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Only One - Jaehyun [1]

A/N: I was gonna wait to post this but…. its been sitting in the drafts waiting to be published so here we are. Part 1 is kinda short, just to kinda get things going.  I hope ya’ll like drama bc you’re gonna get a good amount in this series heheh

-Admin Kay


Part 1 - Head Over Heals

Genre: Drama

Rating PG

(slight language)

Word Count: 1,535

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Title: Doomed from the Start
Fandom: Game of Thrones
Word Count: 2,480
Characters: Jon Snow x Reader x Robb Stark
Reader Gender: Female
Warnings: Cheating (sort of), a bit of smut (Jon x Reader), one swear word
Notes: Request from anon for “Could you do a GOT oneshot where you come to Winterfell bc you’re betrothed to Robb Stark. You develop a crush on Jon Snow but eventually marry Robb bc you love him as well and you were betrothed. Fast forward to after the Red Wedding(so around current season) and you see Jon again when he agrees to help you take back Winterfell and re-instate yourself as Queen in the North, and you fall for him again? Long request, I know, but its just something I thought of :) xx” // I tried to keep myself from making this so long, but as you can tell by the word count, I failed.

Originally posted by snow-on-the-throne

       When you arrived at Winterfell for the first time, you never would have expected your life to become what it was now.

       You had arrived five months before you were to wed Robb Stark, the heir to Winterfell, so that you could get to know him a bit before you married him. He was a handsome young man, tall, with dark brown curls and the beginning of a beard. His smile was warm and welcoming, and he treated you with twice as much respect as most men your age would have. He never touched you unless he knew you wanted him to, and he was always kind and considerate.
       And yet, you also developed feelings for his half-brother, Jon Snow. He, too, was immensely kind and respectful. But he was different, in ways you couldn’t explain. You loved Jon because you knew shouldn’t. He was what you could never have, and that only made you desire him more.
       The situation would have been far easier if Jon hadn’t been interested in you, but that was not the case. He cared for you just as much as you cared for him. He stole kisses from you when no one was around, and touched you in ways that made your head spin. He even suggested running away together, the night before your wedding.
       But you had to decline his offer. You were meant to marry Robb – it was your duty. So that was what you did. You donned the elaborately embroidered white dress, wrapped the white fur cloak around your shoulders, let your handmaidens do your hair up nicely and spray you with perfume, and you made your way to the godswood. You said the words the septon told you to say, and before you knew it, you were standing with your new husband, alone in his bedchambers.
       “I’m not…” Robb began, wringing his hands together and looking remarkably nervous. “I’m not going to force you to do anything you do not wish to do. I hope you know that.”
       “I do,” you replied.
       “Good, good,” Robb murmured, nodding. “I know that you love my brother. I know that you did not wish to marry me. And I’m truly very sorry that you weren’t able to be with him instead. I hope you know that, as well.”
       “I do,” you repeated, your voice soft. You could not meet his eyes. Here he was, a handsome, charming, kind man of a noble House, and here you were, on the night of your wedding to him, wishing you were in the arms of his bastard half brother.
       “Good,” Robb said quietly again, nodding more. “Do… do you want to go to bed? Just to sleep, of course. You must be tired.”
       “I would like that very much,” you stated, smiling at him. He returned the smile, then the two of you changed into your night clothes, and went to bed.
       The union was extraordinarily awkward at first. However, over the next few weeks, the two of you fell into sync as you began to understand one another better. Everything was going surprisingly well, even with the arrival of King Robert and his company – then Jon announced that he would be joining the Night’s Watch.
       A look of absolute heartbreak crossed your face, and everyone saw it. You excused yourself, your voice shaking, and once you were out of the hall, you broke into a run. You weren’t sure at first of where you were going, but you ended up in your bedchambers. You stopped once you had slammed the door shut behind you, and sobs overtook your body, forcing you to your knees in front of the fireplace.
       The crackling fire warmed your face, but you didn’t care. You wouldn’t have cared if it caught you on fire; all you wanted to do right then was to just simply not exist. The pain of knowing that you would never see the man you loved again was almost too much to bear. The second that thought crossed your mind, Robb burst into the room, looking frantic. He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw you, closed the door behind him, and came to kneel next to you. He opened then closed his mouth a few times, clearly wanting to say something, but he was at a loss for words. So he did the only thing he knew he could do: pulled you into his arms and held you. He let you cry until you had no tears left, and you were exhausted, then he put you into your bed and you allowed sleep to envelop you.
       You hardly left your room for the next few days. The thought of seeing Jon, and being faced with the reality of his leaving, was too much for you. So, either your handmaidens or your husband brought you food, and you remained reclusive, up until the night before Jon to leave.
       You actually hadn’t been planning on seeing Jon until the next day. Your intention was to keep your interaction with him to a bare minimum, thinking that you would simply give him a simple farewell hug before he departed. But your life never works the way you plan it to.
       The hallway was eerily silent, no sound other than yours and Greywind’s footsteps. Robb had insisted that you take the direwolf with you on your walk, and you complied. In truth, you were quite fond of the creature. He was more than capable of warding off any potential threats, and protecting you if needed; he made you feel at ease.
       Well, that was until you heard footsteps trudging towards you, and Greywind didn’t seem capable of caring any less. You walked a bit faster, and the direwolf matched your pace, but the footsteps did, too. Terror began to bubble up inside you. Greywind sensed this, walking a bit closer to you, but he still did not seem to have any desire to attack your follower.
       After you made a sharp turn around a corner, you drew the knife that you kept concealed on you, and waited for the owner of the footsteps to follow. When the individual turned the corner, you slammed him back against the wall and put your knife at his throat. Fear was evident in his brown eyes, and when you realized that those eyes were all too familiar, you dropped the knife.
       “I thought I would get a ‘hello,’ not a knife to my neck,” Jon stated with a chuckle. “What are you doing out at this hour?”
       “Why were you following me?” you retorted, crossing your arms. “You frightened me; I thought you were a threat.”
       “I’m sorry, I just wanted to talk with you. I haven’t seen you in days,” Jon said, sadness seeping into his voice. “I leave tomorrow at dawn.”
       “I know that.”
       “Then why have you been avoiding me?”
       “I’m a married woman now, Jon. I can’t be spending time with the man I love – who, it just so happens, is not the man I’m married to,” you explained, frowning. You saw happiness flash across his features at the mention of your love for him, and he smiled.
       “I love you, too, Y/N. And that’s why it hurts me so much that you’ve been avoiding me like I’ve got a disease since the day you married Robb.”
       “Because it doesn’t matter. My feelings for you, your feelings for me – none of it matters. I’m married to your brother, and you’re leaving to join the Watch tomorrow. We were doomed from the start.”
       “We didn’t have to be,” Jon stated, stepping towards you. “I asked you to run away with me, but you refused.”
       “I couldn’t,” you whispered. You wished now more than ever that you had taken him up on his offer, and you felt tears threatening to fall. You expected Jon to argue with you, to remind you that you could be a thousand miles from there, married to him – but instead, he tilted your chin up, forcing you to look at him. His brows were furrowed together, and he was visibly upset at the sight of you crying. You were about to excuse yourself and return to your room, when you felt his lips on yours.
       The kiss was tender at first – it was Jon’s way of wordlessly comforting you, and letting you know that he wasn’t upset with you for not leaving with him. He understood your reasons, and he hoped you knew that.
       Guilt began to form within you. You were kissing a man who wasn’t your husband. As wonderful and heart-fluttering as it felt, you knew it wasn’t right. You were on the verge of pulling away, then Jon’s hands found their way into your hair and onto your hip, and he kissed you with such passion that it made your head spin. You forgot your own name, let alone that you should be running back to your husband – and you couldn’t bring yourself to care.
       Not a half hour later, you found yourself naked on Jon’s bed, his head between your trembling legs and your thighs resting on his shoulders. Your mind was fuzzy, filled with nothing but thoughts of Jon and what his tongue was doing to you. You eventually lost track of how many times he caused you to to scream from ecstasy, his name falling from your lips like a pleading, pitiful prayer. When you simply couldn’t continue, your body becoming too sensitive to handle any more, you used your remaining strength to flip Jon onto his back, and worship him with your mouth, as he had done to you.
       Time ceased to exist in the little world you and Jon had created together. All that mattered was one another, the feeling of his strong arms wrapped around your naked body for the last time, the sound of his still-steadying heartbeat pounding in his chest. But eventually, it had to come to an end, and after a few longing kisses, you made your way back to your room, guilt-ridden and exhausted.
       “How was your night?”
       The sound of Robb’s voice nearly made you jump out of your skin. You slowly turned to face him after closing the door behind you. Greywind was calmly seated next to his feet, and he sat on your bed, his expression unreadable. There wasn’t any point in lying – you were covered in hickeys, your hair was a mess, your lips were swollen, and your dress was still disheveled.
       “I’m not angry with you, if that’s what you’re worried about. The only reason Jon even touched you was because I gave him permission, so long as he wasn’t inside you.”
       “You… you what?” you inquired, taking a few steps closer to him. “He… you… you consented to this?”
       “I know how much you love him. And I know how much he loves you. I wanted you to have the opportunity to be together one final time, before you’d never see each other again,” Robb explained, then a smile crossed his lips and he let out a small laugh. “And besides, soon, the poor fucker won’t ever get to touch a woman again – not without breaking his oath.”
       You were at a loss for words. You couldn’t come to terms with how immensely considerate and understand your husband was. Without another thought, you ran to him and flung your arms around his neck, causing him to fall back into the bed with a chuckle. After he received a near-endless string of “thank you”s, the two of you went to bed, as usual, and you fell asleep with a smile on your face.
       The next day, you said your goodbyes to Lord Eddard, Sansa, Arya, and last – but most certainly not least – Jon. He gave you a warm smile and enveloped you in a tight embrace, letting you cry into his chest. After what seemed like ages, he released you, and pressed a lingering kiss to your forehead. Jon then gave you another heartwarming smile, before riding off with the rest of the company. You watched until you could no longer see him, then let out a shaky breath. Robb wrapped a reassuring arm around your shoulders, and led you back to your room.

       As fate would have it, you did fall in love with Robb. It was never the same way you loved Jon – never as fierce – but you did love him. Eventually, you gave him a son. He was the spitting image of his father, from his looks to his personality. However, Robb was taken from you both, before your son was old enough to make any lasting memories with his father – something that would sadden you for the rest of your life. But you didn’t have time to be sad – you needed to run, to protect your son. So you took as many of the remaining Stark soldiers that you could find, and you left immediately. After a stay on Bear Island, you reached your destination. It was the only place where you knew that you would find someone you truly trusted: Castle Black.
       Upon arrival, you were quickly taken to the dining hall, your son clinging to you as you held him. They flung the doors open without requesting permission first, as the man who had led you, who had introduced himself as Edd, had been told of you “several times” by Jon. He said it with a slight blush on his cheeks, and you quickly realized that you had been the subject of a conversation on sexual encounters. Men, you thought to yourself with a small smile.
       Jon quickly stood from his seat at one of the tables, and it seemed that he was about to chide the men for interrupting his meeting. You were surprised to see Sansa at his side, and you sent a silent prayer to the gods, thanking them for keeping her alive. The sound of Jon’s boots thundering against the wood floor as he walked briskly over to you broke you from your thoughts. He stared at you with a bewildered expression on his face, as if struggling to believe that you were real. Before you could even say “hello,” he was pulling you into a tight hug, mindful of the child in your arms.
       “I love you,” Jon whispered into your hair, pressing a long kiss there.
       “I love you, too, Jon.”

       It seemed to have happened in the blink of an eye, but you were now seated next to Jon in the dining hall of Winterfell, your son seated in your lap, watching the scene before him. Dozens of men were chanting “The King in the North!” in their loud, booming voices, their swords raised high above them. Jon smiled down at you, and for once in ages, you felt hope.



“When you said you were going to Tokyo,” Haruka finally broke the silence, and Makoto was happy to find he had been wrong about the power of the human voice. “I was confused… I just thought we’d stay together after graduation. No other alternative was a possibility. Then in Australia, I realized why the thought of you leaving terrified me.” Makoto closed his eyes and pulled in closer to Haruka. “And where did all that stuff about smothering come from? You never smothered me. Sometimes, I stayed in the bath too long… because I knew you’d come and pull me out.” [x]

rissa’s new year’s bias list!

hi everyone! it’s the end of the year, so, i decided to make a short bias list, otherwise known as a follow forever bc i am extra, to so my appreciation towards my mutual followers and how much i adore all of you. some of you have been with me longer than others have, some of you are even great friends with me. i hope you all have a great new year and hopefully 2017 is much better than 2016.

 ride or die squad tbh:

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Those Thoughts | Minghao | Oneshot

Request: Could u do a minghao fic where ur introduced to him for the first time but ur really bad at meeting new people bc of anxiety and when u meet him it’s like a “shit hes really cute” situation so its even harder for u to open up. (It’d be nice if u get with minghao at the end too lol) love ur fics! ❤️❤️❤️

Word Count: 5,670

Genre: Fluff, Angst, Romance, College au, Anxiety mentions

AN: I specifically asked the person who requested this if they meant anxiety as in feeling nervous or as the condition. They asked me to write it as the condition. I have anxiety, so I wrote this based off of my symptoms. I know it’s different for everyone so I’m sorry if this doesn’t make sense to you.

gif creds to @sailorsoonyoung

The first day of school is supposed to always be the easiest. It’s the day where you don’t even need to bring your backpack, all that you need is a notebook to write down the materials required for the following days. Your friends who you could trust to be there for you would text you where to meet up for lunch. All you had to worry about was a few assignments that were usually easier than any other assignments you would have that year.

But that was how high school worked, and college was an entirely different matter. College was a new school, a new city, and waters that had not been treaded earlier. There was also the issue of new people. Your friends that you had built a steady relationship with went in different directions than you.

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Word Count: 1459

Triggers: Abusive partner

Requested by Anonymous

You never actually thought he was abusive. He had a temper, sure, and every once in a while he got physical, but everyone gets mad sometimes. And you even thought you deserved it sometimes.

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number of individual swear words in every fob album

take this to your grave: 2

from under the cork tree: 0

infinity on high: 3

folie a deux: 5

save rock and roll: 10

american beauty american psycho: 1

anonymous asked:

I don't know if this really counts as advice or not, but when/how did you come out? I want to come out soon but I'm in high school in a pretty LGBT-lacking area, and I don't want some big news going around the school like some kind of scandal.

hi!!! um well its kinda weird i never really.. … .came out but everyone knows im not straight ahhh ok so my situation is weird in the way that there were 2 people who came out from year 7-10, but in year 11 my grade ended up halving in numbers and within a few months a solid 9-10 people came out!! it was a very neutral situation and nobody cared that much bc it was such a small group of people!! i ‘came out’ bc i was the first person to be in a not-straight relationship with someone else in our grade and so everyone was like ‘oh shi t.  thats interesting shes not straight’!!! so i’d say that as long as its a safe environment, you can always mention it casually and maybe make others feel comfortable to come out too!!  

frogquartet  asked:

there is a giant well in the middle of phandalin and also there were like multiple other discs made from previous uses that lucretia showed the boys?? if it did act as a perfect portal suddenly 1) griffins retconning almost as hard as he did with taakos wand and 2) it shouldve happened way sooner with the other discs people made with the gauntlet

if it was meant to be the hunger plane anyway (really the only one that would make sense?) it wouldnt work, the hunger plane is already said to be connected to black opal (lucas threw that disc out because he thought it wasnt related to any plane but there were eyes in it so its Clear Now that its the hunger plane) also credit to chisky for remembering this bc it was too much info for me to take in like i struggle counting to 40 im not gonna remember all that

actualcyclops  asked:

please tell me ur thoughts on That Good Good Nami/Tashigi(tm)

Send me a ship and I’ll give you my (brutally) honest opinion on it  

oh man adrienne i had to put some real thought into this one….first of all you are DEF the one who sold me on this ship so <3

first up–tbh, i have…..reservations about any marine characters, bc, lbr, the world gov’t is the WORST and the marines enact their orders on an everyday/individual scale. i’m sure lower-down marines don’t have any knowledge of the world gov’t’s atrocities, but its still hard for me to stomach. that being said, tashigi is DEF my fave marine character by a long shot (not counting ex-marines like bellemere, rosinante); she has her own strong sense of justice and its clear that’s what drives her, and she’s willing to disobey orders to enact compassion

so that, combined with nami’s beautiful punk hazard moment about a strong and kind marine woman…..i am absolutely ready to explore this level on which tashigi is willing to disobey orders and conventions to romance the beautiful, greedy, kind, lawbreaker that is nami. they’re two conflicting forces but they could come together in a really amazing relationship that is so fun to explore!! give me those complexities between women 👌 👌

I’d Wait Another Eighteen Years For You

summary: It’s the day of the solar eclipse, and Dan sneaks off from his physics class to get away from the hype of it all. But the strange, physics-loving boy he meets in his search for solitude is all kinds of things that Dan never thought he would grow to adore.

word count: 4,194

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i saw this and thought seijou and my hand moved on its own,,  also qianyis im so late but heres oikawa in heels 4 u :0:0

ps oikawa got this framed

Not Him. You.

Request-Can  I request a readerxdeanxsam were dean likes reader and was going 2 tell her but he heard her in Sam’s room talking about someone she likes and he gets jealous BC he thinks its Sam but its dean a lot of fluff ty

A/N- Woo… Not much to say about this one. I had it read to me and well… I don’t know if I was smiling like an idiot because I’m susceptible to fluff or because I was embarrassed to hear it. haha Well any who… Tell me what you think! x)

Dean x Reader

Word Count- 2035

‘That’s it. It’s over,’ you thought.

Sam was in front of you. He had long suspected your deep admiration for Dean. It was much more than that, but you just couldn’t say it. Not yet at least. Now, he had just interrogated… questioned you. He bluntly tricked you into admitting to him that you really like his older brother.

“Relax. I’m not going to tell him.” he said.

You looked around, “Not so loud.” you whisper.

“Like I said, relax. He’s in his room, probably has his headphones on.” he responded.

“Then what? Why all the questions?” you ask.

“You should tell him.” he told you.

“What? Are you crazy? How am I supposed to do that anyways? I’ve tried and can barely get a word out before completely changing the subject.” you argue.

He walked behind you and pushed you towards his room. “”Come on I’ll help you practice.”

“What’d you mean? Practice?” you asked.

He closed the door once you both were inside. “Okay. Just pretend I’m Dean and you know… practice.”

You went wide eyed, a blush creeping on your cheeks. “I can’t just pretend!” you say.

At the same time~

As Sam had guessed, Dean was laying on his bed with his headphones on. As cheesy as it might sound, every song that played reminded him of you. ‘Cherry Pie’ had just finish and the next song started. Dean was sure the next song wouldn’t remind him of you even though he didn’t know what song it was. The strumming of a guitar could be heard. It was ‘Thank You’ by Led Zeppelin

If the sun refused to shine
I would still be loving you
When mountains crumble to the sea
There will still be you and me

Dean yanked off his head phones. All these damn songs were giving him a boost. He got out of his bed and was walking over to your room when he heard your voice from Sam’s room.

“Why do you like him” Sam said.

“I don’t know. He’s a-” you say just before Dean leaned in. “A great hunter. Strong willed. Just all around amazing. I don’t… Sam this is embarrassing.” you admit.

Dean’s eyebrow twitched.

“I get it Y/N… but you aren’t really telling me.” he said, insinuating that you admitted your feelings to Sam, but you hadn’t pretend confessed to Sam-Dean as he had told you to do.

“Do I have to?” you asked. Sam nodded yes. “Fine…” you paused, “I-I like you!” you ended up shouting.

That was all Dean needed to hear. He quickly retreated back to his room.

The next day~

You woke up and headed to the kitchen for a much needed coffee. To your surprise Dean was already up and was making himself a coffee.

“Good morning,” you yawned but smile once he looked up to you.

“Morning.” he answered.

You found his tone strange. He usually sounded happier to see you but of course that could have been all in your head, so you dismiss it. You looked around and saw Sam wasn’t there which for you, was a huge relief.

“You should know more than anyone that he’s on his morning run.” Dean said.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” you inquired.

Dean drank some of his coffee. “It means what it means.” he answered and exited the kitchen. Leaving you there.

On his way to his room Dean ran into Sam. The second person he had hoped avoid. You being the first.

“You’re up early.” Sam chuckled.

“Yeah well I wanted my coffee. Don’t worry you won’t be seeing a lot of me today. Spend all your damn time with Y/N.” he grumbled.

“What?” Sam questioned.

“I’ll be in my room.” he said and continued on his way.

Sam walked into the kitchen to grab his shake from the fridge. Seeing you there, “What the hell’s wrong with him?” he asked you.

“Did he talk weird with you too?” Sam nodded, “I don’t-” your eyes widen, “What if he knows. He’s trying to distance himself from me so things won’t get weird.” you conclude.

“I doubt that’s it. He wouldn’t be weird with both of us.” Sam explained.

You nodded in agreement, “I guess…” you sighed and started walking out of the kitchen. “I’ll be in the library if you need me.” you tell him.

“Uh-oh.” Sam mumbled.

It’s known to both brothers that when you’re stressed, anxious, or anything of the sort you spend your time in the library. Which in itself isn’t a bad thing. The thing that makes it bad is that you in your stress you ‘research’ for days at a time. Forgetting all the necessities required of a human. Dean was the only one who can get you out of it and was the one to notice it in the first place. But Dean’s being weird. How much help can he be to you?

Sam sighed, ‘Maybe it’s not that. Maybe Y/N’s just going there normally. Not stress reading.’ he thought to himself.


Dean got out of his room for food. He passed the library and saw you in there. For a second he was worried but it faded. What good would he bring anyways? The one you needed was Sam not him. It pained him to even think about it. He shook the idea out of his head, proceeded to the kitchen for a pack of beers, and returned to his room.

The beer didn’t help him though. He kept picturing you in Sam’s arms. He should be happy. For you. For Sam. But he just couldn’t keep himself from asking ‘Why not me?’ and it ate him inside. Maybe he could get you to like him instead of Sam. What does Sam even think of you? Does he like you too? Does Dean have to back off and be tortured when you both eventually get together? ‘Why couldn’t you have just picked me? I-I’m good to her right?’

You were reading up on fairies. You needed something to keep your mind off Dean. It, of course didn’t help at all.

‘Why would Dean tell me that? Why would I know more than him when it comes to Sam? Does he prefer me to be with Sam? DOES HE KNOW I LIKE HIM? IS THAT WHY HE TOLD ME THOSE THINGS?’ you thought to yourself. Your mind seemed like a ticking time bomb that could explode at any moment.

Next Morning~

Dean woke up earlier than usual. He went to the kitchen for a much needed coffee. Sam was already in the kitchen, preparing for his morning run.

“You’re awake early.” Sam said, surprised but smiling all the same.

“So… What’s new? Anything you wanna tell me?” he asked suspiciously. He needed confirmation on where you and Sam stand.

Sam was confused, “Well Y/N and I think you were acting weird yesterday but that’s it.” he admitted.

Dean gritted his teeth, “You and Y/N huh… What’s… What’s going on there?” he asked finally.

Sam smiled, “Why? Jealous?” he questioned.

“Nah… Just curious. You know she’s probably still holed up in the library right?” Dean asked, changing the subject.

“Is that right,” Sam hummed, “Well I’ll let you take care of that. I’m gonna go on my run.” Sam responded. Thinking it’d be best to give you and Dean some time alone.

Of course, Dean didn’t know that, and was a bit agitated instead. “She’s with you isn’t she?” he retorted before turning around and heading back to his room. He slammed his door. Frustration welling within him. Frustration and… Jealousy? He let himself slide down against the door to cool down. It wasn’t long after that he heard the door, signaling that Sam had left on his run.

Once he was calm enough, he stood and headed towards the library. You were sitting down on the table, books sprawled around you. You had one hand holding a book up and the other holding your head up. Unsuccessfully I might add. Dean leaned against the door frame. He watched your head would slowly fall from drowsiness, quickly bob back up, and then you’d blink several times to reawaken your eyes. Only to repeat the whole process again until your eyes gave up and succumbed to the sleepiness. Dean smiled. Seeing even this part of you, he found it adorable. He wanted to carry you to your room but he wasn’t sure if you wanted that. So he left, brought a blanket, and draped it over you. Dean placed a kiss on the top of your head and smiled.

“You like Y/N don’t you?” Sam inquired.

Dean looked up to see his brother standing there. “How long have-”

“Long enough to see that you like Y/N.” he answered. Dean didn’t say anything. He just tried to walk passed him, but Sam blocked his path. “Why don’t you tell her?”

“It doesn’t matter if I tell her. She likes you.” Dean responded.

“What? No she doesn’t.” Sam told him.

“If she doesn’t like you then who does she like?” Dean asked.

Sam gave him a ‘Are you kidding me?’ look. “I can’t tell you.” was all he said.

Dean took in those words. Then his eyes widened in realization. “Me? All this time?” he turned to face your sleeping figure and back to Sam. “Really?”

Sam didn’t answer. He couldn’t. All he did was smile.

Dean smiled too. He walked over to you and carried you to your room. He figured you wouldn’t mind as much. He brought some food and some water. For when you’d wake up. He didn’t leave your side after that. He wanted to be the first thing you saw after waking up. He wanted to tell you how he feels right after you wake up.

Luckily for him you woke up about two hours later. You were more than surprised when Dean was there, but your stomach interrupted your train of thought and prevented you from asking anything. Dean hearing your stomach’s distress signal brought over a sandwich. Which you ate. Dean then handed you a glass of water. Which you immediately gulped down.

You then stared at him. “Wasn’t I in the library?” you asked.

“Yeah. You fell asleep and I carried you here.” he answered.

“Oh… Thanks.” you paused. “But why the food and water? Did you do something bad? It’s not my birthday is it?” you question.

“No. I just uh… I wanted to make it up to you. I was a bit harsh on you yesterday. Sorry about that.” he responded.

“Don’t worry about it.” you say.

“Y/N…” Dean started.

“Yeah?” you respond.

“The reason I was hard on you… It’s cause I heard you in Sam’s room.” he said and your eyes widen. “I thought… I thought you liked Sammy though. I didn’t think you were talking about me. I was… I was mad and jeal-” he stopped himself from saying. He just couldn’t admit to it.

“Jealous?” you finished for him. “Why would you be? That would mean…” you mumbled half to yourself.

“I like you.” he confessed.

“What?! Really?!” you shouted in excitement.

Dean nodded, “I’ve liked you for so long. I just-”

“Didn’t want to change how things were.” you say.

He nodded again. You both laugh. You couldn’t help but throw yourself at him for a hug. Your action was so sudden that Dean wasn’t fully prepared. He caught you but you both fell to the ground. The both of you laughed some more, in each other’s arms. That’s all you needed for now.

“Nothing’s going to change between us right?” you asked, still in his arms.

“Well there’s all the perks of being a couple.” he answered with a smirk.

You smile at him knowingly. “Yeah. Like I get to steal pie from you without you complaining.”

You both chuckle. “I don’t mind sharing with you… Just as long as you don’t steal too much.” he said. “Oh and promise me one thing.” he added.

“What’s up?” you answered.

“Promise me that when something wrong, you don’t go hole yourself up in the library. That you come to me instead.” he told you.

You smile. “Always.”

Hope you like it! x)

Calum Misses Late Y/N (Blurb)

“Its been a year since y/n passed away and Calum has to go to an interview  trying to keep his cool but he has a flashback and eventually breaks down bc he misses her.”

This is sad as heck ok. I have Calum feels to the max. ;(

Word Count: 336

sorry its short i just thought i would post something for you guys :)

Calum’s pov

Waking up today was the worst. I missed her more than ever. I only got up because Ashton pulled me out.

I walked down to the kitchen looking at the pictures of Y/N and I that were hung up down the hall.

“Eat up Cal we have a busy day!” Ashton says.

“I think I’m going to skip breakfast.” I say.

Ashton walks over and pulls me into a hug. “I’m sorry Calum. Just remember how much she loved you, okay?” 

I nodded and we walked out the door. 

“Calum come on! I want to go to the park while the sun is still out!”

“I know! I know!” 

I take her hand and she smiles at me while we walk out the door.

“I love you Cal.” She says leaning in and giving me a soft kiss.

“I love you too Y/N.” I say as we pull away.

“Calum, snap out of it!” Michael says.

I shake my head of the memory and continue walking with the lads.

We go to the first interview of the day and I can feel my body already tired out.

“Calum do you have any significant others?” The interviewer asks.

I stare directly into nowhere, completely unable to speak, or even think.

“Erm that’s a sensitive topic for Calum.” Luke says.

“Oh are there any details you will share?” The interviewer says.

I stand up and walk out into the hall.

There has to be a bathroom in here.

I run down the halls and find one going in and locking myself in it.

I could feel hot tears rushing down my cheeks as I thought of her.

“Why? Why did you have to go Y/N?” I exclaim. 

I lay on the dirty bathroom floor and cry hysterically.

“You were all I needed.” It only comes out in a whisper.

“Calum! Open the door!” It was Luke.

I couldn’t move. I just laid there curled up in a ball.

“I miss you Y/N.” I fail to speak.

Aaaaalright!!! It’s the 11th of June! You know what that means! It’s your big day Cry! HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU WONDERFUL PIECE OF SHIT (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♫・*:.。. .。.:*・

Sooo… it’s been roughly about 2-3 years since I first watched your videos. I remember how I just found you by accident and happened to like your lets plays <3 Now, after so long, your videos still never fail to make me laugh, cry, smile and basically brighten my day. (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚* And through you, I found so many amazing people, like the Late Night Crew and the wonderful people of your fandom. Now, my entire life revolves around all you guys (even though most of you don’t even know of my existence sobs) and I couldn’t ask for a more perfect life <3

Oh yeah, I hope you like this little art I did even though it was really reallyrushed haha I just wanted to do something to show my appreciation for all the great times over these few years. Sooo… yeah. Thank you for existing Cry. Happy 24th Birthday. Here’s to many more great streams, let’s plays and everything! ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ