bc people tag her both ways idk

knowing your partner well makes writing together a lot easier .  tag this with the people you enjoy roleplaying with but want to get to know better.  (  REPOST , DO NOT REBLOG ! )


(pen) name. Nickey
age. 19
pronouns. she/her
sexuality. bisexual
zodiac sign. cancer
taken or single. idk what love is my dude
three facts.  
-i want fob tickets like now pls
-i picked ren as my faceclaim bc he’s my ninja baby
-i love phoenix way too much


platforms you’ve used. youtube (for whatever reason), skype, discord, tumblr, kik.
best experience. tumblr and discord because i’ve had so much fun on both.


female or male. idk, i rp a lot of males but i wanna try rp more female muses.
least favourite face(s). idfk.


fluff, angst or smut. all, but mainly fluff and angst

plots or memes. both, i don’t have a preference ;3
long or short replies. both, because i don’t mind anything as i said

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