bc idk i like lazy days

(late and rushed but) happy birthday helbram and happy children’s day!!!
(modern au???? child!troublemaker!helbram au????)

Arcade date w/ Mark
  • yo~~
  • markimoo got a request <3<33<3<
  • it’s been long since the last time i wrote for him, i kinda missed this
  • so let’s start right away!!!!!!!!
  • let’s go~~
  • so,,
  • first thing first,,
  • i don’t think markimoo would feel too comfortable by taking you to a place like this as a date
  • i mEan, he’s still young and obviously loves spending his energy in fun stuff like this
  • and especially if it’s with you!!
  • BUt, he’s probably the busiest member of NCT, and whenever he has a free day or smth he would, logically, prefer to spending it in a calming way ya know
  • but him having a free day is almost impossible <l3
  • #givemarkafreeday2k17
  • he’s the kind of guy that takes you out for an ice cream date in a sunny day and y’all just walk around a cute park while talking about y’alls weeks
  • lmao
  • not because he’s cheesy or romantic, actually he probably hates that kind of things, he just wants to spend his days off with you and being lazy 
  • relatable
  • also, i think he would feel a lot more comfortable with calm or lazy dates instead or an arcade or idk an amusement park date
  • especially if it’s with you bc he would like to be romantic™ from time to time
  • but if you had a good time then ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • am i right ladies
  • bUt going to the story now!!
  • so !!!,, 
  • as i said before, he would mostly go out w you whenever he has free days
  • so that day he probably had the day free okay
  • no shit sherlock
  • his promotions with u/127/dream/whatever fiNally finished and the poor boy only wanted to rest so he doesn’t,, idk die i guess
  • and spend the whole day w you, obviously <3
  • bc he’s probably more than tired of seeing the other members faces already lmao
  • so him, being the perfect boyfie he is, obviously invited you out for lunch so y’all can eat and talk peacefully about,, whatever
  • and oBviously you said yes because,, uhmm ?? hello ¿?
  • i mean, mark lee is inviting you on a date?? you’ll obviously sAy yes duh
  • spoilers: he even paid for everything bc he’s that perfect, yes :’)
  • but tHE THING IS!!!!!
  • that you heard about this new arcade that opened pretty recently ya know ;))
  • like, you probably heard about it from one of your friends or smth and you suddenly remembered it as you were eating 
  • and you kinda wanted to,, ya know,,, check it out ;)))
  • so you, with your A++ acting skills, went like:
  • “i’m quite full now, aren’t you?”
  • “already? i-i finished eating too. do you want to go for walk before going back to the dorms?”
  • “uh?,, uh yeah sure”
  • even if he was feeling like something was fishy, he’s still really gullible and he gets worried about you really easily
  • so even if you’re terrible at acting he would still believe you like a 2%
  • but 2% is enough for him to move mountains for you becAUSE MARK LEE IS AN ANGEL
  • also, iT’s just a walk,, what can go wrong am i right ;)
  • going to the point, in that little walk y’all, surprisingly, found that new arcade ya know
  • aND YOU GOT SO EXCITED, you were literally fighting against wanting to run over there and waste all your money
  • and even he thought that the place was cool and he also kinda wanted to try it out too,,,
  • but he’s a child of god anD TY TOLD HIM TO COME TO THE DORMS ASAP 
  • but at the same time, your excitment was too obvious and even him,, who doesn’t catch up w things like this too fast, realized right away how much you wanted to go, so he was in a internal fight w himself basically
  • “you want to go, don’t you?”
  • “uh?? n-no, it’s fine”
  • this time he didn’t believe you at all, but was a 100% sure about how much you wanted to go there
  • and, if he would move mountains for you at 2%, imagine him at a 100%
  • without thinking twice he grabbed your hand and looked at you sweetly, showing you a little smile in his lips before walking to the entrance of the place
  • and you had the time of your life™, he was quite nervous abot taeyong kicking his ass but eventually forgot about him bc he was too busy trying to not lose against you
  • but guess what, he still did lol
  • he only came back when he casually checked the hour on his phone and saw a missed call from ty
  • rip mark
  • nah lmao ty was just worried, he’s too pure, he wouldn’t be able to scold mark and especially in his free day
  • but he was still quite scared so,, gtg bae sorry
  • y’all only stayed there a few hours but it was really fun for both of you anyways
  • but he felt quite sorry for ruining it, so he promised you to take you there again in the future <3
  • “no, mark, don’t worry about it. i had lots of fun”
  • “still,,”
  • an angel
  • *knk’s angel heart starts playing*
  • bTW, that song’s great, listen to it
  • okay, and the end i guess
  • that was rlly cute, i hope y’all like it!!
  • i’m really sleepy so i’ll go now
  • bye~~

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Okay pleaseeee post a list of skincare products and makeup products that you use because im stunned omg your skin looks so pretty, and you're so beautiful omg 💘

can you believe ive waited my entire life for someone to ask me this question wleijfjfe

ok i have a very long skin care routine are you ready

((( my skin type is very oily so its heavily focused on cleansing and acne control bc i had a lot of acne in the past so if you have a dry skin type this might not be fit for you))))

((( also i try to use exclusively organic/cruelty free brands )))

  • first i wash my face twice with acure’s cleansing gel
  • then like every 2-3 days i exfoliate with mario badescu’s almond and honey exfoliator ((( always exfoliate to get rid of dead skin cells it’ll help even out your skintone a lot and also make your skin smoother)))
  • and depending on the day/how much time i have ill use a face mask ((i usually use one of those korean sheet masks bc i have 193984 of them)))
  • also sometimes i use manuka honey as a face mask bc it really helps with redness and acne
  • i tone using mario badescu’s cucumber cleanser ((this really helps with cleansing and disinfecting your skin so it really helps with acne))
  • i also use glossier’s super pure serum to help with my acne
  • then i spray andalou naturals’ vitamin c illuminating toner ((vitamin c really helps with dark spots and evening out skintone so if you have a lot of acne scars itll help with that))
  • i then have like 4 acne spot treatments that i rotate through bc i hate my acne so much and its been a problem forever –> i use mario badescu’s acne serum, nature republics bee venom spot treatment, acure’s spot treatment, and also when i have a really bad pimple i use a clean and clear one
  • i use rosehip oil on my cheeks and temples just to keep them smooth ((rosehip is really good for problem areas so it keeps the area hydrated and it also helps with acne spots))
  • then i go in with a moisturizer ((any works fine really i use andalou naturals’ brightening cream and also for the day i use mario badescu’s oil control cream bc i have so much oil laweijefij))
  • for the night i use a mario bedescu drying cream for my pimples
  • and for the day i put on a 50 spf sunscreen ((anything about 25 spf works pretty much)) which is super important bc sun exposure makes darkspots even darker :((

i also recently bought murad’s post-acne lightening gel ((i think its called that)) and its supposed to really help remove acne scars ((which i have soooo much of you just cant see it in the pics bc of lighting tbh)) but ive only had it for like 2 days so idk about results yet

also some other tips to maintain clear skin:

  • sleep (relatively) early so like before 12
  • drink lots of water
  • dont wear a lot of heavy make up ((honestly i never wear foundation or concealer or bb cream bc im lazy but also it lets your skin breathe))
13 Reasons Why I don't make videos as often as I'd like anymore :)

In response to that awful anon and everyone else who’s been asking - here ya go :))))
1. I have a life now :) If you have me on Snapchat you’d notice I don’t spend as much time in the house anymore. I’m having fun for once in my life :)
2. I have a full time job bc I’m an adult now and have students loans to pay back :)
3. Instead of uploading once a week, I have a mental breakdown once a week bc being an adult is strESSFUL AF :)
4. I’m trying to start my own life and that takes a lot of time and planning :)
5. I have a social life now, I still have social anxiety, but it’s getting better I think like I’m not a loner who sits inside all day anymore so :)
6. YouTube is honestly so boring to me now. Not making videos but just what’s it’s become over the years. You don’t know who’s telling the truth anymore, click bait is sO annoying, and there’s a different YouTube scandal every month - exhausting. I’m not even sure I want to be apart of that community :)
7. I don’t make any money from it and I’m really poor and money is what I need the most of rn. Obviously I didn’t start YouTube or do it jUST for the money but I have to be able to support myself if I want my own life :)
8. I don’t do much of what I used to do anymore. Didn’t go to warped tour, I don’t post as often on insta, don’t go on Tumblr as much, I don’t even go to shows much anymore, but as Blink 182 once said: “well I guess this is growing up.” :)
9. After working 8 hours a day, 5 days in a row, the last thing I want to do is mORE work. Believe it or not, making videos is work. Not saying I’m never going to do them again, I just need to make time and have more discipline but ya know most of the time I’d rather rest when I can :)
10. If you have me on Snapchat you’d know my laptop was broken for months and just got worse and worse the more I used it. The screen eventually went black and if I wanted to use it I had to plug it into the tv with an hdmi cord - mORE work :) I did eventually get a new one but I let someone borrow it for a while bc they needed it more than me. I legit just got it back :)
11. Idk :)
12. I’m lazy, sorry but it’s true :)
13. Liam has been encouraging me to make more videos since I met him. He found me through YouTube so?? It’s legit just a coincidence that we met around a time I got my first job and started drifting away from YouTube. Yes I spend everyday with him now but he doesn’t decided what I do with my life. I’m lazy and I like having fun in my free time, sorry for being human, but don’t come for the love of my life bc we getting married one day and he means more to me than internet people. Sorry if that comes off rude but those of you with boyfriends/girlfriends/significant others, I’m sure you’d say the same thing and if not, there’s a problem :)

*Let me know why you don’t do some of the things you started doing 3 years ago anymore :)


                      WHERE’S BELLA  ?       that’s the question everyone asks,  the question no one has an answer to.  your brows arch like hers and your heart aches like hers,   bleeding sunshine and spitting honey.  you are,  to your very core, your mother’s son—-   golden and tan and beautiful,  hair black like hers and eyes lovely like hers,  face freckled like hers and cheeks sunken like hers.   you cry like her,   sing like her,  orchestrate piano keys between dainty digits like her.   perhaps,   so beautifully crafted like her and blessed like her,    you’ll one day be able to find her.   no one else seems to care to.   /   ind.    alexander goth,    as penned by stephanie.


30 days Haikyuu!! challenge

Day 1: Your favourite character

feel free to use these icons if you’d like, but please give credit? :3

So I’m a bad simblr lmao I really don’t post enough. But like I’m lazy. And I work every day. And on my days off I’m still working, helping my mother, cleaning, adulting, the usual. Plus like.. sleep! I do that as much as possible at this point. Honestly my personal life has me fucked up. I lost  hella weight bc I’m not eating, my depression is seriously kicking my ass and I don’t even wanna touch my computer half the time. Like I just got off work and I just wanna go home and sleep until tomorrow. *sighs in over everything* Idk I’m just kinda ranting I guess.. Yeah


Based on this prompt

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caulscott thing in alt universe where nathan meets max and is like "OH MAN SHES SO CUTE AND COOL I WANT HER IN MY CLUB" and makes vic propose it to the others bc he doesnt want 2 seem smitten

oka Y i spent like two days straight writing this ngl. i also somewhat got v e r y lazy towards the end, but i hope that you still enjoy this sin i have created???

(shoutout to epitome-of-bad-puns for helping me proofread at 5 in the morning ily)

also titles???? whatre those lmao

Fandom: Life is Strange

Pairing: Caulscott (Max Caulfield/Nathan Prescott)

Rating: T????? idk they use some explicit language im just bein safe ok

Words: 1,800+

Keep reading

Indigo (Part 1)

Background: Your tattoo parlor is suddenly neighbored by a flower shop, owned by a boy with blue skin, who affects you more than you want to admit. (Flower Shop AU)

Rating: T

Warnings: mentions of self harm, tattoos, blueberry cinnamon roll

Words: 1,313

A/N: @mrspetermaximoff idk why you’d want to be tagged in one of my stories but ok u asked for it, and its terrible probably. I’m doing part 2 tomorrow or the next day bc im extremely lazy and pokemon go has taken all of my energy. It’s 1:00 am, and I’ll proofread it tomorrow, so if it’s bad, hopefully it won’t be by tomorrow. (IM ADDING IT TO MY MASTERLIST after I PROOFREAD IT)

You checked the log once more. There was still only one appointment left in the day, a spot reserved for 6:35. Even though this was most likely your thousandth tattoo, you still got worried you would mess it up. Everyone was always pleased with your work, but the way your hands would sweat and your gaze would shift to the clock never changed. You had gotten a couple of tattoos yourself, and while you were proud of them, they felt incomplete. You wondered if any of your customers felt this way. Maybe that’s what had driven you to ink your skin in the way you had. A flower resided on the top of your arm, swimming in color, drowning in shades. It was your favorite, the first one you had gotten.

You checked the clock once more, and it didn’t seem to care much about your anxieties, marching forward ever so slightly. It was 6:26 now, and while you normally would’ve resided to the parlor and awaited your client with worried eyes, something caught your attention. The street you worked on was always the same, you arrived mid-morning, just in time to have a cup of tea before work, and Jean, the welder who worked down the street, always waved to you before running inside her shop to make sure she hadn’t started a fire. You would tease her about it constantly, along with the fact that she had grown quite fond of the optician who worked across from her, Scott. He was the only guy you knew on the block other than Peter, the pizza delivery boy, Warren, who helped you around the shop, and Alex, the personal trainer who everyone worried had moved away, due to his sudden disappearance. This was the only place that was really familiar to you in town, other than the mall which was run by a Ms. Lee who seemed a bit young for her job. You had only been here six months, but it was long enough for you to know when something had changed.

The lot across from yours was always empty, never failed to be until now. A truck was unloading in front of it, little tables and chairs and display counters. Your curiosity got the best of you, leading you away from your deadline and appointment and out onto the weathered asphalt, looking for answers. They came in the form of a boy who looked no older than 19, carrying a tray. He wasn’t human, and it was made painfully obvious due to his blue complexion. He turned around to see you, leaning against the truck and raising an eyebrow, which caused him to trip over thin air and smack his head against the window of the shop. Silently cursing himself for acting like such a fool in front of you, he waved goodbye, “Excuse me, madam, I’m a bit busy.” You chuckled and saluted him, sauntering back to your tattoo parlor, happy to have encountered your new neighbor. That was the first time you saw the blue boy.

The first time you talked to the blue boy, it was only a week after the first incident. Business slowly but surely accelerated at the shop the mutant boy owned, which happened to be a flower shop. You had grown accustomed to watching him open in the mornings, smiling widely with his fangs peeking out of his mouth. It made you feel more at home. This morning, however, he hadn’t opened at his usual time, and instead paced inside his shop, appearing to be mulling something over. After a few minutes, he opened his door with soft ring and made his way across the road to your parlor, a bouquet in hand. It was composed of crisp white mayflowers and bright red amaryllises. When you opened your door with a confused expression, his face grew purple as he shoved the flowers in your direction. “M-my name is Ka-Kurt Wug-Wagner. Kurt Wagner,” he introduced, stuttering and eyes set intently on you as you brought the flowers to your face and sniffed them, smiling, “Thank you, Kurt Wagner.”

 “Sorry, I should go.” he mumbled, disappearing in a dark, wispy smoke. You smirked at the sight of him slapping his forehead in frustration behind what he had forgotten were glass walls surrounding his shop. After placing the flowers in water, your assistant appeared behind you, his wings fluttering in a constant motion, “Who was that?”

“That was Kurt Wagner. He brought me flowers.” you smiled, gazing quite obviously at the boy with the indigo skin. You weren’t sure how deeply he had affected you yet, but you knew he had, and there was no escaping it.

The first time you touched the blue boy was when he was closing up his shop, late at night. You had just finished your last appointment, tugging your coat onto your back as you waved Warren a good night. You spotted him against the gray midnight shops, walking down the sidewalk. Running up behind him, you whispered into the chilly air, “Kurt.” No response, “Kurt!” He shifted and looking behind him, finding you, smiling and beckoning him to you. Shyly, he stepped forward. “I didn’t exactly get to talk to you the last time we met.”

“Oh, sorry, it’s mein fault.” he quickly apologized as you pursed your lips and stopped him from further cursing himself.

“Hey, it’s no problem,” you grinned as a silence seemed to stretch between you. You broke the quiet with a question, “Where’d you get them? They’re pretty.” You gestured to his markings, which you took to be inked. 

“I, uh,” his yellow eyes fell darker as he hung his head and replied, “I put them there.”

“Oh, crap, oh my god, I’m so sorry,” you apologized, slapping yourself internally as you recognized them in the moon’s light. You couldn’t help but wonder why such a beautiful creature had decided to do that to themselves, but you continued nonetheless, “I still think you’re very attractive though, even without tattoos.”

At this comment, he was taken off guard, expecting you to either avoid the subject of his self-harm or to ridicule his appearance. The moonlight hid the purple tinge of his cheeks from your eyes, but it didn’t hide his obvious smile. “Thank you, but I am not anything compared to you.” he muttered, just loud enough for you to register.

You frowned, “You are just like me, I think. I don’t know you that well, but I know you love flowers and you’re a bit clumsy and you are insanely sweet and you feel like you’re strange probably because of how you look, but I’d swear it to anyone, we’re just the same.” You took one of his hands, intertwining your five fingers with his three. The air seemed to shift in that moment, flooding with tension. He had never been touched in such a loving and affectionate way, and you had never saw someone look at you like he did, like a goddess. He pulled away frantically at that moment, tripping backwards over a fire hydrant as you crouched beside him and rubbed his head, trying to ease the pain as you giggled. 

“Ugh, fraulein, my apologies, I wasn’t so clumsy until I met you.”

“Well I never liked flowers so much until I got them from you.” you mumbled, stroking his hair. You carefully leaned forward, towards Kurt, who was now caught up in the curve of your lips. Just as your pink ones ghosted over his blue ones, you moved them to his ear, “Until tomorrow, Kurt Wagner.”

You stood up briskly, walking back into the dark night as he sat up, “I don’t even know your name!”

“You will!” you shouted back to him, turning back to the path towards your car and whispering quietly to yourself, grinning like an idiot, “You will.”


ah yes i am finally done :) happy valentine’s day from the dgm squad *blows kisses* 

and thank you so much @noisemarie for the valentine puns I liked yours so much more than mine so I used all your suggestions haha you’re a true artist

Bonus Alma bc i was too lazy to do the whole thing for him :’)

Edit: guess who messed up and put the clean version of alma on here, this one has the text lmao 

i think one of the main reasons why stefan referring to memes so much is really cute over “cringey” is because he was genuinely excited and happy over the we are number one meme blowing up, and found it legitimately entertaining, as well as being aware of just how much it helped with the funding of his gofundme. like, he wasn’t pandering or referring to memes because that’s “what the kids are into these days”; he was being legitimate. idk i feel that if he hadn’t been so clearly happy and entertained by the we are number one meme, it would’ve come off as being pandering and uninspired.

idk what my point is other than stefan is adorable and i love him

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Hi babe :) new chanbaek shipper here. I really need someone to fill me in about this couple. Would you? :) and also if you know about a supposed fight they had in the past?

A brief Introduction about BaekYeol

Hello there babe~ (new endearment xD) Well then first of all, welcome aboard. Beware because our captains (Bh and Cy) are very reckless but we never leave the ship anyways bc we love them that much <3 I hope you won’t leave the ship as well :)

To fill you in on the couple, I’ll fill you in first abt them individually :)

First one is our beautiful Byun Baekhyun

He can be super handsome

But most of the time he’s just super adorable and cute <3

Position: Main Vocals (his voice is capable of making u horny)
Full Name: Byun Baekhyun
Birthday: May 5, 1992 (age: 23)
Superpower: Light (he lights up the world with his smiles <3)
IG acc: @baekhyunee_exo

Next is our ultimate daddy Park Chanyeol


Position: Main Rapper (his rapping is porn)
Full Name: Park Chanyeol
Birthday: November 27, 1992 (age: 23)
Superpower: Fire (which causes light keke. u will understand this later)
Height: 185cm (he is a giant. Cy’s a 6 footer).
IG acc: @real__pcy

But ofc he’s not labeled the “Happy Virus” for no reason. He’s our cute dumbo <3 <3

Next up is them as soulmates <3 or bestfriends/bros, whatever floats ur boat xD

Basically they’re like this.

And this.

They’re on good terms with each other I swear.

And they’re also like this xD

Ppl refer to them in many ways.

Soulmates, The Breakfast couple (bc BAEKon and eggYEOL). Dumb and dumber, and many more~ <3

I personally like Soulmates and Dumb and Dumber tho xD bc let’s face it, they’re the cutest when they’re being dumb together <3

They also interact on IG!

There’s many more so just go and stalk their IGs. Although you might find it a bit difficult in Cy’s IG bc he posts a lot compared to Bh xD  

And lastly, about the so-called ‘fight’ that Bh and Cy supposedly had…I actually have no idea abt it?

Sorry but during 2013 I wasn’t that much of a BaekYeol shipper, I’m more of a HunHan shipper bc Lu Han was my first bias. But I’ve read that they did have a fight? But I also think no one rly knows if Bh and Cy did fight, or what the real reason is if Bh and Cy did fight.

But there were some theories stating that they were being labeled as the ‘try hard couple’ during MAMA era so they kinda drifted away during 2013 bc they didn’t want to be labeled that.

I also read a theory stating that a fight never happened. It’s just bc Bh is one of the latest ones to join EXO and he wasn’t rly close with anyone EXCEPT Cy. Bh and Cy said so themselves that their personalities clicked and they got along rly well in just a matter of seconds.

So the theory speculated that during MAMA era (they’re debut days) Cy just found the need to make Bh feel more comfortable and less awkward bc Bh isn’t close with anyone yet except Cy.

And Bh was clinging around Cy bc..well he’s not close with anybody else so it’s just a natural reaction to wanna stick aroud the person you’re most comfortable with right?

And how Bh and Cy ended up sorta drifting away during 2013? They didn’t drift away. Bh just managed to get closer to the other EXO members so he didn’t feel awkward anymore even without Cy. And Cy just didn’t find the need to be around Bh so much bc he’s already comfortable around the other members.

At least that’s what the theory says. And I honestly believe the last theory I said instead of the former xD

So yea, it’s just ur choice what theory to believe in darling~ I hope I filled you in with the details you wanted~ If you want more you can read my long-ass rant abt Why I like BaekYeol/ChanBaek here: Part 1 // Part 2

And btw darlings, yes I’m directing this answer to two anons. Including ffanon bc I elongated my answer here to give her a BaekYeol rant as well. I was originally just gonna link babe to my Why I like BaekYeol/ChanBaek rant but I figured being a lazy ass isn’t good so here it is! ^^ I hope this answer of mine somehow satisfied you darlings~ Thank you for sending a message and I hope you have a great day <3

Fatesona 30 day Challenge :

Day 4: In clothes from the kingdom they’re not from

so technically my fatesona is neutral and would follow corrin regardless of the path they chose but since my class is nohrian, i drew a hoshidan outfit for this day! i was actually gonna draw myself in a hoshidan class but i got lazy so i did this instead lmao

i also doodled a couple of hoshidan fatesonas including @tomodaichis, @krazehkai, and @alphatheend! i wanted to do more but im way too tired and exhausted so maybe next time!! o(–(

hi so since everyone’s doing follow forevers, im doing one too bc im hip as hell

but before i start, i realized that i made one of these like forever ago and i unfollowed some of you so idk if i should still call this a follow forever when i obvi unfollow like 24827 times a day lol so im sorry omg if you want me to follow you just ask and ill happily follow again i just had to clean my dash hehe :D

if bolded, hover over your url for a little message :)

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i probs forgot some bc i just chose these really quickly so i apologize im lazy as fuck if you can’t tell yet

ps. i made this like two days ago and i think some of you changed your urls so i really hope you’re still following your previous url tags idk