bc like the last moment we see of this

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Top 5 fav cophine moments :)

sorry this took me so long, but i wanted to add gifs…aaand i’m doing 6 bc i’m absolute trash and couldn’t narrow it down. so here we go:

6. when delphine is saying goodbye, and knows it could very well be the last time she ever sees cosima. i love love evelyne in this scene bc she really looks like she’s trying to memorize every single bit of cosima’s face, and ugh wow.

5. ummmmmm this kiss. bc of delphine’s hand….like??? need i say more?

4. i’m pretty sure this is going to be a flashback, and we haven’t even seen it yet, but…..omfg. this is….thirsty delphine? i am deceased. i have literally rewatched the s5 trailer a million fucking times bc this is so hot i cannot handle it.

3. SMOOTH OPERATOR COSIMA!!! obviously one of everyone’s favorite moments, but i love love this so much. especially bc of the way delphine ends up leaning against the table, like it just really confirms her as a top™….as if we did not already know.

2. controversial, but, the break up. listen. cosima’s small, “i love you” with her puppy eyes was so traumatizing, i cried for 30 minutes. and then! delphine dramatically breaks down in the middle of the hallway, increasing my heartache tenfold. they were both so amazing in the scene, god it’s just so sad.

1. delphine climbs into bed with cosima to keep her warm. this scene really got me bc first we have cosima’s blurry vision seeing delphine strip down in front of her, and her face is like, “is this real? am i dead already?” like she literally cannot believe her eyes. so that already had me emotional, but then delphine’s face when she looks down at cosima i just like…really lost it?? she looks at her with such care and reverence, like she’s just in complete awe of her. i really cannot believe they made me wait an entire season for this, but tbh it was worth it.

i love them so much, honestly i’m so glad i waited to binge watch this series bc i really could not have survived the hiatus between seasons lmao. they compliment each other so well, i just really want them to be happy. lord knows they deserve it.

listen im gonna need yall to remember that skam is very true to life. in most tv shows, the world is presented very idealistically, and characters are kind of unrealistic, but you really cant apply the same logic to the skam universe.
its true to life - it doesnt represent an ideal world, its a really accurate portrayal of How People Actually Are and how theyre seen by others. so yes, noora is taking a lot of screen time bc sana feels overshadowed by her, vilde is seen as naive because she is ignorant, has made ignorant comments, and so sana, in annoyance, sees every stupid thing she does and it feels extremely magnified. we’re annoyed by those characters because sana is annoyed by them
isak had the kind of pointless conversation in the last clip because sana knows he could get into trouble for what shes done, and shes hyper aware of his presence. yousef seems like a great guy in every clip (except THAT one) bc sana has feelings for him, and maybe we arent seeing as much of his flaws
we dont see every moment of the mains life because that would be ridiculous, we see the parts that are important, that the main is focussing on.
just keep that in mind, im aware that skam still has its flaws, but this is just something i wanted to say

I really like this headcanon that Flut Fluts are a majestic and beautiful and pretty much a flying legendary and live forever unless killed

The mama Flut Flut was captured by Lurkers and killed, probably taxidermy, meats, whatever (I know they aren’t civil but they still coulda cooked her)

I like to believe that the last time we see the Flut Flut was in snowy mountain, she’d probably gone back to bird watcher, while Jak and Dax were shuffling the portal back to Sandover

And during the moment with the chaos, the Flut Flut flew to best of its ability, far away
And lived in isolation for many years

And then present time, Keira’s training to be a sage probably rocks and plants // taking over her father and Jak and Daxter travel with her bc fuck torn we want to help our best friend pass being a sage

And then they climb to the highest mountain to do meditation, Keira insists

When a dark shadow comes out of the cave and it’s the fucking Flut Flut, so tall and buffed with feathers

And it becomes savage, you know my territory and then it sees Dax

And goes


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I don't like to do any assumption but I think now is more than obvious how much Yoongi like Hobi, he love the other members too but for Hobi is something different and anyone can see that. But the real question is, do you think Hobi like him back or this is just a one sided crush? bc idk, he's always so nice and carrying with all members, thats the way he's. Idk is hard to tell this things bc we dont know them, but to me sometimes feels like Yoongi has a crush while Hobi only see him as a friend

yeaaaaah same……………… because of moments like in today’s gayo when yoongi went for a hug and hoseok was just “nope”. or in the last gayo when instead of trying but failing to dance with yoongi properly (like jungkook and jimin did) hoseok was just being extra. that’s why i don’t trust nice people smh at first they make you feel special but then it turns out they’re treating everyone like that. and it’s not like it’s their fault it’s just how they are so you can’t even get angry with them 😞 that’s why i hope yoongi’s ok ldajsdskmsd even if we’re talking about platonic crushes i feel like he likes hoseok more than hoseok likes him 

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hi! last year in calc there was this guy in my class. We hit it off, but I saw him as just a classmate. my friend kept on teasing us about being together bc we argued like a couple, would look cute together,etc.I didn't see anything there, but in June he started talking to me and we'd stay up late just texting each other. then he confessed. and in the heat of the moment I said it was requited,but i don't think it ever was and now i feel bad since we still talk ( a lot)

well I don’t think you should feel bad that you still talk.. but if you know that you never really liked him then in my opinion it’s kind of unfair for you to still be acting like you do just bc you don’t want to hurt his feelings? if you understand what I mean.

my best advice would be to be honest with him and just tell him what really happened hopefully you guys can still remain friends! good luck!

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i'm getting really interested in the regulily pairing after i found your blog! Is there anything you can tell me about the pairing? (Like how did the pairing really become a thing, what is the dynamic like in the pairing usually) and any fic recs?

omg yes!! it came about when @provocative-envy​ did this thing called rare pair fortnight, and i guess this post kind of sums up how i felt about it originally?? my regulily fic recs can be found at the end of my fic recs page, in my regulily tag, and in this post!! when it comes to the dynamic in the pairing, i think there are a few rly important points:

  • this would be a really dramatic and passionate relationship - i mean we’re talking about the guy who left a “fuck u” note for voldemort and the girl who gave james potter hell for thinking she would ever go out with him. they were both able to outsmart voldemort, and regulus even found out about the horcruxes waaayyy back in 1979, before dumbledore knew??? so like ????? 
  • i mean they were so smart and valuable that they were both invited to the slug club !!!!!!! they were actually members at the same time !!!! and snape, who was lily’s friend, was also there and coincidentally ran in the same social circles as regulus and HATED james potter and sirius black (rex’s brother i mean??)
  • speaking of sirius, lily also probably is not a fan of his bc he is the best friend/boyfriend of james potter aka her anti-fav for most of their time at hogwarts so?? and also regulus was probably feeling really bitter towards him??? since sirius just up and left when rex was just a lil bb fourth year?? but they were still in school together and would see each other in the hallway and professors would call regulus “sirius” by accident and their relationship was probably SO strained
  • who else has a canonically strained relationship with their older sibling? oh ya none other than ur girl lily evans, who’s sister petunia half hated her because she was a witch! and what’s so special about you you’re just my lame sister and sometimes the sibling thing can be rly tough so like????? 
  • REGULILY IS ALSO RLY TRAGIC AND SAD AND PULLS U APART AT THE SEAMS bc they were living in the middle of a war and neither of them were neutral like there was definitely a line drawn between “good” and “evil” and the light and the dark and
  • regulus joins up with the death eaters for ??? unexplored reasons tbh but probably because he comes from Old Money and the aristocracy and his parents rly believed in this guy and regulus does too but ????? then voldemort does some fucked up stuff 2 his house elf so he plots for MONTHS FIGURING OUT HOW TO GET BACK AT HIM AND THEN FINALLY TURNS ON HIM AND DOES ANYONE EVER FIGURE IT OUT BEFORE HARRY POTTER?? im so
  • and lily is out with the order and she’s married to james potter and she’ fighting death eaters at every turn and she’s fighting for her life and her friends lives and everything is so PASSIONATE JFC
  • so their relationship would have to be wistful and in-the moment because they KNOW it can’t last forever but they’re just clinging to any little bit of happiness they can find right then 
  • bc we know that regulus DIES in 1979 and lily ends up with james in the end and its just all like that line in blank space by taylor swift “and it’s gonna be forever / or it’s gonna go down in flames” but also wildest dreams “you see me in hindsight / tangled up with you all night / burning it down” 
  • for an alternative take on things we can turn to ghost by halsey i mean “kiss me in the corridor / but quick to tell me goodbye” and young god “i’m the king and you’re the queen and we will stumble through heaven / if there’s a light at the end / it’s just the sun in your eyes” LIKE ?????????
  • anyways that’s the general vibe like regulus and lily are two people who could have had everything if not for the gross politics that shaped and ultimately ended their lives thx @voldemort 
  • (also tie pins and james x sirius are rly important in regulily fic because @takeupserpents and Reasons but mostly @takeupserpents)

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are you taking promots? If not its okay ill just leave it here as an idea. Its kind of mchanzo-ish, like the team is in a very complicated situation and they keep asking Hanzo to use his dragons (ill go by dat headcanon that they use energy) and he uses them way more than he should bc they keep asking and he just suddenly falls almost dead n Genji gets MAD at the team bc he knows thats dangerous n his bro may die any moment now. He no let anyone close to him but Mccree, whos pissed as well

I am always taking prompts for like forever

this turned out WAY longer than I intended, but here we are


“Again, Hanzo. Now, before they spread!”

McCree has spent the last half-hour flanking for Hanzo, and he can see the exhausted grimace on the archer’s face as the command comes in over their comms. This will be the third time he’s had to summon the dragons, twice at 76’s order. But the omnics keep coming, and aside from Tracer’s rapidly-dwindling supply of pulse bombs, they have nothing else that can pick off the large, impenetrable waves. Hanzo takes a short moment to breathe, then nocks an arrow, growls his summons out between gritted teeth, and fires. The dragons streak across the battlefield, beautiful twists of shocking blue, and leave a sea of rended omnics in their wake.

They had thought the old military base was near empty, save for a few Talon agents looking to repurpose it for their own use. When Overwatch arrived, they were greeted with a veritable army of omnics and Talon agents.  They had hoped to retake the compound, but they had killed dozens of the bots without any signs that the attack would relent. The dragons are cutting wide swatches in the flood, but Hanzo is clearly unable to maintain the pace.

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okay i really need it spelled out

can someone please explain to me why they love InuKag so much??? And why they think it’s a healthy/good relationship??? bc i used to be fairly neutral about the ship but the more I read people’s reasonings for their relationship and portrayals of both InuYasha & Kagome, the more I’m confused by their interpretations of the characters

this is by no means a hate post - i am genuinely confused at this point & maybe if someone who enjoys the pairing explained it to me then it might make more sense

For those who want to read them, understand my POV, or are curious, my reasons as to why I don’t think InuKag is the best relationship are below the cut

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Hung out with the boy today and it was so much fun 😫 We even went grocery shopping bc I had to cook dinner tonight and that’s usually the worst but it was so fun.

Also, last week he guessed that I’m seeing a psychologist which kinda freaked me out bc I hadn’t said anything about it at all and so I asked him about how he knew, and he just said something like “I guess I just knew from the moment I met you that you’ve been through a lot. You seem like you’ve been in a lot of pain” and I just 😭

He’s so cute and sweet and funny and I’m not and ughhh 😫

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😑 pet peeve

THIS is a hard question. i’ve been thinking about it for the past hour… uh but i guess when someone takes something from me without asking??? i’m not sure if that counts, but it happens to me a lot with my family and it gets on my nerves… i don’t like being treated like a pushover that just lets anyone take whatever they want from me.

😘 irl crush

HM i actually don’t have one at the moment? like, i find some people i see cute, but i’ve never known anyone long enough for me to actually form a crush past physical attraction. the last time i actually had a crush waaaas umm a couple months ago! we dated for a bit, but we’re just friends now. she’s cool! we went on a lot of aquarium dates bc we both had a membership there kghkfghh she was also my classmate and crush when i was in middle school…  !!!but! ah! i always have a crush on my soulmate does that count at all

🌎 where you want to live

umm well, nowhere specific at the moment. i guess it doesn’t matter as long as there’s a beach and maybe a view of the stars. but for university i really want to go to either nc or ca. i’m avoiding florida colleges at all costs dkgjshdfkgh

❤️ 5 people you love

just 5????aaaaaaaaHh that’s too hard

1. matt!!!!!
2. tori
3. @kohryu
4. @katsui
5. @loveposting

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thoughts on all the "dean is in love" hints we got last season developing in this season? i have low expectations bc i don't want to be let down like i usually am but part of me feels like it's going to go somewhere

Hmm, I think that this is more of an item for the meta folks. :p

But seeing as you came all the way to my ask box, short reply; I think that a lot of these moments about Dean finding love are pretty ambiguous. Like Sam asking if Dean wouldn’t be interested in being with someone who knows the life? Was Sam talking about Dean? Was he talking about himself? Or about both of them finding someone? And although I’m sure that by now there are many metas that explain which one of these three options it probably is (and why), when it comes to text, all three of them are still valid.

Same goes for the scene where Dean confesses that he’d like to ‘experience people/feelings differently maybe for the first time’. Could it be about romance? Sure. Would his relationship with Cas fit that description? Definitely.

However the one thing this show loves to do is to keep things in the subtext and to keep everything in the middle, and so at the end of the day, you have little to work with outside of speculation. Does it mean anything at all? Will it ever be brought up again period? With Supernatural it’s just one giant bag of Fortune Cookies and you never know what you’ll eventually get when it comes to consistency in these cases, or when it comes to subtext going into text.

The only line I’d say was clearly about Dean craving someone and craving love, was the 'pining line’. Back then everyone was like rolling their eyes and all 'watch them make this about Amara’. But as we got more information about how that relationship worked, Dean confessing that it made him uncomfortable and that he was scared of her control, Dean saying that love and attraction 'wasn’t it’, and Dean actually wanting her dead whenever she wasn’t near (which is THE OPPOSITE of pining) there’s pretty much no one left for the pining line to be about.

Even with an open mind to the possibility of Wincest, or just the Sam/Dean relationship as brothers, the moment that line was dropped, Sam and Dean were together, working together, and actually on fairly good terms. It would make no sense for it to be about Sam. We later found out that it made no sense for it to be about Amara either. As far as we know there’s no one else important enough in Dean’s life at the moment for the pining line to apply to them.

So that leaves two options: 1) Mildred was talking out of her ass, and it will never be mentioned again. Or 2) It was about Cas.

Back then people feared like 'but what if it’s about some new love interest that they are planning to introduce later on this season?’ But the thing with pining is, you can’t pine for someone that you haven’t even met yet. (Unless we’re gonna include weird time traveling theories and retcons. :p)

Anyway (what did I say about keeping it short LOL), I hardly think it’s about a new love interest, because they would’ve at least introduced her/let Dean bond with her by now. If they want to make it believable they’re running out of time, because even this show won’t live forever. If they really want to do that anyway at the very end of the very show, it would feel forced, awkward, unnecessary, and to many it would also come across as the most rude and ultimate no homo ever.

To make that clear, I still don’t think that Destiel will ever go explicitly canon on the show, but by now I do believe (with them hinting at an endgame for Dean for so long, but them never doing anything about it aside from the Cas/Dean relationship) that they’re going to leave it open to interpretation in the end, instead of throwing a random chick at Dean at the very last minute.

Meanwhile, let’s just all have a drink and pity me for my nonexistent ability to keep things brief. Thank you!

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Hii can you please post photos/gifs where Eleanor is being supportive at 1D concerts? Because I feel like she's always on her phone or playing with her hair/nails instead of supporting Louis and having fun haha

Before I start I think everyone needs to remember a few things :

  • Eleanor isn’t in the audience most of the time, she’s on the side with people who work with 1D. Those people next to her aren’t excited because they see the show for the billionth time, therefore Eleanor isn’t going to act all excited.
  • Eleanor also saw them perform a billion times.
  • We only have a few pictures of Eleanor per concert. Those pictures don’t represent her attitude during the whole show.
  • And last, I think a lot of said pictures aren’t even taken when the boys are on stage tbh. :)

So let’s start!

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Moments like this are why we climb

Descending off Redwall via rappel. According to the summit registry, this peak has only seen a handful of climbs in the last half-decade or so. Probably because the approach is so demanding! 4 hours straight up one of the most unpleasant trails I’ve ever encountered… Definitely the crux for me!

See a summit panorama taken earlier in the day here:

Mackenzie Range, West Coast of Vancouver Island BC