bc it makes me laugh ok


1x02 // 1x07

Seventeen’s singing voices sound like:


- ngl it’s daddy af

- makes me feel unholy

- will treat you right


- a hug after coming home

- how his hair must feel

- it’s from God’s own hand


- like a flower about to bloom

- morning tea

- Jesus would be proud of him


- 2 cool 4 u

- makes me cry

- invented sexy


- made lean on me his bitch

- a lil scary when he raps

- slow dancing


- cures sadness

- makes me want to be a better person

- he reminds me of ed sheeran a lot ok probs bc they’re both great


- dont get me started

- being in love



- hesitation then finally being brave

- makes me feel so much boi wyd

- A Great Guy™


- laughing with your friends

- proof that there is good in the world

- give him more solos



- say yes is a masterpiece

- underrated. can he be my friend?


- surprises me everytime

- he raps like a king

- he makes me trust him idk why


- soft pillows after a long day

- what did we do to deserve such talent

- Beautiful™


- excitement

- your fave’s voice could never

- he is unreal. who allowed this???

lmao i tweeted this but it didn’t get much love so here we are

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ita with everything you said about emma. i needed her to apologize or at least it be acknowledged that she should have apologized. just bc isak's friends accepted him and he ended up with even doesn't make what she did ok. i actually laughed when she was like 'i think you're an asshole for leading me on bc you're gay.' nah, fam, ditching you at halloween to make out with another dude is shitty. dating u bc of fear and internalized homophobia is the understandable part.


I want to marry someone with michael’s personality bc he would make me laugh so fucking hard, with ashton’s laugh and dimples so I could make stupid jokes just to hear his cute laugh and poke his dimples, with calum’s jawline bc IT WOULD BE SO FUCKING HOT LIKE CUT ME DADDY, and with luke’s eyes bc it would feel like staring into a deep blue ocean. BUT IM GONNA END UP FUCKING SINGLE BC NO GUY CAN HAVE ALL THIS TRAITS OK BYE.

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Are you still doing the no filter asks? If so then please, enlighten me on how much you enjoy my company despite your moaning 😉

Uuuuh No Filter Friday should be re-named This Was a Flop Friday because this was the only question I got and you’re just being a twat lol. 

Unless I suppose @3brosangel‘s question about the Bronze was meant to be a no filter Q? I just thought that was conversation though haha. It only just occurred to me that it could possibly have been in response to the no filter Friday post and frankly that is a sad prospect bc I’m totally down to chat about that shit any. time.

Ok Bee, you better get your screenshot button ready, because I know you like to scrapbook when I’m nice… You do a solid job of making me laugh, despite YOUR moaning. Plus I got 6 boxes of rasmalai out of this friendship, so… winning.

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why is it “ok” for girls to go through a meet and greet line and smooch the dolan twins on the lips or grab their asses w/o their consent and then the boys have to laugh it off like its all a big joke bc society won’t approve of their showing of emotions? i know they’ve said they’re not offended but that doesn’t make it right if a dude did the same to a girl there would be riots in the streets for a centennial???? it makes me so angry ???? it’s not just them either its all boys but i think thats just a prime example

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That post about the people you know going through a lot is like the same thing for me !! Everyone in my family and my closest friends have gone/going through so much shit and it makes me angry bc I feel like I can't do anything to really help them except be there for them but I feel like that isn't enough and then I see them smile or laugh and I realize that they're gonna be ok !!


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you have to be 12 years old or you have a disgusting personality to shit on a fic and writers skills because they got more kudos than your fic

who said anything about kudos lmao I love how you’re making up a story to go along with it, I never mentioned kudos in the first place but sure lol 

and I’m not making fun of a writer’s skills per se, well indirectly I am so you might have a point here ok I’ll admit, but still I’m making fun of shit like ocean-eyed teen or the raven bc that is not good writing no matter how u look at it and if a fic with writing like that has a lot of kudos ofc I’d be shocked??? bc ppl actually read that and like that like… why 

can we end this stupid chain of asks wanting to make me a bad guy now? yes I’m a bad guy who laughs at ravenette, sue me


some mingyu again as my apology to u

  • idk what about him but he’d be a great father i can sense it
  • and a great husband as well i mean
  • caN u imagine waking up next to him bc im just
  • he’s a great chef so im not gonna be surprised if he cooks most of time more than u
  • but he’ll love ur food that is if u can cook - he’ll eat everything u make
  • “u make great food”
  • “thank u????”
  • “but you know who makes the best food? me” ok mingyu
  • his kids would probs inherit his height
  • theyll be like omg daddy so tall
  • ofc PIGGY BACK RIDES u cant forget this one
  • i can see him pretending to drop his kids to make them laugh but accidentally dropping them
  • “KIM MINGYU” “im sorry ok i didnt know he’s going to actually fall”
  • he’d want puppies in the house ofc who r u kidding
  • “PLEASE”
  • he’ll probably choose to get a poochon dont ask why
  • and who can resist him?
  • and now you have 3 BABIES to take care of (ur dog, ur kid, and….. mingyu)
  • “i cant believe im married to a 5 years old”
  • “you love me tho”
  • “true”
  • he’d support his kids so much!! its cute!! he’d cheer for them and do all the embarrassing cute dad stuffs probably i can imagine it
  • would love to have a rap battle with u
  • teaching his kids how to rap
  • love cuddles who doesnt
  • LOVE BEING THE SMALL SPOON despite his giant body
  • that smile tho
  • starts barking at the dog out of nowhere saying he understands them
  • would love hearing his kids talk about their first day at school or just anything and making comments about it
  • and maybe starts gossiping about them too
  • “ok so this girl seems annoying tell me more about her”
  • on your anniversary or mothers day or ur birthday he’ll bake u a cake with the kids!!!! WOW IM SO SAD NOW I WANT A MINGYU and the cake will tastes good which is not surprising
  • and throw a surprise party maybe which makes u cry bc a lot of cuteness
  • and now for the sexy times
  • have u seen those lips i feel like he’s a great kisser ;-;
  • his kisses would probably involve a lot of tongue and are messy
  • loves biting everywhere basically without realizing he’s hurting u
  • i can see him giggling during sex lmao not surprised tbh
  • idk how many kids he wants tho.. …maybe 3? or 4?
  • i feel like he’d like the house to be loud and full of people
  • BASICALLY mingyu is so husband material and omginjgnrjgrni he’s just a hyper little dog who just wants ur attention all the time and wants u to pet him and love him and cuddle him and kiss him 24/7

ok that was fun for more husband!au click here

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When you get this, please respond with 5 things that make you happy. Then sed to the last 10 people in your notifications anonymously😊

Thanks anon! We definitely need to spread more positivity.

Ok, I’ll try to list it:

•Reading, going to bookshops and smelling new books

•Cooking stuff (especially cakes) and then putting it in fine plates and make everything cute and then eat it

•Walking in high heels (does this make me a masochist?)

•Buying stuff. Clothes, books, school supplies… Everything.

•Being a fool with friends. Like, when you start to laugh at a stupid pun and then you can’t stop bc you look at eachother and you see their fucking awkward face that’s trying not to laugh again

(I’ll put two more bc why not?

•Watching fantasy movies with family bc it’s one of the few bonding moments of us

•Being gay.)

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can i tell u a cute story about my crush? shes this girl at my school n she doesnt have classes with me but thats ok bc i see her during breaks anyways she is the cutest human being!!! on the planet!!! im serious!!!! her laugh is like sunshine!!! she is so warm and i swear she glows!!! her smile!! is the most beautiful thing ever!!!! she is always smiling and laughing!!! and she does this thing when shes cold where she hugs me and tucks her hands under my coat and i die!!! shes so beautiful help

nonny i’m sobbing! this is the cutest thing I’ve read all day, I love how much you adore her AND I’M ROOTING FOR U MY FRIEND!!! 

Balls of sunshine like her are amazing. I’ve got a few friends at my workplace who always greet me with a giant hug and are always smiling and it makes my day, so i can imagine how happy you must feel to see her :3 GOOD LUCK I LOV U

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ship your friends with kpop idols uvu i love hearing about your friends !!

omg? this is soccute?? :(( i will never pass up an opportunity to gush abt my friends!!!

@snowdae ok of course i ship her with kook!! they r the softest n most fluffy!! ok ok but the other day was watching youngjae (got7) get excited n laugh a lot n smile n i jus thought??? of alex??? bc she’s cute?? he’s cute?? he’d be the softest most cuddly for her 💌!! idk if she’ll agree but cmon youngjae is an angol i also ship her w/ me bc we will hold hands everywhere ://

@glassofjin ok ok so i also ship baty w/ me hello we r meant to be,, but abdkslf it’d probably make her happy if i said jinki!!! he super soft!! she super soft!! ultimate softies!! n she deserves the kindest boy in the world aka hobi wow??? she truly appreciates him more than anyone else?? he’s such a cuddler n he will boost her mood 24/7 bc she dESERVES IT!!!!

@pooptaems um dani is on hiatus but i ship her with me hello we r meant to be, 3 months of being in love 🕊 i ship her w/ minho cause idk??? he’s jus a big loaf of bread w/ an amazing laugh n i feel he’d make her super happy n he is super clingy n gives big hugs n dani!!! deserves that!!! ily dani say hi to ur bf minho for me

@4hoseok !!! i of course !!! ship my pug pal w/ hobi bc??? um he’s the softest?? like?? he can take her to cafes n tell her how cute she is cause she doesn’t believe me :( n n i ship her w/ eunha n sinb hello,, eun^3 meant to be, the universe wants it, who am i to disagree !

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are your tags abt joe's new vid written by me bc this is me. i adore conor,but i wanted just joe/jack sitting together and filming ALONE so bad. did you notice how they were looking at each other when joe tried to hint that he hasn't broken a bone???

ok omg lets just talk about this video for a sec and by ‘video’ i mean joeck. 

like. a big part of joeck is the fact that jack seems to look up to joe a loT and is v keen to impress him/make him laugh/have his attention etc. basically, jack has a big crush on joe but in this vid joe was the one giving all the heart eyes?? look:

(im pretty sure joe is looking at jacks lips here dont sue me)

also idk whats going on in this gif but just look at joe ok his movements/mannerisms are v flirty and also he checks jack out ok just lOok

alsO theres the bit when they bicker like a cute ol married couple/five year old kids abt whether or not pluto is a planet and jack pATS JOES LEG except its out of the shot so u cant rlly see it but it HAPPENED

and then theres the part u were talking about. called: lowkey sexual tension ft conors cute concentrating face. (also pls look at jacks lil smile at the end. someone hit me with a shovel). 

ok actually on the subject of names i laugh a lot bc both my families have a very rigid naming scheme

on my dad’s side, every firstborn son is called david. all of them. theyre all dave. my dad is dave. my grandad is dave. everyone is dave. id have gone along with it bc for whatever reason they Did Not name my younger brother David but my childhood best friend’s name is David so?????? no

on my mums side we have a james and a douglas in alternating generations. my birthname came from this naming scheme; im a james. (we have, for whatever reason, had 3 james in a row. one of my great uncles is james, my mums middle name is jane (she has no brothers) and my birth name is from the same name family, if that makes sense (feminine welsh form of james). and thats fine and dandy but a) james doesnt suit me. at all and b) itd get shortened down to jamie and jamie isnt me, jamie is a dude i grew up with

and i mean. douglas was the name of my first boyfriend so. no

axel came from the pendulum song axle grinder and it was only meant to be temporary but here we are, still going by it, and i love the fuckin irony. here i am from two families w/ these hecka fuckin rigid traditional name schemes that go back fuck knows how long and im like ‘yeh i like this song its my name now’

Christmas Headcannons

Sorry I’m not on as much guys, here’s some headcannons to make up for it

Who puts up decorations?  Dallon. He’s all happy and bouncing up and down like a little kid and Bden just smiles at him. Dal’s trying to get Brendon to decorate too and finally he says yes bc Dallon’s being so cute

Who puts the star on the Christmas tree? Everyone knows this…Okay, but one year Brendon want to do it so Dal’s like ok this is gonna be funny let me get some popcorn and Brendon’s like fuck you and Dal just smiles. Then Bden’s acually trying and Dallon’s just laughing so much and then picks him up so he can reach. The star is a little crooked but they leave it like that bc it looks cute to Dallon.

Who makes the better cookies? They both fail at decorating them with frosting and candy. They make a mess and get it all on eachother. After they’re done cleaning, they take all the cookies and cuddle eachother on the couch watching Christmas movies !!! (Dallon laughs at Brendon’s dick cookies))