bc it makes the size huge

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How about an mc who is self conscious about her large chest?

I don’t know how to really answer this without it becoming too sexual/out of my comfort zone. So it’s fairly short, sorry.


  • as innocent as this boy is he     doesn’t have a singular complaint about MC’s chest 
  • He was very fond of hugging her     bc her chest was really soft    
  • But it usually made him blush
  • He’d probably try to make you     feel better by showing you characters on LOLOL with big chests 
  • “She’s like the coolest     character and her breasts are huge!”
  • You gave him a look
  • And he immediately faltered 


  • she understands the struggle of     breasts in general but doesn’t understand why you’re insecure 
  • She tries to make you feel     better by buying super cute bras for your size 
  • she tells you she loves your     chest size and hopes you don’t feel too disheartened by it
  • She’s blushing madly the entire     time


  • wait being insecure about that     is a thing?
  • He’s confused at first because     most girls who throw themselves at him brag about their size
  • But he wants you to be     confident with how you look    
  • He tells you whenever you have     doubts that he loves your breast size 
  • He also shows you


  • he’s wouldn’t be good at     verbally helping you past your insecurities
  • So instead he gets a tailor to     make you a beautiful and comfortable dress
  • He also tries and fails at     subtly dropping hints that he doesn’t care about a persons breast size
  • If none of that works he     eventually just outright tells you he loves you and your breast size is     fine
  • He does worry about you being     uncomfortable in bras that a too small 


  • he’s probably the most     inappropriate about it    
  • He’ll try to make you feel     better, but he’ll do it through very strange means
  • These means probably include     randomly squishing your boob and smiling like a dork
  • Also makes a cake resembling     large breasts, smiles like a good ball and tells you it’s totally fine
  • Slams his face into it to prove     his point without being too vulgar    


  • kinda annoyed at first
  • “Does it really matter?“ 
  • Feels very guilty if he see’s     you sulking after he was too harsh    
  • So later he tried to tell you     your chest was fine
  • But the topic kinda got him all     flustered
  • "Look your chest- it’s     fine. You don’t have to worry- you should care about that- you look     fine-"     
  • He was very red in the face


  • not even for a second does he     get embarrass about comforting you 
  • Nor does he make it     inappropriate     
  • "MC your size is fine, you’d     look beautiful to me no matter what. Please don’t worry about that" 
  • He hugs you tightly and reminds     you often that you are beautiful and you shouldn’t be insecure 

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In the brogane au is Shiro friends with Matt? Does little Keith know little Pidge?

YEA YOU BET THEY DO. okay, here are some super self-indulgent (and long) brogane/childhood friends au headcanons:

  • shiro + matt 
    • their parents are good friends and live quite close to each other, so they were pretty much bffs even before keith or pidge was born
    • probably had a lot of unnecessarily complicated friendship handshakes/fist bumps as kids and still indulges in it every once in a while as adults
    • Embarrassing Older Brother Squad™
      • bc he’s such a good big bro, shiro always attends keith’s little league baseball games. usually matt tags along, and they cheer obnoxiously loud when it’s keith’s turn to bat 
      • (keith always makes a huge fuss afterwards, but he’s also never missed any of shiro’s football matches either)
    • were quite similar in size when they were young, but after they hit their late teens shiro pretty much becomes a tank and matt…does not. matt complains that he looks like shiro’s kid sidekick whenever they stand next to each other
    • every time shiro finds a new person to date, matt is always the first person he introduces them to for the token seal of approval, and vice versa
    • they used to hope that keith and pidge would marry each other one day so they could be in-laws, but immediately drop it once they find out about keith’s crush on lance to tease him about that instead

  • keith + pidge
    • when they were little kids keith initially didn’t like pidge bc she was a girl (ew) and younger than him (double ew). they eventually bond over their bitter personalities, love of really obscure sciences/conspiracy theories, and embarrassing older bros. now they’re almost as inseperable as matt and shiro
    • pidge skipped a couple grades of elementary school bc of how smart she is and occasionally gets picked on for ‘being a nerd’. keith always beats up anyone who tries
      • pidge: who do you think you are, my older brother
      • keith: no, matt can’t fight
      • pidge: tru
    • Demonic Little Sibling Squad™ who plan the most elaborate pranks together to unleash hell on shiro and matt
    • whenever he gets into a fight with shiro or his parents, keith will ‘run away’ to pidge’s house to play video games. he usually comes back before dinner
      • once keith starts crushing on lance, he typically runs to lance’s house instead. after about the fifth time this happens, lance’s parents start packing little treats for keith to bring home to share w/ the rest of the shirogane family 

Do you ever think about how fat nonbinary people who were AFAB are consistantly shoved into a feminine box / forced into feminine roles and beauty standards by…. literally everyone??

Like?? We can’t be seen as andro / masculine because we dont fit into the ‘Classic Nonbinary Aesthetic’ (thin / heavily andro because of that thinness). A lot of the time we HAVE to wear Feminine clothing bc the accesible clothing industries dont make those NB styles in our size (and yeah no, Im not buying a $100 pair of custom pants online, bc not everyone has money to dole out on Wardrobe. The fact that id have to pay more than $20 is a huge issue too).

Society in general doesnt see People with large hips and thighs, big butts, and big chests as anything but Fat Women– and society includes other LGBTQIA people. Us having fat-female characteristics is nearly inescapable and that ideal and inital 'Theyre too fat to be andro / masculine’ thought pattern COMPLETELY needs to change.

Like…The fact that I am fat does not make me a lesser Nonbinary person. My hips, my thighs, my chest, my smaller waist do not make me a lesser Nonbinary person– and they definitely dont make me a woman. What I wear to accomodate my body does not make me less Nonbinary. Change that fucking narrative.


Ive had a couple of anons ask me about my brushes and honestly, these are the only two tools I use constantly (the actual ‘Brush’ tool is used often, but I change the settings ALL THE TIME so I cant really rely on it  u_u)

I use the default brushes that came with Painttool SAI so i make do with what im given lmao

My stability for all tools is at 7 and for writing, i drop it down to 4 :>

Alot of the pictures i draw are huge! (2400x1800) so i tend to use the flat bristle brush ( for both tools) but with anything smaller than 1000x1000, you need to use smaller brush sizes and bc of that, the ‘flat’ part of the bristle brush becomes extremely prominent ( with the 40 px, i had to work rEALLY hard to make it curvy and not accidentally make a zigzag line ). Using the simple circle brush is just easier imo with smaller canvases.

I hope this is somewhat helpful lmao ive never had to make a tutorial before so im absolutely sure i couldve added more information. oops

(*Note that for my sketchy/crayon look, the min size of the brush is at 50%, not 0% : it just helps to make the lines less smooth n flowy and more flat like an actual crayon uwu)


i needed to make sure my memory card & batteries were good for my camera bc zoo tomorrow– so i tested that out on my gator i got last week. the lighting in my room sucks and i’ll eventually get a good picture setup, maybe.

speedbump decided to model to display size & how difficult it is to find a place to take pictures in here.

some franknico hcs because im. an emotional wreck.

  • frank painting nico’s nails. @ first nico is like “nO omg” but he finally agrees & frank works so hard at it and is So Precise & nico is just smilin at his big dorky bf
  • nico getting frank the mythomagic africanus extreme expansion deck for his birthday & they have mythomagic tournaments
  • nico usually wins & frank is like such a good loser he’s like “aw good game babe” and nico is like NO. BE ANGRy i have Defeated You
  • nico being upset that animals don’t like him so frank turns into various animals & manages to get other animals to be pals w nico because frank is Just That Charismatic
  • CUDDLIN G. frank is literally twice nico’s size but nico insists on being the big spoon sometimes bc that kid has Got to boost his ego. they finally get settled into a comfortable position (read: nico cuddling against frank’s back like a shell on a turtle) when frank decides to turn into like. a bear or something else huge to piss nico off
  • he feels bad tho so he turns into a puppy & that works out a lot better
  • frank making nico breakfast in bed & nico tries to return the favor but ends up like. burning the entire house down poor kid.
  • f r a n k n i c o
Literally the stupidest g/t idea.

Imagine someone walking through a dark forest all alone, afraid and frightened by the myths of a huge giant that lurks these parts…..

Suddenly their phone rings, it’s tone is a familiar theme that takes them right back to their childhood, as it plays a huge thudding rustle is heard from the trees!

A gigantic figure stomps into view in front of them, it’s van-sized boots felling trees and every move it makes strong enough to knock the trembling person off their feet!

Slowly the giant opens it’s mouth……

“Was that the friggen Pokemon theme??”

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the first time Barry meets Dan, he's in the tub. Barry comes over and Dan just stares at him. Barry tries to start conversation with him, but Dan just leans forwards and puts his hand up and boops him on the nose, bc suzy did it to him and it's so funny to him. danny starts giggling and barry joins in, and they just sit there laughing a bit until Dan introduces himself.

OKAY I see Barry in his huge Bear form walking into the Bathroom bc they just want a lil extra muscle just in case Dan starts panicking again (“Dude, he is way too fucking strong for someone that skinny. Dont make me go in there by myself again.”)

Danny stares at him and he cant help but feel slightly intimidated by his size, he takes up the whole goddamn room he can barely fit through the door. But he notices his stance: hunched shoulders, fiddling with his paws, ears flattened, and he realizes hes not a threat at all. Barry slowly makes his way to the tub and clears his throat, extending his hand in greeting. Dan eyes the paw, then looks Barry in the eye almost like hes sizing up and it makes Barry even more nervous. In an instant, Danny lunges for Barry arm and pulls him in close and before Barry has a chance to react, Danny releases his grip and boops his nose. When Barry doesnt respond, he leans in and boops both of their noses together.

Danny cant help but burst into laughter at Barrys ridiculous expression, and Barry finds it contagious as he starts giggling too. When the laughing fit dies down, Danny brushes his hair back and gives Barry a huge shit-eating grin.

im not trying to be dramatic but louis exists, like. louis exists and he breathes and he cuddles himself up in huge three-sizes-too-big sweaters (because! he refuses to accept he is just a teensy bean) and he complains when his toes get too cold and he makes himself around 800 cups of tea a day (,,approximation by niall) and he kisses people on their foreheads and he respects people and treats them kindly bc he knows what it’s like to be treated like you’re nothing, and ? i love louis

G/t idea.

Imagine a tiny playfully scratching their giant friends neck, when suddenly they hit a sweet spot- the giant let’s out a huge rumbly growl and bares their fangs, it’s a sign of appreciation but as they look round to see the tiny they realise how scary it must’ve looked!

They start apologising profusely and covering their mouth in the hopes of making themselves seem less scary- they’re so worried their friend thinks they’re a monster!

The tiny however simply yells “that was so cool, do it again!!”