulling you up gently so you could stand
  • but neither of you let go
  • even as you got out of the bathroom YOU.WERE.STILL. HOLDING.HIS.HAND.
  •  and it’s sort rough but soft at the same time and it also smells like alcohol
  • and y’all don’t really notice that you’re still holding hands until your friend kun walks in the door with food
  • like kun is so shookt
  • and when he shakingly points out your intertwined hands y’all realize and turn crimson
  • kun never lets it go
  • and while this is going on so well, unfortunately you get better and have to get discharged
  • and yuta’s the one to push your wheelchair
  • he helps you stand and bids you goodbye
  • and right when you turn away he’s grabbing your wrist back and pulls you into a kiss
  • when he pulls back, he says, ‘i can fight you now, you know.’
  • you: nah, i don’t fight before the first date.
  • and the boy has the audacity to smirk i CANOT MY HEART YUTA WHY YOU DO DIS
  • him: well how about some coffee after my shift? and then i can fight you after
  • you: mhmmmm maybe
  • and this is the start of a beautiful relationship
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