bc low quality video

Y'all still like this blog right?

bc I’m having a hard time getting things for it, capping wise, bc it takes. So. Freaking. Long. To get anything like I spend AT LEAST 2 hours each time, & that’s if I’m lucky. If it’s not already on YouTube or Netflix then that’s easily 2 hours just looking right there. And bc I don’t like low quality videos & bc I’m picky that’s extra time looking for sources.

AND FOR SOME REASON there aren’t more posts about Crowley/Mark that haven’t been on this blog 10 million times so like…y'all still like this thing? Bc if not then like what’s the point exactly. I don’t wanna make a big thing about this but I’m being fr with y'all rn. -admin m


Line of Durin - First and Last moments

If more people valued home above gold, the world would be a merrier place.

No!  Run!


anonymous asked:

Hi, i really want to see the pisture that you have as your icon but i cant, can you post it? please, thank youuuuu<3 love this blog(:

no problem!

(it’s kinda low quality bc it’s from one of his twitter videos… but it still gave me warmth)

tysm for the love as well ^^ have a good day!


bringing this video back for vintage bo week