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just wanted to say that i love you and your blog bc your posts are so caring and amazing. i just wanted to say thank you so much for putting time aside for this blog :))) im shy so im on anon >.< but i'd like to be friends with you...?

thank u sosososo much for all ur kind words angel bb ☁️✨ !!!!!!!! they mean a lot to me n i will tattoo them on my heart !!!!! it’s ok 2 be shy ! whenever u are comfortable enough, i am here to be ur friend !!! I lov u

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17 and jikook pls!!

thank you so much for sending, this is not even close of mini but akshdj i hope you like, i put a lot of love in it (and beforehand warning, it’s not my fault, you asked for it!!)

17. things you said that i wish you hadnt; jikook

Jungkook walked down the street with his hands shoved down his pockets and his heart thundering in the back of his throat. It’s okay. You’re okay. He kept whispering to himself. The sun was shining warm and bright along with cool, fresh wind blowing his hair back and forth, some strands tingling his cheeks and ears. He breathed in the oxygen around him deeply and slowly, the trees on the corner of the sideways smelling like childhood.
He stopped a few steps later in front of the coffee shop he and Jimin shared so many afternoons in.
It’s okay. You’re okay.
Jungkook never thought the prior moments of confessing his feelings to someone would be so difficult. Nineteen years of existence and he still felt like a little kid on middle school. Love struck and dumb.
He opened the door thinking his heart would might stop beating, and however, when he saw Jimin’s angelic face waiting for him, it really did for a flashing white light hanging before his eyes. Jimin catched his gaze and smiled the smile Jungkook was most addicted with – his fingertips started burning in response, cold sweat growing in between his fingers.
Jimin waved at him, the sleeves of his oversized sweater sliding down to the middle of his arm. Jungkook could do nothing but smile back and walk till him.
“Hey hyung.” He was even more stunning up close. If that was actually humanly possible.
“Hey nerd.” Jimin giggled like he always did everytime he teased Jungkook. It was cute. Maybe beyond cute. “You’re late, you know that, right?! I told you I had good news!”
“Yeah, ‘bout that…” Jungkook pulled a chair for him to seat, trying to find a subject to distract him from the anxiety bubbling up on his gut, “I also have something to tell you…”
“No way!” Jimin jumped excitedly on his seat, “Okay, okay, let’s decide who’ll talk first. Oh, I already ordered your coffe, by the way.” He took his small hand right up his head closed in a fist, so Jungkook did the same. “Rock, paper and scissors!” Both their fists kept closed, Jungkook’s stomach tingling. He wanted to win and to lose, all at the same time. “Rock, paper and scissors!”
Jimin won.
Jungkook gulped, wondering what was to come.
“Okay, so…” Jimin leaned in closer, elbows supporting his weight on the table, like he was about to share a secret. Jungkook could only focus on him and smile at his hyung’s excitement. He was like a child sometimes. “Do you remember Hyeon?” But Jungkook’s smile slowly faded away at the mention of the name. He did. “You do, right?”
Jungkook nodded, leaning back on his chair, trying to breath properly.
God, please, no…
“She confessed to me yesterday!” Jimin laughed, throwing his head back. “Can you believe? Out of all those girls who only wished me for one night stands, she came straight to me and said she loved me! Can you believe?!”
He couldn’t. But he swallowed the bitter taste in the back of his throat and asked.
“What do you think??? I said yes, of course! Jungkookie, I’m dating! God, I can’t believe this…”
Jungkook tried to smile, but his stomach only sinked further inside him, trying to push his heart down with it.
“Mhm… I’m… That’s so great, hyung… I'm– I’m happy.”
Jimin was so excited he couldn’t see past through Jungkook’s thin facade, the younger holding back his tears like he had never before.
“Right?! I couldn’t believe someone could actually love me like that, you know? I was so shocked…”
No, he didn’t know. Because he fucking loved Jimin like crazy since they were eight. Way more than Jimin could ever imagine – but now it didn’t matter at all, it was no fucking use, because he was late for one day. One fucking day.
“And you? What were you going to tell me? I bet it’s not ground-breaking like that…” he grinned and Jungkook used all of his strength to force a smile.
He gulped, fidgeting his fingers, thinking about the letter he threw in the trashcan earlier. Guess it’d have a better use than recycling now.
“Hyung, I…” Jungkook looked up, searching for something in Jimin’s eyes that would make him change his mind, just the slightest hint of hope that would make him turn down the opportunity once again in the same day and keep that letter in that trashcan – but the thing was, he didn’t find it. Whatever he was searching for, he didn’t find it. Instead, he was washed and drowned in pure happiness, like he had never seen in Jimin’s eyes before. He wasn’t going to be the one to destroy that, but he was not going to stand being by Jimin’s side, either. He had waited long enough, it was time to let go. It felt like a dagger stabbing his chest nonstop, but he found the courage to put it into words – the suffocating sentence waving goodbye to his best friend and to his secret love all the same. “I’m going to Yale.”


Finally actually did a screenshot redraw aaaAAA
Original shot from this post

Fragmentary Passage was so heckin good, I’m really really excited for KH3 


Jumin Han from Mystic Messenger: Minimal Wallpapers!!

“Put yourself above everyone’s eyes… and put me in second place.” (⺣◡⺣)♡*

(it’s also because i just finished his route and i think im dead (๑♡⌓♡๑))

Sleep (Tattoo Artist!Jimin)

Plot: #075: “Can you help me up, your child is pretty heavy.” with tattoo artist!Jimin

Word Count: 768

A/N: so before I start this I just wanna say that I’m s o proud of the boys and us for winning an award at MAMA bc they worked so hard for it and I’m so so so happy for them but of course Jin and Tae would be off somewhere I think they were in the bathroom bless their hearts I’m just really happy rn and so proud and idk why but I got so happy seeing hobi take the trophy/award and give his lil speech bc he’s the main dancer and dancing in his passion so it was just really cute to see I love this so much!!! Now onto the links, it of course isn’t required to read any of the posts I’m about to link but they’ll just give you the back story and all of the lil details that I don’t have time to put into here so the first one is tattoo artist!Jimin (here) and all of the father related posts are here, also mermaid!Jimin should be up tomorrow !!

The fact that your husband was wrapped around your daughter’s finger was far from a secret. Anyone that said her name saw his eyes light up, a wide smile spreading across his face. She would run into his tattoo shop, making everyone’s hearts melt when she ran straight for Jimin’s waiting arms. She always looked so little in his muscled, tattooed arms but it was her favorite place to be. Her head would always be rested on his shoulder as he talked to the happy clients who showed off their new tattoos, cooing at his daughter before they left.

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Okay I’m hoping that Lance is captured by galra, not because I want to see him suffer (bc i love him with all my heart), but because I want to see Keith fighting for Lance’s life. I want to see Keith get super protective and put all of his effort to save Lance because o boy Keith would do anything for Lance. I want Keith to be so frustrated that Lance isn’t there to the point where he has an emotional breakdown because he misses that damn boy so much. I want Keith to realize that he loves Lance and would do anything in his power to save him. Then once they finally save Lance I want Keith to get super excited and have another gay bonding moment™. Basically I just want those boys to realize that they love each other and will stop at nothing to be together.


abloodneed replied to your post “Ok but can we talk about Magnus cooing at that snake and calling it…”

this is the thing that kills me like either way those are HUGE, that’s why i wrote that thing because just imagine him working on that, perfecting it, putting so much time and energy into it. such a god damn thing

dammit now you’re making me want to know what else he might’ve made, whether as gifts or for himself. and also, when did he discover he could do this? did he grow flowers out of the ground when he was younger by accident? did he realize one day the flower simply never wilted or faded even in the frostbitten winter and it occurred to him what he could do? and then he went and tried it on small things like butterflies and spiders and lizards – eventually a snake.

imagine alec watching magnus one day, unnoticed, and magnus is out on his balcony growing a flower. just the world’s most powerful warlock, growing little pink and purple flowers that glow at night because he thinks it looks pretty. alec would have the softest look on his face.

I just re-watched the first episode of eyewitness and i need to talk about something I didn’t notice the 1st time I watched it.

Right before that guy is going to shoot Philip:

 Philip whispers, “Please… please…” and puts his head down, like he’s just accepting death and he’s just so small and it broke my heart so much more bc I never caught that and so now i’m accepting death goodbye


ADDICTED FOR 15 DAYS // day-09: a movie tv poster graphic style

(a Daisy Calloway Meadows version)

“My name is Daisy.” My eyes land on Ryke as I strongly say, “and I have this theory.” My smile stretches wide as soon as his rises.

I am the biographer of my own life

And no one can take that away from me

Igore the crappy edit I made, but please hear me out.

I’m not sure if anyone will read this, hopefully some will hell hopefully Jack will but I’m going to write it anyways because I think it needs to be put out there.

Jack (Jacksepticeye, if not subscribing you really should! <3) is one of the BEST youtubers, no wait.. PEOPLE out there who doesn’t get enough credit as he should. (not that everyone isn’t amazing, I just wish he was like the most talked bc he’s so BOSS). He is the sweetest, most honest person I’ve ever known. I haven’t met him, I haven’t talked to him, but coming from his videos and his words from heart? I can tell.

Can we talk about how much he cares for his viewers? He puts so much emotion into when he’s thanking everyone, or just talking about everyone in general. He puts so much love and value into his words. He puts so much time into uploading, recording, replying and so on. He cares so damn much, and that’s just something so rare, so amazing to see now a days. Someone actually caring for his viewers, his friends. He always says how much we mean to him, and I just really hope he knows he means as much to us.

This Irish dork has helped me more than my own friends/family has ever had. We don’t have to talk about my problems, we don’t have to be “in real life pals”, but just seeing how positive and happy he always is gives me hope, that there still are good people in the world. His videos make me laugh when I’m in tears, they make me laugh when I don’t think I would ever laugh again, and they just make me so, so freaking happy. Also seeing him happy makes me happy. I know he’s helped so so so many other people like me, and I’m thankful for him for that cause he’s helped some of you guys cheer up too, which is really good! You all deserve to be happy! I hope one day I can thank him in person for not just saving me more times than I can count, but for saving so many of you guys too.

I’m going to get really personal here, so if you don’t want to “hear about my problems” please skip to the next paragraph. I’ve been going through a hell of a rough time lately. I have really bad anxiety and depression. One day I was having an anxiety attack, screaming at myself and telling myself to end it all, cause I wasn’t worth it. I punched walls, I scratched my arms, I threw up from all the tears and panic, but you know who helped it all? Who helped me feel okay? After I felt enough to turn on my phone, I got on Youtube and played any Jack video I could find. He made me forget about the pain for a little while, he made me forget how shitty I was for even 12 minutes, and that’s enough for me. He made me laugh through the tears, he made me smile, and he made me feel calm again. He made me feel like I had a friend there helping me cheer up. Few weeks later and now whenever I’m really sad or feeling down, all I have to do to forget is watch him. He makes me feel like a normal person, and he makes me actually want to wake up every day and I know he makes a lot of other people feel that way too. I will never forget the nights he helped, and the ones that continue.

Also let’s not forget, his community is the BEST! I’m not even freaking over exaggerating I’ve been in so many “community’s” and none of them have ever been this kind and opening as this one. You all and Jack deserve a huge pat on the back along with lots of cakes and cookies for being so freaking fantastic. Even if we all can’t talk to Jack, we can all help each other.

So Thank You Jack,

For being the best dang person in the world. You deserve so much freaking credit. It’s such a great, warm feeling to see someone care so much for their viewers. It’s very rare these days which is really sad, but you give me hope. You give me hope that it will be okay, that not everyone is bad, and there are still happy people in the world. High five to you, and thank you for everything you have ever and will continue to do for us. I hope one day I can meet you in person, or even send you a personal message to thank you but for now, this will have to do.

From me (Allie), and my bag of Halloween candy.

I Think I'm Crazy
Melanie Martinez
I Think I'm Crazy

“this song absolutely beautiful, it’s sad that she didn’t want to put it out just because it reminded her of her boyfriend. there are a lot of songs that were really painful to write out there, but those are the best.”

she wrote this song for her boyfriend and deleted the video from her channel when he broke her heart (x)

hello!! im so sorry for the last few asks — i just didnt know how to properly reply to them but i really do appreciate all the nice messages ive gotten…. it really makes me happy … thank you so much

while i do think artists with detailed art styles are deserving of recognition, that doesnt mean lesser detailed, cutesy art styles dont deserve it yknow? and im not just speaking for myself… theres lots of ppl out there with pretty art styles that are not detailed — and thats ok!

i think as long as u put your heart into it and you express yourself in art, youre very well deserving of recognition.. well, at least thats how i see it

to those last anons — i hope u get the attention your art deserves, bc i get it, its frustrating….but i just want you to know that bashing on others/comparing will just bring u down. youre not helping yourself nor others by doing that

thanks and have a good day!

My Taste in Music is Your Face (Markiplier)

Word count: 944

Requested: Yes

I really liked this one! Also I’m TOP trash so that’s why there’s so much twenty one pilots in this request. I hope you enjoy it!! Also spot the Ellis bc I decided I would put myself in here lmao.

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alright it’s my baby’s birthday so ofc im gonna write a really long and soppy post about how much i love him. jackson wang has made me so incredibly happy. it really didn’t take me long to pick him as my bias, even though i love every member of got7 so much. but jackson captured my heart with every aspect of his personality. whenever I’ve had a rough day at school he can always make me smile and laugh again. he puts a smile on so many people’s faces, bc of his bright and lovely personality. he is an entertainer, and a very good one at that, but he is also so much more. he cares SO MUCH about his members and igot7. i think we can all tell how much he loves his members and how much they love him too. through his posts on instagram, he always takes time to show his feelings. he tells us he loves us, and he tells us to take care of ourselves. whenever i read his long paragraphs i smile so much - he really is so so so sweet and caring. we really, truly dont deserve him. and the fact that he actually takes the time to translate his messages into three different languages just says a lot about him as a person. i really appreciate all the things jackson does for us. i also appreciate the incredible songs he has given us - in the last year, he has really shown us how creative and talented he is with these songs. i appreciate all of his hard work and i wish him even more succes in the future. jackson, i love you so much. please dont ever change - you are very important to so many of us, and i hope you continue to follow your dreams and conquer the world - i will be rooting for you <3

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Okay, I'm not exaggerating at all when I say this...you're absolutely the best author I've seen on Tumblr. Your fics, I've read all of them-more than twice and I've cried nearly every time. It's safe to say you're my favourite author. You put so much emotion and the plot is amazing, whenever there's a slight fluff my heart flutters bc I'm fuckin feeling what I'm reading. You need to publish a book one day, because you're fuckin amazing. I love your fics so much, I can't wait for the next one. xx

*cries* you are way too nice to me, reading this means more than you can imagine!! thank you for making my week, I’m being serious haha. even if I don’t deserve such huge compliments they still make me super happy ❤❤ thank you!!