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Still dying with laughter from your top 5 Matt roles 😂😂 I'd love to know the real list though ahah

Top 5 Matt Roles (for real this time, I swear):

5. Monroe Stahr - The Last Tycoon

I have a feeling this will move up the list as we see more of the series. I debated putting him on here, since we’ve only just been introduced to him (Sorry Ken, Monroe bumped you off the list!), but so far I’m really digging him. I love the dichotomy of the character – really driven and expects a lot from the people around him, but it’s also clear he’s a good guy. Even though people bitch about him, you can tell they have affection and respect for him. And while he seems really upstanding, we were thrown that twist at the end of the premiere, which definitely gives the character more shadow. I think this role will be a really great one for Matt to play and explore. And for the record (at the moment, anyway), I really hope they don’t hook Monroe up with Celia. STICK TO YOUR GUNS, MONROE. I’m also excited that without a doubt, Matt is the lead of the series, and we will see a lot of him each week ::thumbs up::

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as always i’m late af but!! here it is!!

           kiimatsu’s follow forever!! ☆  ☆

aaa ive actually never done one of these before, so i hope im doing it right haha ;;; anyways, this is just a way for me to show my love and appreciation for my lovely followers!! ive been in this rp community for quite sometime now, and i’ve met some really fantastic people, so here’s to all of you!!

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witches around the globe → australia
witches from australia live with oceans in their hair and dirt on their feet. they sing to nature and nature sings back, through the whisper of trees and the crash of waves - this great island is the witches playground, and they’re here to stay.


yearbook awards teen wolf + most likely to end up in jail → scott mccall and stiles stilinski
                    ‘The two of you. Unbelievable.’       (requested by anon)

I’ve not been playin much overheck lately because The Anxiety but listen. I still love ham zone and old macdonald. never 4get

not pictured: hanzo standing on jesse’s feet bc he likes to feel tall. hanzo’s chicken feet are sharp, jesse is holding back tears in this image. (I forgot their height difference Eliminate me)