bc or bust

the inseparables!

(look, i know the actors are approx the same height, but wheres the fun in that?)

okay please don’t make me be the one to write an omgcp fic where it’s a dirty game and someone goes flying into the goalie net and pushes chowder into the back and nursey and dex just kind of “thats our fucking goalie” and start a fight and nursey is there first and the crease just dissolves into mayhem. nursey gets his time in the sin bin and when he gets out he plays hard af and they win, but the moment they get to the locker room chowder grabs nursey to make sure he’s okay bc he’s got a busted lip and his cheekbone looks pretty bruised already and nursey prides himself on being calm and collected, proving himself with his stick instead of his fists, and nursey just smiles and grabs chowder, says he’s fine and asks how chowder is and chowders fine and nursey just jostles him, promises the next time he’ll get the shutout and chowder just pushes him back and promises next time he can fight his own fights and they’re both smiling and laughing and like idk some good pure chowder/nursey interaction


If you ever feel dumb just know I didn’t go to work today bc my car wouldn’t start this morning. I had it towed to get it fixed right. Paid a hundred dollars to have it towed not even fkn ten miles only for them to tell my stupid ass the only problem was that I was out of gas.

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