bc lbr

ALSO ALSO I headcanon that Seiko is really into children’s media (cartoons, video games, ect) because it helps her have conversations and bond w her siblings

She’ll play collectamon with Yuu or keep up with Aya’s favorite shows just cos she likes being able to sit down and spend time with them doing things they like or talking to them about stuff that they know a lot about BC lbr kids love feeling smart and important


aleks dancing pt 1 - creature talk 103

okay but Crutchie has a key to the school elevator and he’s like half offended because it’s not that bad dammit he’s capable of using stairs thank you very much and half, like, gleeful because IT’S THE GODDAMN ELEVATOR TAKE THAT SUCKERS and on bad days when he has to use forearm crutches or both regular crutches and he actually can’t use the stairs Race always carries his stuff just so he can ride the elevator

i know most of the inquisitors are nearly cullen’s height but i also know thaf bioware is really really terrible at portraying height differences (that arent, yknow, giant aliens or giant qunari type height differences), so i have difficulty headcanoning cullen as anything under 6’ tbh

i swear he is a giant man i headcanon him as some hulking giant standing at 6'3" with like 250 lbs of muscle (bc lbr, hauling your ass and sprinting full speed in full armor takes some incredible amount of strength (or adrenaline from embarrassment i suppose) who could probably break your spine bane-style over his knee with one hand

Beg For It

Alright, so he knew he had some groveling to do. Honestly, Elliott was a lucky motherfucker. He had an amazing girl back at home who really didn’t need him in her life yet she continued to put up with him when he’d been a less than stellar boyfriend as of late. While he had kept trying to rationalize it in his head saying that it wasn’t his fault, that his boss had just been keeping him late, a part of him knew that that was only part of the problem.

Elliott loved his job. It was everything he’d hoped it would be and more, and his enthusiasm led to him always being the first to volunteer whether it be to photocopy or head down to the law library for legal research; while this was doing wonders for his image in the boss’s eyes, it meant getting in early and staying very late. The last four nights, he had arrived home only to find Maddie already in bed or even worse, sleeping at her own place. She deserved better. He just hoped that he would be able to get his act together in time to make a change before she gave up hope.

Shutting off his computer and gathering up his things, he couldn’t help but notice the surprised expression on the receptionist’s face as he walked past her at 4:55. “Going home?” Elliott nodded, smiling over at her, “have a good evening, Nina.” He wasn’t used to being able to say goodnight to her first, he was usually here far later than most of the receptionists or paralegals. By the time he left, it was usually only him, Nicholas, and a couple of the partners who remained.

Although he lived 10 minutes from his work, some necessary stops on his commute home meant that he was finally walking in his front door at 6:15. Still, it was a good two hours before his usual time and he hoped that meant something. He also hoped that the Chinese takeout he had brought home with him as well as the wine and flowers would help his case.

“Maddie?” The answering silence was enough to clue him in to the fact that either she hadn’t come home from rehearsal yet, or she’d gone back over to her place. Setting the bag of takeout on his kitchen table along with his suitcase, he grabbed the flowers he’d purchased and walked down the hall to knock on her door. Knocking softly, he opened the door after a moment, stepping inside. “Maddie?” Holding the flowers behind his back, he called out her name, walking further into her apartment. “I wanted to come home early today…I’ve really missed you.”