bc i need to celebrate

tfw the bf won’t take a hint….



6/27/15: The Astros can’t stop celebrating after Carlos Correa and Jose Altuve hit consecutive home runs to tie the game. (◕‿◕✿)

its the uk election today: may the best cunt win

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i saw ur latest post and what's jeremy doing next week ?

he’s going to MCM London!!! and I’m going to MCM London!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND IM HYPE FOR THE CON BUT ALSO HYPE BECAUSE IM TAKING A PIC WITH JEREMY SHADA I BOUGHT A PHOTO SESSION TICKET I’M SO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That small, horrifying second when they thought Jenn had played the HII for the wrong person

u know,,, if i ever have kids id throw two gender reveals. 1st is for the family before they are born, 2nd is when they identify themselves as another gender bc wao that shit needs to be celebrated i am so proud and i wouldnt mind my kid deserves the best

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pls tell me bc I need to know this, how does bitty celebrate the holy sacred day, yoncé's bday???

holy shit you better believe this boy goes all out here’s just a little list of things:

  • he blasts her entire discography on shuffle all day. he knows every word to every song. most (if not all) of the songs also have accompanying choreography
  • yoncé’s music makes him feel very empowered so like he walks around all day wearing booty shorts that may as well be underwear and a very small crop top that says “Flawless***” on it (like this thing can hardly even be called a crop top its more like long shoulder pads or something)
  • he’s having a birthday party at the Haus in her honor of course!!! literally everyone is invited, but to get in you have to take a short knowledge quiz just to be sure you’re actually a fan and not just trying to get into a Haus banger (the quiz isn’t that hard if you actually listen to her music it’s pretty basic stuff but if you only know about her because she’s such a pop culture icon then you may be in trouble)
  • so of course he spends a lot of the day baking and preparing for the party. he labors away the whole year devising new recipes based on song titles/lyrics/etc. some of the signature drinks are homemade lemonade, watermelon ice tea, and pepsi (because of her partnership and the grown woman video or whatever). He makes a cake shaped like a surfboard. he makes “Rocket Jalapeño Poppers.” He makes a bunch of pizzas with cheesey stuffed crust and calls them “Halo Pizzas.” There are bowls of pink Skittles and bottles of hot sauce everywhere. He doesn’t fuck around. There’s also pie because of course there is….
  • When you come in the door, belongings are to be deposited in the box to the left and picked up again at the end of the night
  • Party playlist isn’t too hard to make. He sticks to her more iconic pieces, though, the ones everybody will recognize. He gets a little (a lot) drunk because someone spikes the bowl of lemonade (”someone” being Bitty himself probably) and has the time of his life and probably cries multiple times because he loves Beyoncé so much
  • There’s karaoke. Bitty and Holster do a dramatic duet of Listen from Dream Girls.
  • Jack shows up late while Eric is already pretty far gone and booty popping to Blow and he probably has a small heart attack because at first glance Eric looks basically naked???
  • Jack discovers a newfound appreciation for Miss Carter that night because if she makes Bitty this happy then he guesses he should be happy too!!!
  • (i understand this year her BDAY is a sunday with a holiday the next day but he’s like this every year. even if its a fucking tuesday hell just skip class the next day?? her bday is the most important holiday of the year to him [well ok it’s up there with the 4th of July, especially after sharing that holiday with Jack])
  • anyway September 4th is lit™ in the house and videos go up on twitter and Beyoncé herself probably sees them the next day and DMs Eric like “hey thanks for the party, wish I could’ve been there! <3 -B”
  • It takes him an hour to get off the floor and another 3 to figure out exactly how to respond to that. It’s a combination of key mash and professions of love and admiration and she doesn’t reply back but she does follow him so basically it feels like his birthday too

this got out of hand but i hope u enjoy my take :)