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au taako works overnights at a shitty fast food place, kravitz works for a funeral company so he’s often called out at ungodly times, and after a night of shipping bodies from point A to B all you want is an exhausted 2am milkshake made by a beautiful and talkative man who doesn’t seem remotely afraid of you. 


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the use of diamonds in endless summer: a rant

as someone who’s played through endless summer without spending literally one (1) diamond—a lot of the enjoyment that comes from playing the game is saturated by the desire to spend diamonds in order to get a happy (or happier) ending. the book is no longer reliant on the player’s actions to produce an good outcome, but instead on how much money the player has rolling around in their bank account at the time. it’s… not good.

this got really long (WARNING: this is super fucking long (by super fucking long i mean +1,500 words long, so super fucking long), i was fueled by rage and pretty much nothing else), so i had to split it into parts. yeah.

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Von Richthofen’s case

Suzane von Richthofen is a Brazilian woman who is responsible for planning and assisting in the murder of her parents, Marísia and Manfred von Richthofen.

               Suzane, Andreas, Marísia, and Manfred von Richthofen

The Crime

On the night of October 31th 2002, Suzane, along with Daniel Cravinhos, her boyfriend, took Andreas von Richthofen, Suzane’s 15-year-old brother to an internet cafe. Afterwards, Cristian Cravinhos, Daniel’s brother, who was with them, got into Suzane’s car and the three of them headed to Von Richthofen’s mansion.

Daniel Cravinhos and Suzane Von Richthofen.

Suzane’s car pulled into the garage around midnight, according to the security guard near the house. Daniel and Cristian entered the bedroom after a signal from Suzane, who told them to “go” and then ran down the stairs. Suzane prepared bags and surgery gloves to utilize in the crime. Daniel struck Suzane’s father (Manfred) while Cristian was beating her mother (Marísia).

Artist’s rendering of the crime.

Both received blows to the head ultimately leading to their deaths. Wounds were observed on Marísia’s hands. According to the officers, she tried to protect herself by putting her hands over her head. After realizing the woman was still alive, Cristian went downstairs and asked Suzane for the trash bags. He came back, put a towel on Marisia’s mouth and the bag over her head. According to Cristian’s confession, the victim, after the blows, made sounds like snores, which led him to conclude that she was still alive. Suffering from severe head injuries, the couple was then strangled to death with towels.

Daniel during the reconstitution of the crime, showing the material used. 

Daniel demonstrating how he struck Manfred.   

After confirming the couple were dead, the murderers placed Manfred’s .38 caliber revolver beside his body to make it look like he had tried to react a robbery. Suzane provided the two men plastic bags to deposit the clothes and the iron bars they used so they could discard the material, these items were never found. While the Cravinhos brothers murdered Manfred and Marísia brutally, Suzane ran to home office. The young woman, using a knife, opened her father’s suitcase and took about eight thousand reais (Brazilian Real) and five thousand dollars (USD) as well as jewelry belonging to the couple, to stage a robbery. Police would quickly realize this was all done as part of a cover-up. The money was given to Cristian as payment for his participation in the crime.

Following the murders, Suzane and Daniel took Cristian to his apartment and then went to a motel. There, the couple requested the presidential suite, paying 300.00 reais, and requested an invoice. In their attempt to create an alibi, they forgot how unusual it was to request an invoice for motel rooms and managed to only heighten the suspicions the police already had. Around 3am, the couple left the motel and Suzane went to find Andreas at the internet cafe. Suzane and Andreas then returned home. When they arrived at the mansion, Suzane pretended to be shocked by what they found. The young woman altered the police. When the military police officers spoke with Suzane and Andreas they found Manfred and Marisia dead in bed with severe head injuries. Police officer Alexandre Boto was surprised by the cold reaction of Suzane, who asked, “What do I do now? What is the procedure?”

Daniel and Suzane attending the funeral of the parents.

The Investigation and Discovery of Suzane’s Lies

When the investigation began, the story of a robbery gone wrong was viewed with suspicion. The crime scene intrigued the police, according to delegate Cintia Tucunduva. “(…) The scene was not consistent with a robbery. Whoever entered the house entered and left the gate and locked it. No one jumped over the wall, there was no sign of climbing, there was no sign of a break-in at the gate, and the person came in and out switching (opened and closed) the gate. The water pitcher called attention because there was no glass. I thought, who puts a jar on the headboard without a glass? Why is this jar here? There was a plastic trash bag, black, it was the same bag that was in the pantry of the house. Then the supposed thief knew where there was a pitcher of water in the kitchen, the knife and the garbage bag, and he did not touch anything, everything was neat. We opened the pantry, it was extremely organized, and everything was kept in order, including the bags.”

Crime scene, bedside table in the room of the couple. 

Investigators focused their attention on Suzane and her boyfriend and began shadowing them. Shortly after the brutal murders, Cristian purchased a motorcycle with the cash taken from the home. A few days later, on November 9, 2002 he was arrested, as well as Daniel and Suzane. Cristian was the first to confess: "I knew it would not work. It was very heavy, gave much repercussion. I’m not stupid, I was sure you were going to get us.”

Throughout the investigation and trial Suzane von Richthofen proved to be cold and without remorse.


Manfred and Marisia were against their daughter’s relationship with Daniel Cravinhos. The family had plenty of money - Manfred was an engineer, while Marias was a psychiatrist who served high society. The family lived in a mansion in the south of São Paulo. Suzane, just shy of her 19th birthday, was studying law and already spoke 3 languages. The Cravinhos brothers came from a family in a much lower economic class. According to police, the 3 had been planning the crime for three months.

Von Richthofen family house

Suzane and Daniel were both sentenced to 39 ½ years in prison, while Cristian was sentenced to 38 ½ years. However due to Brazilian laws, the maximum sentence a person can serve is 30 years.

Cristian, Daniel, and Suzane in police custody

Suzane Von Richthofen during an interview in 2015

Credits goes to @intimacy-issues-and-a-gun for helping me with the translation. Thank you!