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Can you do something with Michael and April fools day? Thanks babes I love your blog btw xx

Of course I can!! Thanks for liking my trashy blog as well, it means a lot :-)

(Also low-key love this ask even more bc it isn’t even close to April fool’s day lol)

Michael was always a really big prankster, so you needed to do something to get back at him. When he was out with the boys, the day before April Fool’s, you decided to buy a fake snake and place it underneath his pillow so when he slept he would feel it.

You giggled and placed the realistic looking, and feeling, snake underneath your boyfriend’s pillow on his side of the bed. You fixed everything and made sure it all looked perfect and untouched. Walking into the living room to watch a movie before he got home, you placed a movie in, and waited for your boyfriend’s arrival.

After a few hours, and three movies later, you had totally forgotten about that little prank you were doing on your boyfriend. When he walked in the house after getting home from the studio, he yawned. “Come on kitten, it’s late and I’m tired, you ready for bed?” He asked as he slowly slipped him shoes off at the door and walked closer to you.

You nodded and yawned as well. “Com on.” He said as he lifted you up and carried you to your shared bedroom. You slipped your shoes off as he stripped of his jeans. “Goodnight Mikey.” You said quietly as you crawled on top of his lied down body, “Goodnight Y/n.”

Suddenly, after slipping your hands under his pillow, you screamed and jumped off of him. He shot up and stared at you with wild eyes. “What, what’s wrong?” He asked quickly. You stared with wide eyes and looked towards the pillow.

“I swear I felt something under the pillow! It felt like, like, oh.” You said gradually getting quieter. You started giggling, “I set something up as a prank for you and I scared myself.”

Michael threw his head back in laughter, “Only you princess, only you.” He said giving your forehead a quick kiss. “But I’m still gonna get you back for trying to prank me.” He chuckled as I pouted.

“Goodnight baby, I love you.” Michael sung as he went back to sleep and pulled me down with him. I huffed, but still snuggled up to him. “Nothing too bad ok Mikey?” I pleaded and started right into his eyes. He looked at me and sighed, “Alright, but only this once.” I giggled and gave his nose a small peck.

“Goodnight Michael, I love you.” I said while I snuggled back into his side as he wrapped his strong arms around me. “I love you too, goodnight.”

Ughhh I have such Michael feels all the damn time and I seriously can’t ever.

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hey, since you're 96z biased, could you recommend me any Jun biased blogs? they don't have to post only about him but I lack mutuals to scream about Junhui with :c

Hello! Okay, it took me 10 years to reply to this bc I’ve been busy. I’m so sorry, but here are some of my favorite Junhui biased blogs.

@wonnhuii (also wonwoo biased lmao), @spasticstars (china line biased ♡ ), @junhwon, @moonsjunhui, @junchained-melody, @junhoontrash, @4wonhui, @lunarjun, annnnd @applewoodprincess 

I’m sure I forgot some people, but you can visit my blogroll! ♡


♥‿♥ the lightwood siblings love each other so much and want to make sure everyone is safe and protected at all costs ♥‿♥

so anyways i just realized the paladins each have their own type of body language that conveys their emotions/personality

  • hunk, the hand thing
    • hunk is an anxious person as well as a logical thinker. he often moves his hands towards his face in time of panic, when his nerves are starting to take over but his mind is still whirring to come up with a rational response to the situation around him
  • lance, his fingerguns
    • lance is very laid back and suave. he is very much like his element in the sense that he keeps things flowing for those around him. he also keeps a level head at crucial moments, and its that balance of personality that makes him so dependable 
  • pidge, the sit thing
    • pidge is naturally very curious about her surroundings. she likes to take things apart, study them, turn them into something new. her attentive posture while sitting makes her seem intrigued, and conveys her enthusiasm to learn about the world around her
  • keith, his crossed arms
    • keith is very isolated and closed off from those around him. he crosses his arms in a means of keeping up a barrier between him and the people he first meets, as he needs time to get to know and understand them before he fully trusts them
tattoo artist!jeongguk

a/n: bc ive always thought jeongguk would make an excellent tattoo artist. (also i’ve remade and i’m reposting this on my new blog as the first addition!)

“____, please? I need you to hold my hand, I can’t do this without you,” your best friend pleaded, eyes wide and unblinking and you felt yourself wavering at his terror-filled gaze. You groaned internally as you stared him down, knowing that you would always give in to him.

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alright i gotta go to bed but in conclusion for tonight:
- logan is a jealous husband
- patton relentlessly flirts with logan
- logan acts annoyed but highkey has a thing for patton praising him
- anxiety stares at roman’s ass
- anxiety needs friends bc he needs validation and comfort and i’m crying
- the mystery of whether thomas stalks my blog and is lowkey referencing my posts and jokes or it being coincidence

hey y’all my name is jo, im hella gay, and im p close to my next goal. it’d be heckin rad if u could gimme a promo. i lov klance and am praying for that sweet, sweet  hunk content next season (つ◕౪◕)つ━☆゚.*・。゚

dont follow if sh@l@din or u think pidge is a boy :)


“If forever does exist, please let it be you…“ ❤️

Our first official night alone in sooo long and still he’s just as amazing as our last date and everyday. He is an amazing partner not only in love but in parenting now as well. Thank you for giving me everything I could ever want or need, and for blessing me with eternal love, and our two amazing children. Love is old. Love is new. Love is all. Love is you.

Just friends? part 2 || Dan Howell

A/N: First of all, Happy Birthday to my lovely slightly anon! I’m so glad that you found my blog bc your messages make me super happy! 

Also, here is the second part to just friends! Does this need a lil smut warning? Maybe.. 

Word Count: 1.9K ( I got a bit carried away)

POV: Reader


Originally posted by coolimogene

Dan quickly pushed my unclasped bra down, eager to touch my boobs.

“Wait” I told him, before he could start touching me.

He quickly nodded and carefully withdrew his hands.

To his sheer surprise, I lifted my shirt over my head and took it off along with my bra that he had previously opened.

“Fuck” Dan gulped at the sight of my bare chest.

I was still straddling him and the bulge in his pants was quite prominent by now.

He drew a shake breath, unable to take his eyes off my breasts.

“You can touch me now” I then whispered and guided his hands to where he really wanted them to be.

His big hands felt rough against my sensitive skin as Dan started squeezing my boobs.  

I bit my bottom lip at the sensation and the sight.

As if his hands weren’t enough already, Dan then started to drag his lips painfully slow across my collar bone before he left open mouth kisses all over my chest.

While I tried to supress my moans, I urged him to take off his shirt so I could explore his broad chest with both my mouth and my hands.

“Dan!” I squealed, as he left lovebites all over my neck and cleavage.

He just smirked and continued until I let my hands slowly slide down to the huge tent that had formed in his jeans.

Dan stopped in the middle of his tracks and watched my every move as I unbuttoned and zipped down his pants.

“Holy shit” he whispered under his breath as I stripped him off his jeans and boxers.

“I think it’s a little unfair that you’re still half clothed.” Dan teased me, making me giggle.

“Sounds quite unfair to me.” I whispered in his ear.

“We don’t we change it then?”

Immediately after he growled that he freed me from my tight trousers, leaving me in my lacy underwear that made him breath heavily.

But before he started to stare for too long, he hooked his fingers under the elastic band of my underpants and pulled them down with one quick motion.

Our clothes were like the last obstacles in our way. They were the only thing left that could’ve stopped us from absolutely and completely crossing the friendship barrier.

As soon as they were off, there was nothing that could hold us back.

One thing just led to another and…

I woke with my head resting on Dan’s chest once again. This time though I had also slung one arm around him.

I tiredly blinked a couple of times. My head still hurt from drinking yesterday and I overall still felt a tiny bit dizzy.

Dan lightly grunted as he slowly opened his eyes as well.

I was about to smile at him and laugh at the fact that we had fallen asleep like this again but then I noticed that something was very different from last time.

My head was resting against his bare chest.

Suddenly I wasn’t tired anymore. I quickly took a glance underneath the blanked that I was wrapped up in only to see that I was completely naked.

“Ooh my fucking god, Dan!” I freaked out, taking Dan, who still looked extremely sleepy, aback.

“What?” he just mumbled as his eyes fell shut.

“Wait a second!” he then shouted as his eyes shot open again.

He looked down on him and realized with shock what I was talking about.

We both gulped hard and just stared at each other wide eyed.

“What the fuck did we do?” Dan panicked, shaking his head in disbelief.

“To our defence, we were both quite drunk, right?” I asked him a little bit worried.

We just couldn’t tell wrong from right anymore because of all the alcohol we drank. Still, I was not wasted enough to have a black out. In fact, I could still remember everything.

“Look away and close your eyes.” I told Dan since I had decided to get up.

He sighed but did as I told him. I quickly got out of his bed in a hurry to put my clothes back on.

I looked around his room but didn’t see them.

“I can’t find my clothes” I groaned in frustration.

My complaint made Dan instinctively look my way to help me search for them.

“Don’t look!” I squealed and tried to quickly cover myself.

“It’s not like I haven’t seen you naked before, Y/N.” Dan grinned and wiggled his eyebrows at me, making me want to hit his head with something heavy.

Instead I just shot him an extremely stern glare that wiped the grin off his face.

“Right, I think I took your clothes off in the living room.” He then awkwardly said, pulling his eyes of my body and looking at his lap instead.

I grabbed the blanket from the bed and covered my body with it before I headed to the living room to fetch our clothes.

“Here you go” I said as I threw Dan’s shirt, jeans and boxers at him once I re-entered his room.

I still couldn’t believe that Dan and I slept with each other. Last week I was worried because we cuddled and now this happened.

We got dressed next to each other silently so we could get some breakfast.

I was about to head out of his room as he stopped me.

“Wait uhm, Y/N?”

“What?” I asked, noticing him staring at me with a guilty expression.    

“You have like.. uhm on your neck and ahh on your like..” He mumbled and gestured to my neck and cleavage.

I raised my eyebrows at him in confusion before I looked at myself in his mirror and realized what he was talking about.

My skin was covered in hickeys and my shirt didn’t do much to cover them up.

“Dan! What were you thinking?” I asked him, embarrassed.

He didn’t say anything, instead he blushed a crimson kind of red.

“You marked me!” I complained, laughing.

“I- I didn’t ‘mark’ you..” Dan stuttered before he spent to next 10 minutes searching for a scarf that I could wear over my lovebites.

“Oh and Dan?” I asked him as soon as we left his apartment to search for a little café that we could have breakfast in.

“Yes?” He answered almost immediately.

“We are just gonna forget about this, right?” I wanted to know, I didn’t want things to be awkward whenever we were in the same room.

“It never happened.” He assured me and I wished it was true.

“No word to Phil, my brother or anyone else. No talking about it in general.” I warned him sternly.

“Yes, madam!” He nodded as we entered a cute little café at the end of the street. It smelled heavenly like freshly baked bread and coffee.

“Just friends?” I asked him, a little bit nervous.

“Just friends.” He confirmed before we sat down on a table together and ordered our food.

‘If only it were that easy’ I thought to myself a week later while I was alone in my dorm room. I hadn’t been at Dan’s place in a week. We did see each other when we had lunch with a few of our friends, though.

It was awkward.

Going back to the way we were before that one night wasn’t as easy as I wanted it to be. We were afraid of saying the wrong things and any form of touching when it came to one another. Even shaking our hands or hugging was weird now. We also didn’t want anyone to find out that we hooked up.

It was a lot more complicated than how I thought it was going to be. Maybe we just needed a little while to forget it happened but right now I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Although I was drunk I still remembered everything. His hands on my skin, his lips all over my body, how turned I was, how much I wanted him at that moment and how good it felt.

‘sTop!’ I screamed at myself as I caught myself thinking that.

I groaned and sighed at myself as my phone started to ring. I glanced down at the caller ID. It was Dan.

“Hi, what’s up?” I chirped, trying to act as normal as possible.

“Hey, Y/N. Your brother and a couple of our other friends are coming over tonight. Do you want to come as well?” He asked me through the speaker.

“My brother is in town and didn’t even tell me?” I gasped, shaking my head in disbelief.

“His train is gonna arrive in an hour I think. Soo.. you coming?”

“Sure, I’ll take the next bus.” I told him after checking the time.

“Good, see you in a bit.”

“See you later.” I said before I hung up.

After I showered and got dressed, I hopped onto the next bus. I hated to admit it but I was secretly excited and nervous to see Dan again. I was gonna be at his flat for the first time after we had sex and my brother and a couple of his other friends were going to be there too.

I wasn’t quite sure if that made it better or worse.

About an hour after Dan’s call I climbed the stairs to his flat. I quickly knocked on his door and Phil was the one to open.

“Hey there.” He grinned mischievously and let me in. I raised my eyebrow at him in confusion before I slipped out of my shoes.

Walking into the living room I was greeted by 6 tall guys, one of them being my brother and another one being Dan.

They all shouted their hellos that I returned. As I sat down on the sofa next to Phil, who had followed me, I couldn’t help but take a quick glance at the spot where Dan and I made out last week.

“Have you noticed our t-shirts yet?” Jack asked me with a smirk, shaking me out of my thoughts.

“Your wha-?” I was about to ask as my eyes landed on their shirts.

All of the boys, except Dan, were wearing the same t-shirt with the same word printed over their chests: It was Dan and I’s ship name. A combination of Dan and Y/N.

“oh my god” I whined as the boys laughed.

I quickly tried hiding my face behind my hair in order to make my bright red cheeks less visible.

“I know you told us to stop printing our shipper shirts, but they were already in the making” My brother explained, referring to the text I sent into the group chat when Phil posted the picture of Dan and I’s cuddle session.  

Now I understood why Phil was grinning at me like that earlier.

“I’m sorry” Dan mouthed although it wasn’t his fault. He was clearly as embarrassed as me.

I wanted things between me and Dan to go back to normal instead this happened and made things one hundred times more awkward.

“Wait! This is where they cuddled, right?” Jack exclaimed excitedly, pointing to that one spot on the sofa.

I nearly choked on my own spit. My eyes met Dan’s for a split second as my cheeks grew a deeper shade of red.

If Jack only knew what also happened on that spot…

Oh, sweet hell this was awkward.

Dan and I just sat opposite each other and avoided making eye contact at any cost while all of the boys were teasing us although all they knew was that we cuddled.

I already knew that this was going to be a long and embarrassing night… 

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If you need me to narrow the prompt down I can, but can I have some canon era trans enjolras content? Most of the ones I can find are in modern aus.


Enjolras realizes he’s trans because he was going through his father’s clothes to try and find something to make him look masculine so he would be more respected. He ends up frequently wearing male clothes and is just accustomed to being recognized as a man. He doesn’t realize that he’s male tho. He just thinks he’s a really good actor.

Finally, someone at a protest realizes he’s female and calls him out on it. He automatically yells “CITIZEN I BELIEVE YOU ARE MISTAKEN, FOR I AM AS MUCH OF A MAN AS YOU ARE A HUMAN!” He only realizes later that what he said was facts. He begins to take away all traditionally feminine clothes from his wardrobe and replaces it with clothes his father doesn’t want. He does keep around a few dresses to keep up the act for his parents.

Courfeyrac and Combeferre are a bit weary when they find out. They are supportive, but they just don’t understand. Their friend group is very different from anyone else and they just don’t understand. Enjolras tries his best to explain but he’s not the best with emotions and it’s hard to say “I feel like a man.”

It’s finally Jehan who is like, “I am not a man, nor a woman, yet you all seem to understand. I know you think it’s because I am a poet, someone who observes the world around them, yet does not participate, but no. I am not a man nor woman, for I am just me. You must understand that our dear friend Enjolras is as man as Adam. He was born as Eve but no, the universe has made a mistake, and now he is correcting it.”

Everything cleared up after that. When it comes to his relationship with Grantaire, it’s complicated. He never denies the man anything, for he truly loves him, but he is unsure if he can provide for what Grantaire is looking for. It’s only when Grantaire wants to die along side him does he realize that physical form is not what Grantaire was looking for. He was looking for Enjolras. In his last moments he prays that in whatever comes after life, his spirit, the whole being of Enjolras, can be alongside Grantaire.

(I love it whenever you come into my ask/interact with my blog, bc it’s amazing. I hope this satisfies your needs :) )

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Lance knows how to make string friendship bracelets and he makes them for just about anyone who could be considered a friend. He made one for Pidge as soon as she joined the garrison team originally and another one when she decided to stay with voltron and then a third in red white and yellow after the adapter disaster. Hunk has seven but his favourite is actually a yellow anklet that he wears full time. Coran was given his the first day lance found thread.


- When they find thread though, Lance is so ready. Shiro gets one in black and silver at first, and then Pidge gets this idea that if Lance made him a purple bracelet, he could have some good connotations with the colour instead of just reminding him of the Galra? He does it and explains it kinda nervously but Shiro is Incredibly Appreciative Of This Bracelet And His Teammates And His Friends

- Allura gets one in pink and white at first. During space mall maybe he found thread… sparkly thread… he starts figuring out how to make a patterned bracelet that’s kinda thick and has this simple star design in it… Allura Gets Her Sparkly Thing….. She never takes it off, ever,

- Keith gets one in red at first, and then he gets another one in red and blue a few days after their first kiss. Keith basically begs Hunk to help him make one back because Um Hello He Needs To Keep Up?? 

- I love him

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can i ask for an hc of how RFA+V and Saeran comfort a stressed and overworked MC? I'm just so stressed with work and I'm not even compensated properly?? anyways i love your blog. /loves

dude i’m super stressed and overworked myself bc of tests and i’ve been sick for a week so i need to catch up!

i’m glad you like my blog! i hope everything works out for you and this comforts you a bit, remember to take breaks when you need them <3


  • He knew how important it was that you did your work, but he couldn’t encourage it when you were that stressed
  • Suggested that you played LoLoL with him to relax a bit
  • If you refused, saying that you had too much to do, he would insist you at least studied in his room instead so he could keep you company
  • Would make you comfort food


  • Offered to work out with you, as it helped him when he was feeling stressed
  • Unless it would make you mad, he would distract you with kisses whenever he figured you needed a break
  • He probably wanted you to eat healthy to stay energized so he tried to cook, but he burned it and just ended up ordering pizza instead
  • Eventually convinced you to take a nap in his arms, he sang you to sleep and made sure you woke up well rested


  • If you wanted to talk, she would be all ears so you could rant to her
  • Truly believes there’s nothing a good cup of coffee and a few hours of hard work won’t fix
  • Made sure you ate properly and had a quiet place to work
  • Would stay up late with you, insisting that whenever you did that for her, it helped


  • “MC why don’t you just hire someone to help you”
  • You tried to explain to him that you couldn’t do that, but you were so stressed and frustrated that you just started crying
  • Poor guy didn’t know what to do. He was stressed all the time but had never cried because of it, so he just hugged you tight
  • “I’m sorry kitten, I didn’t realize you were this stressed. I will run a bath for you, okay? You need a break anyways, you can’t work like this”
  • When you finally went to bed, he got Elizabeth so you could cuddle with the both of them and relax


  • Let’s be real, he was probably just as stressed and busy as you
  • The two of you made a deal - whenever the other needed a break, you would both take one
  • Insisted on working in the same room as you so he could be right there in case you broke down
  • Called Yoosung over to prep some proper meals to make sure you were ready to do work!
  • Would probably get up and hug you every hour or so to remind you that he loved you


  • Would help you in any way he could
  • Need a massage? Cuddles? Food? A tropical vacation? A picture of a cute puppy? An actual puppy?
  • He would spoil you more than Jumin tbh
  • Probably gives you comforting back rubs every time he walks past you
  • Kisses your forehead and tells you he’s proud of you


  • At first he just suggested that you didn’t do it
  • “Your mental health isn’t worth it, even I can tell that”
  • When you started rambling about how important it was that you finshed, he sighed
  • “I’m gonna go get some ice cream, and you’re gonna come with me”
  • “What no Saeran I don’t have ti-”
  • He interrupted you with a kiss and dragged you out of the house, insisting that the fresh air would help you


The formal callout for Driad aka Daniel Mahone

Daniel Mahone from Cambridge UK is an online sexual predator. We are unsure about his age since he’s changed his age many times but he’s claiming to be 18 currently. He targets very young teenagers and coerces them into sexual conversations and has done this for years without repercussion.

He’s currently off tumblr as far as we know but he remakes often and having this widespread for awareness is a priority.

Some examples of the things he’s done are under the cut, general tw.

urls: driad, cptdriad, captaindriad, dryad

twitter: captaindriad

skype: mrdriad

kik: cptdriad

steam: bigbrownbat

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I'm honestly scared to post anything related to got7 (Even if it's not about the drama) bc I'm scared of backlash... Thank you for running this blog and still keeping us updated >_<

Sometimes it’s better to keep quiet.
I opened Jackson’s Instagram and realised that my comment on the issue is not needed. I just wish people didn’t tell him to leave the group and spread lies.

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okay so i just had a thought about your langst post where Lotor might instigate it but what if everything manipulative Lotor says just doesn't affect lance? just he's already so hard and cruel on himself that anything Lotor says doesnt phase him? Like if Lotor were to say "your team doesn't need you" but Lance just responds with "yeah i already know". Like maybe its Lance's own self that takes him to the breaking point, not Lotor.

First; how dare you come on to MY blog and spit terrible truths to me. I am offended. Go sit in a corner and think about what you have done.

Anyway, all of this was pain and I am SO DOWN. Like hear me out, what if Lotor makes it his goal to prove Lance wrong. So, he had this great plan to use the paladins weakness against them bc that’s what his father and mother have taught him, have used themselves against him, but Lance DOESN’T RESPOND and Lotor???? doesnt??? understand???? He was just throwing things around to see what gets under the skin and Lance just brushes it off as a fact that he has already accepted and had moved on. But Lotor gets stuck on it, bc this beuiful blue eyes alien doesn’t fit what Lotor threw out off-handily to get a rise. If Lance had said that to him, he would have defiantly reacted…he thinks, bc he’s important to his people now right? He’s no longr the half bread freak people liked to gossip and snicker at behind his back anymore right? Lance isn’t those things he said Lotor is, so why does the blue paladin think so. Lotor doesn’t fully understand it, but from then on his encounters with the paladins change from manipulation attempts to actual praises directed ar mostly lance, trying to make him see himself differently. But of course team voltron doesn’t see it like that, and I have a feeling Lotor isn’t as in touch with how things work in the universe so he wont understand what he is feeling and how peole are interpreting his genuinity for manipulation. Queue heartbreaking self discovery for both parties.

p.s sorry this took so long I’ve been on a mass effect andromeda kick so I didn’t see this until a few hourse ago. And for the huge chuck of text and rambleingness. I’m on moble and it 3 in the morning.

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Oh sorry about that >< somehow when i opened the blog on mobile and clicked to rules i see nothing so sorry ;;;; well about the motherly S/O i'd like to see it with akira and akechi bc they needed the love :")

So many Akira and Akechi requests (not that I’m complaining, since they’re my favourites)! Hopefully this is to your liking, and thanks for the request!


Akira would never admit it, but it was hard being the leader of the Phantom Thieves. He enjoyed his role immensely, but there was no denying the toll that it took on him both mentally and physically. He was always exhausted after a day of Mementos, and although he was careful to keep his expression carefully poised when parting ways with his friends for the day, he didn’t make the same effort to hide his exhaustion from S/O.

To be fair, they’d be able to tell even if he tried. They had the keenest pair of eyes and the strongest sense of empathy than anyone else he knew.

Despite obviously being tired themselves, they insisted upon accompanying him back to LeBlanc that evening. They were greeted by Sojiro as soon as they walked through the door, and the older man paused in wiping down the counter to squint at them.

“…You kids okay? You look like hell.”

Akira grumbled a dry “thanks” in response, but S/O was quick to laugh. “Y-yes, we’ve just had a long day studying.” They knew it was a flimsy excuse, but since midterms were coming up, it seemed believable enough to them…so long as Sojiro didn’t see the bruise that was probably blooming over Akira’s hip from an encounter with a particularly violent Jack Frost today.

It would be hard to explain just what kind of study session they had been having then.

S/O suddenly planted their hands on Akira’s chest, startling the boy into looking down at them. “That being said…you do look really exhausted.” Even moreso than usual, they’d wager. “Why don’t you go to the bathhouse and relax for a bit? I’ll take care of Morgana while you’re gone.”

Akira protested, but he had known it was futile as soon as he saw S/O’s motherly side coming out. In the end, he gave in and went off to soak in the bath for a good hour or so. By the time he returned, Sojiro was nowhere to be seen, but S/O was there and waiting for him with a cup of hot cocoa and a towel.

“I knew you wouldn’t dry yourself off properly,” they said in way of greeting, moving towards him with the fluffy towel and tossing it over his head. Akira let it happen without complaint, his arms winding around their waist as they dried his hair off for him. Once that was done, they removed the towel and giggled. Apparently Akira’s hair could get even fluffier than it usually was already.

Sensing the question he must have wanted to ask as soon as he entered, S/O jerked their head in the direction of the bar. “Sojiro-san said that I could stay over for the night so long as we behaved ourselves.  I hope you don’t mind, but I took him up on the offer.”

“Of course I don’t mind.” Akira kissed them on the forehead, and then drew back to sip at the cocoa that  had been prepared for him. Once he had drained the small cup, he wordlessly held his hand out for S/O’s, lips curling into a smile when they immediately settled their hand into his.

Together they went upstairs and head straight to the bed. Morgana—who had been completely fatigued as well from the day’s events, poor thing—was already curled up and snoozing by Akira’s pillow. Carefully, the pair of teens climbed up onto the bed and lay down beside each other. The boy immediately buried his face against the crook of S/O’s neck, eliciting a quiet laugh as they lifted a hand and gently combed their fingers his hair.

“You always work so hard,” they murmured, their tone tender, “Get some well-deserved rest.”

Akira’s only response was to press a kiss to their neck and then let out a contented sigh. Warm and comfortable, the infamous Phantom Thieves leader drifted to sleep, with his love following after him shortly after.


“This really isn’t necess…necesse…achoo!

S/O gazed down at their bedridden boyfriend in sympathy, taking in his pale complexion and the abject misery that was on his face right now. They knew that he hated the fact that he was sick right now, and they also knew that he probably wasn’t too keen on having them here taking care of him either. Akechi had been alone for so long that that was all he knew; he didn’t know how to rely on others.  In the past, he had had to deal with everything by himself, whether it be stress from school,  his job, or getting a horrible cold like the one he had contracted now.

The thought was enough to make their heart hurt and to prompt a very strong determination to ensure that that changed from this point onwards.

“Hush and just behave.”

Akechi fell silent when he was suddenly given a kiss on the forehead, wondering to himself if such an action was typically considered maternal or not. He couldn’t claim to know from personal experiences, but if the media he had grown up watching was of any indication, it did seem like a pretty “mom” thing to do.

He watched hazily from his bed as S/O busily came and went so that they could check his temperature, change the damp cloth on his forehead, and make sure that the rice porridge that they were cooking on the stove hadn’t exploded into flames. During one trip back to the kitchen, they were taking so long to return that Akechi instinctively began to feel a little antsy at their absence, and had been about to get up and go find them when they returned with a tray in hand.

“Can you sit up?” They set the tray on the bedside table and reached out to help him up, making sure to fluff and prop his pillows up behind him. Akechi could see that there was a bowl of steaming rice porridge on the tray, along with a glass of water and some pills.

He immediately felt both touched and embarrassed by the care that he was being shown right now. Unsure what to say, he lifted a hand and awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck. “I-I’m sorry, you didn’t have to go to all of this work for me. I would have been fine on my ow—”

“—I wanted to do it.” S/O immediately interrupted him. They weren’t looking him, their gaze instead fixed on the bowl of rice porridge that they were slowly stirring in an attempt to help cool it down, ”Goro, you don’t have to apologize whenever I do something for you. I know that you’re…that you’re not used to it, but please, lean on me sometimes, won’t you?”

They looked up, their eyes meeting his head on. The two were silent for a moment, and then Akechi smiled crookedly. “I can’t promise that I’ll be good at it, but…I’ll try.”


“…Thank you.”

A flood of warmth spread through S/O’s chest at those two little words, and they returned Akechi’s bashful smile with a bright one of their own. Their smile quickly grew mischievous, however, as they held up a spoonful of porridge. After blowing on it gently, they cupped their free hand beneath it to avoid any spills and held it out to the boy.

Akechi suddenly went red, the smile dropping from his face completely. “W-wait a second. I can at least feed myself!”

In the end, despite all of his protests, S/O won the battle. Smugly, they picked up the dirty dishes and went off to wash them. As Akechi watched them go, he slowly slid himself back down into the warmth of his bed.

…Maybe…it’s not too bad being doted on once in a while.

Have You Ever Been in Love?

Request: hiii, I love your blog so much it’s amazing ahh! could you please write a one shot about peter being a hopeless romantic and liking you (you’re best friends) and you’re skeptical of whether love even exists and you hate clichés. he tries to flirt sometimes but he’s awkward and gets flustered easily so he slowly stops trying and you just go waiT bc day by day he’s become intertwined into your life and you need him by your side and you admit to yourself and him that you like him? angst and fluff?

Pairing: Peter Parker + Reader (Y/N)

Warnings: Angst and fluff I guess!!

Notes: thank you! I’m glad you enjoy my blog :) I’m so sorry this took so long!! I’ve been crashing over finals and late Christmas shopping/decorating :(

“Another daisy from your neighbor’s garden? Whatever do I do to deserve such a romantic gesture from the one and only Peter Parker, anyway?”

This had been a weekly occurrence for the past four months. Peter would bring you a daisy, your favorite flower, from his neighbor’s backyard garden. The neighbor willingly cut Peter a flower for his best friend ever since the first time he saw Peter trying to steal one instead of just asking. Peter had confided in his neighbor, Mr. Calhoun, that he had embarrassingly (and unsuccessfully) tried to confess his feelings for you. Peter had eventually discovered that his nerves would never side with him on this – there was no way he’d ever be able to verbally communicate his new-found feelings for you without passing out.

“Peter?” He shook his head, clearing his mind before looking at you. You raised your eyebrows at him, shooting him a questioning look. “Are you okay?” He simply smiled at you, nodding his head. “Okay,” you said, not entirely believing him. “Are we still on for movies at mine tonight?”

“Yes! Of course, it’s a date!” As soon as the word left his mouth he inwardly cringed, him already feeling the faint tint on his cheeks as they burned under her gaze. “I mean – I uh, I just meant,” he shook his head and avoided your gaze as he searched for any other wording. He looked up when he heard your light laugh.

“It’s a date, Parker.” And with that you walked toward your last class of the day, not noticing the lingering gaze Peter casted your way, only diverting his attention when he heard the final bell ring.

Okay, so in Peter’s defense, falling in love with you was completely inevitable. You knew everything about him, and you knew it without him even needing to tell you. His biggest secret, the secret he kept from everyone to protect them, came out of you so casually one day when you were eating lunch at your guys’ favorite pizza parlor.

“So, how often do you go out as Spider-Man? Is it a nightly thing?” He remembers how much water he needed to drink in order to calm his choking.

You were just always there for him – his hand to hold, his date to the dance (even thought he knew you could go with anyone, you always settled for him) (“Peter, I’m not settling! I wanted to come with you!” “(Y/N), stop trying to make me feel better and come dance with me.”) You were his favorite good morning and his most beautiful goodnight.

“Peter? What is up with you today?”

He found himself shaking his head again, clearing his thoughts of you like he had been trying to do all day. “What?” You frowned at him slightly. “I’m sorry – no, really, that was the last time. What were you saying?”

You sighed before shaking your head, “never mind. It’s your turn to ask me a truth or dare.”

“Oh, okay. Truth or dare?” You pretended to think before nodding your head.


“Have you ever been in love?” He tried to ignore the painful beating in his chest and how clammy his hands had gotten as he waited for you to answer.

“Hm, I don’t think so. What is love anyway?”

“Whatever you want it to be, I guess.” He tried to hide his disappointment, his heartrate slowing as his heard the girl he was in love with didn’t love him back – and never had.

“No, yeah I get that. But, what does that mean? I don’t know, love has always just been some so – what’s the word? Manufactured?”

“What does that mean?”

“I don’t know, it seems materialistic – like it was created to sell what you’re supposed to feel. Love feels marketed to me.” You shrugged and looked at him.

“Have you ever been in love?”

“No!” He answered too quickly. Your eyebrows raised as your eyes widened a bit at his loud answer. “I mean – no, I don’t think I have either. I should get home, it’s getting late.”

“But… you live right next door. and it’s only eight fifteen.” You looked at him as he hurriedly collected his things.

“I have a lot of homework to catch up on, then I’m going to go patrol for an hour or so. I’ll see you tomorrow. Night!” Before you could even finish your ‘goodnight’, he was already out the door and shutting it behind him.

Weird, that was the only word that came to your mind.

“So, want to hang out today after school?” You and Peter were standing in front of his locker the next day, you had sensed a bit of tension when you walked to school today and couldn’t help but feel it was your fault – having totally dismantled the idea of love for him.

He smiled brightly before a quick look of sadness flashed his features. “I can’t,” he looked down, kicking his feet against the dirt. “I’ve got to meet Mr. Stark at the tower. He wanted to look at my suit.”

“Again? Didn’t he just upgrade it three days ago?”

“Um – yeah, but the upgrade has some defaults. Just a few touch ups, and he doesn’t want me to get hurt. So…”

“Right, I got it. Safety first.” You smiled as he returned it. “How about tomorrow? Pizza and studying?”

“I promised Bruce I’d help him with some lab work.” He still failed to look up at you, causing you to frown – not that he’d see it.

“Oh, okay… well, you just let me know when you’re free.” The bell rang, causing him to finally look up at you. He nodded before darting his way through the halls to his first class.

This happened the following week, Peter blowing you off and you accepting it, trying not to overthink it and you were doing well at it – until the day where Peter usually gave you your flower came and he walked into school empty handed.

You couldn’t put your finger on it, but this week sucked for some reason. You didn’t realize how much you relied on Peter’s company. You missed him. Everything about him. You just really fucking missed him – his laugh after you’d tell a joke only he’d like, his smile whenever he attentively listened to you talk about your favorite book, the way his hand was always warm when you’d walk home together after school, the way his hair looked after waking up from a nap at either of your houses – you really fucking missed him.

“Peter?” You hadn’t realized you walked to his locker until you saw him standing in front of it and gathering his books to take home with him. He turned to look at you, a little surprised considering he’d been avoiding you for a good week.

“(Y/N)! Hey, what’s up?” His hands began to feel sweaty already, his heart beating faster than it’s been this week – just you standing there did things to him. This was the hardest week of his life. If you didn’t believe in love, how were you ever going to love him? He distanced himself from you in a pathetic attempt in trying to get over you. But, you know what they say, distance makes the heart grow fonder. I mean, that’s a thing, right? Like, that’s a saying? His thoughts were cut off when he felt his body being slammed against the lockers next to him. Your arms wrapped around his shoulders as you threw yourself at him – literally. His arms wrapped around your waist as he lifted you up a little, missing the warmth you gave him in every hug. “Hey, are you okay?”

“Peter,” you could hear your voice wavering slightly, not caring that you might cry in front of him, “I miss you, so much. I’m sorry – for whatever I did. Please forgive me.”

His grip on you tightened as he mentally scolded himself for making you feel like you both not talking was your fault. “You didn’t do anything. I was just – I was feeling,” his throat closed up as he squeezed his eyes shut, already the feeling of passing out overwhelming him as the thought of telling you he loved you crossed his mind.

“Peter, please tell me, you could tell me anything.”

“I don’t think I could tell you this.” He pulled away from you, drying your tears as your hands played with the ends of his hair, his cheeks flaring as you tugged at the ends a little bit.

But, it was weird. As Peter looked at you he saw you looking so vulnerable. Your eyes were wide and glassy, your lips were in a pout and he could have sworn that your eyes were drifting to every feature on his face and, god, he loved you – I mean, he really fucking loved you – and he couldn’t help but think I love her I love her I love her I love her until he wasn’t thinking it anymore and he just –

“I love you,” he felt you tense a little bit under his touch, “I love you and I have for the past two and a half years. I’m so sorry that this is how I’m telling you but holy shit I love you and I-.”

The next thing he felt was the rush of wind across his face as he was being pulled flush against you – your lips meeting and spreading a warmth through you that was warmer than his hands and his eyes and everything else about him, it felt safe and your mind went back to the week before when you and Peter were in your house playing truth or dare and you realized that if Peter were to ask you if you’d ever been in love, you would have honestly answered that you had been in love every moment you’d ever spent with your best friend – and, evidently, the love of your life.

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