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hello everyone i some how !!!!! amazingly!!!! miraculously!!!! won @jinkisbelly ‘s giveaway for jelmo aka jinki elmo!!! literally she told me and i started crying n having him physically now? this is the best day of my life!!!

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so this show. this show I watch cause I saw it on your blog whom is called elementary. is trying to tell me tthat the! J O A N W A T S O N as in the brilliant detective/ caretaker who is played by the !actual! L U C Y L I U descended from a plane that is a few levels over heaven to have sex or even ANYTHING TO DO with mumford or winston or whatever he's called (I'm talking about the old leathery shoe that is sherlocks brother)?!?!?!? I'm not buying it like what the actual fuck who would see th

I KNOW… it’s why i’m taking a break from watching bc what a friend told me happens in the last eps of s2 is enough to make me wanna die hghghghfh leave her alone get a job. and i totally agree with everything you said…. like she wouldn’t sleep with him in a million years and the fact that the writers even thought this is an acceptable idea… when they have lucy liu playing their watson. rude and frankly offensive

//takes a deep breath


  • is so passionate about his job and supporting muggle rights that he doesn’t give two shits abt his reputation as a blood traitor even tho it’s apparently the reason he never got promoted at the ministry
  • wrote the book on why u should not enchant muggle objects and literally has a shed full of flying vehicles and shit that he hopes his wife doesn’t find out about??? lmao what a rebel?? i love this guy
  • was concerned about harry before he even met him because ron was worried that he wasn’t responding to letters and when harry came to stay he totally could have been like ‘shit another mouth to feed’ but was really really happy that harry was there and safe??? ‘pls sit next to me at dinner, child, i need to ask you ten thousand questions about muggles’
  • like he was actually the first adult ever besides maybe hagrid to sit there and ask for harry’s opinions and recognize that he had knowledge and thoughts to offer im crying
  • fixed harry’s glasses for him after they broke in the floo ;-;
  • gave zero fucks about what everyone else thought should be done and told harry about sirius black bc he wanted this kid to be aware and safe as possible??
  • dragged the dursleys for not treating their nephew like a human being (and destroyed their living room what a great moment tbh)
  • gives advice that harry remembers years later bc he respects this kind ginger man so much ‘don’t trust something that can think for itself if u can’t see where it keeps its brain’
  • (lol remember that one time molly was upset about death eaters at the quidditch world cup and he made her some tea and then was like ‘i think this needs some whiskey too trust me i’m a doctor’)
  • agreed that harry should be told certain things about the resistance because he knew harry was competent and intelligent enough to handle it but like also kept in mind that harry was a kid in the middle of a war
  • took harry to work with him and made sure he got to his hearing on time and distracted him and ‘smiled at him encouragingly’ when he knew he was nervous im dying this was so sweet
  • was part of the group who threatened the dursleys to keep their hands and shitty attitudes away from harry and he was so ‘light’ and ‘pleasant’ abt it omg this dude was throwing so much shade
  • was ready to fight scrimgeour with remus when the minister wanted to get harry alone and harry had to be like ‘omfg stand down pls’
  • ‘am i about to discover where you, ron, and hermione disappeared to while you were supposed to be in the back room of fred and george’s shop?’ … ‘how did you-?’ …  ‘harry, please. you’re talking to the man who raised fred and george’
  • never raised his voice except for that one time he told a fully trained auror to back the hell off and get out of his way so he could see his injured son and harry literally thought ‘holy shit’ it says so right there in the book u can check
  • fought in the battle of hogwarts and after fred and harry had been killed he went into full on rage mode and teamed up with percy to fuck up the minister for magic
  • owns chickens


‘madame delacour glided forward and stooped to kiss mrs. weasley too. “enchanteé,” she said. “your ‘usband ‘as been telling us such amusing stories!” mr. weasley gave a maniacal laugh; mrs. weasley threw him a look, upon which he became immediately silent and assumed an expression appropriate to the sickbed of a close friend.’

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Any advice to other writers?

yes. it is this: stop listening to advice.

in 2nd grade my advice was stop writing. i’m an adhd cuban kid writing bad poetry, trembling when i raise my hand in public. i get my first (and only) award at this age, when my colorblind self sees a picture incorrectly and writes a poem about the muddiness a toad sits in, where everyone else sees colors, blossoming.

at 15 you will not win awards. nor at 16, or 20, or 23. 

but if this is your heart and soul, you will keep writing. because it doesn’t matter. it doesn’t matter if 215,000 people read your writing, or just 3. what matters is that you write, in margins of papers you lose, in the edges of moleskins you burn, on your exposed skin. you write and write and write until you are drained of it. but you are never, not really, drained of it. 

in the meantime, i learned grammar so specifically i could teach it, so teach it i did, in a better way than i ever learned it. i explained: there, their, and they’re are easy to remember. there has “here” in it, which makes it regarding times or places. their has a little person in the form of “i” in it. that’s about you or other people. “they’re” is the easiest because the apostrophe means “they are”. and that’s the end of things. “breath” and “breathe” are different but related things, when you take a breath, you swallow the “e”, to breathe means you rEleasE the ending. 

and then i crushed it under a boot. a lot of people asked me: how come. but the how is easy. the lower case and all my lack of punctuation and things. i knew the rules and broke them because it was the thing to do. bc it felt weird to talk in a fake way, u know? like i was lying.

so i told the truth. while i talked about superpowers or magic or anything fake. i told the truth. and that’s what makes it real, isn’t it. that we look for the honesty of a moment. nobody says “hey how are you doing?” “oh, i’m fine, how about you?” unless they’re being fake. two friends say “what’s up?” the other says “i’m dead inside fuck you.” 

and you watch. i watch with big eyes. i observe. i know how people talk to each other, how they move in the world. so when she glides through the doors, people turn and look at her. so that blurting isn’t just blurting, it’s meant with uncertainty. so that things have meaning.

people ask me: how come your dialogue is so good? and the truth is: i cheat. i say it out loud, and think: does this flow? does it rest? does it sound like two people talking? “how is that going” “here is exposition about my being a spy i was once in the Russian army” doesn’t sound friendly. two people being like “how’s that vent crawling going?” “oh, you know, lovely, i’m belly-flat and hungry” sounds much more lovely. this is how you fit in character development. i almost never do it without spoken word. why say “she was mad about her past” when i can say “oh, you know, lovely, i’m belly-flat and hungry, but like, you know, they carved out my insides, so, like, extra room, thanks, you fuckers,” works twice as well.

and then i throw it out. people say “here’s a list of words that replace said” so i write a story where people only use said, and it works, because the narrator’s voice is strong enough it carries it on through the universe. and i throw out commas. and i throw out quotation marks. i use whatever i think the words need. and i move forwards.

i think what writers should be afraid of the most is stagnation. not agents or how the audience will take them or how the world will scoop up words or anything. just the healthy fear of constantly rewriting the same thing in different words. that’s the true fear. and this isn’t to say that you can’t write about the same emotions or people. but everything should be a new exploration into a concept. kind of a tall order. 

so i’ll say this. who gives a shit. if you spend 4 years writing a love poetry blog to your significant other, he still ends up hating your poetry. if you write to the wrong person, you feel stupid and numb, endless. in a bad way, i mean.

so write for yourself, always. who cares about notes. i write dumb shit all the time. write because it’s the only thing worth doing. write because people told you to stop.

people ask me all the time “how did you do that!” but the truth is all you need to do is look at the number of posts. at the end of six thousand, you find a way around your land. 

and you find your voice. and that’s all that matters, in the end.


Voltron + favorite character

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reading meta on ur fave that just completely misses the fundamentals of who the character is but the post has 100k notes


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NCT Boyfriend Series! [Boyfriend!Mark]

Kick starting it off with Mark Lee!

*keke so much lowercase, i hope u all don’t scream, under the cut bc it’s long*

boyfriend!nct series masterlist

  • mark would honestly be such a good boyfriend I don’t think you’d understand
  • skip the bit of how he asked you out, that’s irrelevant lol!
  • when you guys first started dating he would be SO SO shy!!!! I cannot explain how shy he would be, like he’d be shy to hold your hand, talk to you in front of members and stuff
  • but when you’re alone he’s a whole different person
  • at first bc he’s shy around the members sometimes, he’d just cuddle you and hold your hand a lot in his room
  • like you’d both just lay on his bed holding hands or he’d lay on your stomach while you both scroll on your phones watching videos and looking at memes
  • then gradually he’d become comfortable to flaunt your relationship around the members
  • i’m tired of ppl saying mark isn’t clingy…HE IS SO CLINGY AROUND DOYOUNG U DON’T UNDERSTAND

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drunk peter headcanons

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for the wild ass spiderjizz gals bc our gc was full of sad headcanons and we need to stop being SAD

author’s note : don’t yell at me and say peter is too young 15 year olds get drunk and do a lot of shit they shouldn’t be doing trust me k cool enJOY

  • ok so if u don’t think peter is a lil lightweight u would be wrong sir
  • he becomes about fifty times clumsier than he already is
    • “OWWWWWW”
    • “y/n y/n y/n i hurt my fooooot kiss it better”
    • “peter benjamin parker get your foot out of my face and away from my mouth or so help me gOD”
  • you refuse to drink with him bc peter alone is like watching over an awfully curious child but peter drunk is like trying to keep track of a two year old with the attention span of squirrel
  • so you’re watching over this ridiculous idiot 
  • and he is the clingiest baby ever
    • “ummmm y/n baby baby baby you’re so far away from meeee” cue pouty face and outstretched grabby hands as he reaches for you even though you’re only a little bit away in front of the tv trying to put on a movie
    • “i’m two feet away peter”
    • “oh my gosh you are so drunk my friend”
    • “did you just friend zone me” and then he tears up a little and you spend the next twenty minutes trying to convince him that he’s not just a friend
  • he is completely ridiculous but it’s fine he’s adorable
  • also he is always yelling
  • for no reason
  • he just yells everything when he’s drunk apparently?????
    • “yes peter i know what a cookie looks like you donut”
    • “donut i love doNUTS”
    • “askfgsjfg peter no
    • “PETER YES”
  • then he can’t stop laughing and he laughs for ten minutes and then he gets tired and stretches out across your lap like a sleepy angel/cat
  • he’s a very ramble-y drunk too and he doesn’t know what he’s saying half the time
    • “y/n i’ve got a suuuuuuper big thing i gotta tell you i gotta tell you it like right noooowwwwww okay”
    • “okay peter baby what is it”
    • “i love youuuuuuuuu did you know that i love you because i do me peter loves you y/n and i wanna maybe marry you and have babies with you like reallyyyyyyyy cute ones bUT don’t tell you”
    • “peter what”
    • “don’t tell yourself!!!!” and this nerd says it so matter-of-factly with a smartly placed smirk on his mouth as he stares up at you with big brown doe eyes that all you can do is sigh and shake your head 
    • “okay i won’t tell myself”
    • “peter the yelling”
  • he keeps trying to sing and usually he’s pretty good (that’s a whole different imagine) but he sounds like he’s scalping a cat as he tries to serenade you
  • he curls up against you because clingy an grabs your hands and holds them to his face and randomly claps them against his cheeks it’s weird he’s weird
    • “what are you doing”
    • “i’m singing the friends theme in my head shhhh you’re ruining my vibE babe”
    • “RUDE you’re a mean drunk”
  • but then he gets really kissy and just wants to love on you repeatedly
    • he starts by kissing your hands and your wrists really daintily 
    • and suddenly this former nerd is kissing up your collarbones and really slowly kissing your neck and then he bites you but he’s trying to give you a hickey but it’s not working he’s just biting incessantly 
    • “peter you can be sexy in the morning you’re just acting like damon salvatore at this point”
    • cue his sad face “why won’t you love me back”
    • “you’re drunk and it’s like taking advantage of you so we can do this another night okay?”
    • “uuuuuugggghhhhhh now i’m sad”
  • you roll your eyes and wrap your arms around him anyway and he smiles up at you all lovingly with little crinkles by his eyes and dimples by the corners of his mouth and he’s clearly not sad anymore he’s just needy 
    • “can you - can you pet my hair baby love”
    • “yeah pete of course”
  • and now he’s sleepy but he’s still curled up in your lap like some sort of kitten nd his eyes keep opening and closing but he has a really firm grip on your hand and refuses to let go ever
    • “y/n y/n y/n i love you”
    • “i know peter”
    • “shhhh no you don’t you don’t understand”
    • “peter-”
    • “no no like i really really love you and if i don’t marry you i’m gonna die like die die like deaD 
  • and then he rolls over and puts your hand against his cheek again and passes the fuck out with his mouth still slightly open and he’s lowkey drooling and it’s kinda gross but you can’t move bc there’s a huge boy laying on top of you and??????
  • he’s heavier than he looks?????
  • and the truth is that he’s heavy as fuck and he’s crushing you but you can’t move him bc???/ the cuteness is too much and he was highkey wasted and he needs some sleep
  • he wakes up in the morning with a killer headache and he kinda wants to die because ow his foot hurts and his brain feels like it is pounding against his skull with tiny little Thor hammers
  • but he sees that you’re sleeping and he feels bad bc he’s been splayed out on top of you all night drooling on your knee???
    • “ugh that’s disgusting”
    • “peter i know my face in the morning is scary but-”
    • “oh god why did i yell my head hurts so bad ughgsgk”
  • he takes 3 advil tablets and asks if he did anything stupid last night
  • you tell him no, that he was just pretty adorable to spare him the pain 
  • later on you’ll tell him that he said if he doesn’t get to marry you he’ll die
    • “well they do say that drunks are the most honest people”
    • “i’m peter and i wanna marry you or else i’ll die”
    • “you make me so upset”
    • “why”
    • “shhhhhhhhh”
  • drunk peter is a sweet peter but all peters are good !!!
  • lol
  • goodbyE i miss peter and i’ve never even had him to begin with

Some 2005 p&p things that make me die:

- lizzie roasting darcy everytime they meet
- the whole room ceasing to exist when they dance
- “i love you… most ardently.”
- the whole rain scene and darcy’s EYES and how bad they wanna kiss omdmfmf
- the letter
- “i’m very fond of walking.”
“yes! yes, i know.”
-“my brother has told me so mUCH ABOUT YOU.”
- the one time darcy smiles and it’s sunshine
- when elizabeth is crying bc her sister ran off with a creep and darcy doesnt know what to do and u can tell he want to comfort her so bad tf
- darcy pining and being so awkward and not knowing what to do with his hands ever
- “you must know, SURELY YOU MUST KNOW, it was all for you.”
- everything else

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Phil shipping anime boys yes

i love how. phil can just fucking say he is down for any pairing of the free boys bc of like, their sexual tension and their seductive and breathy voices and there’s like no fanfare or anything about it he’s just sitting there talking about how he basically wants to see two muscly anime boys make out and, like, of course he does. i love phil. i love that he just says what he thinks and there’s no buildup or warning and then suddenly he’s made a comment like that and then he giggles and moves on and so does everyone else maybe without even realizing the magnitude of that statement bc he doesn’t rly want us to. but now that’s just knowledge we have. it reminds me of when he and dan were talking about yuri on ice and he was like. i need more hot springs. he just blatantly said he wanted to see viktor and yuri naked and flirting and basically no one rly gave a shit bc he just imparts his opinions in his gentle way and they’re quiet and unassuming but then when u stop to think ur like …. oh???? my god?? he’s watching yoi for the hot springs?? and he just told us? phil is fascinating. i adore him

EXO: boyfriend Chen
  • oh boi this is my soft smol dirty minded boi
  • like before you even started to date, he’d make your day every single day w/ his adult humor and tbh this is probably one of the reasons you finally fell for him
  • aka don’t lie we’re all dirty minded 
  • :’))))))))
  • so when he realized that he’s starting to fall for you, this would really shake him up man
  • he was sure as hell he didn’t want to be stuck in the friendzone 
  • bc like……..he was 500% sure he was never going to feel the same way about someone if you were to reject him…………….ur his best friend man
  • so he told you straight up what the deal was 
  • and if it was any other person you’d think it was kinda hostile how he kinda cornered you and basically stated all the reasons why he loves you and gave you a choice whether to love him back or not and it’s like ??? 
  • but it’s Jongdae so
  • you were like…………deal
  • but also you probably can’t help but kiss him bc his satisfied smirk is unreal
  • okay now we got that out of the way
  • dude he is nOT a morning person
  • and whenever he’d pull you back in his arms when you want to get up, he feels bad about it afterwards ??
  • “y/n I am so very sorry I put you in this situation here today”
  • “ok so why are you still cuddling onto my leg”
  • “………………….it’s warm and also have I told you I loved you yet ;;;;;;”
  • but when it comes to making breakfast foods, he’s hella ready
  • w/ his ‘kiss the chef’ apron and spatula and everything aw
  • however there won’t be much kissing going on bc he’s deadly serious about perfecting those eggs and cook the sausages at the right temperature
  • afterwards he’s like “aren’t you glad your boyfriend is a great cook who spoils you every morning ;))))”
  • “jongdae it’s literally almost noon”
  • *feeds u a sausage* “shhhhh
  • in front of the other members, he will not hold back on his affections for you
  • he’s straight up french kissing you in their dressing room before a show and you won’t even realize how long you’ve been on the dresser until the members get agitated and call for him
  • “listen we know ur both like little lovesick bunnies but our company’s gonna literally kill us if we’re late to another show is2g jongdae”
  • he’s dead set on making you learn exo’s routines and honestly it’s so amusing
  • mostly bc you’re always complimenting him on his dancing skills 
  • “Aw baby you were dancing so great, you should join the dance line and leave all the singing to minnie”
  •  you probably will regret that bc he won’t stop belting off his high notes for the whole day bc you still low key hurt his feelings 
  • “no, baby, you gotta move your legs like this but keep your hand at your shoulder!!!!”
  • “babe look, I don’t think any normal human being besides exo can get the monster routine right just let me live”
  • “ok time for call me baby, then :’)”
  • he’s literally just always clinging onto your arm or waist 
  • and it’s kinda comforting bc you just have to turn your head and tell him a joke or something that just popped in your mind 
  • and he’ll always laugh and poke your sides 
  • and kiss your forehead all softly and probably makes you blush hella 
  • ohmygod I’m soft for him 
  • sometimes you’ll just be cuddled into his side as he plays w/ your hair and working on writing lyrics at the same time
  • and so he’ll absentmindedly hum along 
  • and freaks out when you speak up all of the sudden and tell him his voice is so soothing 
  • but now he’s screaming as he usually does bc you scared him lmao
  • he whines cutely in your ear a lot bc he knows it amuses you
  • he’s willing to slow dance w/ you anytime, anywhere 
  • like if he just hears a slow song or……….”Your song” playing, he’d pull you flush against his chest and leans his forehead against yours 
  • and the world just kinda slows down when you’re stood right here w/ him, so it ain’t all that bad 
  • always hyping him up over texts when he’s away and he happens to suddenly send you a selfie 
  • “OMFG that’s the loml?????? how is it legal for u to look like that in a suit when i’m not there ;((((”
  • but seriously tho he looks so fine in a suit
  • and he’s always dressing up and taking you out to fancy dates, but tbh all you’d care about is sneaking pics of him as he’s ordering or just staring at you without knowing
  • but he knows afagshdjkflglh
  • he loves taking baths w/ you and does it often after he’s worn out after practice 
  • and he’s such a gentleman like 
  • he’ll get out of the tub before you and hold up a towel and assist you when you step out omfg 
  • also always buys you flowers for no occasion ??? like he’s just 
  • “it’s what every boyfriend should do :’)”
  • jongdae pls
  • leaning your head on his shoulders as much as you can bc he’s so smol and soft and he loves this 
  • he’s just so cuddly in general like I don’t think you understand 
  • and also you should know that once he starts kissing you, things go downhill and neither of yall wanna stop anyway so
  • life’s good w/ dae 
  • so take care of him and love him and cuddle him 💛

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BTS Reaction to: their crush being younger than Jungkook

Thank you to anon for the request!

***I do not own any of the gifs***


Jin would be a little shocked when he found out that you were much younger than him. He’d probably feel a bit overwhelmed at first because you were even younger than Jungkook who he still considers a child. However, I don’t think it would change his ultimate feelings for you. Jin would probably want to take extra care of you and try to protect you from everything, but I imagine him also giving you your space when needed and making sure that you were okay being around him.


I honestly see Yoongi crushing on someone a bit younger than him. When you told him that you were younger than Jungkook, he would be surprised because he was wrong about your true age, but ultimately he wouldn’t really mind. You would bring out his more childlike side and I imagine the other members being super surprised at seeing how goofy Yoongi could get around you. 


Hoseok would be surprised to hear that you were so much younger than him and would probably want to make sure that you wouldn’t feel uncomfortable being around him. If you expressed that you wouldn’t mind an age gap, he’d totally start gushing about how cute you were and would take every opportunity to squeeze your cheeks, pat your head, and boop your nose. This guy absolutely loves hearing the word “oppa” and I imagine him having butterflies every time the word left your mouth.

“Oppa!? Say it again, Y/N!”


Namjoon would be super protective of you, I mean he’d always want to be around you and make sure you were doing okay. It wouldn’t be overbearing, but you’d bring out a more mature side of him that would constantly want to take extra care of you. Additionally, he’d also want to be your “biggest fan” in that he’d want to make sure you were always striving to pursue your goals and he’d always be super encouraging and push you to do your best in everything. 


Jimin would be ecstatic when he found out you were so young mostly because he’d be excited to tease the hell out of you. Even though he wouldn’t be that much older than you, he’d take every chance to treat you like a child and would probably make you do stuff for him while jokingly saying that you should “respect your elders.” Jimin would also probably never even call you by your real name because he’d have about a million pet names for you. Despite all the teasing, you’d be able to make him go all soft with a single word: “oppa.”


Like Yoongi, I actually picture Taehyung being interested in someone a bit younger than him. For one reason, he’d be able to goof off a bit more and give him reason to be super childish around you. It’d also give him reason to be quite protective over you since you were so young and I can picture him always wanting to guard you. 


Jungkook is always teased by the other members because he’s the youngest. Therefore, he’d secretly be over the moon to discover that you were even younger than he was and would take every opportunity to pin the childish teasing onto you. However, he probably wouldn’t realize that technically, you could call him “oppa,” and the second the word left your mouth, he’d flip out and get all flustered.

“W-what did you just call me?!”

***Feel free to send me any requests!***

I rmr in elementary school I thought I had a crush on someone bc like that’s what kids do ?? and then I had a moment of panic and felt rly guilty bc I was like “what if having a crush is haram???” so I asked my mom if liking someone was haram and she told me “pyaar hai na? pyaar kabhi b haram nahi hota hai” (basically love is never haram)

and so now when I think about all of the ways that people are made to feel ashamed of who they love, I think of that moment. love? love can never be haram.

do u ever think about how mika is probably terrified of becoming a demon but at the same time at least he wouldn’t have to hurt anymore?

Boyfriend au! Bang Chan

I saw a request for boyfriend Changbin and decided to do one for the whole of Stray Kids too! Chan in a baseball cap is such a boyfriend look 😍  ALSO, THANK Y’ALL SO MUCH FOR 600 MY LOVELIES ♡♡♡

✓  - complete

✎ - writing in process

✗ - have yet to start



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❥ woojin - ✎ | ❥ minho - ✗ | ❥ changbin - ✓ | ❥ hyunjin - ✗ | ❥ jisung - ✗ | ❥ felix - ✗ | ❥ seungmin - ✗ | ❥ jeongin - ✗

- okay, we gon’ get straight into this

- have u seen this boy’s arms?

- he would definitely be the type to give you them fluffy ass bear hugs that just leaves you all feeling warm, safe and hella loved

- he’d rest his chin on your head or shoulder if you’re short enough 

- also the type to back hug you and rest his cheek on top of your head while inhaling the scent of your shampoo

- if you tall tho, it’s okay, bc either way, Chan still gon’ be the big spoon engulfing your whole being when u cuddling or hugging

- since Chan is the dad, be prepared to become the mother of Stray Kids

- helping him in Chan’s kitchen and not crying when cutting the onions

- bc I can also see him being one of them cliché boyfriends, he’ll come behind you and help you when you’re cutting something

- or when you cut or burn yourself, he’ll blow or kiss the wound before bandaging and cleaning that shit up, bc ain’t nobody tryna’ get blood in the food or an infection

- the boys teasing Chan about how whipped he is for you

- “you guys need to stop, she’s right there and she’ll hear you!”

- “but hyung, you literally look at her like she saved all the people who pour milk before cereal first by teaching them to pour the cereal first.”

- “but hyung, you literally look at her like she bought you all of drake’s merch.”

- him having the same cute smile he has when he’s admiring his member’s talents bc it’s the truuuuuuth, he is hella whipped for yo fine ass

- he doesn’t let the members have the satisfaction of telling him though, so he threatens to not feed them or pay for their meals

- but tbfh, this boiiiii would have you falling for him so hard and vice versa

- like y’all are just so good together that even the boys agree and approve

- but for real, you guys are legit each other’s other half

- like the dab to Felix, the Kkami to Hyunjin, the clothes bundles to Minho and the snorlax dark concept to Changbin

- 100% the type of guy who’d take care of you when you’re sick but also scold the hell out of yo ass

- “y/n, I told you that you shouldn’t have played outside when it was raining with felix and jisung, now look what happened.”

- feels bad as soon as you start pouting and fake tearing up, so he just cheers you up by talking in english with his aussie accent bc ho ho ho, that accent can bring a bitch back to life

- okay, sorry, i’ll stop now

- on a more serious note, as a leader, he needs someone to lean on since everyone leans on him

- you’re what keeps him from falling apart, what keeps him smiling and being able to lead when he feels like he can’t

- i think that when you both share with each other your worries and suppressed pain for the past, future and present, that’s when he’ll realise that he is in love with you

- he doesn’t say it straight away tho bc most likely, this is his first time being in love since he became a trainee at such a young age, meaning that he probably didn’t experience anything in relation to that area

- he honestly doesn’t know what to do

- he feels even more giddy and nervous when he stares into your eyes bc now he looks at you in a way that was deeper than ever before

- so when you come home one day, work clothes drenched from the rain and look at him with tears pooling in your eyes and threatening to spill over, he takes three strides towards your direction and just hugs you

- he’ll put his arms around you tightly, as if he’s trying to hold you from falling apart

- as you cry, he can’t help but think how beautifully vulnerable you look

- he can’t help but want to be the only guy who could see and comfort you in such a state

- so he just let’s those three meaningful and relationship changing words go

- “i love you y/n and I realised that a long time ago. I want to be the only one who can comfort you when you’re in this state. the only guy who can hold you to keep you from falling apart and the only guy to feel and reciprocate your love.”

- and suddenly, all your boss’ rude comments, the car driving past and ruining your outfit, as well as the conveniently missing umbrella during the rainy weather meant nothing bc you knew that this boy would make it all okay

- so you just stand there, immersed in each other’s love for the other

- OKAY, ANGSTY EVERYTHING ASIDE, let’s finish this well :)

- I 10/10 know that Chan is a babygirl kinda guy

- not princess or babe or honey, BABYGIRL okay? 

- don’t argue with me on this one fam, otherwise this is gonna be the cereal debate all over again

- can you just imagine him saying the pet name? bc i won’t, i’m not going to put myself in a near-death situation again

- your dates would be really cute and sentimental

- dinner at an aesthetic diner with your fave food and then probably some place like a ferris wheel ride after where you can spend time basking in each other’s presence as well as the atmosphere



- “babygirl, it’s getting a bit chilly.”

- “dude, I literally told you that you didn’t have to give me your jacket. but yet, here we are.”

- “you know what would make me warm again?”

- “me giving you your jacket back?”

- “nope, some hugs and cuddles all the way home :) you know what they say, body heat is the best heat ;)”

- after this, you were really about to take off his jacket and give it back to his extra ass, but then he just comes up behind you and places his arms over your shoulder and does that lil’ penguin walk you have to do when you do cute shit like this

- so y’all spend the whole way walking back to the dorm that way and dorking around :)


this was a complete an utter mess bc I basically wrote down everything I could think of in no chronological order whatsoever, but I hope y’all enjoyed it! next is Changbin bc of a request that is long overdue but then i’ll be going from oldest to youngest from then on x 

So at least on my dash, nobody ever drags the xxTPs, so I'mma do it really fast bc y'all really piss me off from time to time.

Like would it kill you to NOT critique rules from time to time trying to find all the damn loopholes? Like pls can u not. LIKE SURPRISINGLY JUST BC SOMETHING DOESN’T MAKE SENSE TO YOU DOESN’T MEAN IT’S NOT SENSIBLE IN THE LONG RUN?? Like is it so hard to realize that if you take into account EVERY SINGLE tiny ass thing you guys pick out, nothing would ever get done???

Rules, laws, procedures, etc, they’re there to make things easier. And like?? Honestly fuck you, ExTPs? Stop blatantly doing the loophole thing that the rules don’t cover just because you can. Y'all are so damn full of acting like a dick while not coming up with PROPER SOLUTIONS. And you, IxTPs? Just stop. You may not outwardly defy the untold laws, but you still don’t come up with solutions like the shut in you are.

Keep to your own crap and leave laws alone.

how you know merlin and harry are best friends:

merlin knowing about harry collecting those sun headlines whenever he completes a mission

and when merlin look offended when he asked harry what’s his favorite singer and harry was like “wtf, idk?? why would i even know that” and merlin is like “u fucker, u know damn well too bc i’ve told u a billion times before”