bc i'm dumb


Opal beifong costest ~! Finally got around to cutting my wig last week!! (I still want a pabu :( )

I’ve got a big exam tomorrow and I’ve been up so late that I’m laughing at that hold my flower meme from 2013, no regrets (except all the regrets)


I don’t know, I think sexiness is strange, it’s a thing you can’t really- it’s a strange thing to define… I always find… People say ‘what do I think is sexy?’ and I was… I don’t quite know… Um… I guess the sexiest thing in the world is… is- what I think, when I meet someone and… they seem like they are themselves. You know, be yourself… I guess.



What if I have an AU where Hanzo is a smol birb and stares at Mccree like a cute smol birb to prevent him from smoking


This is also a gift for my beloved and crazy @mccree-senpai! You know how much I appreciate your support, daddy 💛

More overwatch here!


6 (+3) selfies that make me feel confident…?? Or SOMETHING ??