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what are the little things that the couples do for each other that literally make their partner MELT bc they're so infatuated

(imma just do one for each person bc shit that would take way too long love you tho i may do some more in the future)

-Mendel listens to Trina, which is above and beyond anything she could ever ask. After school, she’ll start droning on about the horrible things about her day or babbling about how well she’s doing in choir! and orchestra! and all her classes! and Mendel will attentively listen with the biggest, silliest grin on his face, and he’ll ask her questions about her day like he’s genuinely interested, which he always is. Trina just cannot get enough of him. 

-Whizzer kisses Marvin whenever he has the chance. They’ll pass each other in the hall, and Whizzer will stop right in the middle and plant a kiss on Marvin’s forehead. When they sit together, every sentence seems to be punctuated with a sweet kiss on the cheek. His simple actions make Marvin feel incredibly and publicly loved; it inflates his ego more than it probably should. Sometimes, whenever Whizzer kisses him, Marvin will let his hand rest on the place he was just kissed and feel the warmth of something that was just there and melt.

-Marvin gives Whizzer time. It could be 3:00 P.M. or 3:00 A.M., but the second Whizzer calls or texts needing someone to talk to, Marvin answers. If he’s feeling outside himself, Marvin is always just one call away. And he may not be able to help with any problems–Marvin is admittedly the worst at advice–but he will always pick up, no matter what. Whizzer loves how enraptured Marvin is with every word he says that sometimes they talk for the sole purpose of Whizzer listening to his reactions.

-Cordelia smiles at Charlotte. Every time they’re in a room together, Delia gives Charlotte a large, genuine smile. Her shoulders rise a little bit when she smiles, and Charlotte thinks it’s the most adorable thing she’s ever laid eyes on. Even when they text, Delia ends most of her messages with a smiling emoji or a colon-parenthesis. In moments of silent staring, Delia will smile at Charlotte’s mere presence. Whenever Charlotte enters a room, her girlfriend is smiling. 

-Trina helps Mendel. She’ll help him study for a subject on which she has absolutely zero knowledge just so he gets it. To teach him to drive, she let him use her car. She does so much for him without expecting one thing in return except for Mendel and his company. You don’t understand how insanely happy that makes him. Dead serious. 

-Charlotte holds Cordelia. One arm is always wrapped around her waist or her shoulder or slipped in between her fingers. Charlotte always has some sort of grip on Delia, almost as if to keep her from going away. Cordelia loves all of it. She loves how someone like Charlotte wants to constantly be around someone like her, and she always melts in her touch because god, who wouldn’t? I love them so much ok


Title: Colours (bc I know British English I’m sOrRy)

Pairing: Jae x Fem!Reader

Genre: Alternate universe i think

Warning(s): None

Requested: Nope

Prompt(s): (this is obvs thought up at 3am) What if people’s hair colours changed with their feelings?

You walked into the transparent glass doors of the café. As clumsy as you are, you thought you’d expect this, but you’re surprised every time. You feel your roots tingle as you stare at the glass, a sensation runs through every inch of your hair follicles, leaving a fresh feeling at the tips. You squint your eyes at the door to look for a reflection of the colour. The reflection lets you observe the bright green colour your hair earned from the surprise, slowly fading into a neutral state of _insert your natural hair colour_.

You let out a sigh and push the door open, using its metal handle, afraid to leave finger prints. The café is quiet with light chatter accompanying the smell of freshly ground coffee. It is starting to get cold nearing the end of September; placing your hands on the counter top before the till, you order a warm drink.

Sitting down in the wicket woven chairs, you open your phone to occupy yourself as time passes before your working shift. You disappointingly find nothing interesting in your phone, so you just plug in your earphones. Turning on a playlist you hadn’t listened to for quite a bit, you examine the rest of the coffee shop.

In a corner, between the till and a wall with cupboards full of expensive looking pottery, at one of the more modern — wooden — tables, sits a male. He sits comfortably, small eyes squinting at his MacBook even though large round glasses sit on his handsome nose. His neutral brown hair stirs under the wind of the air conditioner above him, however it is slowly turning a navy colour. Navy being a very common hair colour, meaning complete concentration. His lips capture his coffee cup every few seconds, his eyes never leaving the computer screen as he does so.

You feel your roots tingling again, but don’t take much notice as the burning sensation runs through your hair. This person is beautiful. You don’t want to tear your eyes away wholeheartedly.

The man takes another sip of his coffee, this time closing his eyes as he does so. Unsurprisingly, he opens them and his gaze lands on you.

The two of you stare at each other for a few moments, as if to savour the fact that you found each other. Before you turned away, you noticed that his hair had started to turn into a burgundy.


You’re about to pack up as you have around half an hour before having to check in to work, when a soft voice interrupts your priorities.

“What does "pink” mean for your hair?“  

Your head tilts up slightly to find the handsome stranger sitting across from you in the other woven chair with an amused expression, his hair now a dark brown - a common colour for a flirty attitude. You realise what the questions he asked you means. Although you don’t feel your roots tingle, you feel your hair burning into a warm colour. Tilting your head back down, your hair falls in front of your shoulders revealing its deep cherry red colour.

A laugh erupts from the stranger making you look back up at him. You hide your face with your hands in embarrassment, dropping your phone onto the table. You pick your phone back up and check the time. I really need to leave.

"Well, what does burgundy mean?” You stand,  clutching your bag in one hand, your phone and earphones in the other, and watch as the strangers hair turn burgundy again. Your giggle rings loudly in the area since now you know it probably means he is flustered.
Pushing your chair in, you bow to the stranger and head for the glass doors, this time being careful not to run into them. A force pulls you back toward the inside.

“Could I get your number before you leave. My name is Jae.”

Jae’s hair now matching yours, a faded berry pink.

This is shite bye.

I followed a tokyo street fashion blog and seeing what’s being worn in Shibuya these days made me wanna draw my dear Momoko Michiyagi again!!

If you think she paid a single yen for that crepe, you’re absolutely mistaken. THERE WAS A MEGA HUGE SALE ON CASHMERE YARN LISTEN SHE HAAAD TO HAVE IT SHE’S GONNA USE IT FOR SO MUCH NO, LIKE, REALLLLY!

Drawing an OC for the second time feels like the biggest test, man.

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Zazzalil, Cynthia and Laurens character in Muzzled I cant remember her name

ok listen I love Cynthia but canonically she’s in her 50s and poisons ppl for fun so I don’t have much of a choice really

marry zaz
smash princess allegro unless marrying her means I also get to be a princess??
kill Cynthia but also not bc I’m 120% sure she’d kill me first

Hello! So I created my studyblr a few days ago and this intro was long overdue. I’ve seen studyblrs and I’ve always wanted to have one so I decided to make one. I hope you like it.

Basic info:
• My name is Andrea
• I’m 17, but I’ll be 18 in a few months
• I’m a senior and graduating VERY soon
• I’ll start college in January 2018 and I’m going to study architecture.

• drawing
• reading
• listening to music (I listen to a lot of genres but lately K-Pop has been consuming MY ENTIRE LIFE)
• cooking
• sleeping

• get better grades.
• possibly (maybe) inspire other ppl.
• use this as a way to destress bc I stress over stuff I shouldn’t.

@studyquill @architstudy @architect-of-thought @studejing @studyfreaksdiary @lilypadstudies @fuccstudy @studyblr

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hey you should totally check out Broadway Backstory, it's a free podcast on itunes and in the first 2 episodes they go into detail on how ith was conceived w/ guest commentary by lin and some other people, just letting u know in case you haven't heard bc they talk about a lot of cut plot that i haven't seen going around tumblr!

I have listened to those!!!!! Not the other musicals, although I should, but the ITH ones were amazing, especially Andréa’s memories of it.

why do ppl mock The Indie Girl Voice™ so much when The Pop Punk Guy Voice™ is one of the worst and most grating singing styles ever

Don’t think I didn’t miss that Reaper’s character select line is “Reaper here.” and Reyes’ opening line is “Reyes here.” 


The only thing we need to worry about is the next minute. 


Gravel to Tempo by Hayley Kiyoko sign language cover (PSE)


”When there’s trouble, you know who to call.”

Okay but listen- I needed a Teen Titans AU featuring these guys………

Dream Daddies: Getting High
  • Robert: even more paranoid, gets really intensely into telling others his conspiracy theories. loses all concept of an indoor voice.
  • Mat: just wants to lay on the floor and listen to trippy music to, like, fully appreciate it man. always starts with sgt peppers lonely hearts club band
  • Damien: “did you know that in victorian times ppl would visit opium dens to socialize and relax? we should get out the velvet pillows and sit on the floor for authenticity sake”
  • Craig: one of the best ppl to get high with. it takes forever to find a day to make it happen bc he’s so busy, but he shows up with a huge bag of cheetos and a six pack and you smoke and play mario kart all afternoon
  • Brian: “when I was visiting a friend in colorado springs, he had the highest quality marijuana that you can get. it was like pharmacy grade and really strong, but since I had a contact it barely cost me anything”
  • Hugo: is v nervous about trying The Drugs but eventually caves and then gets really animated telling you about legendary wrestling matches from 20 yrs ago 
  • Joseph: refuses to smoke with you for a long time, but when he finally does, it turns out he knows WAY more about it than you do, rolls expert-level blunts, likes to blow smoke rings and shotgun. when asked about it, he just grins and says “i wasn’t always a youth pastor, you know”


  • Mary: actually does have at least one blunt in her purse at all times, super fun to smoke with, very pro wake-and-bake

Lost in skies of powdered gold
Caught in clouds of silver ropes

insp:  (੭ˊᵕˋ)੭* ੈ✩‧₊˚