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underrated Iconic™ six of crows/crooked kingdom moments
  • inej simultaneously choking tante heleen and stealing her priceless diamonds like a bamf
  • kaz’s ‘embarrassed teenage boy’ act in front of smeets (i was laughign so hard)
  • “pay someone to pay someone to pay someone to burn your kruge”
  • that time kaz and wylan chemically burned a hole in the ceiling and dropped into the middle of van eck’s dinner party
  • matthias grumbling “i. should. let. you. die.” while trying to restart kaz’s heart; nina giving kaz mouth-to-mouth resuscitation 
  • kaz staying conscious even though a prison guard shoved his bare fingers in his mouth (!!!)
  • Wyvil
  • inej breaking van eck’s nose SHE DID THAT
  • kaz complaining nonstop bc alys van eck Wont ShuT UP
  • nina f-bombing @ matthias
  • child kaz f-bombing @ the man who wont let him see mr. hertzoon
  • “you’re too broke to buy waffles” 
  • llewelyn
  • nina’s pregnant woman charade 
  • “i will turn your teeth inside out” “that’s physically impossible”
  • wylan “im not a thief” van eck: offended @ “you think like a lockpick”; one (1) book later wylan has a scheming face and a “very passable imitation of kaz’s glare”
  • “if you ever cared about me at all, don’t follow.” Kaz Why Are You Like This Kaz
  • damage
Heat Stroke (Kanej, Six of Crows)

Honestly, this is pure crack. It’s fluff with a tinge of angst because I can’t write anything but that, but also because Kaz is the most melodramatic and Extra person there is. Boy, could you just be easy for once? Based on this post that had me rolling. I’m a sucker for jealousy fics. Also, this is low-key one of my favorite tropes. This is my first Six of Crows fic. I don’t plan on writing many because I’ve got too much on my plate and I don’t know if I can get a handle on the characters. But I did have fun writing this. Kaz kind of reminds me of Roy in a strange way tbh.

The mere idea of going to the beach sent Kaz into a silent, near frothing rage. Who in their right mind would want to go to the beach? What was good about them anyways? There was too much sun, too much pointless salty water, and far too many people, most of whom were in an ungodly state of undress that made him want to pay them to cover up.

Sure, it would be easy pickings, considering that people left all their belongings just lying around in the sand on their blankets while they splashed about like ducklings in the ocean or snoozed in the sun, but that wasn’t even fun. What was picking money off of lazy tourists after breaking into an impregnable prison and destroying the lives of not one but two filthy, scheming bastards?

There was no way in hell that Kaz would step foot on those sandy shores. He’d hightail it back to Ketterdam and its slums before he did that.

Then, of course, he overheard Inej mentioning to Nina that she couldn’t wait to be on the beach again. The last time she had been on one, she had been stolen from her family. She was excited to make new memories, much happier ones, to replace the one that had been forced upon her. Would the sand feel the same beneath her toes – like quicksand? Would the ocean water lull her into a daze until she felt like she was drifting in the center of the universe? Would the sun warm her skin and bleed color into her again?

And that was how Kaz found himself standing on the edge of a beach, just inches away from the sand. Enough of it had been tramped onto the sidewalk, grainy underneath his shoes, and he scowled at the contact.

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name meanings:  the half life trilogy by sally green

“it’s easier to stay positive with your eyes open.”

- half wild


replied to your post

“To the non-Norwegian skam watchers who are probably bit blown away…”

Why do they buy the vehicle though? Can’t they just rent it for the russ time? And what even is the point of partying in a bus, wouldn’t renting a holiday house or something be much more practical?

would you want to rent out a buss to a bunch of teenagers whose main goal is to get as wasted as human possible? :p
from jokes to seriousness, a big part of owning a russebuss is to personalize it to the groups image. This means painting the outisde, changing the interior etc etc. (for example, penetrators from skam)
have some more examples:

A bus normally start out as super nice and shiny, but end up completly wrecked, dirty and a bit disgusting after the russeperiod is over.
This would be hard to do if they where renting the bus, as the owner probably wouldnt want them to completly change the bus. It would also be a very big risk for the owner, as its a big chance their bus is complete trash by the end. 

The best buses are also the reaaaaally old ones (15 year or so?) because they dont have to have seatbelts. Newer bus follow different rules, so you dont have the same freedom to make it how you want to. 

the point is the movability. a big part of the russe celebartion, especially for those on buses and vans, are to go to big russe meetups, where they have big competitions to pick the best bus and van. Lots of partying and drinking. looks like this:

yep. its crazy. 

When not on the big meetups is it also nice to have a bus bc you can travel around and meet other buses more locally? i guess? 

Its also important to remember that it wasnt always that big and crazy. it started out a lot smaller like this:

Its a tradition thats more than 100 years old, and that have exploded a lot the last 10-20 years or so. 

honestly im not the right person to talk about this bc i had neither a van nor a bus, and spent most of my russeperiod sitting home at tumblr. 

but is it worth it? is there really a point to it? i guess it depends on who you ask. my borther was on a russebuss and learnt a whole lot about money management, saving, building etc etc. so theres something useful about it as well. 

sorry this got so so so long omg im horrible at rambling. Congratz if you read through it all.