bc it;s up there w no blah blah blah

i should have done this at the beginning of the month, yikes!!

so anyway, it’s a new year and blah blah blah; i moved to this blog a little over two years ago and i even though i rarely post edits anymore, i just want to say a massive thank you! thank you for filling my dash with lovely content, thank you for being you and to all my followers, regardless if you’re on this list, i hope you have a lovely 2017!

below is a list of some ~cool~ blogs (i was gonna bold for friends, etc but i give up)

@aijack, @alenkos, @altair, @anariettas, @antlered-kitten, @aspio, @axtonsbutt, @azoths, @bunnyteefs, @bythe-outsider, @cafe-illium, @cerysancrate, @chcherrymilk, @chilllrend, @cintamanistones, @commanderogerss, @cryptcombat, @darnpool, @delzinrowe

@elenafisher, @fenris, @franklinclinton, @harryflynn, @hwoaarang, @iures, @kaldwins, @kazuhiramller, @kevinspacei, @kittygotwet, @knifears, @krazykitsune, @kremissius

@marqotrobbie, @miyku, @mskirona, @nanosboost, @nazura, @nichtwing, @nickvalentine, @odirp, @offdensen, @queencrows, @rafe-adlers, @reachingspace, @renegon, @ronanlyynches, @sithblooded, @sithlordd, @spacebard, @specterharveys, @splicerspawn, @spocktreks

@tagyourjakku, @theinqusition, @vickysully, @xkatheyx, @yknow-fuck, @yrrubsllip, @zaaryanova, @zev-ran

mutual or not, thank you for making my dash lovely <3