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More WAY-verse friend doodles for anon who requested it after I posted the Natsu/Juvia one (I accidentally deleted your ask omg i’m so sorry)

Drawing the usual pairs/trios together is sooo mainstream. Let’s switch things up!

p.s. there are captions.

Pride month

→ Pansexual Sting

[Bisexual male-leaning Freed], [Demisexual Laxus], [Bisexual female-leaning Cana], [Lesbian Kagura], [Gay Mest], [Bisexual Rufus], [Pansexual Gajeel], [Demisexual Rogue],  [Bisexual Levy], [Lesbian Flare], [Gay Erik], [Demisexual Natsu], [Pansexual Bixlow], [Bisexual female-leaning Meredy], [Bisexual Mirajane], [Gay Macbeth], [Demisexual Evergreen], [Bisexual Loke], [Demisexual Jellal]

Trans Gray Headcanons

Dedicated to @icybi bc Gray’s one of our faves

  • At some point during the awkward, horrible puberty stage of the current Fairy Tail generation, he became even more withdrawn and stand-offish. 
  • Not many people noticed the change in pattern of his stripping habit, only Natsu and Erza, then Cana after she saw Gray lashing out at Natsu for mentioning it. None of them took it any further though.
  • Sex ed was…not good at Fairy Tail. They were all kinda left to figure it out for themselves since the adults felt too awkward to talk about it unless they were laughing at something innevitably embarrassing happening.
  • This put Gray in such a fucking shit situation tbh. They’d all try and figure out some shit and Levy found a sex ed book or two somehow.
  • He would awkwardly ask Cana about stuff they’d read about and if it had happened to her. She didn’t really know why he wanted to know but just put it down to curiosity. 
  • Cana was the first person he came out to and supported him through everything. They snuck out and pooled together money from jobs to get him his first binder. 
  • By the time he was 15 he had told people here and there and was ready to come out to the rest of the guild. He was nervous but everyone was supportive. Makarov felt guilty for not paying more attention to Gray’s needs and educating himself about LGBT+ stuff for the sake of the children. He bought Gray a new, high-quality binder, the best he can find, perfectly fitted, with the ft guildmark stamped on the front as the least he can do to make up for it and apologises.
  • Constantly making down with the cis jokes.
  • Also has been known to freeze transphobes solid. 

okay im sorry about the messy sketch but I really wanted to post another design for my guardian au! this time its Acnologia! he is the guardian of the the spirit of destruction and war


So i made a shit typo and wrote rivier instead of river and i wanted to make an oc with that name so i just sorta fucking inspired myself of a dream i had and bingo these two were born:

- Rivier, a wingless riding dragon with the ability to camouflage and spit liquid nitrogen (this makes her an ice dragon lmao). Her fins are also fully mobile and they can be used as an expressive/threat display or to soak up sunlight.

- Jem, her rider, who is actually part of a group of feared raiders. They usually attack nomads and rob them of supplies, information, and more often than not they take their lives as well. Jem is also very mean. (her real name is actually Jeanne Marie but if you say it out loud she will wreck you)

Lograna Chaotic Bi Headcanons

A topic so important that myself, @icybi and @ice-bringer have a gc dedicated to it. This is platonic btw.

  • When they’re younger Gray and Cana kinda figure out their sexualities together. Cana gets a crush on Mira and is like wtf I’m p sure I’m not a lesbian so…what the fuck is this. Luckily Levy heard of something called ‘bisexuality’ and she tells them about it (or maybe Freed depending on when he joins the guild, I hc him as a really great big brother who people go to for LGBT type questions bc he’s very educated on it).
  • A few years later they tell Loke and he’s like “Huh, so that’s what the kids are calling it these days.”
  • Once Gray called Cana a hetero as a joke and she reacted so fast she didn’t even have the chance to use magic she just lobbed her entire deck of cards at Gray’s face.
  • They don’t have the same ‘type’ (thank god) but there are overlaps for each one.
  • There have been fistfights when they fancy the same person. This happens…a lot. 
  • Also Loke is always taken out of the running bc he’d be cheating anyway (which he complains about and is very extra about dumping all his current gfs if he likes the person enough) [x]
  • Cana and Gray try to stop the cheating as much as possible (unfortunately Loke’s good at hiding it) mainly bc it’s gross and horrible but also Loke…..bro…..the stereotypes can u fucken NOT [x]
  • Cana has been known to get people making biphobic jokes kicked out of gay bars. They’re all proud of her for it. 
  • “’Pull the trigger, piglet.’ is a bi meme.” “No Gray it’s really not.” “Then explain why only bi people can use it.” “Natsu used it the other day.” “He’s crossed me for the last time. I’m kicking him out of my life.”
  • When Cana or Gray goes out with someone that wouldn’t be attracted to the other they’re nice and supportive. But if they go out with someone where both of them have a chance the ‘winner’ gloats for weeks.
  • It’s really bad but they’re so competitive asldkjsh they always keep that competitiveness in check though and never treat flirting or dating as a game (even if Gray keeps tallies sometimes when Cana and Loke are interested in the same person) [x]
  • Their group chat….is a mess…I could write multiple seperate posts on it but when they’re on dates there’s a lot of secretly updating the gc and supportive friends screaming and keysmashing and water emojis.
  • “Guys you know I’m chaotic bi just from looking at me, right? Like I’m obviously bi but can you sense the chaos?” “Gray for fuck’s sake.” 
  • Just so many wild stories and a nice bond between them because of it? They love being bi (and chaotic lmao) and are never ashamed of it. 
️Chapter 401 Summary
  • Natsu: jerk
  • Igneel: bitch

it’s almost a year since i started watching free, so here; have some rinharu