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Poly relationship with Namjoon, Jin and J-hope.

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bi+ from my understanding usually means things under the bi umbrella in lgbt, like pan & poly! bi, Plus the others

wow. westerners never fail to amaze me tbh. 

i know several men with 2 / 3 / 4 or more wives and if someone told them they were “under the bi umbrella in lgbt”…lmao i don’t even know what would happen.

things u need to know about polyamory

-its not excused cheating

-a poly person is not more likely to cheat

-its 100% consensual and everyone knows about each other. theres plenty of communication

-the people a poly person is involved with may or may not also date, some people choose to only date the poly person and some will get involved with others

-there’s generally no “preference”?? we just love more than one person

-sometimes a poly person will have some people who are strictly romantic/sexual and thats fine

-poly people can be in a relationship with only one person if that person isnt comfortable with them dating other people

ok thats what i got for now

Anonymous requested: Hey! Can you do a moodboard with Yoongi and Taehyung as neurodivergent boyfriends? I love your blog!! <3

I didn’t do this one as a poly relationship bc I loved the original idea??? With requests like this I usually do poly but this is so good??? And thank you!!

hsau thoughts
  • first things first: obvious Lucy Lane and Lena Luthor are the two that are there to win
  • yes, you heard me, they are there to win high school
  • like, they both have amazing siblings and a hardass parent so they are both under a lot of pressure to be amazing and also trying to be good enough to break out from under that shadow
  • so they both run for class president every year and each election it alternates between who wins and the other gets vp and they’re both trying to get the best grades (tho Winn has always been top of the class in computer science) and they’re taking languages and leading clubs and it’s intense
  • basically they are over achievers and they have a somewhat friendly (sometimes pretty nasty) competition going about who can be the best at everything
  • they try to out do each other at every turn
  • and there’s no clear winner cause whenever one of them does something great the other isn’t far behind
  • the rest of the grade (school?) is either horrified or living as they watch this play out
  • srsly its either “holy shit this is scary literally the worst thing ive ever seen” or “lena is going for captain of the volleyball team and lucy’s going for cross country captain are they both gonna get it? place your bets here!”
  • but yeah that is happening
  • then Kara gets adopted by the Danvers family and Alex is a senior (a grade above Kara) 
  • and it’s two weeks into September its Monday and Kara’s starting a new school and its one of Lucy and Lena’s more hostile days and “umm, Alex, why are those two girls yelling at each other in the courtyard?”
  • Kara’s just trying to make it through her first day at a new school and its going pretty well she made friends with the boy Winn who agreed to show her around
  • then later Kara has third period AP English bc Kara’s actually really good at writing and English even though its her second language
  • so both Lucy and Lena are in that class with her and they both go over to say hi at different points but they’re both looking at her the same way: like they want to go down on her in the bathroom 
  • and Kara’s just trying to get through her first day at a new school
  • she’s really trying guys
  • but she talks to them both for a bit and they’re actually really great and also holy shit Lena and Lucy are really hot
  • anyway que a very intense slow burn love triangle that probably ends with poly bc poly’s the best and Kara has a lot of love

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so im gay and i have a girlfriend and weve been dating for over 6 months and ive always known that im asexual and probs demi-romantic, so anyway i rEALLY love my gf but i get attracted to some girls i talk to after a while and get to know them and then i think,,,am i poly bc i think about what id be like to date?? is it bad to think other girls are attractive when im in a good healthy relationship with someone i love? i dont want to mess anything up with her...

Okay, lemme just say a few things, I am not polyam, and my mental illness (bpd) makes the idea of me being with anyone else other than my gf sound really bad and uncomfortable.

1. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with getting attracted to other girls, I don’t ever get attracted to any other girl, but that’s me.
2. It might not be the best to tell your gf this right away, give it time and think about how you’d feel if you were polyam with her and someone else.
3. You need to be emotionally prepared for any reaction. Some people can be in polyam relationships and other can’t. She might want to leave and that isn’t always the case but I don’t want you not thinking about this happening.
4. Maybe ask her if you’d wanna test it out.
5. Remember that if she is okay with polyam relationships that her emotions do matter too, not just yours, so both of you can voice any feelings any time, it’s still your relationship.
6. The only wrong thing in this entire situation is if you decide to cheat. Polyam isn’t cheating, duh, but if you decide to be with someone without your gf knowing that’s cheating.