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I was thinking about how Rocky choreographed Morning Call and Fireworks which got me thinking he probably choreoed other things. 

Here’s a self choreo for the winter fantagio audiotions. (rocky left, moonbin right) That’s one of Rocky’s classic moves. 

Here’s the dance ASTRO did for SHINee’s View. The dance had to be modified because ASTRO has to hold mics in one hand. It’s got that same move that Rocky and Moonbin do in the above audition.

Here’s the actual choreo SHINee does at that part. (doesn’t have the hand flick that Rocky does)

You can see that the move ASTRO does is a combination of the arm motion from Rocky’s choreo for the winter audtion and the leg motion in SHINee’s choreo. Basically I think Rocky has been doing choreo for a long time and everytime he watches a senior group dance he picks out the moves that he likes and incorporates them into his own style and is constantly learning and improving. 

Imagine having little coffee dates with Mingyu whenever he’s free.

idk about u but the concept of self love and self confidence is baffling to me like wow people aren’t afraid of judgement from others ???? people can happily go up to others and introduce themselves ???? people dont pick out all their flaws whenever they look in the mirror ??? people dont want to cry after looking at themselves ??? people can go clothes shopping without crying ??? people are happy and content with themselves ??? like thats fucking wild go anyone who can do all those things bc ur incredible 


who do you think you are
saying you can handle my power 
you woke the monster
now let me see what
you are capable of


ILLUSIONS SHATTERED.     can i just say i’m not really interested in shipping,   unless it occurs naturally ;   i’m all about that slow burn kind of relationship   & this,   is very typical of natasha,   when she loves,   she loves with her whole heart but it takes some time to get there.   still,   shipping is NOT MY PRIORITY on this blog,   not just because of natasha’s general abstinence but also because i’m more interested in CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT.   i want threads to challenge her,   make her feel something,   make her change her thinking,   put her into difficult situations   & etc.   i’m just getting tired of people not being interested in writing with me once i say i’m not interested in ships,   i am not here for that.   i want long term plots,   worlds   & universes.   i want something i can invest myself into.