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rp wishlist man

  • post tresspasser stuff. i really want to deal with feyn’s loss and what he does after it–his depression, getting back into the swing of things, finally finding his way again with a mission in front of him. 
  • also mission based threads–like more threads following a specific plot point or going through a particular cave
    • side note to this: going over companion quests!! i love that sort of shit ngl
  • MORE THREADS WITH ELVES. I NEED FEYN JUST. EXISTING NEAR OTHER ELVES. PLS. old elves, young elves, dalish elves, city elves. pls. he loves them all, let feyn just be excited all over u
  • more magic-y well of sorrows shit. like he’s got all that in his head, there’s got to be some nasty side effects
  • more rivalry/we’re-friends-only-bc-we-have-to-work-together threads
    • possibly developing into an understanding/respect/friendship bc lbr feyn likes 85% of people
  • also doing something in my other timelines, like when feyn’s a slave in tevinter. it’d need to be discussed, but i’m also open to that one being an au as well
  • ancient arlathan au where feyn is an ardent worshiper of dirthamen and actually knows some mild magic but is an a++ archer still and just. ancient elves pls

//   the really tragic thing is that envy’s isolation is self-imposed. like he could, theoretically, find comfort in his father when he’s distressed ( bc lbr here, father does love his kids ) but because he hates feeling vulnerable and hates opening up to people he just. shuts himself away. and he uses anger to push people away when they get too close and he’s only really okay with other people even being around when he’s content, but even then it has to be on his terms

and he can’t really change that self-imposed isolation because he doesn’t know how and he doesn’t want to feel vulnerable and he doesn’t trust anyone enough to open up to them anyway, so even though he craves affection and belonging he can’t ever get it because he’s too damn scared of vulnerability.

I’ve not been playin much overheck lately because The Anxiety but listen. I still love ham zone and old macdonald. never 4get

not pictured: hanzo standing on jesse’s feet bc he likes to feel tall. hanzo’s chicken feet are sharp, jesse is holding back tears in this image. (I forgot their height difference Eliminate me)

Words Fall Through Me

Fandom: Fairy Tail
Rating: G
Category: F/M
Pairing: Gajeel Redfox/Levy Mcgarden


In which off-screen, everyone knows Levy and Gajeel are dating except for, well, Levy and Gajeel. Or maybe Levy’s already in the know and she’s just biding her time.

Aka. The one where writer-chan, realizing her recent neglect of her hetero-ships, pays homage in the only way she knows how besides staring mournfully at raw scans of recent chapters- crying into her bowl of cereal.


Not much changed when Levy and Gajeel started dating.

Except, that wasn’t entirely the truth.

For one thing, they saw each other more, and for that matter not just at the guild. There were even times when Gajeel would let Levy drag him along to browse through one bookshop after another, though never without a small string of halfhearted complaints on his end.

(Because “Seriously, Shrimp. You already have well over two dozen books on Latin history.” “Yes, but I don’t have this one.”)

And so they’d go on until Levy had more bags than Gajeel had piercings, much less arms to carry them all. When that happened, Levy would take Gajeel back to the dorms for a meal well deserved. (Levy manned the grill, and Gajeel made a mean apple tart.)

Tonight happened to be one of those nights.

By this point Gajeel must have read over the same sentence half a dozen times (Levy had insisted he at least try to read some of the paper work they were supposed to fill out, but his eyes just couldn’t seem to focus on the words), and judging by the squirt’s dazed expression she wasn’t faring any better. Which was why he all but launched off of the couch when she jolted to her feet.

Gajeel looked up when Levy didn’t move. She stood there, head inclined to one side, considering him with her papers still clutched firmly in her grasp.

“Shrimp?” He asked after a beat, trying to figure out if he’d done something or if she was just existing in a space of her own.

“Do you know what Roman physicians recommended to treat fertility?”

He didn’t.

“I have no idea, no,” he says carefully, gently.

She hums, rocking back on the balls of her feet. He’s starting to think she’s going to fall when she catches herself. “Gladiator’s blood,” she said, voice dreamy though her eyes were clearly focused on him.

“Interesting?” He said, more a question then a declaration, her intentions lost on him. Her frown visibly deepened and she looked from the book to Gajeel quizzically. “Then, did you know that purple clothing was a symbol of wealth? It was a color associated with social status, and only emperors and senators could wear it. If anyone else did, it was considered treason.”

He stared at her for a good deal longer, before exhaling loudly in defeat. Clearly her sleepless nights had finally caught up to her, and it’s not as if they could’ve gotten anything done to begin with, least of all when she was this out of it. Even after all of these months and months spent in each other’s company, there was still the feeling that the vast complexities that made up the Mage would swallow him whole before he learned so much as half of her secrets. He shifted his weight over, patting the empty space on the couch, motioning for her to sit beside him. The frown on her face remained, head tilted to one side, even as she moved forward, leaving the book open on the tabletop.

However she did not make herself comfortable at his side like he’d expected, instead choosing to drop straight into his lap with a huff. As it was she had her face buried in the crook of his neck, and he went rigid in spite of himself as her breath warmed his skin, suddenly feeling hot all over. Still, he couldn’t deny this was far better than what he had been expecting. With an abundance of nervous tension, he gradually, cautiously wrapped her up in his arms, resting his chin on her shoulder. The documents were to be left on the arm of the couch, (he refused to call it a love-seat) temporarily abandoned.

He held her for what must have been several minutes, before she started to draw away from him, much to his dismay. “We really should get back to what we were doing,” she said, then snorting indelicately when he drew her back into his embrace, nuzzling into her hair. “What was it that we were doing anyway?” He hid a grin into the crook of her neck when she started to laugh.

“Nothing important, I’m sure.” She mused, reaching up to cradle his head in her arms, only to find that even from this angle she still had to stretch up to so much as rest her hands on his shoulders. “All the more reason for it to wait, then.” She murmured her agreement into his chest, and he took the opportunity to pull her flush against him, enjoying the sensation of her in his arms.

Yes, it could definitely wait.

~ Brownie (^∇^)

Makaria had been held back by the teacher at the end of class. Handed a detention slip after a few muttered words, she pulled a face at the teacher before they disappeared back into the classroom, shutting the door behind them. “Teach, you’re a very – perceptive asshole,” she remarked, scoffing.