bc if you don't i will come into your house and eat your food

What went down in Mr. Pigeon
  • Thomas Astruc: hey Jeremy I had an idea
  • Jeremy Zag: uh-oh
  • Thomas Astruc: it's a supervillain but it's just pigeons
  • Jeremy Zag: I don't understand
  • Thomas Astruc: he's a supervillain, you know?
  • Thomas Astruc: but all he does is pigeons
  • Jeremy Zag: I don't think pigeons are a superpower
  • Thomas Astruc: you got dabbing Santa so let me have this
  • Jeremy Zag: fine
  • Mr. Damocles: why don't you all design some hats for Adrien's dad
  • Alya: are you going to teach us how to design hats?
  • Mr. Damocles: no just figure it out
  • Ms. Bustier: these are impeccable teaching methods
  • Alya: how do you not have this under control Marinette
  • Alya: ok that's valid
  • Chloé: hey Sabrina so here's my new evil plan
  • Chloé: we wait for Marinette to come up with some design
  • Chloé: then we take a photo of it
  • Chloé: and I pay somebody to design the EXACT SAME THING
  • Chloé: this is defs my greatest evil plan yet
  • Sabrina: it won't be suspicious when you and Marinette submit the same thing?
  • Chloé: nah I don't see a problem
  • Sabrina: kk so imma take some initiative on this one
  • Sabrina: imma sneak into Marinette's house tonight
  • Sabrina: and imma gonna slit her throat
  • Chloé: whoa! too dark! waaaaaaaay too dark Sabrina!
  • Sabrina: sorry but what if I—
  • Chloé: no murderization, Sabrina
  • Sabrina: fine
  • Xavier: hey pigeons let's have a pigeon party
  • Roger: f**k off pigeons
  • Roger: and f**k off Xavier
  • Hawkmoth: kk so imma execute my best idea yet
  • Marinette: and so am I
  • Tikki: but your best idea is a hat made of a cake
  • Marinette: now imma ride a bus bc buses are fun
  • Bus driver: kk so there are pigeons EVERYWHERE so get out
  • Marinette: isn't that just the usual thing in Paris
  • Bus driver: yeah
  • Ladybug: this is the greatest danger I've ever faced
  • Chat Noir: can I eat them?
  • Ladybug: nah
  • Chat Noir: kk imma cosplay as Roger
  • Pigeons: hey Roger
  • Chat Noir: hey f**kers
  • Ladybug: (wow, this is really convincing!)
  • Pigeons: *take Chat Noir away*
  • Ladybug: this is not how birds work
  • Pigeons: *drop a cage on Ladybug and Chat Noir*
  • Chat Noir: whoa, role reversal!
  • Mr. Pigeon: HEY GUYS
  • Chat Noir: so what are you going to do
  • Mr. Pigeon: imma throw these pigeons at you
  • Chat Noir: what'll that do
  • Mr. Pigeon: *throws pigeons* merry christmas!
  • Ladybug: oh no he's gonna start dabbing
  • Ladybug and Chat Noir: *run away!*
  • Mr. Bourgeois: *is milling and billing*
  • Chat Noir: gimme a room and some camembert
  • Mr. Bourgeois: this is not out of the ordinary
  • Chat Noir: kk let's go
  • Mr. Pigeon: I have spies everywhere!
  • Hawkmoth: what are you hoping to accomplish here
  • Mr. Pigeon: imma bring you the Miraculouses!
  • Hawkmoth: yeah but you have your own personal agenda for what you're gonna use your powers for, right?
  • Mr. Pigeon: nah
  • Hawkmoth: you mean you're the first villain to actually focus on the task I set for you?
  • Mr. Pigeon: idk
  • Mr. Pigeon: ooh, my pigeon spies just reported that Ladybug is currently falling on top of me
  • Ladybug: geronimoooooooo!!!!!!!!
  • Mr. Pigeon: *gets squashed*
  • Hawkmoth: I'd be thrilled with your level of focus if it were paired with competence
  • Ladybug: imma beat you with POPCORN
  • Mr. Pigeon: the food or the song?
  • Ladybug: both, kick the tune Chat Noir
  • Chat Noir: time to bust out my sweet dancing Roger cosplay
  • Roger: that is not at all realistic
  • Mr. Pigeon: I surrender!
  • Marinette: anyway I made a hat
  • Chloé: and so did I
  • Gabriel: imma f**kin set you both on fire
  • Chloé: well s**t

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I don't know if you've done this senario before, but RFA + V and Saeran learing that mc has depression? (Maybe they figure out because they starts dropping hobbies, smiling less, or they just tell them strait out)



  • He realized you started having more and more ‘off’ days
  • You had explained to him a while back that some days you just didn’t have energy to do much of anything; you just called those days your off days
  • But it used to be that you only had them once or twice a month
  • it seemed like they were almost every day now
  • He started getting worried when you stopped getting out of bed. He would leave in the morning and when he came back from school you would still be in the same exact position, and there was no sign around the apartment that you had moved
  • He doesn’t quite know what to do, he just shakes your shoulder to wake you, and he pulls the curtains open to give you some sunlight
  • He also makes your favorite food, because you were definitely hungry after not eating all day
  • You definitely didn’t want to wake up, let alone move, but he tells you that you have to
  • Even though he doesn’t realize it, he’s doing probably everything right to getting you better. He even cleaned up the house to help clear your thoughts, and  he didn’t prod or try to get you to talk. Just seeing you eating and being slightly healthier was enough for him


  • The moment you didn’t send him off to work with a “good luck! Stay safe!” He knew something was off
  • You had been quiet that morning at the table, but you weren’t a morning person. You had been staring vacant eyed into your cup of coffee for a frighteningly long amount of time, though
  • He asks a trusted coworker what might be up, and they give some insight on what might be depression
  • He proceeds to do research on how to help you
  • He’s excellent at motivating you, which wasn’t an easy feat. But somehow he knows how to make menial tasks seem much more fun than they really were
  • What affects him the most about your depression is that he can’t cure it for you
  • Seeing you upset is the hardest thing for him, so he tries his best to make you smile every day.


  • You had mentioned to her at the beginning of your relationship that you had depression
  • At first, she didn’t pay it much mind. You seemed very happy and chipper most of the time, so she decided not to worry about it
  • But with every up came an even worse down, and she realized really what you meant when you told her about your depression
  • You ave her one word answers to everything, and sometimes not even a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ just a small groan in response.
  • You moved around the house like you were in slow motion, and your eyes looked dead.
  • The only emotion she saw you express that week was guilt when you had refused her offer to go out on a date
  • “I-I’m sorry…I just…I wouldn’t be much fun…”
  • She Was Gonna Help You As Much As She Could
  • She cleaned up the entire apartment until it was sparkling and constantly made you healthy food that she knew you loved
  • She even baked you a cake
  • Every day when she left for work she would tell you how much she loved you, and how you two could get through this together with some time


  • He freaked out internally when you did’t give him a goodbye kiss on his way to work
  • The whole day he was so worried???? You always sent him off on a happy note
  • And you were usually a morning person, but it seemed especially hard for you to get up today
  • He called you to ask if you were feeling well, if he needed to get a doctor, etc
  • You told him no, you weren’t sick per se, but you explained in as few words as possible that you’ve had clinical depression all your life, this was just it flaring up
  • He immediately went home, and all the way there, he was researching how to help you as much as possible
  • “I read that sunlight is very good for preventing depression. Should we go on a walk?”
  • “Jumin, it’s fine. Really. It’ll go away soon”
  • “How long does it usually last?”
  • “…my shortest was a month..”
  • “Come. We’re going on a walk. I know a place nearby with a lovely garden”
  • He lets you slowly open up about your depression; he’s literally so accepting and comforting it makes you want to cry


  • When you don’t laugh at a shitty joke he told you, he knows something’s up
  • He kinda noticed that something was Off with your for the past couple of days, but he realized it had started getting a lot worse
  • You spent three hours in the shower (”wasn’t it cold???” “Yeah but i didn’t really mind)
  • Your speech is really slow and just flat, like you didn’t have the energy to put any emotion back into it
  • He knows what’s wrong and he want’s to cry bc you have to go through it
  • He may have unhealthy methods of coping with his depression, but he isn’t gonna let you do any of that
  • he encourages you to talk about it, “But Seven I sound like an angsty teenager when I do” “I’ll talk about mine, we can be emo teens together”
  • The most attentive; when ever you say how you’re feeling he can always relate


  • He gets really worried and kinda upset when you say you’d rather not come along with him when he goes to take photos
  • You usually are happy to go; you especially loved taking some yourself even if they weren’t very good per se but he cherishes them
  • So he goes on his own, and comes home to find you just. staring at your blank computer screen.
  • “MC…? MC are you doing alright?”
  • You jump, “Oh, yeah. I’m fine. just tired”
  • He doesn’t want to make any assumptions so he waits a couple days and observes
  • He finds what he had hoped it wouldn’t be
  • You’re constantly zoning out, you’re incredibly lethargic, you sleep all day or not at all, and he can tell you wish your room was cleaner but every time you try and clean it you just,,can’t
  • So he helps you along; he helps you clean up, he makes you come outside with him (you’re extremely grateful, even if you don’t tell him how much he’s helping) and he lets you know there’s nothing inherently wrong about you being depressed. Its just a matter of finding a balance, and how to cope with the bad times


  • You start acting different, he asks what ‘s wrong, and you carefully tell him you have depression, and what you were going through was just a thing that happened
  • he’s just like no NONO nO HE JUST WANTS TO HELP
  • but you tell him it’s okay; you’ve dealt with this on your own for years, he doesn’t need to stress himself out by trying to pull you out of it
  • He’s not dealing with that answer at all
  • He invites you to talk about how your feeling…a bit awkwardly but it’s the thought that counts
  • sometimes you two just end up having 2 am chats and deep conversations about your depression and he can always relate and you never realized how incredibly nice it felt to have someone who knew what you were going through
  • You also never realized you could get through one of you down periods so quickly
  • like it only took two weeks for you to start feeling less shitty??? that’s amazing it usually takes month

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Could I submit a request with Tsukki where he finds out his s/o has really strong urges to be affectionate and smother him with their love, but hold back bc they don't know if he would like it? Super fluff pls. ilyyyyy :*

Ahh, I am actually nervous writing this! I love your blog so much! I hope I don’t disappoint you!

He noticed it first when he arrived at your house in the morning to pick you up. He arrived on time, as per usual, and knocked on your door. You opened the door in your uniform and smiled brightly at him. His hands were in his pocket, but he noticed your eyes linger on his arm. 

“Are you coming?” He turned around and started heading to school. You ran over to catch up, wanting to hold his hand, but keeping that to yourself. You and Tsukishima have been dating for a little over a month, and you wanted nothing more than to smother your tall boyfriend with affection.

You were nervous, you knew your boyfriend had a stand offish personality, but that didn’t stop you from wanting to show how much you cared. You were afraid he would reject you, or just not like it.

During lunch, Tsukishima came to your classroom to get you. He always came to you, he loved eating lunch alone with you. Yamaguchi sometimes joined you, but you preferred the one on one time. Tsukishima noticed it again during lunch. You sat next to him, leaving some space between you two.

He noticed you look down at the space and fidget slightly. He looked over at your bag and noticed you had two lunch’s made today. He looked down at his food and took a bite. He had a feeling you made him lunch, but didn’t say anything.

“Aren’t you going to eat?”

“Ah, um, yes!” You opened your box, and started to eat slowly. Tsukishima noticed you look over at him again, then look down at your food. He tilted his head slightly, as intelligent as he was, he just didn’t understand what was bothering you.

“Can I have a taste?” He opened his mouth to you, you bit your lip and felt the excitement build up within you. You grabbed a piece of food with your utensil and fed him. He chewed it slowly and then swallowed. “Thanks ____-chan, that tasted great.” He went back to eating his own food. You wanted more than ever to shower him with affection.

The bell rang and he walked you to your classroom. You waved goodbye and made your way to your seat. You remembered that Tsukishima didn’t have practice today, instead he was coming over to work on some homework with you. Although that usually meant that he was going to tutor you.

You droned through class, waiting patiently for the bells to ring to freedom. You finally heard those sweet bells. The bells that would release you to your boyfriend yet again. You grabbed your bag and walked to your shoe locker, quickly changing before tsukishima got there.

“You were pretty fast today.” Tsukishima walked up behind you and opened the locker above yours to grab his shoes, changing them while you adjusted your bag. He placed his slip on’s in his locker and looked over at you. 

“Shall we go?” You smiled and he nodded. You walked out of the school and walked towards your house.

 He noticed it again. You brushed against his hand and quickly pulled away. You put your hand on the strap of your bag and looked down towards the ground. He looked carefully at your face. He noticed you looked a bit red. He was almost worried that you were getting sick, after all you had been acting strange lately.

You arrived at the house and walked to your room. Tsukishima closed the door behind him and sat on your bed. You felt your face heat up again, the sight of your boyfriend sitting where you sleep at night was enough to make your heart explode. You wanted to sit next to him, on his lap, or on the floor between his legs, really anything to be close.

Tsukishima noticed the way you walked to your computer desk and sat down on the chair. He looked over at all the space next to him. His eye twitched and he looked over at you.

“Are you upset? Or maybe sick?”

“What? No of course not!”

“Then why wont you come sit over here? You’ve been acting weird all day. Come over here, and tell me what’s bothering you.” You walked over slowly, contemplating if you want to actually tell him what you want. Should you tell him you want to hold his hand? That you want to hug him, or kiss his cheek every time you see him? 

You sat down on the bed next to him, leaving some space, still nervous. You were fidgeting with the red tint practically stained on your face at this point. He scooted closer and looked you in the eye.

“Now tell me? Did I do something?”

“No… I’m sorry, it’s not you… It’s me.” Tsukishima looked horrified. He scooted away again.

“So… are you saying you want to break up?” He wouldn’t look at you, his face turned the other direction so you couldn’t see the hurt in his eyes.

“n-NO!! No I don’t want to break up! Actually… I want more.” Tsukishima covered his face with one hand while pretending to adjust his glasses. He looked over at you, concerned. You two had hardly even kissed, and he had the idea that you wanted to start fooling around.

“I-I mean… I wouldn’t be opposed to the idea. However, I think we should do more romantic types of things before we sleep together.” You were about to speak, when you realized where this conversation had turned to. Tsukishima was going from one extreme to the other. Your face turned even brighter red, if that was even possible. AND HE ISN’T OPPOSED? What?!

“No… I meant the romantic stuff.” You sighed, you decided it would be best to just be upfront with him. “I really want to hold your hand.”

“So do it.”

“o-okay… I also want to sit close to you.” You scooted closer to him so your thighs were touching. “Like this.”

“Okay… That’s fine too…”

“I want to be able to kiss you, even if it’s on your cheek…”

“t-That’s fine, when we are alone.” You looked down at his hand and held it in yours.

“I want to tackle you and attack your face.”



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Hey! Sorry if this is a stupid idea, but if it's okay, could you maybe write one where y/n hates herself a lot, but her friends don't know, bc she doesn't show it or really open up honestly to people much? But Isaac picks up on how she won't accept/brushes off compliments, uses self-deprecating humour a little too much etc. and tries to talk to her about it, and at first she pretends she doesn't know what he's talking about, then gets angry with him, before he convinces her to hear him out?❤️xx

Anonymous said to redbrickisaac: 21/22 with isaac and the reader pleaase 💕 i have completely fallen in love with your work.

A/N:  I’m combining prompts here because they go together so well. Also, your ideas are never stupid. If someone wanted me to write Isaac and the reader as ducks, whatever, I’ll do my best. No judgement here.

Musical Inspiration: “Lay It All On Me”- Rudimental (Feat. Ed Sheeran)

“Looking lovely today, (Y/n)!” Stiles chirps as you walk by in the hallway.

“Stuff it, Stilinski,” you say as you walk by, forcing a smile so anyone watching the exchange thinks you’re joking, so they don’t see how sick the compliment makes you feel. You know you look like crap. You don’t need Stiles’ pity. When you’re a safe distance away, you can feel your smile sour before falling off your face completely.

You glance at Isaac as you pass and he’s staring back at you. You give him a tight smile too and keep walking.

The bad news? Isaac is not so easily fooled.


At lunch, Allison sits down next to Lydia with a groan. “This English project is going to kill me.”

“Well, it’s a good thing you got such an amazing partner then,” Lydia says with a flip of her hair and a wink.

Allison and Lydia got lucky. Poor Scott, not so much.

“Too bad you’re stuck with me,” you tell him with a pinched grin.

“Hey, you’re better than being stuck with Stiles,” He laughs, ducking the pack of crackers that Stiles throws in protest. Somehow you doubt that’s actually true.

You ignore Stiles and Scott’s playfight about how Stiles can never actually stay on topic when he’s got a paper to write, only vaguely hearing Stiles’ comment about “you write one paper on male circumcision and no one will let you forget it” as you study your food.

That’s one of the things that’s kind of a relief about lunch, no one really pays attention to you so you don’t usually have to keep up the mask you’re always wearing. Usually. Today, you look up from arranging your food in a color-coded line to find Isaac watching you from the seat across from you.

He doesn’t say anything but he doesn’t look away either and that makes your skin itch with the need to get away from those watchful eyes, protect yourself in case he’s seen something he shouldn’t have through the cracks in your carefully built façade.

“I gotta go,” you mutter, not really expecting anyone else to notice as you rise from the table and dump your full tray of food into the trash, returning it to the kitchen, and making a hasty exit.

“(Y/n),” You hear Isaac’s voice chasing after you.

You move faster and don’t let him catch you alone.


You worry over the Isaac situation on your way home that afternoon, but you don’t expect it to follow you to your front door.

You’ve just managed to change into some more comfortable clothes, baggy and covering nearly every inch of skin aside from your neck and face. It’s so much easier when you don’t have to pretend to be okay for all of those people at school, when you can just wallow in the warmth an oversized sweatshirt and deny you have any feelings about anything at all, least of all yourself.

You’re about to get yourself some water and watch some television, let it drown out your thoughts for a while, when there’s a knock on the door.

You open it, expecting it to be another package that one of your parents has ordered from the pet store. They dote on that damn dog so much, you often wonder why they had you at all. It’s obviously their preferred child.

“Isaac?” The sight surprises you. None of your friends has actually cared enough to come to your house before, and it’s even more unexpected because it appears that Isaac has walked here through a downpour. The boy is dripping wet on your porch.

“Hi,” he says, shoulders hunched against the cold.

“Come in,” you pull him through the door and close it behind him. You can’t exactly leave him standing in the rain, no matter how squirmy and nervous your stomach feels at the sight of him. “What the hell are you doing? Are you trying to get sick?”

“Not exactly,” he answers, shivering in his wet clothes.

You sigh. “I’ll get you a towel and drive you home.”

“Wait,” he stops you, grasping your wrist before you can turn away. “I need to talk to you about something.”

“You can talk in the car,” you tell him, trying to pull away.

“(Y/n), I know something’s going on with you,” Isaac says, not letting you get away so easily. “You can talk to me.”

“Gee, thanks for the offer but I’m fine.” You tug your arm from his hold as you speak through clenched teeth.

“Don’t lie to me,” Isaac’s eyes peer into yours and there’s an odd sense of desperation buried in their depths. “I know what you’re doing and it’s not healthy.”

“Oh, really? And what am I doing, Mr. Know-it-all?” You ask, crossing your arms and staring back defiantly.

“You don’t take compliments, you make jokes at your own expense. Half the time, you don’t eat,” Isaac keeps stepping closer to you and you don’t even realize that you’ve been backing away until you hit the wall behind you.

Feeling defensive, you push off the wall and make him take a step back this time. “I don’t have an eating disorder,” you seethe. You feel a bit better at making him be the one to retreat as you force him back another step. “And what makes you think you know anything after one day of watching?”

This time, when you take a step forward, he doesn’t take a step back. Instead, he captures your cheek in his right hand. “I don’t think that. I think you’re hurting more than you’d ever tell anyone and it’s making you see yourself in not a very positive light. And just because you’re actually seeing me for the first time, doesn’t mean that I’m only just seeing you.”

“No,” you whisper. If he’s been watching you, who knows what he’s seen. “You should go.”

You try to push him away but he won’t allow it, wrapping his arms around you until you stop struggling and accept his embrace.

“No, no, no,” your voice is almost lost in the fabric of his rain-damp shirt. “You can’t see me. I don’t even want to see me.”

“It’s okay,” Isaac whispers into your hair. “Stop doing this to yourself. You deserve so much better.”

Maybe it’s because you’ve been attention starved for so long. Maybe it’s hearing someone say that you deserve better. Maybe it’s because it’s Isaac who you know has had it so much worse than you do but still seems to believe that your pain carries the same weight as his own. Whatever it is, you can’t stop yourself from sobbing into his chest as you clutch his shirt in fisted hands.

“Oh… don’t cry…” Isaac hugs you tighter, one hand moving in soothing caresses up and down the back of your shirt.

Isaac holds you until your sobs are reduced to sniffles.

“How did you know?” You ask, looking at him with watery eyes.

He shrugs with a sad smile, “Been there.”

You don’t feel any better about yourself, not now, but having someone know how you feel isn’t quite as scary as you’d always imagined. It’s a bit of a relief actually, knowing that for once you aren’t alone.

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(going on anon bc I don't wanna reblog) is it possible to have a fic where leafy is sick and you come over and take care of him and just fluff please?

V old request and I am sorry for just now getting to it haha. This one was requested earlier this week so I was reminded I needed to do it lol. Let me know what you guys think of it ^-^ I am going to try to post a couple this morning. I have an interview this afternoon, so I will see how many I can fit in. 

LeafyIsHere Fanfiction - Sick

You and Calvin had recently been hanging out quite frequently. The two of you had become fairly close friends but you didn’t know if he was looking to be more or just wanted to stay as friends. Hanging out at your house, you get a text from his current roommate. “Hey, Y/N, can you come over and take care of Calvin? Your boyfriend is sick and won’t shut up about you.” Laughing to yourself, you text back, “We aren’t dating lol but yeah I guess I can swing by.” Receiving a reply of “THANK GOD,” you quickly grab your keys and head over to his house, only stopping at a store to pick up some medicine and food just in case. 

Upon arriving and knocking on the door, his roommate quickly answers the door with a relieved face and greets you, “It’s about time, I can’t stay here any longer. Have fun!” And then decides to leave the two of you in the dust. ‘Can’t stay here any longer?’ you ask yourself. You set your stuff down in the kitchen and head to Calvin’s room. 

Carefully and quietly knocking on the door before entering you say, “Calvin? Your roommate asked me to come over. He said you were sick or something?” 

All you hear in response is a groan and him saying, “You can come in.” Walking in, you laugh at the state he is in. His hair is all over the place and he is wrapped in about six different blankets. Not to mention, there is a large amount of tissues that are strewn about the room. His nose has a red tint and he is letting in small sniffles. Annoyed with your laughing at his misery, he says in a nasal voice and with a pout featured on his face, “It’s not funny, Y/N! I’m really sick.” 

“I can see that. It’s pretty evident from your burrito wrap job and rudolph the red nose reindeer cosplay; or maybe it was the funeral tissues that gave you away” you say in a teasing manner. He groans in response, childishly pulling up one of the blankets to cover his face. “Can you please just help me? My roommate was no help.” Reaching your hand over and placing the backside over his forehead, you are surprised at how high his temperature actually is. “So, you really should take a shower, you’re really hot.” Calvin looks up at you smirking and says, “If you really thought I was attractive why didn’t you just say something?” Letting out a short laugh, clearly surprised by his comment, you shove his shoulder a little bit and say, “I meant your temperature is a little high. You should take a shower to cool yourself off a little.” “Care to join me?” He is quick to reply. “You turn into quite the flirt when you’re sick, huh? I’m going to have to decline. Have you eaten anything yet?” You are surprised at how suggestive he is being with you. Sure, Clavin will make slick comments but they never seemed like legitimate requests until now. 

He slowly removes himself from all the covers and walks over to the bathroom as you are walking towards the door. “Is it bad to say, ‘no?’” He turns and asks you. You sigh to yourself, “Your roommate couldn’t have made you any food?” “Oh no, he did, I just refused to eat it,” Calvin says. “Calvin! How do you expect to get better?” You storm off, leaving the room and complaining under your breath about how he doesn’t properly take care of himself. He chuckles at your antics and heads into the shower. 

About twenty minutes later, he emerges into the kitchen and sees you are sitting at the counter reading something on your phone, these fan fictions. Quietly, he strolls behind you and wraps his arms around your shoulders and places his head on top of yours, “Whatcha reading?” Completely ignoring his question, you say, “Cal, you’re sick. If you so much as get me sick as well, we are going to have some issues.” He chuckles and removes himself from you. He walks over to the stove where you have fixed a healthy breakfast; including: a fruit salad, some eggs, toast, and a couple other items. It is the evening by now, but you figured a small breakfast would be better for a stomach that hasn’t had anything yet. Looking over the food, he groans and says, “Do I really need to have this?” You look up at his from your phone and say, “If you want to get better, I suggest you do– especially the fruit.” He groans once again at your last comment, then looks up at you and asks, “can I just have you instead?” You let out a quiet laugh in response to his question, ‘where is he getting all these remarks from’ you ask yourself. “No, please at least eat something.” Giving a small whine, he finally agrees and picks out a minimal amount of each thing. You hand him a couple of cold tabs and after arguing with him for about 5 minutes about them, he takes them on the condition that you stay until his roommate got back. 

About ten minutes into talking with him while sitting in the kitchen, he starts to let out a few yawns and you suggest that you guys move to his room in case he falls asleep. Getting into his bed, he looks and sees that you have pulled over his chair and are sitting in it. He looks a little confused and asks, “you’re not going to get in the bed with me?” You simply chuckle and say, “I may have changed the sheets while you were in the shower, but I’m not going to get that close to someone as sick as you. Being in this chair is fine.” “C’mon, pleeeaaaaase” He asks you in a childish manner as he is pulling the covers up. Laughing at his present state, you simply move the chair next to the bed and explain that this was the closest you were getting. You two were talking for about another five minutes, you could tell Calvin was on the verge of falling asleep, finally. You’d be lying if you said you weren’t a little tired. 

Just as you were sure Calvin was getting ready to sleep, you both hear the door open and close, signaling his roommate was back. You slowly get up to leave, looking at the door, but are stopped by a hand weakly grasping onto your wrist. Looking back you see Calvin looking up at you with pleading eyes. He says, “Please, just stay? It’s late now and you’re tired, I don’t want you driving back like that. Plus, I sleep better when you’re here. At least take a nap with me or something and then drive home? Just don’t leave just yet.” He has a bit of a reddened face and your face heats up a little bit to match his. Looking back at the door to avoid him seeing how flustered you are, you say, “I guess I can stay for a little while longer. But only until you fall asleep and then I’m leaving.” He smiles slightly and removes his hand from your wrist, but instead intertwines his fingers with yours. He replies saying, “Okay, I can deal with that.” 

After about 15 minutes, Calvin’s breathing slows down a bit and you are pretty confident he is asleep. When he first closed his eyes, you placed your head over your other, unlinked, arm and started to doze off on his bed. Just as you fall asleep, you try to justify to yourself that you will take a quick nap and then drive home. 

Fluttering his eyes open, Calvin notices you have fallen asleep in the chair, leaning onto his bed. Removing his hand from yours, he carefully pulls you into the bed with him. Wrapping his arms around your waist and snuggling into you, he takes in how warm you are. His chills were no match for how warm he felt around you. Letting out a faint, “I think I’m in love with you,” he falls asleep knowing he will probably get a lecture about getting sick the following day from you. Not that he cared, he knew you couldn’t stay mad at him for very long. 

Hope you guys enjoyed and have a great day today :D I will maybe get to posting another one this morning, idk. 

100 Notes and I’ll cure your sickness  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

anonymous asked:

For those of us that don't want to move to Seattle but just want to visit or your, where do you recommend going/seeing/staying?

First - come in the summer. there is no reason to be here in the 8 months of grey and you won’t want to do anything.

Going: The best part about Seattle is that it is so close to Not Seattle. If you come here, rent a car. There are amazing hiking spots within an hour of the city. If you’re interested in that I can make a hike list too. You can do the Twin Peaks thing (~40 min outside of Seattle with no traffic) too. In the city, Discovery Park is awesome. The Fremont Sunday Market is great in the summer. Food places to try are Skillet Diner, Tacos Chukis, Taste of India, Beecher’s, Hot Mama’s, La Vaca (a literal hole in the wall, not really a restaurant), Miro Tea, uhhhh I’m a creature of habit and go to the same places over and over again. Bars: I don’t really go to bars so I don’t know a ton of em but Bait Shop, Moe Bar, Cha Cha, RGB, Sun Liquor, are all good. Coffee: I’m bitter about the state of coffee in this city right now. Analog Coffee and Vita are the best you can do I guess. The U District, Fremont, and Ballard have the best vintage shopping imo (Lucky Vintage, Red Light, Fremont Sunday Market, Fremont Vintage Mall, Atlas Vintage).

Seeing: The touristy shit is pretty fun. Going up in the Space Noodle is cool but don’t bother eating at the restaurant because it is FUCKING expensive and there’s a $60/plate minimum (when I was there last at least) and if you order a salad they give you a head of lettuce cut in half and nothing else (I’m still bitter about it). The Underground Seattle tour is really cool and well worth it. The Seattle Art Museum is great. The Frye Art Museum is great too, and free. First Thursday all museums are free and there are lots of Art Walks in most neighborhoods. Pike Place is great but maybe not worth it in the summer because it is SO packed and you can’t move and it’s just not really that fun. There’s also always fun shit going on so maybe time your trip around something like Summit Block Party, Folk Life, Solstice Parade, etc. 

Staying: Everyone will tell you to stay in Capitol Hill but fuck Capitol Hill bc it’s boring and gentrified and all the good stuff is gone. Stay in Fremont or Wallingford in a weird old house and just drive/bus wherever you need to go. 

I don’t know I’m pretty boring so I’m not the best person to ask this stuff tbh, I find things like yarn stores exciting (check out Weaving Works or Bad Woman Yarn). 

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I've been vegan for the past 2 weeks and it's been going well. The problem is that I'm 16 and my parents are unsupportive of my diet and barely buy me any food. It's really hard finding things to eat at home or anywhere. Today all I had coffee, toast, and a bowl of rice. I know that's not enough but I don't want to eat non vegan food bc I've been doing so good. Do you have any easy everyone-has-these-ingredients type of recipes? Or would yu suggest going vegan when I can support myself? Thanks!!

Can you ask your parents to buy fruits and vegetables (either fresh or frozen)? I’d be seriously shocked if any parents were against buying fruits or veggies for their child, but then again parents can be wild when they don’t agree with what you’re doing. Also, would you be able to ask them to buy you canned beans? Ask them to stock up on your spice collection as that can be very helpful for making simple meals delicious. I’d suggest checking out some things your parents might already buy such as pasta to find out if they’re vegan. Check out your pantry for canned/boxed foods that may be vegan. If you find vegan tortillas in your home you can make burritos or tacos. It’s good that you have rice available (here is a fried rice round up and a bean and rice round up). I would double check your bread as there are some breads that may seem vegan but have honey, eggs, milk or whey in them. With bread available you can always make veggie sandwiches or PB&J. If you have a blender you can make smoothies (here is another round up of more). Ingredients for soup are usually easy to find in your kitchen. Maybe ask your parents if you could cook them dinner one night to show them that you’re really interested in veganism and that it’s important to you. Here is a 5 ingredient round up and a quick and easy round up along with other quick and easy recipes that may be helpful. Here is a blog dedicated to vegan cooking with 8 ingredients as well as an article for 7 simple vegan meals. Could you do chores around the house to get some extra cash for your own personal groceries? Also, check out this submission regarding parents who aren’t too stoked about their child going vegan for a couple more tips. With time maybe they’ll come to see that you’re seriously dedicated to being vegan and will be more generous in buying you other groceries to make even more recipes. If you ever want to compile a list of vegan foods that you have found in your home then I’d be more than happy to share recipes to go along with what you have available to you. I really hope this helps some and I do hope that they come around!

anonymous asked:

My parents want me to start paying rent (I just turned 18) and they say it's to try to help cover a little bit of the costs of my food (they act like me and my sister lay around and gorge on food all day) but I really don't even eat too much since I'm not hungry often and I maintain my weight anyways, and I'm sorry this is so jumbled but I was wondering if you think one person can live off of 300$ worth of food per month bc I'd rather buy my own food than just hand the money to them

i think family disagreements are always delicate, but i’ll do my best to advise you, anon. i myself have dealt with a lot of family issues pertaining to money and trust, so i really feel you on this. what’s hard about answering you is that i don’t know the full picture of your family situation, or your parents’ intention. my thoughts are coming purely off of what you’re written to me here, and based on my own experience. i am not dictating what other people should do – just giving you my opinion based on what i’ve experienced.

$300/month for food is really a lot, to be frank. my boyfriend and i usually go on one big grocery trip a month and spend around $150, tops. i mean, we do budget and make sure to go to places like aldi where we know we’re getting good prices, but we don’t spend anywhere near that. you’re just one person, and, regardless of how much you need to eat to sustain yourself and be healthy, that’s really, really overshooting your projected costs. 

on the other hand, if rent is meant to cover housing, food, internet, utilities, etc (all inclusive, basically), that sounds like a more reasonable conversation you could negotiate. from your ask, though, it sounds like your parents explicitly said this will go towards food. 

financially, it makes way more sense to purchase your own food in this scenario. you are going to spend way less than $300/month for yourself, especially if you are smart with your money, look for good deals, and don’t purchase more than you will use. the foreseeable downside to this is tension with your family. there’s a lot of potential for arguments over, “whose is this?” / “do we share staples?” / “you ate my _____!”. how are you going to have family dinners? do you use some of their food and some of yours? will all your meals be separate? maybe that sounds extreme, but i know it would come to that with my parents. 

i wish you luck! i apologize if i gave you more of my opinion than you wanted. money is always a tough disagreement with loved ones.