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bts with buzzfeed: highlights

- “hello we are bts! and what did you say?” *looks around in confusion*
- these questions BLESS
- yoongi looking like he wanted to murder namjoon’s ass for repeatedly asking him questions in english
- namjoon basically confirming hoseok’s new mixtape
- namjoon throwing jungkook under the bus for playing video games in the hotel room while yoongi works on his music lmao
- “everyone’s doing their job” my ass 👀👀
- jungkook exposing himself as a hardcore belieber
- im not saying this is a desperate “notice me senpai” moment but thats exactly what im saying. the way he talks about justin is me when i think about food and bangtan tbh
- like seriously
- someone get our jungcook to be acknowledged by the biebs
- return of savage ass namjoon as he calls out hoseok for having ‘outro:wings’ meaningful to him just bc of his solo rap
- jungkook: “I like i need u… uh, because…….start, stage, my heart. Boom boom”
- namjoon’s response: “wow perfect”
- the birth of j-dope, jinnie, yeon-ki min, monie, christian chim chim, justin seagull, and jack
- yoongi imitating english-speaking fans at airports is everything i never knew i needed gdkglflhdlhldlgl 💀💀💀💀💀
- “my sanctuary of birth is seagull. Yeah, justin seagull. I love justin bieber, i like justin seagull yeah” - jeon jungkook 2k17
- taehyung and his performance as rose in titanic. where the fuck is this mans oscar????
- *if you heard a bts song in public how would you react*
- Yoongi: “i try to get out of that area as fast as i can”
- jungkook: “i pretend i dont know the song and i get out of there as fast as i can”
- then theres jin
- “i look in the store and give it my blessings” 

- father jin up in this bitch deadass giving a demonstration of how he would bless the place
- ok but me too tbh
- *when you look especially good what runs through your head*
- tae getting so shy when talking about people on the street noticing his godly looks WHAT A FUCKING PRECIOUS YET SHAMELESS ASS CUTIE
- again, theres jin. bless that special boy
- “just look in the mirror and watch my face. Wow, handsome”
- “we’re so excited to interview again with buzzfeed” *imitates a bug*


2x14 // 3x06
Lexa 💘 the Commander of the 13 clans and the savior of humanity + respecting Clarke’s personal space/boundaries

in both scenes she pulls her hands away so fast it’s insane in the bottom gif she even curls her hands into fist like ‘oh my god I’m sorry’ you respectful little commander so cute clexa (via acid-glue234)

#okay but see how quickly lexa removes her hands #lexa is such a sweetheart #she ain’t gonna touch her girl if her girl doesn’t want her to #clexa (via emiliaej)

#this is cool tho too bc Clarke was literally just giving her all the ‘yes’ signs like two seconds ago#talking to her sweetly#putting her hand on her knee#she DREW her#like Clarke’s obvs super in love with her and was literally just giving positive signs#but the SECOND Clarke shows a single hint of a 'no’ Lexa’s backing off#this still breaks my heart bc it must be confusing for lil Lexa but she handles it like a champ#I love her so much#commander Lexa#clexa#clarke griffin#the 100#the 100 spoilers (via sarah-manninq)

do yall like how i misspelled mutuals KALDJFKASDJF

hey its becky comin at u live w my first follow forever lmaoo UM so i remade 3 weeks ago and im already almost at 1k???? i was gonna wait to do this but i knew i wouldnt be in the mood to make this later this week so i jus did it now lol um thank u everyone for followin me like i rly dont know why yall are here? but i appreciate it n i love yall w all my heart <3

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i wish i knew how to fix everything i’m doing wrong

Dating Alex Standall would include...


Anonymous: hi, I really liked your ‘dating zach would include’ thing and I was wondering if you can do something similiar with alex :)💗



- Alex was murmuring some sort of internet-meme joke when Justin made a fool of himself in class, and no one heard it except you, which was why you bursted out laughing – causing everyone to look at you oddly.

- Alex thought this was cute though, since not many people understand his humour, sarcastic and sassy.

- One day during class, he gets picked on for a maths question, to save his embarrassment of not knowing the question, you answer it for him, so he waits outside after class for you to finish asking the teacher a homework question just to say thanks for saving his ass.

“ You really saved my life in there, me and math are clearly not a match made in heaven.”

- You offering to tutor him but he turns it down bc poor Alex is too awkward at first.

- He finally gives in, and your friendship blossoms from there.


- You catch him staring at you in class and he plays it off by ‘dropping’ his pen on the floor or faking a massive cough fit. (This is how I personally deal with awkward situations LMAO)

- Everyone being suspicious on how he was acting towards you.

“I have to cancel our study session today, I’ve got a date – well hopefully I do.”

“Who’s the lucky girl, Standall?”


- Sending each other SO MANY memes. And I mean SPAMMING LEVEL.

- Poor Alex getting teased so much when you guys became official. Mainly because the boys were not used to Alex talking to girls.

- A lot of the guys try to flirt with you to piss Alex off for fun, but their tactics don’t work on you – bc Alex is an angel and you’re so grateful to be his girlfriend.

“They’re idiots, don’t worry about them,” he says, before putting his arm around your shoulder and walking away.

- Alex needs to vent A LOT, because he keeps a lot of his emotions inside, and being the kind hearted person that you are, you’re always there to listen.

- When either of you are sad, it’s an automatic call for a cuddle session, usually on the couch, usually with pizza delivery and usually with a massive fluffy blanket.

“Wow you seem like you love that blanket more than me. Why are you snuggling it and leaving ME, it feels like the north pole over here!”

- *The type of person that says horror movies don’t scare them but starts shaking 10 minutes in.*


- You being the first person to ever see him cry, and the sight of him in such despair broke you heart.

- However, even though it’s you, he still has trouble with confiding his thoughts with you. Especially when he thought that you’d be sick and tired of what he thought, was a whiny attitude.

- You and Alex would never have fights, unless it was about him keeping things from you; him not wanting you to be upset or think badly of him, or leave him for his insecurities.

- You’d have to reinforce it to him SO MANY times, but don’t worry, he’s improving.

- You guys pull strengths from each other – in other words, he completes you and you make him feel the same. Alex doesn’t really have anyone to rely on, to trust, to love, but that changed when he met you. But this also means that he is extremely scared of losing you.

“I love you, you know that right?”

“Yes Alex, and I love you too!”

“Please don’t ever leave me, I know I’m not perfe-”


- ALWAYS asking for your opinion about EVERYTHING. Clothes. Studying. Life. Name it.

- He’s always texting you in the middle of class whenever you guys have different subjects, 99.8% of the time it’s bitching about how boring school is, or how annoying everyone is or that he’s counting down the minutes until he gets to see you.


- You getting slightly scraped when you fell to the ground trying to separate his fight with Montgomery in the carpark.

- When he saw the cut on your elbow, he could have thrown Mr Porter into Montgomery’s Jeep and try to beat the shit out of Monte but he didn’t want to leave you hurt and by yourself.

- As much as you love Alex, he is incredibly stubborn and will refuse to believe that he is ever wrong, until you start ignoring him and that’s when it finally makes sense to him.

- Forehead kisses bc even though you’ve been dating for a while, the bOY IS STILL AWKWARD AF SOMETIMES so he just goes for the forehead, he finds it affectionate and adorable. (Plus he wants to smell your hair bc it’s always a nice flowery scent)- weird but very true

- Resting his head on your shoulder, or lying on your lap, explaining to you his dilemma of dorky things.

“ I don’t know whether I should read the Harry Potter series again, or watch the movies AND THEN read the books!” He says frustratedly.

“Why should it matter, goodness you’re such a geek!”

“I’m a cute one though.”

“I’d have to agree on that.”


FEEL FREE TO REQUEST ME ABOUT ANYTHING: I can do any character in 13 Reasons Why!

Note: Yes, the main message of 13 Reasons Why was to raise awareness for mental illness, peer pressure, rape and suicide, and how it can affect the lives of not only the victim, but those around them. 

If you ever need to talk, feel free to message me, or if not, talk to someone – an adult/parents/friends. :)

Donut’s probably dead.

Hope you feel better soon, friend~

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On to Day 3, @starcoweek3 - Original Concept! 

Ohhhh, I had so much fun with this one .. look at them! I just wanna put a ‘this is our get-along shirt’ over their heads.

(fyi: Usagi/Serena was named ‘Bunny’ in the German dub of Sailor Moon and that name sorta stuck with me since it’s the one I grew up with)

Also of course I had to include the Starco that eventually happened KP-stylez many years later. Another fyi: Adult Star’s hearts are gone bc she only painted them on her cheeks as a kid (since she’s not Mewman in this scenario!)


hi everyone! it’s aleena aka kihyunsgirl and i’m making my first follow forever!! (well…at least on this blog sdlfkjsf)

i had remade my blog two weeks ago for a mess of reasons, mostly with the mindset that no one really liked me/my blog anymore and that no one was gonna refollow me sldkfjsdf but damn u guys proved me wrong :/ lsdkfjsdf thank u for making me feel loved and like i’m not a Total loser and thank u for making my dash and this website an amazing place! i was so happy seeing so many ppl refollow me and so many new blogs follow me i didn’t think 500 ppl would give me so much love in just two weeks :(((( i love u ???? i don’t even make content i just show up here and gush abt kihyun…. some of yall aren’t even mx stans so thank u for putting up with me sldkfjsd

also i’m making this as more of a mutuals appreciation post bc this isn’t a full list of everyone i follow, but it is all my mutuals!! just know that if u follow me, whether it was today or yesterday or refollowing from my old blog, if we became friends last week or a year ago, or whatever it may be, my heart is so full of love for all of u!!! the sun shines for u the birds sing for u and my heart beats for u !! i hope all of u are having an amazing day and an amazing life and i hope that u are feeling happy and loved… im love u 

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Finally actually did a screenshot redraw aaaAAA
Original shot from this post

Fragmentary Passage was so heckin good, I’m really really excited for KH3 

Seventeen Reactions: Duet with you for a grade

Request: Can you do svt reacting to them having to do a duet with their crush for a test grade?? :) thank you

Originally posted by scoupstv


He would most definitely be the most chill about it, but he’d still be super hyped to be partnered with you. He would plan out a step-by-step program on how to get closer to you every day in class, and knowing him, it would totally work. BOOM Y’ALL ARE DATING because hello it’s Choi Smooth-cheol we’re talking about here

Originally posted by jeonghney


Jeonghan would be very calm about it, but then would get progressively more controlling day by day and it would begin to frustrate you. Eventually you would call him out on it only to have him confess to you, saying that he just wanted everything to go right so you would be impressed by him (AWWW).

Originally posted by jishooua


Lord Jisoo would turn absolutely paper white in the face when he heard your name called out with his to be partnered for the duet. He would be super awkward and stiff the first few times you practiced, but after you told him how much you admired his singing he would lighten up and your duet would end up perfect (as per usual).

Originally posted by jisoos-princess


(lil frickin greaseball smh) ANYWAYS Junhui would be all like “HECK yeah she’s gonna fall for me so hard” but then,,, you started singing the beginning of the song and all of a sudden everything is in slow motion and cherry blossoms are falling from the sky and all he can see is you until WHOOPS IT’S HIS PART. You’d have to wake him up from his daydreams about you literally every day but you’d find it so cute that you can’t get mad at him for it. You’d totally bomb the duet, but it was worth it bc you got a cute bf out of it.

Originally posted by mountean


HA this guy…. ok so Soonyoung would be so worried about you the whole time. Like he would bring you daily gifts at practice and insist on driving you there and back every day because “you might get mugged!!1!1!!!” even though you live like 3 minutes away from school. He ends up overworking himself just so you would get a good grade on his behalf so he has no voice when your evaluation day comes and he keeps apologizing (and probably cries) but you’re like “um!!! it’s ok this is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me lol” and you give him a lil peck as thanks and then he promptly passes out lmao WEAK

Originally posted by pcywon


He would remain completely stoic the entire time your names were called and stay that way during your rehearsals until one day, you would be going over your part and you turn around to find him literally crying and he’s all like “UM NO i wasn’t crying it’s just…… you sound like a literal angel hahahaha WOW that was cheesy i’m sorry i-” but you’re just like “omg shut up you cute tree branch i like you too”

Originally posted by j-miki


He would immediately get controlling like Jeonghan, but eventually you’d be like “that’s it just let mE SHOW YOU MY IDEA CHRIST” and you would run through the song just how you planned and after you finished he would just be sitting at the piano bench completely floored. Then he would just be like “ok um that was BRILLIANT WHY DIDN’T YOU SAY SOMETHING I LOVE YOU I COULD KISS YOU RIGHT NOW” and you’d just be like “1. I tried to tell you and 2. I think you do owe me something so yeah I’ll take that kiss now” and he would turn into a big blushy mess before planting a smooch on your cheek and the rest is history

Originally posted by lseokmin


Seokmin would be so HECKIN excited he probably wouldn’t be able to speak in front of you in fear of literally screaming instead. At first you’d be like “this is a disaster” but then he actually opens his mouth to sing and you’re like “…..o shit we got this in the bag”. You would compliment him every day even though he’s still not able to speak to you so you make it through evaluation day without a word from him but then he hands you a paper afterwards that just says “I meant every word that I sang to you.” and you’re like “UM OK HI DATE ME?????”

Originally posted by mingyiu


HAHAHAHA (I’m sorry I just don’t even know where to start with this one) ok so the whole time he’d try to act all high and mighty like “lol peasant” to cover up the fact that he literally screams for 5 minutes straight in his car after every practice but then one day you walk past his car and you’re just like “um?????? what r u doin m8″ and long story short he has to confess bc like, how are you going to cover that up ANYWAYS  that’s like the cutest thing ever to you so you ask him out bc why the heck not

Originally posted by lunarjun


Minghao my baby!!! ok Minghao would be so sweet and considerate the whole time, letting you take the best singing parts and watching you like a proud boyfriend (even tho he isn’t (YET)). You just kinda end up slowly falling for him because he’s perfect boyfriend material and he’s so nice to you and doesn’t expect literally anything in return so (here comes the twist :0) YOU end up confessing to HIM first and he’s just like “no way i’ve been in love with you for like three years this is the best day of my life” and it just breaks your heart even more if that’s possible

Originally posted by beautifulcarats


SQUISHIE SASS BOY so Seungkwan would be super excited to work with you bc, you’re, like, the love of his life so when you ask him to help you with all your parts so you can get up to his level, he’s so proud and he’s like “of course!! you’re voice is already as pretty as your face, but i can try!!” and that makes you blush so much bc vocal god Boo Seungkwan just complimented YOU of all people and one thing leads to the next and you’re now the vocal power couple of the entire school no biggie

Originally posted by visual-17


Hansol was actually hoping he didn’t get paired with you bc he just wanted to fail this assignment in peace without letting you know how terrible he was at singing so when he heard your name, he literally said “shit” in the middle of class. You overheard so you were like “I’m sorry if you don’t want to work with me we can try and switch partners maybe…” and he’s all like “NO NO NO it’s not you it’s just, well uh I’m terrible at singing and I don’t want you to hear me singing because you’re so talented and pretty and amazing and I’ll just hold you back. I’m sorry” but you’re just like “I honestly could care less about the grade but that’s really cute. Wanna get ice cream instead of practice??” and he’s just like “omg i am in love”

Originally posted by tekukii


aw lil Chan would be so embarrassed to be working with you bc you’re his idol for real and the whole time he would just put himself down bc he thinks he deserves it and it breaks your heart so you make it your daily mission to improve his confidence by complimenting him and helping him with his vocals and whatnot and you kinda just fall for him bc it’s lowkey so sweet to you that he looks up to you so much and you just want to tell him how great of a person he is every day so the practices slowly turn into dates bc you just end up talking to each other about literally everything under the sun and the rest is history

anonymous asked:

hello!! i love your hcs on the boys as big bros! im curious on what your interperation of the protag/akira kurusu is ;0 ? good luck with the blog!!

okay i’m honestly really surprised to be asked a question like this?? and i have no idea why i mean y’all are here for the stuff i put out but at the same time i feel like how we interpret the characters is p personal to us? so i’m shocked but also pleased?? lol it’s not that deep i know but

anyway!! on to the bullet points. (y’all like them, right? i can stop if u don’t lmao)

  • akira was basically conceived because his grandparents were pressuring his mom and dad about having kids and they were like “fine” and “also maybe having a kid will save our failing marriage”
  • spoiler alert: it didn’t
  • the grandparents died when he was like ~10 and ever since then life has been sad bc his parents are The Literal Worst™
  • so because of all that he’s kind of developed this…distance from people, at least before he came to tokyo
  • he kind of wandered through life with his parents, and then he was in this state of shock after the incident that got him arrested
  • as bad as his parents were i’m sure he at least expected them to, y’know, not send him to live with a complete stranger
  • but w/e right?
  • he’s the deadpan snarker kinda guy who always has something sharp and maybe not that nice to say and he kind of has to beat back that instinct when he starts to give a shit about his surroundings
  • so in my head he just always says no, like you’ll be like “do you want to see a picture of my girlfriend” and he’ll immediately be like “no” (but if he likes you he’ll smile and hold out his hand for the phone so he can see)
  • he has an immediate snarky response to anything said, ever, like it’s p much kneejerk to be a bit of a jerk and he’ll give you the Dead Eyes if you say something stupid
  • but he’s also incredibly charming when he actually puts out the effort, too, because he’s akira freakin kurusu man.
  • he’s pan and a terrible flirt
  • and i don’t mean terrible like bad at flirting but terrible like he’ll flirt with just about anything that moves
  • and no that headcanon absolutely did not come from the fact that my roommate and i have spent her entire playthrough of persona 5 just saying “lemme smash” at the screen every time a cute boy comes up.
  • that would be ridiculous
  • (honestly the need to flirt with everyone just became ingrained in the character for me, it’s kind of inseparable now.)
  • he’s flirted so much with each member of the phantom thieves and NO ONE knows whether he’s joking or not
  • spoiler alert: he’s both joking and not joking with all of them. everyone is right and wrong at the same time
  • i don’t have any clear ships for him but i’ll support him in a relationship with p much anyone because yes. he deserves so much love.
  • I actually imagine him being p damn intelligent. as the leader of the phantom thieves he’s gotta frontrun the whole group during all those logic puzzles. not saying he didn’t get help but
  • lemme put it in the game’s stats for you. i feel like akira starts out at
  • charm = 5 bc boy is a beast
  • intelligence = 3 or 4, he gets smarter as time goes on
  • guts = 3, he’s never had to take that many risks but he is Done with the universe
  • proficiency = 2, he’s never really applied himself before
  • kindness = 4, he’s only had the barest need to interact with actual humans before now but he’s still got so much heart and soul
  • he and morgana stay bffs forever

anonymous asked:

there is so much negativity today so i just really need a continuation of that au!!! like their first kiss!! Any ideas anyone plis light up my day

mmm it might happen on an afternoon after school, isak coming over instead of going home bc well that happens sometimes, its almost like his second home,and so its not uncommon when he sits on the couch instead of following evens sibling in their room to study (isak loves studying but he also needs a lil rest) and so he’s back to playing fifa and he bites the inside of his cheek bc it reminds him of a few weeks ago ,when he was sitting there with his legs over evens lap and then theres loud music coming from the siblings room and isak is tapping his feet along to it but then a door opens really sudden and it nearly gives isak a heartattack and then even is sprinting across the living room ,probably to yell at his sibling to turn the music off, but then he stops halfway when he sees isak sprawled out on the couch and he forgets what he was about to do and he’s saying a breathy hi to isak ,and isaks just moves a little to sit upright and nods at him, and even looks from him to the control in his hands and then the tv and he snorts, “oh youre back for round 2?” and isak is a little surprised he remembers so he laughs nervously “maybe?” and even squints his eyes at him then takes the other control, “get ready to lose” and isak puts his hands on his heart like, “thanks for having SO much faith in me” and then theyre grinning at each other and even starts the game and its hard bc, on one hand isak is really distracted by evens leg pressed against his and on the other hand he’s really competitive and he wants to win so he’s kinda struggling,,and then even kicks a goal and he lets out a loud YES and isak just looks at him like “that was totally not fair!” and even is laughing “what do you mean?” and isaks like “ i…you cheated” and evens mouth drops open dramatically “i do NOT cheat ,isak valtersen” and isak is trying to find the words, an excuse, and then even puts a hand on his thigh “just accept that youre gonna lose” and in that second isak does accept it bc evens hand on his thigh feels more of a win than a goal in that game and even notices isak staring at his hand and then he looks at it too but doesnt move it, and he laughs weakly “so..” and isak looks up and evens eyes are hopeful and kind and soft and warm and very close, and with an almost inaudible sigh he gives in and tilts his head a little and even takes that as an invite and he leans in, stopping when his mouth is a millimeter from isaks and waits if isak pulls back but he doesnt, he pushes forward and their lips meet and the kiss is gentle but passionate like they both been waiting for it for so long and then evens grip on isaks thigh tightens which makes isak put his hand on the side of evens neck and before it gets too much, even pulls away with their foreheads still touching and he cant stop the smile and isak is just. breathless and wants more but then its suddenly very silent, no loud music and a door is opening so they sit back in their original place, then evens sibling joins them and they dont say anything about it, but from then on, they share knowing ,flirty looks and isak stays over more often, and when he’s in the kitchen there, even comes up behind him and after checking that no one’s coming in,he puts a hand on isaks waist and isak melts into the touch… and they kiss at night when everyone else is asleep ,and they also share their thoughts on everything and isak is just really glad even scored that goal that one day that lead to this bc isak scored a bigger one w even:’)

What would Astro’s s/o be like?

Note: my friend ( @prncssjn ) asked me who I thought Astro would be compatible with to help her get to know them, and I ended up making this a post bc I wrote so much. This is just my opinion based on my own perceptions of Astro, and their ideal types <3 


Originally posted by syairasaad

IDEAL TYPE; someone with a nice and bright smile; someone who has a kind heart; someone with a similar personality; someone who I can joke around with; someone with the same humour; someone like MJ

  • I think he’d be quite malleable with this? Like I could see him with a few different type of people
  • I think he’d need to be with someone who sees the world with as much joy and love as he does
  • He’d definitely be drawn to someone with a bright, bubbly personality, who would encourage his optimism
  • As he said himself, he’d need to be with someone who he can joke round with; that would be essential
  • He’s always making other people laugh, and I think something he’d really want to bring to his relationship was laughter
  • I think he’d also really value kindness in an s/o, since he himself seems to have such a soft, warm heart
  • I think he’d also work well with someone who could look after him, either emotionally or practically (since he is still very much a child)
  • But he might also work well with someone with a more sober personality; someone to ground him and balance him out (so long as they were always up for a laugh and to have fun)
  • Essentially, MJ would be with someone humorous, caring, good-natured and kind


Originally posted by puppyjinjin

((i know this gif is old af but look he’s so cute))

IDEAL TYPE; someone with their own opinions and who can speak their mind

  • I think JinJin would want to be with someone who’s as mature and laid-back as himself
  • No preference for introvert or extrovert, but I think he might prefer someone a bit on the ambiverted side (like himself)
  • But, he’d want to be with someone who has a sense of humour, too
  • JinJin always just seems to be having a good time, and he’d want that with his s/o, too
  • But at the end of the day, I think he’d also really enjoy building a deep, meaningful relationship with them, so some element of intelligence and thoughtfulness would also be important
  • In all honesty I see him with a girl that he knows can bite back; someone who has a good sense of self and knows how to stand up for themselves
  • Even his ideal type supports this; I think self-assurance would be really attractive to him
  • I think he’d want to be with someone he could really talk to, and who would genuinely have a conversation and a debate with him
  • Essentially, JinJin would be with someone intelligent, mature, witty and honest


Originally posted by asterocky

IDEAL TYPE; someone who likes me; someone that I love; someone who I can laugh with together; someone graceful someone who I automatically know is my girl

  • I think Eunwoo would be drawn to someone who was into the arts
  • I think he’d definitely be attracted to someone with a more mild, calm personality, and who’s on the more introverted side
  • He seems quite low-energy, and his closest friend is quite introverted to, so I don’t think he’d handle an overtly extroverted s/o very well
  • I think he’d want an s/o that was very understanding and patient; he has a packed schedule, and he feels a lot of pressure all the time, so having an s/o who can support him properly would mean the world to him
  • I think kindness would be a big deal to him, too; he admittedly has a problem with coming off a bit cold sometimes, so he’d want an s/o to help him with that
  • From what he said about his ideal type, I think Eunwoo would look for a kindred spirit; someone who gets him, and who can truly understand him
  • I think that means that it would really limit his amount of potential partners, but it means that any relationship he does get into is going to be quite deep
  • Essentially, Eunwoo would be with someone intelligent, peaceful, patient and understanding


Originally posted by heybinnie

IDEAL TYPE; someone I’m attracted to; someone who loves music; someone with a pretty smile and smiles easily; someone who can help me be more organized

  • Someone kind, and with a lot of room for love in their heart
  • Like I think that’d be a deal breaker for him
  • I can see him with either an introvert or an extrovert, tbh, no real preference
  • I think he’d have to be with someone thoughtful; he puts a lot of his time and energy into his loved ones, and you can tell how genuinely he loves them, so he’d need that reciprocated
  • He’d need to be with someone who enjoyed being affectionate; he’s such an affectionate person and that’d be a big thing for him
  • Going on from that, I think Moonbin would need to be with someone who was very loving and dedicated, since he puts so much into his personal relationships
  • I think, similarily to Eunwoo, Moonbin would look for a kindred spirit, but in a different way
  • I think Moonbin would need to be with someone who’s soul was a loving and as kind as his, because I think then he’d be in a relationship where he was truly cherished
  • Essentially, Moonbin would be with someone loving, thoughtful, affectionate and dedicated


Originally posted by parkminhyuksdf

IDEAL TYPE; Someone cute and lovely; someone nice; someone who thinks of others well; someone who takes care of others well; someone considerate

  • Someone laidback; he’s such a chill person, and he’d enjoy that in an s/o
  • But, I think he’d be drawn to someone who was really passionate; you can feel his passion for dancing, so I think he’d have trouble connecting with someone who didn’t have a passion for something
  • I feel like Rocky might prefer being with an introverted or ambiverted person, just because he’s quite quiet and reserved himself; he might prefer someone on that wavelength
  • Similar to most of the other members, I think he’d want to be with someone thoughtful; he’d appreciate an observant s/o, because it’d feel like the relationship really meant something to them (and it might help Rocky be a bit more forthcoming with his feelings, since he wouldn’t have to breach the topic – his s/o would)
  • Once again, I think he’d be with someone kind and compassionate, who has a love for others (although, that could be said of all members of Astro)
  • I think he’d also enjoy an s/o who was as quick-witted as he is; he’s very clever, and I think he’d need someone who could keep up with that
  • Essentially, Rocky would be with someone passionate, laid-back, clever and compassionate


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IDEAL TYPE; someone who thinks of me a lot; someone who’s interested in me and my life

  • He’s the hardest for me to get a grasp on since he’s so young (he even said in an interview that he’s never had a crush before, so he doesn’t even know himself)
  • But, I think at this point in his life, he’d need to be with someone who was just as enthusiastic about the world as he was
  • He’d need to be with someone who’s open to having fun, learning new things, and making mistakes
  • He seems quite enthusiastic about experiencing and learning about the world, and if he had an s/o, you know he’s sure as hell going to drag them along for the ride; so, the s/o would need to be open to that
  • I think he’d also enjoy being with an s/o who had a quirky sense of humour; Sanha’s known for being unique, and I think he’d deeply enjoy connecting with his s/o on that
  • Essentially, I think Sanha would be with someone inquisitive, open-minded, adventurous and joyful
Preschool Teacher!Hoseok

And now it is time for the third member of the hyung line, our hope, our angel who’s so so so sweet and loving and caring and he takes such good care of the boys, sometimes in big ways and sometimes in lil ways but either way, I appreciate him so so much, Jung Hoseok aka J-Hope aka hobi 

  • Hoseok is SO perfect for this I’m ready
  • Actual child teaching smaller children
  • He’s so energetic and friendly and he gets all of the kids so hyped up like kids are already hyped enough on their own, put them in with hobi and that shit is gotta h y p e
  • Just imagine this for a second plz bc it makes my heart so happy, he would love the kids so much and they’d love him just as much
  • Hobi has this vibe to him where you can’t help but feel happy just looking at him bc he’s so positive and I think the kids would loVE that 
  • He isn’t afraid to play around either, he’s got no problem making weird faces or weird noises to cheer a bby up
  • But he’s also really caring
  • One of my favorite things about hobi is that he isn’t only hyper, he’s got this really soft sensitive side to him and he really genuinely cares about the people around him
  • There’s this one time where one of the kids trips over something and is crying and hobi just sits there and stays by him until he’s all good
  • He kisses the “boo boo” and gives him a band aid and lets him pick one he gets bc that’s v v important and he hugs him really gently and keeps mumbling out “you okay? you need anything?” until bby boy is good to go
  • So kids get sick obviously and there’s this one lil girl who doesn’t feel very well and she just wants to take a nap so hobi carries her around for a good hour, rocking her and singing to her whenever she goes to cry bc she just does not feel up to doing anything rn she wants to go home
  • He calls her parents and keeps her in his arms the entire time and he makes sure none of the other kids get sick either bc he hates seeing kids get sick they’re so lil and he wants to take all of that discomfort away from them and he wants them to be smiling always so seeing her so sick breaks his heart
  • The actual best at story time
  • He’s super interactive about it, he tries to see if anyone wants to help him read and he lets them all look at the pictures in the book and turn the pages for him bc they wanna help, everyone gets to turn one page in the book
  • He’s got so many voices he does and he gives every single character a different voice and he’s so extra about everything like he reacts to the story
  • When something dramatic happens his eyes get all wide and he looks around at the kids
  • “They’re in trouble now, do you think they’ll be okay?!?!?!”
  • All of the kids are practically hanging on the edge of their seats
  • He teaches them so many dance routines
  • He has an entire portion of his class dedicated to “dance time” which is where he plays music and lets the volunteers have a break while he entertains all of the kids bc hobi is so thoughtful and kind and he wants them to be able to have some time to chill out
  • He would encourage all of the kids to dance their lil hearts out, no matter how silly they think the moves are, just do it and have fun
  • At nap time, he sings to them and his beautiful soft voice is so soothing and relaxing and he makes sure everyone is tucked in super tight and that they’re all comfortable and have everything they need
  • Sometimes, this one lil girl, the one that was sick, holds onto hobi’s pinky while she sleep so he has to sit there the entire time next to her but he doesn’t mind at all, he gives her head a lil kiss and gets comfy and sometimes takes a nap with them, sometimes reads through the books to find a good book for the story time
  • He’s forever singing, he knows pretty much every single kids show theme song, he gets all of the kids to sing the Spongebob theme song with him all the time bc it always gets them so ready for the day
  • You’re another teacher at the school
  • You teach a grade higher than he does but the two of you still see each other pretty often since you’re teaching the same kids he did
  • He asks about them during breaks and you always tell stories about your classes and you two get closer and closer
  • His current class will be your future class and your current class is his past class so you two are always tied together
  • You know he’s obviously gotta be good with kids or they wouldn’t have hired him for his job but you don’t realize just how good he is until you see him playing with the kids in the playground one day
  • He’s spending time with all of them while also giving them individual attention and he’s cheering them on to try everything out
  • One of the lil kids is a bit scared of climbing up the small rock wall and hobi’s there with him every step of the way and he holds the boy’s weight so he can “climb” up the wall and once he touches the top, hobi starts clapping and gets all of the other kids to clap for him and you can see the lil boy’s smile get so wide and he looks so proud and the next time he climbs up, he does it by himself
  • You’re talking to hobi later that day as you two are packing up to head home and you start talking about what led the both of you to this job and he tells you about how he’d always loved kids so much and that he’d always wanted to teach them and be able to help care for them and help give them a good start to their education bc he’d heard too many horror stories about teachers
  • He didn’t think a lil kid should ever have to go through that so he decided to choose teaching as his major and now here he is
  • “So I have to go buy a couple things for tomorrow’s class but why don’t you come with me? Maybe we can get dinner afterwards”
  • “Like a date?”
  • “Like a date”
  • “I’d love that”

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Hey, just found u blog and loved it so so much!! I... wanna make a request... but its ok if you dont wanna writte abt it!! Hm... if its fine... can I see Zen trying to get used to a proud asexual MC? i thought itd be funny and im kinda needing>\\<...

thank you so much! and of course I’ll write ace MC with Zen, I’m ace and I love Zen with all my heart so this is perfect lol
also I apologize in advance for the Sailor Moon reference oops
-Admin Ace in Space

  • let’s be real, Zen would (despite being the world’s biggest gentleman) have the hardest time adjusting to an ace MC
  • so when he’s once again joking about The Beast™ they immediately tell him they’re ace
  • bcs honestly, it’s better to just get it out of the way
  • and he’s a little confused
  • he’s probably met someone who’s ace before, but he never put much thought into it
  • so they explain what it means to him and make sure he doesn’t take any of it personally
  • and they give him some time to think though they’re probably really worried he’ll leave them
  • but then a few days later he comes up to them
  • “MC, I’m sorry if I seemed insensitive before. I guess I’ve always considered making love an important part in a relationship, sort of to fully confirm it or something? But I realize now that we don’t need that, and that I love you for who you are, no matter if you want to have sex or not.”
  • he still needs a lil time to adjust
  • because he is a fan of having sex
  • but he actually kind of likes that there’s no pressure? like no  “we haven’t had sex in two weeks is there something wrong with this relationship” or anything
  • and he finds that there’s a lot of different ways to “prove” his love
  • this boy gets you flowers or makes you breakfast EVERY DAY
  • he does need a little private time to get some relief, but he would never try to make MC do anything they’re not comfortable with
  • and depending on if they’re okay with physical contact or not, he’ll adjust
  • it’ll take a bit of getting used to, but once he’s fully used to it he is the #1 ace ally
  • someone’s talking shit about asexuality? about MC? about both of those things? complaining that their s/o doesn’t want to do the do with them?
  • he is always there to defend
  • he is the one on who you can depend
  • he is the one named sailor Zen

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hey johnlaurensprotectionsquad is putting your ass on blast jsyk

Yeah yeah i saw idk what to do about it???? I mean like i HOPE thats not the way im presenting myself to the world and i hope thats not the message im putting out there bc those kinds of people are nauseating and i hate racists and homophobes
Im really unsure what to do or say bc if i try to defend myself im gonna get blasted and if i say i dont care im gonna get blasted so
Idk it just really hurts my heart and im not sure what to say
I mean i guess if you see me that way there isnt much i can do
Im still a person and im gonna make mistakes and im always going to apologize when you call me out
So im very sorry if I’ve offended or hurt someone so deeply
It makes me so sad
And i hope i dont come off as a whiny little girl trying to defend her bullshit. There isnt really a way to have someone feel that your apology is real on tumblr but im gonna try any way and hope that you know its NEVER my intention to hurt or attack anyone
I suppose thats all i can say and you can look at me as a person and they way ive presented myself to the world and make that judgement for yourself.

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okay i dont think im ever going to get over how much i love andrew bc he is so brave ??? like i love him so much son out here living learned how to trust neil and accept it when he realized hes gay and god dam n ,,, my fucking son

he’s so fucking strong and has come a lo ng way by his own, he’s put so much effort in recovering and feeling safe in his own skin and with neil like holy fucking shit,, i love andrew minyard with all my heart i’d die for him

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hit me up with some of dat klance

Bless I love Klance so much I literally already have a super long playlist on spotify for them lmao, but I just put a few of them for this bc I’m keeping the playlists to six songs each. Thanks for asking!!

Klance Playlist
Shut Up And Kiss Me- Marianas Trench
A Change Of Heart- The 1975
Absentee- Jack Campbell
Outcast- Mainland
Idfc- Blackbear
What You Know- Two Door Cinema Club

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Please, what the fuck is that anon embarrassed about, they just made my day, my night, my entire fucking year. If you could print videos I would print that one out and put it on my wall. I legit started crying when I watched it I love him sm thank you sm for submitting it (and making it????) It Literally made my day so much better I was having a rlly hard time but I feel so weepy and good now (like I wanna cry but in a good way (for a change lmao)) anyways bc you couldn't insert hearts:❤💖❤💖❤💖

@ video anon !!!! this is so sweet oml 

im so sorry tht ur day wasn’t good :(( ill pray tht tmr is better for u, have hope !!! i, video anon, nd bts love u so so much nd im so happy tht video cheered u up!! <33333

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