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Request: Can you do a Bucky x Reader X Steve fluff(maybe smut), where the reader needs help with a world history unit about World War Two and they go to them??? And they fight over who’s going to help the reader??

Pairing: Bucky x Reader x Steve

Warnings: none rlly (I’m so fucking sorry, ik you probably wanted smut but the cold hard truth is I fucking suck ass at writing smut and I don’t want to make y’all cringe)

A/N: Hello my name is Victoria Martinez (just call me Tori), I was born on December 25th, 1999 (I’m 17), I love reading and writing, I have a fucked up sense of humor, I attend Primavera online high school bc public school gave me bad anxiety, panic attacks, made my depression worsen and much much more. I only have one friend (I’m a loser, I know), and ye homies. If ya have any questions for me/about me I’ll be happy to answer them. I just want you guys to get to know me better.

Putting down your pen, you release and frustrated sigh. You had to write a 5 paged essay about World War 2 for your World History class that was due at the end of the week (granted that your professor gave you nearly 3 weeks to work on it). You look down at your paper and read over what you had wrote down.


March 8th, 2017

World History

The Second World War

That was it. Your mind went completely blank after that. You looked over your notes once. Then twice. Now nearly six times and still nothing. You tried reading the articles your professor suggested but to no avail.

You pick up your pen again, tapping it on your desk before dropping it and throwing your head back, not forgetting to let out a loud groan. You couldn’t put this aside any longer - you’ve already done that for two weeks.

“What the fuck am I supposed to do?” you mutter into your hands. You didn’t want to look at that god awful paper again. Then, an idea hit you. “Friday, where’s Bucky - or Steve?”

“Mr. Barnes and Mr. Rogers are in the living room.”


You stand up, taking your pen and notebook with you as you rush down the hall. Nearly slipping twice, you make it to the living room and spot the two men sitting on the couch while watching some movie.

You tuck your hair behind your ear and walk around the couch, waving your hand to catch their attention. “Hey guys.”

“Hey Y/N.” Bucky spoke first, throwing a handful of popcorn in his mouth.

“We just started watching this.. Kids cartoon, I think. It’s called Sausage Party. You can join us if you want.” Steve added, glancing over at you.

You laugh. “You’re in for a rude awakening, my friend.” he looks at you with confusion written all over him but you decide to move on. “Um.. I actually came here to ask for your help - or Bucky’s.”

At the mention of his name, he looks over at you.

“What is it?” Steve asked, turning his body towards you as you took a seat on the far end of the couch.

“I have this five paged essay to turn in at the end of the week about World War Two but I dunno I’m just having a hard time doing it.” you sigh. “I mean, I’ve gone over my notes so many times and I’ve read the articles but-”

“The articles are bullshit.” Bucky says. “They always have the wrong information.”

“Which is why I came to you guys for help.” you gesture to them. “Maybe you can put it in a way that I’ll understand? Since, you know, you guys were there and all.”

Steve makes a face. “Sure, I can help you.”

“It’s cool, Steve. I can help her.” Bucky sits up, body now turned towards you.

Steve turns to his friend. “No, it’s fine Buck. I’ve got this.”

“Steve, I can do this. I was there.” he smiled and you knew they were about to start arguing.

“Well so was I.”

“Yeah but,” Bucky scoffs. “I was there.”

Steve frowns, crossing his arms over his chest. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It mean that… Well..” Bucky pauses, trying to word it correctly but Steve interrupts.

“I was in that war, Bucky.” he spoke.

“Yeah but you weren’t there in the beginning, I was.”

Steve huffed. “It’s not my fault that I was a skinny man and no one..” his voice became background noise when Bucky sighed.

“Here we go again.” he rolled his eyes before preparing for the conversation. “No one said it was your fault, Steve.”

“Well obviously you are because-”

“Steve, don’t start.”

Steve pursed his lips like an immature child. “You don’t think I was a good enough soldier.”

“Oh god.” Bucky breathed, closing his eyes for a split second before looking at Steve. “I never said that.”

“You didn’t have to.” he huffed. “I only saved your life, nothing too major.” sarcasm laced his words and you had to slap a hand over your mouth to prevent you from laughing. You’ve never seen Steve get like this before and it was honestly hilarious.

“You wanna go there? Fine, let’s go there.” Bucky sat on the edge of his seat. “You let me fall of the damn train.”

Steve gasped. “I did not!”

“You did!”

“I tried to get you Bucky!”

“Well you didn’t try hard enough and because of that, I fell off the train, lost my arm and was captured by Hydra.” the soldier crossed his arms.

“Don’t blame this all on me!” Steve shouted.

Deciding that you should stop them from arguing, you interrupt.

“Hey uh, I really need help with that five paged essay. Really important.” you say, causing the two to become silent as they glare at one another.

“I’m helping Y/N.” Bucky spoke.

“No, I am.” Steve hissed.

“You weren’t even there for the first part of it, how could you-”

“Oh, I’m sorry that I was too damn skinny to be enlisted, Bucky!”

“Don’t go there!”

“You already did!”

“You think you’re Mr. Perfect? You didn’t even bother looking for me after I fell!” Bucky argued.

“I thought you were dead!”

He scoffed. “Well clearly I’m not.” he gestures to himself.

“Bucky, I’ll help Y/N because unlike you, I was there till the end.” he smiled sweetly.

“You little shit-”

They start bickering back and forth and finally realizing that you would get help from neither of them, you up and leave the living room, bumping into Tony and Sam along the way.

“What are the old men arguing about?” Tony questioned.

You wave your hand. “Something about Steve leaving his condom wrappers out in the open.”

Tony looks at Sam. “I told you Rogers was getting laid!”

Sam rolls his eyes and they continue on their way towards the elevator. You make it to your room and you’re about to shut the door when you hear Bucky’s voice.

“Where’s Y/N?”

There was a pause.

“See, I told you, you were gonna scare her off!”

Me? More like you scared her off!”

“Don’t turn this on me, Bucky! If you-”

And you shut the door.

A/N: I didn’t know how to end this so ye. I hope ya guys like it, it was pretty fun to write. Tell me what at think :)


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James Potter Imagine 3 Part 1


Request: Hi!! Can you do a James x reader where the reader is Sirius’s twin sister and James really wants to date her but Sirius won’t let him cause he’s to overprotective so they secretly start to date and Sirius finds out and is really mad. Btw I love you and your writings SOOO MUCH!!!!:)<3

I’m super exited to write this one bc I’m a twin so i can relate. Im the older twin (by 2 minutes) so i also made the reader the older one.


You entered the Great Hall, smiling and waving at your twin brother, Sirius, before his friend (and your crush), James, waved you over to come and sit with them. You were just about to sit in-between James and Remus when Sirius grabbed your wrist and pulled you over to him, glaring at James and gesturing for you to sit in-between Remus and Sirius instead. You sighed and sat down.

“So,” James began, shooting Sirius a harsh glare before turning back to you, “Y/n, are you going to Hogsmeade this weeken-”

Sirius had gotten up and pulled James out of his seat, his round glasses falling off in the process, and dragged him out of the Great Hall.

You sighed and picked up James’s glasses. Whatever quarrel the boys had gotten into this time, you were sure you could talk them out of it and then scold your -technically- little brother.

You walked out the Great Hall, just about to round the corner when you heard Sirius yelling.

“We talked about this, Prongs!”

“I know! But I just-” he sighed and spun around in frustration, running his hands through his hair, “I really like her.”

“She’s my sister!”

“I know, I know! But don’t you think that you should let her be the one who decided whether or not she dates me? After all, it’s y/n I want to go out with, not you!”

“No! It’s my job to protect her. I wouldn’t even let that wuss Longbottom come near here. I know what you’re like James, and I don’t want you near my sister.”

Sirius stormed off and you ducked out of the way as he passed you. You let out a sigh of relief when he walked through the doors of the Great Hall and then peeked around the corner to see James running his hand through his messy hair, rubbing his eyes. 

“Why does she have to be his bloody sister?” James muttered to himself.

You stepped around the corner and held up his glasses, “I believe these belong to you?”

James squinted and then his eyes went wide, “Y-y/n, I didn’t- you see- see you there- uh-”

“It’s fine,” you walked over and handed him his glasses, watching as he slid them on and pushed them up his nose. You noticed the light blush on he cheeks as he looked around.

There was a ten second pause of the two of you standing awkwardly.

“Did you-”

“Yes,” you finished, already knowing what he was going to ask.

There was another short pause.

“Do you want to-”

“Yes,” you finished again, smiling. 

“And Padfoot?”

“We’ll just have to date in secret?” 

“Sounds utterly scandalous,” James said, his usual smirk back after recovering from his embarrassment.

“Well,” you bit your lip and smiled back, “I am quite the rebel.”

“Is that so?” James was beginning to laugh.

“I am!” You objected, looking mock offended.

“Sure…” he laughed and shot back sarcastically. 

“Well, I feel very disrespected,” you said dramatically, smiling while fighting back laugher. 

You had just begun your dramatic storm off when James ran up behind you and picked you up from the back, spinning you around as you laughed, before putting you on the ground, allowing you to turn and face him. 

“You really think we can pull this off?”

He kissed you softly before pulling away and responding, “Of course we can.”

You heard Sirius’s voice from around the corner, most likely ranting to Moony about how some girl wouldn’t hook up with him. You and James shared a briefly panicked look before he kissed your cheek and said, “Meet me in the Astronomy tower at midnight,” before rushing off to go intercept his friends.


At 11:59 you quietly slipped out the Gryffindor common room, making sure the Fat Lady remained asleep. You silently rushed through the hallways, checking every corner before continuing, until you reached the astronomy tower. James was sitting on the ground, looking at the stars, when you walked in and sat next to him.

“Did anyone see you leave?” You asked.

“Moony, but-”


But,” he emphasized, calming you down and grabbing your hand, “he swore he wouldn’t say anything.”

“Okay, okay,” you sighed, “Remus is the most trustworthy out of y'all.”

James coughed, as a way of saying he should be the most trustworthy.

“I’m not changing my answer,” you laughed.

“Maybe this will change your mind.”

He moved closer to you and you stayed there kissing for a while. Later, when you pulled apart, you talked about everything from your family drama to your favorite animals. Eventually it was nearly 6 am, and the world faded into darkness as the two of you played cuddled together.


“What the fuck?!!”

You groaned and felt something under you. No… someone

You pushed yourself up a bit with your arms and saw James, his eyes fluttering opened. You blushed and got off of him and moved over, rubbing your eyes. You looked up to see your brother fuming with rage.

“Oh shit…” you said to yourself.

“Yeah, y/n! ‘Oh shit!’”

Remus was standing next to Sirius fighting back laughter.

James sat up and groaned, “Moony! You said you wouldn’t tell!”

Sirius glared at James, “Well, when you two lovebirds were missing for the first half of the day, Moony here decided he should go get you before I found you. But he wasn’t to reluctant to give you up!”

James was about to speak when Sirius interrupted him, “My sister! I told you to stay away from her! And you went behind my back? What kind of friend are you?”


“No, y/n!” He interrupted you, “You lied to me just as much as he did.”

“Well you don’t have to protect me!” You shot back, getting angry. Sirius was being somewhat irrational. 

“I do! I’m your brother!”

“I can take care of myself!”

He gestured to James’s general area, “Clearly you can’t!”

“I’m older than you!”

“By two bloody minutes!”

“If you’re going to be such a twat, just stay out of my life!”

Sirius’s eyes flashed with hurt and he stepped back. You put your hand on his shoulder.

“Sirius, I-”

He shrugged your hand off and walked out of the Astronomy Tower. 

Remus sighed, “I’ll go talk to him,” and left.

You turned to James, “I don’t want to hurt him.”

“I know,” he sighed, “mean either, he’s my best mate, but it is our lives. We get to choose who we date.”

“I know, and I just wish he could see that!”


You and James were sitting in the common room in front of the fire, your legs intertwined. You were trying to teach him how to properly tie his tie, which it turns out he had been doing wrong his whole life. 

“No, James,” you laughed, “like this.”

Like what?” He questioned, doing it wrong obviously intentionally while smiling at you.


He cut you off with a kiss and you laughed, kissing back.

There was a cough behind you and the two of your turned around. 

“Oh, Sirius, I-” you began, untangling yourself from James.

“Padfoot- We need to-” James cut in. 

“-Talk, I know.”

You and James both looked at him expectantly and he sighed.

“Alright, I know I’ve been… unreasonable, but-”

“Tell me about it,” you muttered to James.

Sirius shot you a death-glare and you grinned.

“-but, as I was saying, I suppose… I could learn… to deal with this arrangement if my sister and best mate are happy…”

He looked away and folded his arms. 

“Oh, Sirius! Thank you!” You jumped up and tackled him in a hug, making him laugh. 

“You’re welcome, sis,” he smiled, ruffling you hair after you released him. 

“And Prongs,” Sirius smiled at his best mate, pulling him into a hug, “Don’t ever, and I mean EVER hurt her.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it,” James responded, smiling at you while patting his best friends back. 

Six | John Shelby

request: john shelby imagine where he is remarried and is worried bc his second wife wants another baby with him even though the last delivery went bad. He doesnt see the pt bc he has 4 other kids and their last baby. She wants another baby close in age to the last one. Thanks

[a/n - this is only short but i didn’t know what to write because i didn’t want it to be all arguments and that but yep, enjoy.]

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“Idioooooooot!! Why did we have to go all this way just for you to say that?!”

“So I could show you that Whale Island is also yours! heheheh!”

“Hey, you’re not the only one who owns this island…”


“I thought you were dead.” Vernon

29 “I thought you were dead.” 

Admin: Okay, so this turns out a bit more dramatic like a k-drama scene than I expected/ wanted it to be. Sorry lol but I thought you guys still like it!!

Pairing: vernon x reader 

Genre: fluff (Ish), dramatic (ish) [tbh idk]

Word Count: 535

Originally posted by sneezes

Vernon kept calling your phone over and over again. Even spamming you with texts all day because he couldn’t reach you. He didn’t see you all day nor did you talk to him last night. You guys were in a bit of a argument yesterday but Vernon didn’t think it was that serious for you to want to stop talking to him.

At first, he thought you were just ignoring him but then as the day went by, he asked some friends, hours and his if they’ve seen you. They said they did in their classes which got him feeling a bit down since you were definitely avoiding him.

He put aside the little argument that meant nothing compared to his care and love for you. Vernon didn’t know what to do or why you’d disappear all of a sudden but soon after, when he got back home and turned on the tv, the news was on.

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In case something happens… We won’t say our goodbyes. It’s better this way.

He kept silent, focusing on the embers of the campfire in front of them. He knew she was right; they had an image to maintain and any sign of attachment had no place here. Even saying this much was a risk. He sighed and continued to stoke the fire.

“I know. We should sleep soon. We need to be ready for the Feast at dawn.”

She nodded. With his short acknowledgment, nothing else needed to be said. Except maybe one thing.

“Goodnight, Cato.”

“Goodnight, Clove.”              


anonymous asked:

one of my personal fav top 11 boys just got elimated (justin) and sigh how do i deal with this loss. i managed to keep all 11 of them for so long

aww anon, :’( feel free to private message me if you ever want to rant or cry or just spam me with reasons why he should have made it because HE SHOULD HAVE. I’m never getting over how much talent was lost during eliminations. :’(

do you think ned stark was a total dad and managed to incorporate his house words into every fucking one of his jokes like “alright kids, don’t forget to put your coats on, winter is coming!” and stared at his children waiting for one of them to laugh and catelyn just had to sigh like “goddammit ned we go through this every morning