bc i was two years old when this movie first came out


happy valentine’s day mothafuckas ;)

  • i love jeon jungkook are u bitches ready
  • you first met jungkook when you heard the sound of a moving truck beep its way into the driveway next to yours 
  • now u were always a child of adventure 
  • ur parents worked a lot so it was basically u at home with ur grandparents and they were the most chill motherfuckers on the face of the planet
  • and the front door of ur house always seems to be unlocked so u were the poster boy/gal of “adventure is out there!!!”
  • cue me ugly crying that movie kills m e 
  • u loved the outdoors and being adventurous 
  • u were so tomboy and reckless it was hilarious
  • u drove every single member of ur family insane 
  • they got called into school one time to u staring at the ground in the principal’s office next to a kid with a missing tooth and bloody nose 
  • “he tried to hug me” 
  • to summarize, u loved causing trouble, but have fun in the midst! 
  • and yes, meeting new ppl!!
  • and at dinner, u would hear ur grandpops and grandma talking abt the couple moving in next door 
  • and how they have also have a 6!! year!! old!! son!!
  • and u could barely keep ur head on the pillow that night bc omg! you can’t wait to have a new friend the same age as u! 
  • so on that beautiful sunny saturday morning, at exactly 7am sharp, with ur scabby knees, bruised legs, ripped shorts, mismatched socks, run-down light up sneakers, and ur older brother’s hand-me-down power rangers sweatshirt, you marched on over to the driveway to meet your new best friend
  • and u see a middle aged man and a beautiful woman trying to carry in a couple boxes together and u guessed those were the parents 
  • and as u were marvelling at how pretty they were, “man, if they look that good, how good does their son loo–”
  • u have no idea what came over u but u almost tripped over the tall weeds trying to get into the truck and find the source of the voice 
  • you went straight to the yellow, flower-y sofa resting in the middle of the truck, with little boy limbs sticking out from under the cushions
  • u ran up and ripped them away and low and behold, u laid ur eyes on the most beautiful 6 year old there ever was 
  • and from then on, ur heart decided to plant its FUCKING BOTTOM with jungkook forever
  • from the first day he met u he literally believed u were the weirdest person he’s ever met 
  • but without a doubt, you became childhood friends 
  • like best friends
  • u saw him naked for the first time when u were 8 and just bursted into his shower at like 8am in the morning 
  • “omg it’s so smALL?”
  • he didn’t speak to you for two weeks after that 
  • your grandparents would always have him over for dinner 
  • you guys played make believe together and took naps in ur power ranger blanket together 
  • but it’s also a lot of bullying 
  • taking turns making ugly faces, whoever laughs first has to go and tell ur grandma they pooped their pants and needs help changing it 
  • “accidentally” slapping each other SUPER hard in the face
  • “you had a fly on ur cheek sorry!! couldn’t help it!!”
  • literally the purest and most innocent friendship ever ever ever 
  • everyday in first grade, when you had reading time, he would be in the seat behind you and fold a tiny little paper plane with a sticky note and throw it at you 
  • would keep folding them and throwing it at you until you noticed and turned around and yelled at him and got in trouble by your student teacher 
  • “i hate u jeon jungkook” 
  • you didn’t really
  • but it wasn’t until the third or fourth time he kept doing it that you realized there was a message on each of them 
  • and they weren’t really anything cute
  • they were just like 
  • “hey notice me”
  • “your hair looks greasy from the back” 
  • “what book are you reading”
  • “don’t ignore me”
  • “am i being annoying?”
  • “yea? good.”
  • but your favourite was
  • “i’m glad you’re in my class” 
  • because he would rarely ever show affection to you because your relationship was made up a lot of the “we don’t need to say anything to know it”, meaning you never needed to straight out express your gratitude to each other for the other to know that you’re appreciated 
  • main point is you grew up together 
  • however, after like the fourth grade
  • you both somehow decided that you were too cool for each other despite the fact that your crush on him was still there 
  • there was something so mesmerizing about the fact that 
  • he never truly ever demeaned you as a person??? like yes he was a tease and you guys always did those things to each other
  • but for a kid, he was always somewhat of a gentleman and would never make fun of you to deliberately hurt your feelings 
  • unfortunately doe, in middle school, your group of friends completely changed
  • and although you guys sort of had the same status in school of being popular but very, very laidback, and your groups of friends acquainted with one another, your interactions would be saying hi, making small talk when you were with a handful of other people and smiling at each other as you pass by the halls 
  • back then, you would walk home together every single day and spend time doing homework in the bedroom of one of you two 
  • but as the grades went on and the workload increased, you found music and student council and volleyball whereas he found track and basketball and dance
  • his family went through troubles and he found it difficult to talk to people at times 
  • and you were so busy with finding a job and saving up for post-secondary that you spent after school with your clubs or in the library studying
  • timing and interests for you guys were extremely unparalleled and eventually, things just grew apart before high school began 
  • and oh dear
  • high school
  • periods? check. acne? check. hormones? check. grOWTH SPURTS? check.
  • now, reader, entering high school, you only had one rule: forget. about. jeon. jungkook.
  • and it wasn’t like he was being a dick or anything to you, you just didn’t find any way that you guys would work out anymore
  • despite being best friends and literally showering together when you were 7 and your parents are best friends, you just never ever have proper conversations anymore, and things just naturally got awkward
  • and also life lesson for u guys omg so philosophical what it wasn’t anyone’s fault, you guys just happened to no longer have the same interests or the time to notice each other anymore - people drift apart. it happens. 
  • and you were so okay with coming to terms with that 
  • until
  • “oh my gosh is that jeon jungkook?”
  • “he… grew muscles?”
  • “giRL HIS HAIR”
  • “puberty hit him like a freight train???”
  • the morning of sophomore year, after a whole first year of properly avoiding him and being absolutely sure that he wasn’t going to get hot (jungkook is juST A LATE BLOOMER OK LEAVE HIM ALONE), you turned your head to the front doors and felt the wind get knocked out of you 
  • bc walking in with his friends, with the school uniform seemingly perfectly snug and hugging every one of his curves
  • was jungkook
  • and for some reason
  • yes he looked more mature and yes he got fucking MANLIER
  • but you were instantly reminded of something that clicked in you when you saw that 6 year old boy stuck in the sofa on the very first day he moved in next to you
  • was it that innocence? was it the charm? was it the hair-swept-away-from-face thing? you diDN’T KNOW 
  • but girl you were gone again 
  • and listen 
  • you dated people in freshman year and guys liked you, but you were never the type to chase or to fawn
  • you were just different from other girls like you would much rather be the type to be the one playing ball than the one in a miniskirt cheering on the team on the sidelines
  • that’s just who you are, heck you fucking punched a dude that wanted to hug you and say thank you, broke his nose and chipped his tooth like kk y/n
  • it was just difficult for you to grasp feelings, truly, but for some reason, this guy has just got you so weak???
  • and for some other reason, jungkook and the reminder and memories of you guys as kids just hits you like a truck and you’re already head over heels once again
  • and you go into first period to shake off the thought of him but ofc!!! he’s!!!! in!!!! ur!!! first!! period!!! literature!!! ihml!!!
  • so you take the seat diagonally in the front of him to make sure you don’t get sidetracked in ur favourite class and drool at him the entire time
  • oNE DAY
  • you were taking notes from the board, analyzing and reviewing the literary device and short stories before delving into the actual stuff in literature when you dropped your pencil and leaned down to grab it 
  • when you saw an arm reach down first 
  • and hand it to you 
  • you looked up 
  • and you guessed it 
  • biTCH IT WAS JUNGKOOK AND he had such a warm and friendly smile 
  • and you could barely say anything 
  • because on one hand you were like oh i’m glad he still remembers who i am??? like ffs? but your other side is like oh my god oh my god oh my god 
  • so weeks go by and every single day you feel such a burning sensation at the back of ur neck like fufufufuffufufu he’s RIGHT THERE
  • and jungkook isn’t that type to be extremely boisterous and loud and obnoxious even if he’s hot shit 
  • so you weren’t worried about him bothering you whatsoever after that like that was a fluke, he was being nice, whatever, it’s done 
  • a couple weeks go by and you’re starting to feel better now, thinking you’ve got this crush thing under control
  • until
  • silent reading time 
  • you were just assigned a new book by your favourite author! and you couldn’t wait to begin the book reports on these 
  • so you dove into the world of fire-breathing dragons and mystical knights and creatures beyond reality
  • when you felt a poke on your neck
  • and you had no idea what it was? you were so engulfed in the story that you just scratched and left it, not thinking twice
  • and then you felt it again
  • it took you a second, but it hit you
  • and it hit you hard
  • you turned your head around slowly and your heart was beating so fast
  • your eyes fall on a small pink sticky note, folded into a plane, dropped on your shoulder
  • so you open it, careful to make no noise in the silent classroom
  • and on the single sticky note it read:
  • “it’s good to see you again. i’m so so glad you’re in my class.”
  • you sneak a tiny glance back at the boy behind you, your face flushing with heat and memories 
  • and from behind his book, he looks up and gives you the tiniest, warmest smile you’ve ever received 
  • you folded the paper once more and fit it in your pocket and returned to your dragons and knights and witches, all the while smiling like a fool to yourself because maybe, just maybe, you didn’t really drift apart that much at all 

hi guys!! so sorry for the late update, hope you enjoy thisssss:)

also side note: just because it’s valentine’s day (i mean i dont celebrate this) doesnt mean that you need a significant other! buy yourself some hershey’s, make some tea, snuggle up with a teddy bear and a blanket, and switch on some netflix. today is any other day, so don’t demean yourself and your experience with this day because of your status! 

alsoooo don’t wanna get a little preachy but, in this au i kind of hint at the fact that the y/n or reader is someone very tomboyish and doesn’t really seem to find herself chasing after boys. in no way am i trying to vocalize the fact that just because you’re of a certain nature, your personality towards boys reflects that. this is just a fictional work of how one might feel (presumably me lolz) when realizing feelings for someone they truly loved at one point. just because a woman who is normally tougher on the exterior has a sudden soft spot for a boy does not indicate that she’s lost sense of herself or that she succumbs to a boy. just because a woman is a certain way because of a boy that makes her feel different doesn’t mean she is any less of a woman herself. everyone is obligatory to their feelings, and how women choose to express themselves sexually or emotionally to a man they love is their own personal choice as long as they are within consent and are safe. everyone’s decisions and behaviours in love are consensual and their own - that does not demean them as a feminist in any way, shape or form. remember that. 

have fun, y’all, uSE PROTECTION, and i love u!!!

BTS As Dads

A/N: I’m so sorry I’ve been dead recently. I’ve been trying to write stuff but school is just fucking up my schedule.

Also… the childrens names may or may not be based off idols bc I can’t come up with names so

Jin~ You had just gotten home from a long day at work and all you wanted to do was to relax with your husband, Jin and your son, Minhyuk. When you opened the door, the strong smell of spices hit you almost immediately. Your husband was not only an amazing father, but an amazing cook as well. You took off your shoes and changed into more comfortable clothes before you looked into the kitchen. What you saw was probably the most adorable thing you had ever seen: Jin with Minhyuk wrapped in his arms, both wearing chef hats. It was so cute. You watched as your husband lifted the spoon up to his mouth, blew on it, then put it into Minhyuks’ mouth. 

Minhyuk shook his head and yelled, “More pepper!” Jin laughed and put a little bit more pepper in it. 

“We can’t put anymore in though, or mommy will be sneezing in her food!” Jin yelled. Minhyuk scrunched up his nose and Jin laughed at your sons cute gesture. 

Minhyuk noticed you almost straight away and screamed, “Mommy!” You laughed as Jin walked over to you with Minhyuk and pulled you into a tight hug.

Yoongi~ You were sitting on the couch with your husband Yoongi and your daughter Yeri, watching a movie. 

Out of nowhere Yeri had screamed, “I want my hair done!” You jumped at the sound of her voice. The movie wasn’t that interesting anyways, as it was Moana and you’ve seen it over 100 times. 

“Ok honey what do you want me to-”She cut you off before you could finish.

“No! I want daddy to do it!” She yelled. You looked over to your husband who was trying not to laugh at your daughters sudden demands. He looked at you and nodded.

“Okay then, follow me,” Yoongi said to your daughter as he grabbed her tiny hand. You tried to follow, but Yoongi stopped you and said, “It’s going to be a surprise!” You laughed and turned back towards your living room and scrolled through Twitter. 

After what had seemed like forever, Yeri came out running and screaming, with a perfect braid in her hair. You looked confused as she jumped onto you.

“Mommy! Look at this! Daddy is so good at hair!” She yelled. You laughed and turned to Yoongi who was walking in with a smug smile on his face.

“I’m Min Yoongi. I’m good at everything.”

Namjoon~ Namjoon had just gotten back from taking your son, Jaesun, out for new clothes. You trusted him more because, to be honest, he really knew how to dress children. As he swung open the door, Jaesun started running around yelling your name. Namjoon chased after the toddler and led into the living room. As your son ran around, Namjoon chased after him and heard a loud crashing sound. Namjoon sprinted to where he heard the sound and saw Jaesun sitting on the ground with marble shards around him. He had just broken your favorite vase. 

Namjoon kneeled beside your son and sighed. Instead of getting angry, he realized your sons clumsiness came from him. 

He picked Jaesun up and whispered in his ear, “Don’t tell mommy.”

Hoseok~ For the first time in a while, both you and Hoseok were off work and were able to spend time with your daughter, Nayeon. At least that’s what you thought until halfway through watching Frozen, Hoseok got a call from his dance teacher saying he needed urgent help. He sighed and looked at your daughter who was staring at the screen and then to you, looking at him while holding Nayeon.

“Can I bring Y/N and Nayeon?” He asked. His dance teacher replied with an “of course” as a smile spread across his face. He hung up and walked over to you two, picking up Nayeon with on arm and grabbing your hand with the other. “Do you want to go to the dance studio, princess?” Nayeon giggled and nodded. You all headed out the door towards the studio.

When you arrived, Nayeon jumped with joy when she saw Hoseoks’ teacher. She was only 3, but he and Hoseok had been teaching her to dance because “her daddy is the best dancer and we don’t need to pay for damn lessons.” You sat back in one of the chair on the other side of the room and watched as Nayeon tried to copy every move Hoseok choreographed. After he finished, he tried to teach her the dance, because why the hell not. As she hit every move, you saw Hoseoks’ eyes light up in the mirror, looking at your three year old wondering how you became so lucky as to have an amazing family. 

Jimin~ Within the first year of your marriage, you and Jimin managed to have kids. Twins, Hansol and Jiwoo, and they were adorable. They both looked so much like Jimin, which meant you had not one, not two, but three of the most adorable people you had ever met in your family. You had always learned to cherish the little things in life, like the way Jiwoos’ eyes light up when she sees a cute animal or the way Hansols’ eyes crinkle when he smiles. What you loved to see the most was when Jimin was with the kids, or when he walked in from getting home from work and the immediately ran to his side. He would pick them both up and kiss them and then walk over to you, and then kiss you. The kids would make a face and say “Ew!” simultaneously while Jimin laughed and kissed you again. 

There were some moments where you’d look over and Jimin was teaching them to take selcas. You had to admit, for three year olds, they were pretty good at taking pictures and making cute faces. He’d shown them filters that looked really really cute. 

“Daddy! I really like this filter!” Jiwoo yelled and Hansol agreed. He took a picture of them posing and smiled down at his phone. The twins ran to him to see how they looked.

“You two look so cute! Do you think we should share this with all the pretty ARMYs?” Jimin asked. They both nodded. That was another thing you loved. He treated his fans like they were family, and was not afraid to post pictures of his children and show the world how happy he was. Family was always first for him. Another one of the many reasons you fell in love with Park Jimin.

Taehyung~ Taehyung fell in love with your daughter as soon as he saw her. Of course it only makes sense, as she was his first child. He loved children, that was a fact that everyone knew, but the way he treated Taeyeon was completely different than you had ever seen before. He held her as if she were a priceless piece of artwork, and made sure to be careful when he walked. He was with her whenever he could be, and you loved the fact that he had loved her so much.

Even before she was born, you and Taehyung had a bet going. Whose name was she going to say first? So when Taeyeons’ first word was ‘appa’, Taehyung practically screeched with joy. He picked her up, walked into the kitchen to where you were, held her in front of your face, and whispered, “Come on, say it!”

Taeyeon screeched ‘appa’ and Taehyung laughed and kissed her. You hit your hand jokingly on the table in defeat as Taehyung pulled you into a side hug and chuckled, “I think you owe me a weeks worth of dinner.” 

Jungkook~ It had been a few weeks since you had your first son, Jiyong. He was still unable to sleep full nights, and both you and Jungkook had been very tired. One night, you heard Jiyong crying, and as you got up, you felt Jungkook grab your wrist. 

“I’ll take care of him, you go back to sleep,” He said. You nodded and got back underneath the blanket and closed your eyes.

About 15 minutes had passed, and the crying had stopped, but you couldn’t fall asleep. You decided to get up and go check on Jungkook. As you neared Jiyongs’ room, you heard quiet singing. Listening closely, you heard Jungkooks’ beautiful voice singing “Purpose” by Justin Bieber. 

As the song came to an end, you felt a tear roll down your cheek. He laid Jiyong back down in his crib and you walked up behind Jungkook and hugged him. He turned around and embraced you into his strong, loving arms as you whispered, “How did I get so lucky?”

anonymous asked:

hey di!! can i ask what ur new url means/is in reference to?

this is late bc i literally had to cut and edit material to expand on this, but it’s all good. we’re all good. i’m ready now, bluebonnet, let me take y’all on a journey.

“Before the show we have a lot of rituals we don’t realize,” Harry said. “We all do the same thing each time. Right before we go on stage we have a little huddle, make each other laugh. We do the ‘hands in’ where we all put our hands in the middle and do one, two, three – push!”

in short, we push is ot5.

in long, we push is 5 hands in, is fingers against fingers and palms against palms and hearts laid gently on top of one another in a circle that says to the rest of the world, this is ours, this is our love just for us, this is us

we push was already set in stone in 2013, early in the TMH era, so it stands to reason, it is something that has maybe existed as long as the band/ot5/my heart has

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  • everybody’s favorite puzzle lover i will never let this go is here!!
  • ill have fun with this cause jaebum is my warm father whom i love and would go to war for
  • also bambam is in this one :D
  • speaking of fathers, jaebum basically is one
  • instead of haunting a house per se, he haunts a whole neighborhood, the one where he grew up
  • the way jaebum died was fucked up bc he was with his brother kunpimook one halloween night, trick or treating
  • jaebum had thought it’d be fun to go down to the more closed off part of the neighborhood where people rarely put up decorations or did anything in the holiday spirit
  • he had only meant to spook his brother, to maybe disappear behind a tree and jump out at him later
  • but then these assholes playing around with some knives try to freak them out
  • well, one of these assholes in particular got too close to jaebum’s little bro and to protect him jaebum got up in that dude’s face and shoved him away
  • the asshole didn’t like that
  • jaebum noticed that the demeanor changed from just teasing to something serious bc these guys really thought they were something, and here jb was, “threatening them”
  • jb told kunpimook to run back home to his parents bc he didn’t want him to get hurt and kunpimook did run off, but bc he was too afraid for his brother, he hid behind a tree to watch
  • one of the guys lunged at jb and he dodged, but there were four against one and he was steadily losing
  • then out of nowhere one came up behind him and kunpimook yelled his brother’s name to warn him
  • jaebum whipped around too fast
  • the knife was already hilt deep in jaebum’s midsection by then
  • when the other guys realized what happened, they panicked and ran off and kunpimook ran over to his brother, grabbing him before he could fall onto the cold gravel
  • “i thought i told you to run” jaebum coughed, his mouth filling with blood
  • kunpimook was freaking out like he didn’t want to leave jaebum there, he wanted to pull the knife out but he knew it would just make it worse, and there was no way he could get anyone’s attention fast enough from where they were
  • still, it didn’t stop him from yelling for help
  • his voice broke with every second that passed and the colder jaebum’s hand began to feel his voice turned hysteric
  • “run, bam. go get mom. everything will be alright” jaebum tried to reassure his brother, but kunpimook was already bawling his eyes out bc nothing was going to be alright. jb was dying and he knew it
  • “no it won’t. not without you”
  • jaebum just smiles as best as he can, his chest heaving for air as the world starts to daze away
  • before he dies though, he feels his brother close his hand around his, whispering things like “stay awake okay? you promised you were gonna take me to get really good bbq, after i graduate high school school remember?” “we can go home and watch all your favorite movies, even the boring ones” “i’ll even lend you my comic collection” “please don’t leave me, jaebum”
  • just made myself cry wtf
  • it’s only a few weeks after his funeral when jaebum suddenly finds himself in the neighborhood where he died, standing outside his parents’ house
  • kunpimook is helping his family pack up their things, and when jaebum realizes what’s going on he panics
  • “bam!! bam it’s me!” he yells, running in front of his brother to get his attention, but kunpimook only flinches, grasping at the box in his small hands a little tighter before walking right through jb
  • bc ever since jb’s death he’s been having nightmares, seeing jb in the corner of his eye even though he knows he’s not there
  • jaebum is losing his mind trying to comprehend what’s happening, trying to understand why no one could see him, why his brother just walked through him like he was a-
  • ghost. he was a ghost now.
  • the realization is so painful for jaebum that all he can do is sit in the driveway, screaming and crying and wishing his family could hear him
  • they don’t
  • they’ve packed their car to the roof and they’re pulling out of the driveway and the last thing jaebum sees is kunpimook peeking out of the window, his eyes wet with tears as he stares at the house and jaebum thinks for just a minute that his brother sees him but by then they’re already down the street and out of sight
  • turns out, kunpimook did see him
  • everyday since then, kunpimook thought of ways to explain what he’d seen, trying to reassure himself that he hadn’t seen his big brother crying in the driveway when he’d been there to see them lower his lifeless body into the ground
  • to cope, he starts researching ghosts
  • he knows everything about them, how they inhabit, how they are sometimes unable to move on, and he thinks that maybe jb hadn’t moved on yet either
  • determined, he dedicates his time to research and promises himself that he’ll go back to his old house one day and basically that’s what he does
  • in comes you, a medium
  • ever since you were a kid, you had always been really in tune with spirits and the like and no one knew why, but you decided to make a living out of it
  • your speciality was communicating with spirits and helping them talk to their loved ones before helping them cross over
  • you also happen to live in the same neighborhood bam and jb did
  • one day you get a call from a young man explaining that he needed to speak to his older brother, and believed he was still walking the neighborhood he died in, so you set up an appointment to meet 
  • when you met bam, you were immediately taken aback bc hey, this kid is super young
  • not super young but you know,,, you’ve got some years on him
  • anywho he’s very polite and tells you to call him bambam bc he doesn’t want the meeting between you two to be so stiff but you can tell by the shake in his hands that he’s nervous beyond hiding so you just give him a reassuring smile like “it’ll be alright, communicating with those who’ve passed can be intimidating but I believe we can do it together”
  • kunpimook can’t help but feel like that comforting tone of voice is familiar, but he can’t place it just yet
  • you two end up visiting his house, which hasn’t been sold since the Im family moved out due to the rumors about the family’s son’s death
  • you had been a bit older than bam when the news first came out, and while you had never met the Im family, they seemed so nice
  • your parents wouldn’t shut up about their dead son for so long that you swore you started seeing him in your dreams, asking you for help
  • which is partly why you took the job when you realized who was on the other line
  • “jaebum right?” you ask kunpimook, who just nods with his hands stuffed deep in his pockets “im going to call on him okay? don’t be alarmed if things start flying or the temperature drops” 
  • kunpimook stands in the corner, watching as you begin to feel around for energy, your eyes shut tight
  • slowly, you call jaebum’s name
  • to your shock, you feel freezing all of a sudden
  • you reach up to warm yourself when your hand hits something hard, and your eyes immediately fly open, staring face to chest with none other than jaebum himself
  • immediately you fly back in surprise, bam runs up to you, grabbing your arms to steady you with a “are you okay? what’s wrong?” 
  • and you just stare at him like “can’t you see?”
  • for a minute, he surveys the area and his eyes pass over jaebum’s stoic figure a few times before he looks back down at you, shaking his head
  • at this, you hear a suppressed sob, and look back over to where jaebum is, now turned away from the both of you with his hand over his mouth
  • gently, you tell bam to stand outside for a minute, and reluctantly he agrees
  • as soon as he’s gone, you whisper “jaebum? that’s you, right?”
  • “why can’t he see me?” is all he can repeat, dropping his head against the wall across from you
  • you’ve never heard such a sad, hopeless voice before and immediately your heart breaks
  • “he’s just not used to it. i’m sure if we try again-” “he saw me when he moved away, and now he can’t see me at all”
  • gently, you reach out, and when your hand makes contact with jaebum’s shoulder, he gasps
  • “y-you can touch me?” he sounds so surprised that he’s momentarily distracted from his grief
  • “i’ve always been able to touch spirits. just as i’ve always been able to see them. bambam called me to help find you, you know.”
  • jb’s so overwhelmed bc you!! someone is touching him!! someone can really touch him and if you’re here, then maybe he can talk to his brother
  • you’re able to slowly get him to open up, asking him questions about his life, checking to see how much he remembers and what he’s been doing since he died
  • turns out, jaebum has been protecting the children of the neighborhood
  • he tells you stories about how ever since the night he died, he’s become fiercely loyal to the other children that might be in danger 
  • every halloween, and really every other day, jaebum watches over the kids and makes sure they get home safely, protects them from bullies, and scares off robbers and predators alike
  • he’s basically become the unsung hero to the neighborhood, and bc of this, there hasn’t been an incident like jaebum’s in years
  • finally, jaebum asks if there’s a way bambam can see him, and you tell him that you’ll try your best
  • bringing bambam back in, you tell him to focus on his memories of his brother and tell jaebum to focus on being seen
  • for a while, it seems like it’s not working, but then bambam stumbles upon a rather strong memory of his brother and him as children, playing in the pool in the summer heat, and when he smiles, he makes eye contact with his brother
  • almost immediately, bambam collapses into his arms and hugs him close, his tears free flowing bc he’s finally in his brother’s arms again. they’re colder, and they’re not as strong as they used to be, but they’re his brother’s and they make him feel safe
  • the two stay like that for a long time, holding each other and speaking about how much they miss the other, and when you’re just about to leave, thinking it’s time you give them some space, jaebum calls for you and with the biggest smile you’ve ever seen, he thanks you
  • after that day, you can’t seem to stay away
  • bambam comes down to the house with you every weekend when he’s out of school, and the two of you summon jb to talk for hours
  • at first, it was really just bam talking to jb about all the things he’d missed but slowly jb becomes curious of you, and you tell them all the stories of spirits that you’ve encountered as a medium
  • you tell them funny tales of demons trapped in ouija boards and all the funny celebrities you’ve called back to life to talk to you when you were bored
  • you even find yourself going to the house without bam just to talk and jaebum doesn’t seem to mind at all
  • you find out jaebum has an affinity for mind games
  • you bring him things like puzzles, sudoku, mahjong, and he just plays them with you for hours
  • tells you about how popular he was amongst the ladies when he was alive 
  • “i had so many girls you could call me a nunnery” “please never speak to me again”
  • jaebum asks you to summon michael jackson once but it doesn’t work
  • whenever bam is telling stories about his time in college, he has to be v v careful about what he says
  • one time he was like twenty minutes into a really funny story about how his friend got arrested for streaking on campus and he was about to mention how he had gotten blackout drunk but jaebum just gives him this look. you know the one. the dad one
  • bambam decides he won’t finish the story
  • on actual halloween, you and bam follow jaebum around the neighborhood and help him keep an eye out for the lil kiddies and you swoon whenever he looks at them and smiles bc he looks so fond of them all and it’s so sweet how protective he is
  • “you would’ve been a great father” you tell him once, and you swear you see a flash of sadness in his eyes for a moment before he laughs it off with “bambam’s already been enough to take care of in the first place”
  • cue an offended high pitched “hey!!1!”
  • tries to catch onto the latest #memes but bam always shows him outdated ones on purpose just to make fun of him
  • when jaebum brings up you guys possibly trying the cinnamon challenge you know bam has to be stopped
  • of course bam teaches him how to dab
  • now whenever you guys summon jb he immediately dabs in unison with bam
  • you: i want to strangle both of you to death
  • bam: heh, but jb’s already dead *finger guns*
  • jb: *finger guns*
  • once jb finds out how to appear in your house, he does it all the time
  • showering? jb is scolding you about cleaning your shower tiles more
  • cooking? jb has a lot to say abt the amount of junk food you consume
  • watching a drama? “back in my day, dramas were a lot less cliche” “back in your day the cameras they used to film dramas captured like four pixels so piss off”
  • tries to style his hair like the male leads you like in the drama but whenever you ask him if he’s imitating them he claims that he’s always looked like that
  • one day bam has the gall to say that if jb was still alive, he might’ve made a move on you
  • to your surprise jb doesn’t even deny it
  • he just shrugs like “prolly still will tbh”
  • when bam spills that jb used to sing him to sleep, you summon jb to your room one night and ask him to sing you to sleep as well
  • jaebum acts like it bothers him but he really doesn’t mind, slipping in next to you under the covers and absentmindedly carding his fingers through your hair like he used to do bam
  • you blush when he leans in a little more, complaining about how “small” your bed is before he begins to sing softly into your ear, his mouth inches away from your ear
  • despite being flustered by his proximity, you fall asleep very quickly, and jb watches with a warm smile, gently pressing a protective kiss to your temple before he whispers back “sleep tight, sweetheart”
  • jaebum is reluctant to admit it, but you’ve strangely become someone he wants to protect too
  • he thinks in another world, had that night never happened, he might’ve liked to be with you
  • bc you’re everything he’d want in someone tbh
  • you and bam get along like brother and sister, you understand him so well, and you’re kind and empathetic
  • you make him feel alive
  • jb knows he doesn’t have a chance bc honestly, he’s dead, there isn’t much he can do for you
  • and he knows one day you’ll find someone for you that can actually take care of you and it scares him, in a different way than it would if bam found someone bc of course bambam would always come back to jb no matter what, that’s his brother, but you don’t have any ties to him. if bam didn’t need your help anymore you might’ve moved on with your life already
  • still, when he hears your laugh, or he sees you smile, or he feels your hand ghost along his skin, he forgets that
  • even if just for a little bit
  • sometimes you catch him when he’s thinking like this, eyes focused on a part of your body, usually your lips, while you’re telling him about something going on in your life
  • “jae? are you okay? you look like you’re thinking about something heavy” you ask him, frowning as he slowly comes back to reality
  • “yeah, sorry, i was just… don’t worry, keep talking.” because even if he never tells you, you’ll always be his favorite “if only”

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anonymous asked:

How do feel about Daniel's rebranding? I'm happy for him if it makes him happier... but I feel like he's leaving what he has built with phil behind... like the Dan of Moving on did. I know it's stupid, and I'm overeacting... but I'm an anxious mess with fear of abandonment and so this all "we're moving out and rebranding and erasing the past" is making me so freaking upset to the point of being sick T^T

Dan changing his name to Daniel Howell reminded me of your ‘moving on’ fic and I’m crying bc all my angsty wounds were re-opened Thanks

I’m going to answer these two related asks at the same time, since my answer to both is pretty much the same. And I’m going to refer to Dan(iel) primarily as “Dan,” since he has given the fandom permission to do so because we’re “all in the friendship circle.”

Both asks reference Dan’s rebranding video yesterday in conjunction with an angsty early story of mine, “Moving On,” which is about Dan deciding to rebrand himself in order to take his content in a more serious direction.

For people who are having traumatic “Moving On” flashbacks yesterday/today, let me remind you that the angst in my fic came primarily from Dan’s decision to separate his career from Phil’s in order to accomplish his rebranding goals. Keep in mind that Dan of reality does not seem to have any plans whatsoever to do that.

He and Phil just moved into a new house together (and seemed very happy and excited about doing so in their video on the topic) and did a very cute joint live show about it. In response to worried Twitter comments after his rebranding video uploaded yesterday, Dan affirmed his intention to continue with DanandPhilGames and the PINOF series.

Real Dan (as opposed to “Moving On” Dan) expressed in yesterday’s “rebranding” video an intention for continuity, that his content will be the same but that he is just really tired of two things:

  1. He’s tired of professionally branding himself everywhere as “danisnotonfire,” which maybe suited him when he was an insecure 18-year-old making his first Myspace posts and lolz videos, but which doesn’t really suit his current, more professional career and more mature personality. As he said when he referred to it (cryptically) in an earlier live show, he was nervous about doing this “cheeky” video, he felt some of his audience would not be surprised if they’d been paying attention, and he wasn’t sure if he was ready because it was “a big deal, but also not.” It was “a big deal” because he knew the phandom would freak out (which we have), but “also not” because he’s just changing the name that represents him professionally, not his actual content or personality.
  2. He’s tired of being identified with the ridiculous “lolz random” stuff he utilized to create a recognizable persona for himself when he was a teenager first starting out: llamas, placentas, Maltesers, etc. He hasn’t worn a llama hat in years, and placenta references in the live show chat just make him cringe. He doesn’t need that over-the-top persona anymore, because he’s come into his own as a mature adult, rather than being this unknown kid who felt he had to use repeated gags to make people remember who he was from one video to the next.

Dan has been changing over the years, and he’s been especially really accepting and expressing his true personality this past year or so—embracing the wavy hair, openly referring to his attraction to various men, pointedly refusing to define his sexuality in his Diss track video, expressing articulate opinions on politics and social issues in his live shows, wearing pastel colors repeatedly, painting his nails with sparkles and describing himself as a “v v S O F T boye,” and just generally letting go of that insecure, occasionally very homophobic, self-conscious kid he used to be.

And he’s doing all of this with Phil. Unlike in “Moving On,” he hasn’t taken the extreme stance of separating their brands. If anything, during Dan’s recent period of most visible growth and embracing of his true self, he has seemed closer to Phil than ever. Don’t forget that they hibernated together after months of constant togetherness during TATINOF, instead of separating. Don’t forget how many of their recent videos have been ones they’ve done together. Don’t forget all the live shows in which they’ve talked about going to movies and such together. Don’t forget that Dan went with Phil on his recent family trip to the Isle of Man at Phil’s birthday. Don’t forget their closeness and obvious affection in the photos from the recent trips to Singapore.

If anything, what we’re seeing is like the (spoiler) happy ending of “Moving On,” in which Dan realizes that he can grow and mature with Phil instead of needing to separate their branding. This is the happy ending, and we’re seeing it in real life.

So don’t be afraid. Go look at some Singapore pics on Instagram, and be happy for Dan that he’s embracing the person he is now … and that person is happy with Phil.

(You can still read “Moving On” for some enjoyable AU angst, but don’t worry that the angsty part is happening in real life. Because it obviously isn’t. Only that happy ending is happening.)

My sunshine boy

Originally posted by jaayhope

Genre: Fluff and a bit of angst

Word count: 1.5k

Pairing: Hoseok x ?? member

Warnings: N/A

A/N: hihi guysssssss i just found this old draft i did about a year ago???? idk but it was there and i found the storyline pretty interesting so i tidied it up a little bit and bOOM now it’s here enjoyyyyy ALSO PS i didn’t set a fixed member in this bc i want the reader to choose their own character, if that makes sense!! anyway enough of my ramblings, ENJOYYYYY

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Werewolf!Yoongi Part Two

It is now time for our lovable lil Daegu marshmallow with the cutest lil eyes, Min Yoongi aka Suga aka August D aka speaking of eyes can we talk about Yoongi’s bc I love I’m s u c h an eye person they’re my favorite facial feature and just physical feature in general tbh so when someone like yoon comes along it's a okay with me bc his eyes are so cute and like when he smiles and they do the thing !!!!!!! w oW like his eyes are just top quality 10/10 round of applause to his parents

  • Part one is here, werewolf!Yoongi as a father is here
  • For a more in depth explanation, you can go to Jin’s post (right here) but I’ll do a quick summary here
  • Dating and/or falling in love with humans isn’t forbidden but bc there’s a high chance the human may wanna leave their partner after they find out, it isn’t encouraged
  • Yoongi never really thinks too much into it??
  • Like he’s not even all that concerned about love in general bc he has other things going on in his life
  • He has music, he has basketball, he has his pack
  • Basketball and his pack take up his days and his music takes up his nights so love isn’t really on his mind too much
  • He’s actually the sixth to fall in love
  • He meets you during school originally
  • You two had always taken the same classes but you’d never talked much
  • Maybe a quick hey or some small talk but you had never been best friends
  • You two meet once again in music class during your first year of college
  • But it’s a similar deal
  • You two do talk a lot more now that you both know you have a love for music in common
  • You find his taste in music to be super interesting and you two are constantly suggesting songs to each other before class while you wait for your professor
  • You two were friends but still not be s t friends
  • Like you now knew his name and how old he was, why he liked music, what his major was
  • It wasn’t until Namjoon “introduced” you two that he started to wonder how you kept reappearing in his life
  • He didn’t really think too far into it when Namjoon said he was bringing a friend home to study
  • So he’s sprawled out on the couch, he’s got sweats and a baggy t-shirt he lowkey stole from Jungkook on and his hair’s still all messy from sleeping
  • Side note, he’d look s o cuddly like can we just imagine that look for a second
  • A sleepy lil Yoongi in clothes that are two sizes too big with bed head and sleepy eyes 10/10 bless
  • Namjoon and you walk in and it’s just hey aren’t you the dude from music class it’s Yoongi right??
  • The whole study thing ends up not happening bc you and Yoongi are too busy reconnecting after not seeing each other for an entire term
  • Namjoon isn’t too upset though bc he gets to watch Yoongi try to lowkey flirt just a tiny bit and it’s hilarious
  • He’s trying really hard not to laugh bc he’s never seen Yoongi act this way
  • Like he’s used to Yoongi not really paying much attention to anyone outside of the pack so to see him actually talking to you and even slipping in a few flirty lines is like whoa
  • And plus you’re also returning those flirty lines bc he’s cute as fuck and he’s also nice as fuck like genuine overall amazing human being who’s not actually 100% human bc werewolf
  • He figures since he already likes you and he can tell you like him too, why not try it out
  • Okay but real quick, head canon that werewolf!Yoongi’s never been on a date bc he’s always been busy with other shit and has never cared too much about whether he’s in single or not
  • So he actually gets kinda nervous but hides it really well
  • Like he's known for being laidback and mr swag and shit 
  • If the boys knew he was nervous, he’d never hear the end of it especially from Namjoon bc joon still hasn’t let him live down the flirting
  • Around you however, it kinda shows a lil bit just a lil teeny tiny bit
  • Like yeah his hands may be a lil shaky and maybe he's fidgety but it’s cute 
  • You two end going to this lil music shop that his friend owns bc it means you two can hang out in the back and just listen to all of the music
  • I feel like Yoongi would find music to be comforting so it would really help him calm down once he's back in his area of expertise
  • You two actually have a lot of fun together
  • Like the date’s super chill and relaxing and it isn’t really fancy restaurants and suit and ties but it’s amazing
  • It’s the best date you’ve ever been on, which you do tell him at the end of the night
  • He gets super flustered and is just what who but then he tries to play it cool like of course it was it’s me did you doubt me
  • But you can still see the faint blush on his cheeks which is super endearing
  • I feel like Yoongi would be pretty blunt when it came to telling you
  • He’d tell you around the one year mark, once he was one hundred percent sure he loved you and you loved him and that you two could stay together and be compatible
  • You two are all cuddled up a few days after the anniversary, with some movie neither of you are really paying attention to playing in the background
  • He’s just hey I’m a werewolf btw
  • He answers all of your questions honestly
  • Even though he tries to tell himself that you love him just as much as he loves you, his heart is still pounding and he’s still waiting for you to tell him you’ll stay
  • Bc despite ignoring them for the most part, he did hear a lot of stories growing up of how devastating a breakup is for a werewolf and he’s not ready to lose you and he starts getting nervous again bc wait maybe I should’ve eased into this a bit more
  • But then you make a dog pun and he’s just done but also so relieved and happy
  • Like he jokes around and is all “okay time for bed then if you’re gonna make puns now” but he never actually gets up and just holds onto you a bit tighter

Originally posted by jackandjael

  • first off, yuygeom is a demon
  • jk jk he’s a lil shit but he is a form of spirit and demons are also technically spirits too, tho he isn’t one
  • yugyeom is a… special spirit
  • most spirits are kind of tied to something you know? and the most popular are elemental spirits and whatnot
  • well yugyeom is tied to a messed up ouija board
  • basically, somehow, he is now connected to this damn board and no matter how hard you try, the only spirit you can talk to is him and the only spirit you can summon is him
  • this board is sitting in an antique shop so yugyeom has been kinda dormant for a while
  • but one day, you come in
  • you were dared by your friends to get a ouija board so you could communicate with ghosts
  • if you could make it happen and record the experience, you’d pass
  • you hate your friends now
  • the number one thing you’re scared of is channelling a demon or some malevolent spirit or what the heck ever so knowing that there’s a good chance you will just. damn
  • what’s worse is that they requested you purchase a real one, aka an old one bc apparently that makes it all the more serious i guess
  • when you come into the fourth antique shop that day and spot it, you’re at the register and getting it rung up in record time
  • the little old lady who runs the place is super sweet and mentions how the board had been there since she was a teenager, and that many had bought it but many had taken it back, saying it was faulty
  • of course you’re intrigued and also this is your life on the line so you’re like what??
  • she giggles and is like “its kinda funny but apparently people are only able to communicate with one spirit using this board. i’ve heard he’s harmless but i should warn you, in case you were hoping to speak with your dead grandmother or something”
  • you raise your eyebrow but bid the old woman ado and head off home, ready to get this shit over with
  • at least if the spirit is “friendly” then you have nothing to worry about
  • your family is out so you head up to your room and pull out the board, dropping it onto your bed before you get everything ready, propping your phone up to record you as you begin
  • You do everything you’re supposed to, and then you go, “is anyone there?”
  • you’re expecting the planchette to move or better yet do nothing, so hopefully you can get this over with
  • and then
  • poof
  • you scream when a (admittedly handsome) teenage boy suddenly appears before you, legs crossed and his face in his palm as his eyes stay closed 
  • once you’ve finished screaming, the boy slowly opens his eyes and murmurs, “hey”
  • you’re not sure what to say
  • this is the only spirit you can talk to? dont the spirits usually stay in the board and talk through that? why did it appear in front of you like this, and bored looking nonetheless?
  • you blink for a bit, unsure of what to do next when the spirit sighs “if you’re not gonna ask me any questions, can you end the session? i was having a good dream”
  • “spirits dream?” you ask him, and his eyes rise to lock with yours before he shrugs “something like that. any who, what’s up? im yugyeom”
  • you tell him your name reluctantly, and he simply nods, thinking you’re about to ask him all the usual questions like “will i get married to (insert heartthrob here)?” ”will i ever get rich?” “who’s gonna win the Super Bowl?”
  • but then you go “my… my friends dared me to do this. t-to call a spirit and ask you some questions, so… um… why dont witches ride their brooms when they’re angry?”
  • yugyeom’s interest is piqued and he sits up, thinking long and hard to answer, “because… road rage?”
  • you giggle nervously, looking at the list of things your friends forced you to ask him “so they don’t fly off the handle”
  • you’re not expecting yugyeom to find it as funny as he does but he’s bent over laughing like you’ve told the best joke he’s ever heard
  • “tell me more!” he demands, eyes alight and all the boredom wiped off his face
  • quickly, you start listing off jokes from the top of your head, all of them tickling him in one way or another
  • you don’t even realize that your phone has died of battery or that it’s suddenly gotten late until you turn to grab your phone and see the moon high in the sky
  • “oh, i didn’t think we talked that long… I dont even think they’ll see you show up on camera”
  • “they won’t, but i can help you make it look like you did the dare, and prank them too”
  • you furrow your eyebrows and listen in and he grins, telling you to charge your phone and that you’ll find out soon
  • ten minutes later, you’re sat with the phone before you and the board out, yugyeom having disappeared from sight
  • he’s told you to ask the questions they’ve given you, and he’ll do the rest
  • once you’ve finished telling the first lame joke they’ve given you, the pillow on your bed flies across the room and starts hovering over your head, and its so unexpected that you react pretty well for the camera
  • yugyeom is grinning above you, having appeared above you with a finger raised to his lips
  • you have to bite your lip to keep from laughing as you continue to ask questions, and in response he makes the planchette move and gives you weird answers like “haunted horse party” or all out flips the board to appear like an angry spirit
  • he shuts off the recording in the middle of making it hover “in thin air”, and you’ve got your elaborate prank
  • “this is the most fun I’ve had in years” yugyeom laughs
  • “im gonna have to thank that old lady when i return the board”
  • you’re pretty surprised to see yugyeom’s expression turn sad and he just kinda pouts at you like a kicked puppy
  • you feel bad instantly
  • “you… can’t you keep me- i mean, the board? i promise im fun to talk to!! ill never possess you or anything… unless you want to be possessed by a spirit then i’ll definitely make sure we make a fair deal or something-” “yugyeom i can keep the board calm down” 
  • hes so happy and tells you that if you ever need someone to talk to you or whatever you can just take out the board and talk to him
  • you’re kinda surprised that you’ve unintentionally made friends with a spirit but hey, he’s cute and he’s almost definitely not going to kill you
  • so this goes on for a while
  • you lock yourself into the privacy of your room and take out the board and honestly you and yugyeom just hang
  • he tells you about all of the weird experiences he’s had with people who try to channel him and you sometimes use him to spook your friends bc its pretty funny ngl
  • he makes you into a lil shit too
  • sometimes you just open the ouija board and let him follow you around the house
  • he’ll bother your family, move things onto high shelves, take things and hide them in new places, and overall just entertain himself
  • you accidentally left the board open once and when a guy in your class came over to study he spent the whole time tugging on the guy’s gelled hair
  • when the guy went to the bathroom, yugyeom snuck in and made fog appear on the mirror before he wrote for him to “get lost or get possessed”
  • needless to say that guy ran away from your house and never talked to you again
  • “i dont like that guy” “oh wow, i didn’t notice with how you repeatedly whispered in my ear ‘i dont like this guy’”
  • technically, if you keep the ouija board open, yugyeom can go anywhere with you, but only so far or the connection gets kinda weak
  • so sometimes you take a backpack and open the board inside when you go places and you want him to be there with you
  • one time you took the board with you to a horror movie and sat it up in the seat next to you and people thought you were crazy but yugyeom was right next to you making fun of the fake ghosts
  • one time you’re really curious so you go “yugyeom, has anyone ever tried to release you?”
  • yugyeom is pretty shocked that you’ve asked and tells you that no, no one has ever cared abt him enough to stick around after the first few sessions, let alone to release him from the board altogether
  • you decide that you’ve formed a pretty strong relationship with yugyeom so you offer to let him out
  • yugyeom is really apprehensive and you are too bc obviously its dangerous and he doesn’t know what will happen to him if he is released
  • will people see him? will he inhabit something else? will he live a normal life or remain a spirit?
  • “i’d… think i’d like that. but i can’t promise that everything will go right afterwards”
  • you know, you’ve known for a while, but you want to try for him
  • you can’t help daydreaming of being with him in other ways bc he’s so sweet and really cares for you
  • he knows you so well its kind of crazy
  • you’ve even caught yourself day dreaming about kissing those pretty lips every time he laughs, or whispers in you ear late into the night
  • the fact that he has no problem being close and intimate with you already leaves you pretty flustered as it is
  • you’ve grown impossibly attached to this goofy spirit and if you can free him from the board, you’d love to
  • the only thing is that the only way to free his spirit from the board is to break it
  • either you’d free him or you’d lose him forever, and that’s what scares you
  • you make up your mind and summon him to get his permission, and when he gives you the go ahead with a shaky smile, you snap it in half with all your might
  • its silent afterwards
  • you don’t feel yugyeom’s warm presence like usual
  • you call out his name softly, sadly, thinking that you’ve done it and lost his spirit forever
  • your hands hold the broken pieces of the board and you’re moved near to tears now, knowing you’ve messed up for real and you’d never see yugyeom again
  • then two warm arms wrap around you from behind and you flinch, eyes wet as you turn to observe who’s there, and you smile when you make eye contact with yugyeom
  • hes grinning at you too, but something feels,,, off
  • its not like his usual, carefree smiles
  • his canines look a little sharper
  • his grip feels a little rougher
  • his lips a little more red than soft pink
  • his arms tighten that much more around your middle and you blink, your smile faltering as he says nothing
  • “y-yugy?” you ask softly, and you watch as his grin melts into something of a smirk
  • the smirk is different too bc unlike his usual playful smirks after he’s scared you coming out of the bathroom or pulled a successful prank on someone, it’s hidden with intentions you’ve never seen on him
  • it doesn’t fit the yugyeom you know
  • “you know… when they tell you not to play with spirits, you should probably listen” he says, his pupils glinting a blood red as his fingernails, no, claws dig into your hips
  • your hands shake as he twists you around, shoving you up against the nearest wall as one of his hands encircles your wrist and the other grasps your chin
  • you’re nearly shitting your pants at this point, staring at who you once thought was the kind, caring spirit that you’d grown to love
  • he leans in impossibly close, taking up all the air in your lungs as his breath fans across your lips 
  • his tongue glides out, licking his lips slowly before he whispers teasingly against your trembling mouth
  • “they might just be demons in disguise”
  • remember when i said he wasn’t a demon :)))) i lied

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actualcarlbarat  asked:

can u pretty pls make an intro post abt the stone roses

The Band

Ian Brown

John Squire

  • guitarist
  • as well as being one of the greatest guitarists ever to walk to earth he’s also a massivley talented artist
  • really into jackson pollock (there she looks like a painting/jackson pollocks number five)
  • designed/painted all their sleeve artwork
  • its really neat
  • became friends with ian in school after ian helped him fight the school bully :*)
  • had another band called the Seahorses and some solo stuff 
  • announced he was giving up music for painting in 2007 but came back to the band when they reformed


  • alan “reni” wren
  • drummer
  • not an exaggeration to say he’s the greatest drummer of his generation
  • no really pete townshend was at their first gig and he thought reni was the greatest drummer he’d ever seen since keith moon and tried to steal him after the show
  • mani says he was actually better at bass than he was as well
  • made the bucket hat into such an icon that it became known as the ‘reni hat’
  • a man of mystery, disapeared for sixteen years in between the breakup and reunion, no one knows where he went


  • gary “mani” mountfield
  • bassist
  • more like LEGEND
  • what a sweetheart i love mani
  • he loves darts? ok
  • one time he and peter hook from new order and andy rourke from the smiths all got drunk together and decided to form a manchester bassists supergroup called Freebass, a plan which they actually followed through on
  • joinded primal scream after he left the roses in ‘96
  • he’s always on football programs pontificating about man u
  • “you can’t ride two bikes with one arse” - mani, 2011

the stone roses formed in 1983 (ish) in manchester after various false starts, and they played their first gig in 1984 supporting pete townshend at an anti-herion concert after ian sent him a letter which read "I’m surrounded by skagheads, I wanna smash ‘em. Can you give us a show?“. they struggled to find their sound until mani joined in 87, amd everything fell into place. their first album was released in 1989, but they became entangled in miles of red tape after trying to switch labels and everything got very messy and the second album didn’t do so well and things just. fizzled out. they broke up officially in 1996. but! they reunited in 2011 it was a miracle and liam gallagher wept tears of joy (even though nothings really happened since except a few gigs and tours now and then but its nice theyre back together and still friends)

The Albums

The Stone Roses

  • the album that defined a generation
  • kicked off the Madchester scene, inspired bands like The Happy Mondays etc.
  • the john squire piece used for the cover is ‘Bye Bye Badman’ (based on the song of the same name on the album) - the song is about the 1968 paris student riots where protestor would suck lemons to ward off the effects of tear gas used by the police (choke me, smoke the air/in this citrus sucking sunshine) hence the tricolour and the lemon slices
  • im sort of at a loss as for what to say its?? iconic?? era defining?? life changing??
  • just listen to it its magnificent and ethereal and shimmering and full of glory and light and vast landscapes of sound and colour
  • when it first came out there were nightclubs in manchester where the djs would just play the album on repeat all night and everyone was fine with it
  • theres a song about assassinating the queen of england on there its… pretty great

The Second Coming

  • released in 1994 bc of all the legal hassle (amongst other problems)
  • its a good album but like. its no stone roses
  • i do love it tho
  • unfortunatley the public didnt and one thing after another led to the breakup of the band
  • still good tho still good

More Fun Stone Roses Facts

  • Liam Gallagher was inspired to form a band when he attended a stone roses gig at the age of sixteen (his forst ever gig)
  • “when I heard Sally Cinnamon for the first time, I knew what my destiny was” - Noel Gallagher (same noel same)
  • oh man my fave roses story of all time: their old label released a vid for sally cinnamon without the bands permission and they hated it so they went to the guys house and threw paint all over his car and inside his house and they got arrested (video here)
  • one time ian brown was on this art show and? idk i love to watch it its cute and he tells funny stories
  • the bands home movie, ft john in a kayak, john on the toilet, ian dancing alone by a lake
  • more behind the scenes footage, ft. shirtless reni w/ stubble and smiling john. nice
  • they used to be very uh. taciturn in interviews. staring blankly at the journalists, mumbling their answers, basically not caring at all. its great
  • their gig at spike island was sort of the woodstock of manchester, despite being a completley awful gig (bc of rain, sound issues etc) but, like woodstock, everyone claims to have been there bc it was so iconic
  • they made a film about it (called spike island); the roses arent actually in it but its really really good bc its so aesthetically on point. also emilia clarke and nico mirallegro (the astoundingly hot guy who plays finn on my mad fat diary) are in it so. well worth watching, esp to get a feel for how much of an impact the band had
  • sorry i watched the trailer again and now im crying i love this film please watch it
  • ian had a song called Keep What Ya Got and Noel Gallagher’s in the video and i want to cry it’s really cute
  • and finally, if you never watch anything roses related in your life again, please watch The Second Second Coming (”if the stone roeses was tron… then i’d be jeff bridges… and you’d be tron”)

anonymous asked:

are request open? if they are can you do a spencer x reader with the promt line "Sometimes, there is nothing better than some good old-fashioned, no string attached fucking." i honestly thought it would makes great story and you were the first person I thought of to write such an amazing story bc your writing is phenomenal 💗 ily

Ahhh!!😱😝 THANK YOU so much for saying that 😊😘 Love you too. Hope you like it.

Friends with benefits

Spencer x Reader

Word count:1,138

Song: Hands all over by Maroon 5

Warnings: Smut and swearing

You and Spencer had been friends since you joined the B.A.U a few years ago. You’ve been through hell and back together, growing ever closer as the years went by. You did a lot for each other. Getting each other through mission’s gone wrong, bad hangovers, and break up’s.

You had recently gone through a break up of your own. It didn’t matter if you were the dumped or the dumper there was always something you missed about your ex. And for you it was the regular sex.

So one night when Spencer came over to watch a movie, which you did every other weekend, you got to thinking. The man sitting next you was one of your best friends. He was good looking, smart, and available. Looking him over while his eyes were glued to the t.v a plan began to form in your mind.

But how to approach it, you wondered to yourself as you discarded idea after idea until you finally settled on bluntness. He was your friend after all, and knowing him, being straight forward was the best call.

“Hey Spencer” You asked putting a blank expression on your face “What do you think about the two of us having sex?”

He turned to you with a surprised look in his eyes “What? Like the two of us sleep together? Why the hell would you ask that y/n?”

“Don’t be such a prude Spencer. Sometimes, there is nothing better than some good old-fashioned, no string attached fucking.” You said rolling your eyes when his eyes grew even wider.

“You’re serious?” He asked, the movie completely forgotten.

“Well why not? I mean come on think about it. We’re both single, we are both willing adults, and are you really going to tell me that you don’t miss sex.” You said listing off reasons in a very matter of fact tone.

“I’ll give you some reasons.” He said when you finished. “What about the fact that we’re friends? Don’t you think that would complicate things? There’s also the fact that we work together, with profiler’s no less. What are we supposed to tell them when, and yes I do mean when, they find out? Sex always complicates things y/n.”

“It doesn’t have to. We can make some rules to keep it from messing up our feelings. For instance we can only do it at one of our apartments, no sex at work. No talking about it at work. If anyone from the team asks evade.”

He opened his mouth to interrupt you, but you stopped him holding your hand up. “I know they won’t take no for an answer for long, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. No telling any of the team about this.” You said continuing on. “And last but not least no falling in love.”

“Oh really is that all?” He asked sarcastically standing up from the couch you were sitting on, beginning to pace.

You smiled to yourself watching him wear holes in the carpet, knowing you had him. He only paced when he was seriously considering something.

He stopped and turned to face you. “I’m only going to ask you this once. Are you sure about this y/n? Before you answer think about it and make 100 percent sure when you answer that it’s what you want. I don’t want either of us to get hurt.”

You smirked and stood up in front of him unbuttoning your shirt. “As long as we follow the rules no one’s going to get hurt.”

He watched your hands fly over the buttons of your shirt revealing pieces of lush skin that sent the blood rushing through his body. When you were through, you were standing before him, naked looking at him expectantly.

He shook his head pulling himself out of his stupor and started to undress himself. His hands were a bit shaky with nerves as he pulled his shirt over his head and yanked his pants and underwear down. When he was out of his clothes you raced over and jumped him while your mouth’s crashed together and you fell to the floor.

His hands were everywhere. On your face, cupping your breasts, running along your ribs, and then finally they slipped between your legs. He kissed your neck while his fingers slipped inside you causing you to shudder.

“Condom’s?” He asked breathless.

You moaned as he put another finger inside you “Bedroom, nightstand drawer.” You answered panting.

“Of course they are.” He mumbled angrily against your neck.

He took his fingers out of you and wrapped them around your back to lift you up with him when he rolled up on to his feet. You locked your legs around his waist and your hands around his neck while he carried you to your bedroom and deposited you on the bed.

You laid there and watched him reach into the nightstand drawer and pull out a condom. He turned his attention back to you. You were running your hands over your body making his cock twitch in anticipation while he rolled it on and positioned himself in front of your opening, and then he pushed inside you slowly.

You writhed underneath him, his name being torn from your throat, as he pulled out and then thrust back in deeper than before.

“Faster Spencer.” You begged while he continued his slow deep pace completely ignoring you.

You hooked your legs around him, and with all your strength rolled so you were on top of him. You let out a smug laugh while your hands splayed over his chest and you rocked on to him faster.

He was close now, his hips were jerking up into yours while his fingers ground into the skin at your waist holding your hips in place so he could thrust up into you. You were on the verge of losing all sanity as you felt that wonderful pressure building inside you.

Then he rolled you over again and buried himself inside you coming with a loud moan. A few seconds later you snapped to and you road out your orgasm’s together.

When you both finally began to get your breathing under control he rolled off you and stared up at the celling. You on the other hand, reached down to pull the cover’s up over the two of you and cuddle into his side drifting off to sleep.

He hesitated for a moment. Then remembered that cuddling wasn’t against the rules, and pulled you into his arms. He watched you sleep for a while running his hands over your hair, your face, and your body.

He sighed to himself already knowing he was so screwed as he settled in to go to sleep. He already broke the rules. He was in love with you.

a collection of m/m lgbt ya literature

note: i will add to this as i read more books

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz

Aristotle is an angry teen with a brother in prison. Dante is a know-it-all who has an unusual way of looking at the world. When the two meet at the swimming pool, they seem to have nothing in common. But as the loners start spending time together, they discover that they share a special friendship—the kind that changes lives and lasts a lifetime. And it is through this friendship that Ari and Dante will learn the most important truths about themselves and the kind of people they want to be.

my rating: 5/5
genuinely one of the best books i have ever read. i love these boys so much!! the writing is poetic & refreshing. saenz doesn’t sell his characters short just bc they are teenagers, they are well rounded & thoughtfully written.
happy ending

Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan

This is the story of Paul, a sophomore at a high school like no other: The cheerleaders ride Harleys, the homecoming queen used to be a guy named Daryl (she now prefers Infinite Darlene and is also the star quarterback), and the gay-straight alliance was formed to help the straight kids learn how to dance. When Paul meets Noah, he thinks he’s found the one his heart is made for. Until he blows it. The school bookie says the odds are 12-to-1 against him getting Noah back, but Paul’s not giving up without playing his love really loud. His best friend Joni might be drifting away, his other best friend Tony might be dealing with ultra-religious parents, and his ex-boyfriend Kyle might not be going away anytime soon, but sometimes everything needs to fall apart before it can really fit together right. This is a happy-meaningful romantic comedy about finding love, losing love, and doing what it takes to get love back in a crazy-wonderful world.

my rating: 4/5
bless david levithan. basically this book is the world we all wish we lived in.
happy ending

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

Simon Snow is the worst Chosen One who’s ever been chosen. That’s what his roommate, Baz, says. And Baz might be evil and a vampire and a complete git, but he’s probably right. Half the time, Simon can’t even make his wand work, and the other half, he starts something on fire. His mentor’s avoiding him, his girlfriend broke up with him, and there’s a magic-eating monster running around, wearing Simon’s face. Baz would be having a field day with all this, if he were here–it’s their last year at the Watford School of Magicks, and Simon’s infuriating nemesis didn’t even bother to show up.

harry potter if drarry was canon & draco was written well (*cough* im looking at you jk rowling *cough*)
happy ending

The Foxhole Court (All for the Game trilogy) by Nora Sakavic

Neil Josten is the newest addition to the Palmetto State University Exy team. He’s short, he’s fast, he’s got a ton of potential—and he’s the runaway son of the murderous crime lord known as The Butcher. Signing a contract with the PSU Foxes is the last thing a guy like Neil should do. The team is high profile and he doesn’t need sports crews broadcasting pictures of his face around the nation. His lies will hold up only so long under this kind of scrutiny and the truth will get him killed. But Neil’s not the only one with secrets on the team. One of Neil’s new teammates is a friend from his old life, and Neil can’t walk away from him a second time. Neil has survived the last eight years by running. Maybe he’s finally found someone and something worth fighting for.

my rating: 100000/5
“gay sports” —@faeriedrugs
this series is so so good. if you are going to read one book/series of this list, it should be this one. every single character is so well thought out & interesting i just!!! i love it. the writing is wonderful, neil josten is my son. however, this series gets dark here is a full list of trigger warnings for the series. the books handle the topics VERY well, but i’d tread carefully nevertheless.
pretty happy ending (much happier than what i expected the ending to be at the start of the series)

The Great American Whatever by Tim Federle

Quinn Roberts is a sixteen-year-old smart aleck and Hollywood hopeful whose only worryused to be writing convincing dialogue for the movies he made with his sister Annabeth. Of course, that was all before—before Quinn stopped going to school, before his mom started sleeping on the sofa…and before the car accident that changed everything. Enter: Geoff, Quinn’s best friend who insists it’s time that Quinn came out—at least from hibernation. One haircut later, Geoff drags Quinn to his first college party, where instead of nursing his pain, he meets a guy—okay, a hot guy—and falls, hard. What follows is an upside-down week in which Quinn begins imagining his future as a screenplay that might actually have a happily-ever-after ending—if, that is, he can finally step back into the starring role of his own life story.

my rating: 3.7/5
on the cover of this book, a reviewer described it as “laugh out loud sad” which is a very good way to explain the protagonist’s voice. think: percy jackson if rick riordan wrote about a gay teenager getting over the death of a family member while getting his first real crush. not a sappy romance, but a realistic depiction of what it’s like to date as a teenager. a couple parts of the book are told in the form of screenplays the protagonist is writing in his head, which is really cool & woven seamlessly with the rest of the narrative.
kinda happy ending

Half Bad (Half Life trilogy) by Sally Green

Sixteen-year-old Nathan lives in a cage: beaten, shackled, trained to kill. In a modern-day England where two warring factions of witches live amongst humans, Nathan is an abomination, the illegitimate son of the world’s most terrifying and violent witch, Marcus. Nathan’s only hope for survival is to escape his captors, track down Marcus, and receive the three gifts that will bring him into his own magical powers—before it’s too late. But how can Nathan find his father when there is no one safe to trust, not even family, not even the girl he loves? (don’t worry the hetero romance won’t last)

my rating: 3.7/5 simply because the ending wasn’t great!!!! sally green killed someone she shouldn’t have!! i am pissed!
despite the ending leaving something to be desired, this trilogy really is worth the read in my opinion. the themes are really interesting & in book 1 it’s a very character focused slower moving plot, but books 2 & 3 have much more action. i really enjoyed it. a few superb minor characters as well!
not-so-happy ending

Hero by Perry Moore

The last thing in the world Thom Creed wants is to add to his father’s pain, so he keeps secrets. Like that he has special powers. And that he’s been asked to join the League the very organization of superheroes that spurned his dad. But the most painful secret of all is one Thom can barely face himself: he’s gay. But becoming a member of the League opens up a new world to Thom. There, he connects with a misfit group of aspiring heroes, including Scarlett, who can control fire but not her anger; Typhoid Larry, who can make anyone sick with his touch; and Ruth, a wise old broad who can see the future. Like Thom, these heroes have things to hide; but they will have to learn to trust one another when they uncover a deadly conspiracy within the League. To survive, Thom will face challenges he never imagined. To find happiness, he’ll have to come to terms with his father’s past and discover the kind of hero he really wants to be.

my rating: 3.5/5
this book is really cute. a little campy (in a good way), but when i finished the last page i was smiling!!
pretty happy ending

Openly Straight by Bill Konigsberg

Rafe is a normal teenager from Boulder, Colorado. He plays soccer. He’s won skiing prizes. He likes to write. And, oh yeah, he’s gay. He’s been out since 8th grade, and he isn’t teased, and he goes to other high schools and talks about tolerance and stuff. And while that’s important, all Rafe really wants is to just be a regular guy. Not that GAY guy. To have it be a part of who he is, but not the headline, every single time. So when he transfers to an all-boys’ boarding school in New England, he decides to keep his sexuality a secret – not so much going back in the closet as starting over with a clean slate. But then he sees a classmate break down. He meets a teacher who challenges him to write his story. And most of all, he falls in love with Ben … who doesn’t even know that love is possible. This witty, smart, coming-out-again story will appeal to gay and straight kids alike as they watch Rafe navigate feeling different, fitting in, and what it means to be himself.

my rating: 3/5
i didn’t… love it. i didn’t hate it either. the more i thought, the more annoyed i got at the main characters decision to essentially go back into the closet. the author’s voice had the almost campy feel adults often take on when trying to write as a kid/teenager, which i got used to but still annoyed me. it was worth the read, but didn’t stick with me. not a bad book at all, i’d still suggest you read it if you get the chance, but this is my least favorite book on this list as of now.
not-so-happy ending

The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller

Madeline Miller’s thrilling, profoundly moving, and utterly unique retelling of the legend of Achilles and the Trojan War. A tale of gods, kings, immortal fame, and the human heart, The Song of Achilles is a dazzling literary feat that brilliantly reimagines Homer’s enduring masterwork, The Iliad.

my rating: 5/5
i love this book! miller’s prose is nearly poetic and it is beautifully styled. this book took her ten years to write & you can tell.
sad ending, but so worth it

Will Grayson, Will Grayson

Will Grayson meets Will Grayson. One cold night, in a most unlikely corner of Chicago, two strangers are about to cross paths. From that moment on, their world will collide and lives intertwine. It’s not that far from Evanston to Naperville, but Chicago suburbanites Will Grayson and Will Grayson might as well live on different planets. When fate delivers them both to the same surprising crossroads, the Will Graysons find their lives overlapping and hurtling in new and unexpected directions. With a push from friends new and old - including the massive, and massively fabulous, Tiny Cooper, offensive lineman and musical theater auteur extraordinaire - Will and Will begin building toward respective romantic turns-of-heart and the epic production of history’s most awesome high school musical.

my rating: 3.5/5 (honestly i barely remember this book i read it in middle school i’m doing my best)
my fave john green book & i love david levithan. john green signed my copy of this book a few years ago.
kinda happy ending (if i remember correctly yikes)
Living with Jin

Since a couple people have asked for it to be a series, I’ve decided to turn the whole Living with ~ into an actual thing !! So now it is time for our amazing, sweet, talented, beautiful eldest hyung, Kim Seokjin aka Jin 

  • Okay but I’m so ready for this series I love it so much
  • Jin is somewhere in the middle of Tae and Yoongi, he doesn’t take quite as long to fall in love as Yoongi does but he also doesn’t fall as quickly as Tae does
  • He is a total sweetheart but I do see him as being a bit more of the quality over quantity when it comes to people, he doesn’t mind having a few more friends but they all have to be really good friends like him and Ken, you can tell they’re buddies (and also my Vixx bbys hanging out with my BTS bbys that is a concept I am here for)
  • He seems like someone who would take like a few months to fall in love and maybe a couple more to be ready to move in
  • I’d say around the eight month mark he may start thinking about getting a place together
  • There may have been a few nights here and there where you spent the night at his place bc you were too tired to drive home and he definitely already gave you your own lil space in his apartment, like you got half of the bathroom counter and a bit of closet space just bc he wants you to feel like his home is your home even though you’ve only spent a handful of nights there
  • So by the time you two actually start discussing living together, you already have somewhat of a feel for what it’d be like while also not knowing everything about it so it’s still exciting and new while also not being too unfamiliar and awkward
  • He would get you super involved and turn it into a fun thing like searching for apartments or maybe a smol house would become visualizing your future life together like could you picture coming home to that apartment could you imagine falling asleep in that room and taking showers in that bathroom
  • The first place you two get is a lil house, it’s definitely not huge but it’s a lot bigger than both of your old places, it’s got like three bedrooms, it’s got an actually decent sized kitchen, it’s got a cute lil yard it’s perfect for you two
  • Furniture shopping would be s o much fun oh my god he would go in with a certain idea of what he wants but he’s totally open for your opinions too
  • I see Jin as having a lighter colored theme ?? like a lot of whites, light colors just something really clean and simple with a few more modern  pieces like maybe a simple white couch but then a really cool stand that’s uniquely shaped things like that where it’s just a mix of modern meets classic
  • He’d love being able to look at everything and plan your future home bc he doesn’t plan on moving again any time soon he wants this place to last you guys a good few years
  • You two would agree that you’d decorate everything together so you get to choose everything together and it’s really cute and fun and it’s like bonding time bc this is your home together
  • He’d be s o fucking happy once you two started moving everything in (with the help of the boys of course) like holy shit everything looks so beautiful and it’s exactly what you two wanted and he’s just so excited to start a life with you by his side
  • He just doesn’t stop smiling the entire day he’s so happy and he keeps hugging you and giving your cheek lil kisses as he walks by
  • Okay but living with Jin would be s o much fucking fun and it’d be so nice and sweet and amazing like he’s just such a sweetheart I need it
  • If he came home before you did, he’d s o cook this lil dinner for you two and set the table up all cute and shit like candles and flowers and fancy plates so that when you got home, you could just relax and eat and be pampered
  • FACE MASK NIGHTS he would so be down to sit there and try out different face masks every week like it’d be an official thing every Saturday you two set up some movies/shows, you get your masks on and you just eat your dinner like that and it’s so cute and you learn that somehow Jin makes face masks look cute like ?? how the fuck
  • Cuddles are v v appreciated, he’d be down for being big spoon or face to face but I think his favorite would be when you had your head on his chest bc then he could play with your hair and just talk to you and he could rub your back and just hold you tight against his side
  • But Jin is also really playful so expect some goofing around too expect a lot of giggling bc he’s funny as fuck and he’s adorable and precious and just expect to be majorly in love with him bc wo w he’s so amazing and loving and just about perfect
  • Jin has shown a l o t of love for food and cooking and I don’t think he’d have a problem with handling the cooking bc I think he’d love seeing how you react to different foods
  • He’d also be okay with cleaning like I can lowkey see him as the type to want to take care of it so you didn’t have to bc he just wants you to relax and not have to worry about it
  • Grocery shopping, we’ve seen him shop a few times and he seems to kinda take over it sometimes like have a list in his head ready to go but he’d also allow some changes to be made like if you wanted some ice cream or something sweet, he’s not about to turn it down (as long as he gets a few bites) 
  • Okay but just picture this for a second bc it’s so fucking cute but once bby Kim is on her way, he’d turn one of the spare rooms into a nursery and he’d decorate it by hand like he’d have Jimin come in and help him paint all of these lil flowers onto the walls and he’d build all of the furniture himself and he’d just be s o fucking excited about it all
  • “Jin the bby doesn’t need a Mario onesie”
  • “Yes they do, you take that back”
  • “Oh my goD”
she hit it out of the park before it even begun

a/n: bc this stupid movie generated feels that begged to be written; a 3+1 fic where judy really is a dumb bunny, and one where she’s kinda as sly as her fox. tell me what you guys think? and drop some prompts in my ask, please!

wc: 2365

[ ao3 ] 

i. [ you think you know all about it, then it seems you are wrong ]

She doesn’t know why she says it.

Maybe it’s the moment of the thing, or the timing , but once she starts, it comes spilling out like all two hundred and seventy five of her siblings from their burrow — stumbling and tripping over one another, unsteady on their feet, but so, so easy.

Keep reading

Stiles Stilinski-Take care of her (crossover)

Request:“I was gonna ask for a crossover imagen, teen wolf and the vampire diaries where stiles is your boyfriend but Damon and Stefan have been like you’re brother, very protective of you, for a looong time, longer than you beacon hills and the brothers come to visit and Damon always  gets always on stiles’ last nerve bc he thinks it’s fun whereas Stefan is like “omg stop” but when something happens they do anything to protect you. If you don’t to tvd and just replace it:)”

Your name: submit What is this?

You have never expected to fall in love with a human.You learned from your brothers’ experience with Elena that it never ends good.Your brothers were both very protective and both vampires.In fact, they weren’t your real brothers.They were the ones who found you, a new transformed vampire lost in the eternity, and decided to take care of you.

You three were inseparable, until one day. You wanted to go in some city, named Beacon Hills, without any reason.You just felt that you have to do something there.They weren’t really happy for your decision but they respected it.When you arrived in the city the first person you met was a boy named Stiles. Let’s just say that you got intp a fight with another vampire in the city and police came and took you to the station. There you met this boy and you finally understood why you came here. He was the one you were looking for all these long years.

You soon found out that Beacon Hills was full of supernatural creatures: werewolves, kitsunes, werecoyotes, banshees, hunters, anything you want. Despite your differences, you and Stiles became a couple. It wasn’t a perfect love story but it was your story. Stiles accepted your past. He never judged your choices and never asked you to be someone else.

Of course you had to tell your brothers about this little romance.One night you called them.

“Hi, guys! It’s me. How are you?”

“We are great. Stefan just made the whole city believe that we are vampires so we might have to leave.” Damon said.

“Shut up. It was your fault.” Stefan said.

“Anyway, I have really good news. Are you ready to hear them? Maybe you should sit down.” you told them.

“You are not pregnant, are you?” Stefan said laughing.

“Sometimes I think you forget I am a vampire.” you said.

“Sometimes you forget you are our little sis’ and we love to tease you.” Damon said.

“Very funny, Damon. But seriously now.I have a boyfriend” you said.

“What?!” they both said.

“You heard. I have a happy and healthy relationship with a human.” you said

“Ok Stefan, pack everything we are going to meet our soon to be brother-in-law” Damon said.

“Damon, please…I really love him. Don’t do something stupid.” you whined.

“Me? Stupid? Never. Se you soon.” he said and hung up.


The next morning you were standing on the couch with Stiles, watching a movie when you heard a knock on your door.

“Are you waiting for someone?” Stiles asked.

“Trust me, if I could avoid them, I would.” you told him.

You got up and opened the door to let Damon and Stefan get in.

“Pretty house, kid. Who did you compell to let you stay here?” Damon said.

“Actually, is mine. I know you don’t believe but I had had some money and I bought this beautiful house.” you said.

“That’s amaz….”Stefan tried to say but he was cut off by his brother.

“Enough with small talk. Where is prince charming?” Damon said going to living room.

“Damon, please.” Stefan said following his brother. You ran after them.

“Ummm, Stiles they are my brothers,Stefan and Damon Salvatore. Guys he is Stiles, my boyfriend.” you said.

“Hi Stiles, nice to meet you.” Damon said and for a second you thought that it could actually go well, but then he said. “So you are with my sister, that’s nice. You know what I’m going to do to you if you broke her heart? I bet you don’t. I will use every method of torture that I have learned in my 174 years on you. And trust me , there are a lot.” he said still smiling. Stiles gulped.”Ok… I don’t think it would be necessary. I’m really in love with your sister.”

“Good. Because..”

“Damon, leave the boy alone.” Stefan said.”I’m sorry for my brother. What we want to say is that we invite you to a lunch and start to know each other. What do you say?”

“As long as Y/N comes too and stops him from killing me, sure” Stiles said.

“Good.Then it’s planned.We’ll see you in a few hours then. Let’s meet at a restaurant. It will be neutral ground.” Stefan said.


You and Stiles entered the restaurant and looked for the two vampires.

“I’m scared.” Stiles said.

“You don’t have. They are just really protective. And remember, they can fell fear.” you said, looking around.

You finally found them.You could see Damon’ s smirk when he noticed you.

“There is the happy couple.” Damon said.

“Hi guys.” you said.

“Hi.” they said.

“I think we should order the food because we can’t stay much.” you said.

“Why? The boy has a curfew?” Damon said.

Stiles rolled his eyes and wanted to say something but you stopped him before this situation would become worse.

“No. We have to study. “ you said

“Yeah, I got it. He is afraid so he wants to leave this place as soon as he can. I understand, sweetheart.” Damon said and winked at Stiles.

“No. I’m actually enjoying this.  I never had the opportunity to talk to a vampire.So tell me old man, what you and your old friends do, huh?” Stiles said.

“I may be 174 old but I still look better than you, kid.” Damon said.

“174? Really? I wouldn’t gave you a day past 300. I guess some vampires look older than others. I’m sorry for you.” Stiles said. You hit his foot under the table, like Stefan did with his brother when all these little sarcastics comments started.

“I will be sorry for you after this lunch. You should know that is not good to annoy a vampire, and right now I’m pretty annoyed.

“Damon…stop.” Stefan said.

“Enough. I don’t want to see you fighting. Why can’t you accept that I have found someone who loves me for who I am” you yelled at Damon. You got up and went straight to the door.Stiles wanted to do the same but Stefan said.

“Please Stiles, stay.Forgive my brother. I want to talk to you.” Stiles did as he was said and sit back down on the chair. “I’m sure you love Y/N. I saw how you look at her when she doesn’t notice. I can hear your heart beats when you are around her. I’m really happy that she finally met someone who cares for her. But understand that we have took care of her long before you were even borned. I don’t say that Damon’s behavior is alright because it’s not, but we just love her very much and we want to be sure that she is safe and happy.”

“I know. I’m sorry Damon, for all those comments.” Stiles said.

“Yeah, I think I’m sorry too for saying that I will torture you. I will find other methodes to punish you if you break her heart. Or maybe she will find. She is one of the strongest vampires so you should be the one who needs protection.” Damon said.

“I will be careful with her and I will make her happy. It’s a promise.” Stiles said.

“Fine. Everything is ok, so we should go back to Mystic Falls or other city since Damon revealed our identity.” Stefan said looking at his brother.

“What?! It was you! “ he said.

You were standing near the front door listening everything. You had a big smile when you saw your boyfriend and brothers getting out without any wound or bite.

“I guess your visit here ended.” you said while hugging Stefan and Damon. “I’m going to miss you,boys.”

“Don’t be sad. Maybe we’ll buy a house here. We could go out in week-ends and spent time as a family. I could teach Stiles some vampire’s things.But until then take care of her.” Damon said and patted Stiles on the shoulder.

“We’ll take care of each other.” you said, smiling and waving to the 2 vampires who got in their car and drove to another town, happy that their little sister found true love and happiness.


Jily Muggle AU, pre-dating. I really don’t know what I’m doing.

Warning: body parts mention?? is that even a thing?? It’s not smut bc I don’t have the life experiences necessary lol, but if someone were to write a smut fic based on this that would be grand too wink wink

“So who the hell thought this was a bloody good idea?” James grumbled, brushing a sopping lock of hair out of his eye.

“Peter,” replied Lily with a sigh, “and he’s managed to weasel himself out of it.” Her shoe sank in mud, and she pulled it clear with an exasperated groan.

James, Lily, Sirius, Remus and Marlene were hiking somewhere out in the damned wilderness, soaked to the bone with practically no vision. They’d been walking for hours now, and what had first seemed like a pleasant little adventure soon turned into a struggle through torrential downpour. In addition, they had already gone through most of the snacks, as Peter had promised to bring the bulk of it but had gotten the flu at the last minute. Everyone’s spirits were low.

“Honestly, though. We should’ve just gone to the beach instead, like Marlene suggested.” Lily said, squinting at Sirius.

“Where’s the fun in that? We’re having a marvelous bonding experience, surviving life-threatening experiences together. Can’t get that on a pretty little beach.”

“Well, maybe on a pretty little b-”

Suddenly, the ground under Lily gave way, and she disappeared off the side of the path with barely a squeak.

Before anyone can react, and without a second thought, James leapt after her.

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A works in a daycare, B is the guardian of one of A's kids

OH SHIT OKAY.. okay… imagine.

tiny mute child mayor. karkat who took him in thru some circumstances i dont want to parcel out atm. he knows asl so he and the mayor can communicate and hes so so so nervous about leaving him here at a daycare but hes GOTTA get a day job to support them as well as mayors medication (or doctors visits or smtn, im figuring the muteness is from genetic folly). 

so they come in and karkats smol and wearing a hoodie and like fkn mom jeans (he looks like a mom) and hes holding mayors hand tighter than mayors holding his and he looks so anxious ok like hes gunna puke while the mayors just happy vibes like wee look at all these toys and children and things to do!!

he takes mayor up to the woman he talked to on the phone an dhes like sweating bullets introducing them and explaining to mayor (AGAIN) why hes here and that hell be back in just a few hours and hes gunna have so much fun and he finally takes a deep breath and goes on his way.

comes back that eveninig to the mayor napping next 2 one of the caretakers whos playing video games against some kids (like fuckin mario kart) and he ofc wins so the kids all climb on him in holy retribution and the guys super good natured abt it and kinda noogies one of the kids and pretends to body slam the other over his shoulder and stuff. kinda wakes the mayor up who hops up and goes running 2 karkat so fkn happy ok.

the whole ride home hes asking when he gets to go see dave again, when he gets to play with dave again, when does he get to visit dave again???? and karkats like ??? is that the guy that u were with when i came to pick u up? and mayors all hype like yEAH!!!! hes so nice and like hes just pleased as can be when he goes back the next day. fkn runs straight 2 dave and wraps himself around his leg.

karkat hangs around 4 a few minutes bc he got there early and doesnt need to be on his way yet and hes super fkn surprised when the dude crouches down 2 talk to mayor and signs along with his words. like super surprised and impressed. and maybe a little attracted. daves got,,, a rlly nice face. and hes rlly nice in general. and mayor like shim a lot. (dave doesnt even question why he goes by mayor. when karkat asked what his name was, thats the answer he got. hes happy as long as mayors happy.)

karkat brings mayor in on a day he doesnt have work and hangs around and dave kinda keeps glancing @ him and finally approaches him like ur mr mayors guardian right? and karkat looks up from the lil colorful construction paper pieces he got glued to his fingers while helping w crafts like o me? yea. ur dave, right? and dave laughs and sits down next 2 him like yep. then he pauses a second and goes ok ive been fkn dying to ask; whats ur name? he talks about you all the time but he signs ur name as car cat and i dont know what thats supposed to mean.

karkat fkn laughs this time like its karkat, yeah. car cat is a p good approximation for him to use. mb glances back down to his hands and asks if daves gunna help? and they fkn end up making crafts 2gether and pullign stupid shenanigans and karkat gets construction paper stuck in his hair w elmers glue and daves got a mustache drawn on in washable marker and the kids are all dying laughing and its such a good time jfc. 

karkat goes to pick mayor up from daycare like a week later and hes got crafts hes bringing home and msot of them are his but then theres one karkat notices is a lot more carefully made and it was crafted by dave and as his fkn phone number and karkats just like o. 

the first time dave comes over for dinner, mayor all but climbs him like a tree 2 hug him like dave!!! is here!!! at our house!!!!! which is actually just a tiny apartment but its comfy for the two of them and jesus if dave doesnt slip right in like a perfect fit. they laugh over dinner and mayor clings and pleads and dave ends up staying later for a movie. he and karkat sit together rather close on the couch w mayor sleeping in karkats lap and its so fucking domestic it hurts.

dave starts coming over more and more often and they start functioning like a family unit on the regular. dave and karkat never actually discuss their relationship- or officially enter into one at all- but its all so natural that theres no questioning that theyre absolutely together. attached @ the hip w mayor so gleeful abt it no one could be upset.

o man imagine like two years down the road, dave and mayor up late, plotting and talking all hushed. they live in a house now- a small house, but its home for the three of them. dave and karkat still havent officially started dating but that doesnt change the fact that dave and mayor are up at one in the morning using construction paper and glue to put together the perfect engagement ring box. 

they were supposed to have a fancy home cooked dinner but daves awful at cooking and it ends up burnt so they order in and by then the candles at the table are all just gooey puddles staining the table cloth so they eat in the living room and dave proposes during the commercial break in their movie. karkat cries but dave cries harder and the mayor is signing how happy he is at a million miles an hour. its the first time hes referred to them as his dads but he does it over and over and over between that night and the wedding. 

dave cries @ the alter abt how perf karkat looks and the mayor is his best man whos bouncing on his toes and ends up breaking out of thel ine hes meant to stand in to stand up at the alter and hug his dads legs while theyre saying their vows and he hides his face in karkats leg when they kiss.

by the time mayor is grown up and off to college karkats got a streak of grey and daves got his fair share of wrinkles at the corners of his eyes. hes taken up using prescription glasses bc his eyes are sensitive and break down a bit faster than normal but man if he doesnt tell karkat how beautiful he is every morning, noon and night anyway.

mayor comes home to visit ont he holidays. hes got his own family now w a lovely woman, tall and slender and her skins nearly ivory. shes dutiful to her family and is the bread winner and the mayor, short and stocky beside her, absolutely adores her. karkat assures her he gets that from dave. hes old now, his hairs silver and daves is white and thinning. theyre still gross and kiss inf ront of the grand kids.

they walk along thru the park on sundays an dkarkat gets cold easily so dave always brings his jackets with them so he can drape them around his lil old hubby, all hunched over his walker. he kisses karkats wrinkly cheek and tells him hes beautiful and karkat rasps a lil laugh and calls him a suck up. dave smiles like he always has for karkat and only karkat and they live out their final years so fkn happy together.

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So, Kubo said that the ending was the one that he wanted all along. Will you now stop defending that he did that on purpose to spite sj? Will now accept that he's just a shit writer who used his fans for money? A hypocrite that said that would not draw something that he didn't like but did the honeymoon spread just to ship bate all the while faping tho ih? A sick person who thinks that the lust arc was romantic? Just to realize that he is this kind of person makes me sad...

oh my god i’m so sick and tired

Hey look I get that you’re really disappointed and upset but why, for the love of god, have some IR shippers started coming into other people’s inboxes and started a militant ‘OH MY GOD WHY DON’T YOU HATE KUBO YOU DUMB MOTHERFUCKER YOU’RE SETTING YOURSELF UP FOR DISAPPOINTMENT’ campaign

like what is your problem. who the fuck CARES if you think other people are setting themselves up for disappointment, who the fuck CARES, leave other people the fuck ALONE

I don’t know if you realise how badly you’re coming across but the repetition of ‘will you now finally~blah blah blah’ makes this message read REALLY condescending and supercilious and patronizing. Like you’re saying ‘will you finally stop being a goddamn MORON and accept that I had the right idea all along you abject idiot’. And I apologise if that’s not your intention but for the love of christ, why can’t people on this website offer some basic courtesy. I love receiving messages from people but why do people not REALISE THAT DESPITE THE FACT THAT WE ARE ON A BLOGGING PLATFORM YOU ARE STILL ESSENTIALLY WRITING MESSAGES TO STRANGERS. STRANGERS. WHY WON’T PEOPLE WRITE WITH SOME BASIC COURTESY I’M SO SICK OF THIS GODDAMN WEBSITE

If you wanted my opinion on the twitter clusterfuck, you could have just asked?? Alright, I’ll bite. Most of my feelings about it can be pretty eloquently summed up by @sorisanam​‘s post here (read it before you read my response), but to answer your questions and add my (REALLY REALLY LONG) two cents:

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genre: fluff

word count: 2.3k

warnings: overuse of the word love and unnecessary squealing, swearing

extra tags: proposal, established relationship, reality


insp. by this post

Phil looks at him, his Dan on the floor, on one knee with a ring in his palm and fingers around it awkwardly and his eyes can’t stop because shit, this was them without the cameras, with their terrible hair and bad lighting, but Dan’s eyes are beautiful anyway, and they’re the same ones as he first saw through a terrible screen years ago.

“Marry me,” Dan says, not a tremor in his words.


to my lovely valentine’s exchange buddy who, unfortunately, I cant reveal right now, I hope you enjoy!!! This is for you <3

edit; to the amazing @helpimphanningandicantgetup here you go!! its been a pleasure to write for you <3 (ngl i was kinda scared bc i was scrollin through your blog to get a feel for what u might like and then i realised you were that one who had written that smiles fic so i was like *gasp* bc that was amazing dude)

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