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cardcaptor sakura openings (requested by @tachibana–chan)

heya i changed my url... i was edolce and 1iu... now im pikechu bc its my favourite pokemon and this has been a memo

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Matthew getting lost in thought during the stream and day dreaming about how beautiful Steph looks that day. (I need some stephew fluff for the soul ~🌸

Normally Matthew would describe himself as a very apt multitasker. Of course, he usually preferred to give one thing 100% focus, but in a career like his oftentimes one was juggling about 10 different things. And so, he adapted. It was helpful for streams as well, being able to help engage with the chat while trying to beat a video game was a skill he never imagined he’d need, but necessity is the mother of invention after all. Multitasking became his forté, something he did as easily as breathing and blinking and overthinking.

Of course, that always went out the window when it came to Stephanie. Matt wasn’t sure how she did it, but his wife had some uncanny ability to completely grab his full attention and leave him fumbling. It wasn’t even like she was trying! God help him if she ever did actually try, she’d done that once in college to pull him away after 3 days straight of studying and it had taken a week to remember what month it was. Usually Matt was able to, well, not ignore his wife (Matthew didn’t think he was physically able to ever ignore her), but he could compartmentalise and have a minor crisis over how amazing Stephanie was after work.

Today, however, was a challenge; It was 10 years to the date of when he’d asked her out, and Stephanie had put on her engagement ring alongside her wedding band. She hadn’t even told him, he’d been doing fine until about 40 minutes into the stream when his eye caught her ring and then all concentration had just flown out the window. He’d been playing this stupid level of… some game (memory recall and attention span wasn’t exactly firing on all cylinders at the moment) for about 20 minutes and he had made no progress. All Matthew could think about was how beautiful Steph had looked at their wedding, how it had felt to kiss her after their vows and hold her and know that she was not just his fiancée anymore, she was his wife.

“Matthew?” Steph’s voice broke through his thoughts, and Matt realized he’d actually died a minute ago and had just been staring at the screen blankly. “Right! Yes, sorry, off in my own world.” He blundered, turning bright red as he attempted to refocus on the game and not on his beautiful wife or the adorable little laugh she let out. His mind drifted towards the day they got engaged, she’d laughed just as endearingly then too when he showed her the video. A carefully catalogued museum of their 1500 days together.

He’d know from that first kiss that he wanted to marry Stephanie Cordato, he’d spent every minute of their relationship imagining their future home together, what their kids would look like (considering they were both brown haired and brown eyed that had been pretty easy), what engagement ring he’d get her. Matthew would never admit it, but he’d actually looked at rings for months before he proposed (admittedly, he’d been casually watching out for rings since their third or fourth date). He wanted it to be as perfect and beautiful and eye catching as Stephanie herself, something he’d see on her finger and think ‘that ring was made for her just like I am.’

The flash on that ring caught his eye again as Steph waved a hand in front of his face. “Matt? You alive? I mean, in real life because you died again?” She teased, and Matthew felt his blush return full force as he came back to their current time and place; on the couch, in his home, with two friends and his best friend/love of his life in the room beside him. “Sorry, I’m a little distracted today.” He admitted sheepishly. Steph cocked an eyebrow and put a hand on his forehead to feel for a fever. “You sure you’re okay?” Stephanie asked, and Matthew smiled softly at the carefully concealed concern in her voice. “I’m perfect, Steph.” He assured, discreetly taking her other hand for a moment and squeezing it, feeling the cool metal of her wedding band and engagement ring pressed against his skin. “I’m just perfect.”

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if you could gift a book (or book series) to each of the marauders + lily with no regards to when the book was written what book do you think you'd give them? what would they enjoy the most?

james is a snob for the great gatsby so id get him a really nice copy of that, sirius likes nameless sci-fi novels and just to piss him off id get him to read some jane austen even though lilys already made him do it, id give remus a copy of the secret history bc we all know hed love it, lily gets deathless by catherynne m valente as well as the hating game by sally thorne bc god that girl loves her aimless romance novels and id also give her a copy of the sky is everywhere by jandy nelson, and id give peter a copy of how to be a good friend by laurie krasny brown

Irony is a made-to-order refuge from emotion or criticism; the author is asserting with a smile, “You can’t criticize what I’m saying, you can’t even accuse me of believing it, because I’m fully aware of it and I’m making fun of it while I’m saying it; I’m making fun of it before you can.” The irony of irony is that it is often taken to indicate intelligence…
—  Stephen Sondheim