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Kian Lawley Smut (part 2 to the imagine)

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It’s been a year since I left for a college, and things are definitely different between me and Kian. He doesn’t come as much as he said he would. He sees me, once every two months, and when he does come, he only stays for a few days, and we mainly argue with each other. He says he’s wasting money and that I should just move back to California, and I end up calling him selfish since I worked so hard to get here, then he calls me selfish for leaving him. It’s like a cycle. Don’t get me wrong, I love him with all my heart, and I know he does too, but I just don’t get excited when he comes to see me anymore because I know we’re only gonna argue. The only times that we don’t argue, are when I come down for holidays because I get to stay for a couple weeks. I suddenly hear a knock on my dorm room door, interrupting my thoughts of kian and my midterm paper I was typing. I quickly pull on some yoga shorts since I was only wearing my panties and a sweatshirt, then I open my door and see Kian standing there. “Hey babe, I wasn’t expecting you for another week.” I said with a smile, then wrapped my arms around his torso, hugging him. I breathed in his familiar scent, and I could smell his house, it made me feel at home. “I actually came here to talk to you, I wanted to talk to you in person.” He said to me once we let go of each other. “Okay.” I said quietly, then closed the door behind him. I noticed he didn’t have any bags with him, something bad is about to happen. “Come here.” He said from my bed, and I joined him on the bed, sitting criss cross. “I want you to know I love you so much.” He said, then looked down. Oh my god. This can’t be happening. “Kian, baby, just say what you need to say.” I said with tear filled eyes while lifting his head, and his eyes were filled with tears as well. “This whole long distance relationship thing isn’t working (y/n), I go to sleep by myself every single night. I’m lonely. And when I do get to finally see you, all we do is argue. We can’t keep putting ourself through this.” He said, as silent tears streamed down his face. “And you don’t think I’m lonely?” I whimpered as tears streamed down my face. I can’t believe this is happening. “That’s why we shouldn’t keep putting ourself through this, I want you to know this is for the best, don’t think I don’t love you, because I love you with all my heart.” He said while holding me in his arms as I silently cried. I knew this was for the best, but it didn’t mean I didn’t love him anymore, I always will. Once I finally regained my composure, I looked up at kian and pressed my lips to his. It’s been so long since I kissed him, it felt so right. “We shouldn’t be doing this.” Kian said quietly against lips. “I want you to make love to me one last time.” I whispered while looking into his eyes. He nodded his head before pressing his lips to mine again and laid me down on my back, with him resting in between my legs. Our lips hungrily moved against each other’s as we attempted to take off each other’s clothing. When we broke away for air, kian sat up and shrugged his Jean jacket off before pulling his striped shirt over his head, and I pulled my sweatshirt off, leaving me in my bra. “You’re so gorgeous.” Kian said breathlessly, then lightly gripped my bra clad boobs in his hands, then attached his lips to my neck. He was marking me as his, even though after this was over, we were over. I bit my lip as his soft lips explored my neck, giving me goosebumps and making my panties damp. “Make love to me.” I whispered in kians ear, then he got off the bed and fully undressed himself. I managed to take off my shorts and panties while laying down, then turned my lamp on, and kian turned the light off. I was trying to make our last time together as intimate as possible. He gripped his dick and slowly sunk into me, then got as close to me as he could, we were chest to chest. His face was tucked into my neck as he slowly thrusted into me. Soft moans left my mouth, then kian turned his head so he could kiss me. Our tongues sensually moved against each other’s as we made love, and we both had tears slipping out of our eyes. “Kian, I love you baby,” I moaned quietly against his lips while looking into his eyes. “I love you too.” He whispered, then sat us up so we were in a sitting position. I began to meet him thrust for thrust, and my clit was rubbing against his groin, making me moan louder as my orgasm came quickly. “I want you to come with me baby, okay?” Kian said, making me open my eyes, and I nodded my head. He picked up the pace of his thrusts a bit and began to slowly rub my clit. “Mhm, I’m gonna come,” I moaned while digging my nails into kians back. “Yeah baby? Come on, come for me.” He moaned into my ear, then I let a loud moan escape my mouth as I came, I felt kians warm come fill me up as my pussy uncontrollably spasmed around his dick. He was groaning into my neck as I slowly moved my hips back and forth, riding out our orgasms. We sat there for a whole minute, me resting my head on his shoulder, and he was lightly rubbing my back. “I’m gonna miss you.” I whispered, making kian stop his movements. “I’m gonna miss you too, and I’m never gonna forget you.” He said sincerely, and I moved my head to peck him. I silently got raised myself off his limp dick, and clean myself off with a towel before putting my clothes back on, and Kian did the same. Once he had made himself presentable, he opened the door and stood in the doorway, looking at me. “Come see me the next time you’re in California.” He said, and his voice was laced with hurt. This was gonna be a hard time for the both of us. “I will.” I said sincerely, then wrapped my arms around him. “Good luck with your exams.” He said against my head, and I nodded my head, feeling tears fill my eyes again. “Bye (y/n).” Kian said once we pulled away from each other, and I waved bye at him as he walked down the hallway and to the elevator. I closed my door just as I broke down crying, the love of my life is gone. This might be for the best, but it doesn’t stop me from missing him. The scent of him was lingering in my room, and I curled into a ball on my bed, smelling his scent on my sheets. Once I had finally calmed down, I threw my hair up into a bun and cleaned my face off. I slowly took all of kians pictures off of my wall and bulletin board, and put them in the bottom drawer of my desk. It’s time for a new start. For not only me, but for Kian out in California.

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karabita concept to cheer myself up after that frustrating and tiring ordeal; whenever kara just can’t take anymore shit from his brothers (post ep 24) he goes to chibita and chibita lets him stay at his house ‘til he feels better then kara leaves cos he doesnt wanna be a burden but chibita actually likes his company and just doesn’t say anything cos he doesnt actually know kara thinks that hes being a burden to him like if chibi did kno he’d probably b like ‘karaboy no its ok ur not a burden’ but cos karas like hella passive and also anxious he cant say jackshit
now because of the date which is matsu b-day in order to celebrate bc i cant draw atm, imagine a birthday setting w/ this type of concept like, kara spent for-fucking-ever setting up something wonderful for his brothers he threw in everything he knew about his brothers including how they find him painful so aside from a few splashes of blue there’s literally no elements from him aside from the glittery wrapping paper on the gifts he got them which are actually shit they wanted the only pain included is the wrapping paper, the entire thing was hella thoughtful, so once he was done he texted totty since the other 5 were out drinking and whatever he’s like “buruzha!! come back with the others! theres something waiting for you guys at home!!” and tots like “uhuh well be ther soon” and so kara waits for like hours for his brothers occasionally texting totty like”uhm??? hey where u at??” and tots like “yayaya were on ou r way chill” and then at some point fukin oso takes tots phone and ends kara a tct in response to one of his “hey surprise thing???? u coming???” txts and osos like “dude we dont care about ur shitty surprise piss off” and kara doesnt respond and tries to tough it out cos ya ya it happens all the time,,, no big deal,,,, not like i spent hours on this,,,, or anything,,,,,, kara cant help but break into tears- his phone goes off and its a txt from chibita wishing him a happy birthday and apologizing for texting so late he had been busy he mentions that hes prolly gonna drop by to drop off a lil gift he got for him while he was out and karas like “really???! tysm!!!” and he gets a goofy grin but hes still blubering over his bro and a lil later chibi comes by and karas all slumped over the table his face buried in his arms as he had continued to blubber even after chibi’s text and chibis like “omf kara are u ok?!?!” and karas like “c-chibita!! im fine yes w hy do u ask heh??” all nervous tryna hide the fact he was crying and chibitas like “where tf are ur shitty brothers??” totally ignoring what kara said cos he knows its just bs to keep him from worrying and karas like”uh… out drinking and stuff….” kara prolly mumbled a lil and then chibis like “wtf??? and they just left ya behind????” and ka ras like “i decided to stay back to set this all up for them,,,,,” “did they ever come????” “no……” “what the FUCK.”then chibi just decides to make sure kara has a good bday and is like “cmon idjit no use waitin for yer shit brothers if theyre gonna have fun without ya best to have fun without them either”and karas all touched then they go out and have fun together kara gets his gift from chibi which is probably like a new guitar or a new leather jacket or smthn and its rlly nice and then they get drunk because of course they do and kara stays at chibis place and they end up passing out on the couch together with kara all snuggled into chibi and its Very Gay™ and then the next morning despite a terrible migraine from the hangover chibita realizes after waking up that they’re cuddling and flips his shit waking up kara and the poor neet’s migraine is like twice as bad cos of it and then chibita feels bad but also ‘hOLY SHIT HE WAS CUDDLING ME’ so afterchibita is done simultaneously shouting and apologizing theres a bit of an awkward silence bc karas far too tired to think and also migraine and chibi also has a hangover and is trying to get a grip of himself hes like beet red at this point and kara breaks the silence to ask if chibitas ok and chibis all offended like “hes asking ME if IM OK??? IM THE ONE WHO GAVE HIM A WORSE MIGRAINE DAMMIT!!!” n karas like’ya but ur face is all red n stuff you were still in your work clothes and it was kind of cold last night from what i can remember you could be sick” and chibis like ‘noooo im fine shut ur face dammit!!’ and karas like ‘then whys ur face red’ and chibis like ‘aaAAAAA ITS NO T RED SHU T UR MOUTH’ allshouty and embarrassed and his face gets even more red and kara just keeps prying cos he cares n stuff
what chibita does in response ill leave up to u, he could confess being gay for the neet he could shout more who knows u decide lmao