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transweek2017 - day 3: non-binary

tracer is undeniably non binary sry. i always saw her as gender non-conforming and that she’s comfortable dressing however she likes but still identifiable as a butch lesbian  👍


Alien Boy

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“why do people call me dumb”

Shout out to all the trans aces who:

  • Don’t feel ‘truly’ asexual because you don’t know whether your dysphoria is having an affect on your sexuality
  • Feel that your trans-ness can’t be removed from your ace-ness but are told it should be
  • Don’t feel comfortable in hypersexual LGBT spaces
  • Have had your asexuality invalidated by people who say you can’t be ace and trans
  • Have had your trans-ness invalidated by people who say you can’t be ace and trans
  • Are happy that you’re trans and ace
  • Are sad that you’re trans and ace

Your feelings are valid. Your identities are valid. And you are amazing (ace, even!).

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Hii! Are you still doing ships? If so, can I get a teen wolf ship? I'm 5'4" tall with dark blonde hair and brown eyes. I'm quite thin yet a bit curvy (that doesn't even make sense lmao). I play the violin and I also play volleyball, but I'm not really into sports. I'm very caring and sweet, but I can also be very sarcastic. I LOVE EATING SO MUCH; I also love music, it helps me to relax and concentrate; I love going out with my friends but i also like staying in and watching tv. I LOVE UR BLOG💕

Hi!! THANK YOU LOVE!💓 I’m not doing ships anymore, haven’t been doing it for like forever lol. But I’m waiting for my next class at the moment and have nothing to do so I’ll do one for you real quick. Idk your sexuality so I’m just going with whoever that popped up in my mind when I read your description. 

(To everyone else, my request box is still closed so pls don’t send me ship/any requests haha)

I ship you with Derek Hale:

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Best friend: Malia Tate

Secretly in love with you: Isaac Lahey & Lydia Martin

Song: Jonas Blue ft Raye - By Your Side


like a river f l o w s

                           surely to the sea,

       darling, so it goes

                  some things are m e a n t  t o  b e.


You know what the issue is with this world? Everyone wants some magical solution for their problem, and everyone refuses to believe in magic.

For Bri

Quick rundown on why ya’ll need to get out of Edward Nygma’s ass:

Shit Edward Nygma did: 

  • Stalked a woman and repeatedly made unwanted advances toward her for over a year. Would NOT back off when told MULTIPLE times by MULTIPLE people. 

  • Felt such possession for her that though he was told to BACK OFF he thought he was well within his right to confront her current boyfriend and stick his nose in their business. 

  • When I say stalked I mean it, he fucking stalked her. He knew EXACTLY where she lived and he knew when to be OUT FRONT OF HER HOUSE when her boyfriend would arrive so he could confront the man.

  • BROUGHT A DEADLY WEAPON TO THIS CONFRONTATION. Knew this confrontation would happen beyond a doubt. He counted on what sort of man Tom was because he already knew. 

  •  Did not show any remorse. Stabbed him multiple times. Did not have any remorse for dying, pleading man, just kept on stabbing him until he was dead. Only concern was getting caught. He felt Tom didn’t deserve Kristen ( which he was right about ) but that he did ( which he was wrong about ). 

  • Calculatedly disposed of the body and provided a ‘cover story’. 

  • Confronted Kristen and expressed disapproval for the men she dated because they were inferior to him as he was smarter than them.  Believes himself to be smarter than most people and during S1 a slightly less unhinged Ed would wait for the right moment to strike. Tom was merely a stupid, unworthy obstacle who gave Ed the perfect excuse to be rid of him. 

  • Kept a trophy of the incident ( Tom’s badge ). Later boasted about to Tom’s then ex girlfriend. 

  • Confidence shot up when he “got away with murder” further proving any anxiety Ed felt was ENTIRELY towards the idea of being caught, not of committing the act. This is actually part of Ed’s Riddler persona, its another way he can get off on “outsmarting” people. This was again explored after he killed Kristen and directly stated by him. 

  • Mirror Ed is a psychical manifestation of he darkness thats always been lurking in Ed; his interactions with mirror Ed are suppose to symbolize Ed embracing it and even coming to enjoy it. “Mirror Ed” objectifies Kristen and even suggests Ed should act abusively towards her because clearly it’ll improve his chances with her ( based on the other men she dates )or so he thinks. Cute victim blaming there, Ed.

    These are Ed’s own thoughts. This is straight up creepy “nice guy”. Eds entire relationship with Kristen was creepy, entitled nice guy. I’ll give ya’ll the fact that this was handled really awkwardly though and has confused people since it began, some even thinking they were trying to portray Ed with MPD in the early days. 

  • Almost all of this occurs when Edward Nygma had been told multiple times that Kristen was not interested and had never showed any interest in being with him romantically from word go. He was unrelenting and constantly looking for a way to get a foot in the door. No risk was too high, including risk to his own life. 

Shit Oswald Cobblepot did 

  • Put a successful hit a girl who existed in Ed’s life for only a week, who Ed expressed he wanted to “break up with” last they spoke about it. 

  • Confronted the girl, tried to ward her off. Failed. Just activated her inner kinkster. 

  • Said girl would not back off when told about the break up and made a mockery of Oswald’s affection in the process. 

  • Did not view Ed as an object but rather a kindred spirit, an equal, who loved and cared about him as strongly as he did about Ed. 

  • Believed he was fighting for his first and only shot at true love. Did a really bad and stupid thing as a result in the hopes it would fix things and put them “back to normal”.

  • Believed Ed loved him because of multiple advances that were read romantically by everyone in the damn universe, only “changing” when a random woman walked into their lives. 

  • Backed off when he realized ( although much too late ) that he had made a big mistake in thinking Ed felt more than friendship for him. Meekly ASKED if they could still be friends regardless, because Ed was his best friend. Showed that he CARED about Ed so much he wouldn’t even risk touch him after it seemed Ed was physically disgusted by his affection. 

    ( Can you imagine how painful it was not only realizing this and the bad things he did to keep Ed who never loved him anyway, but also the fact Ed’s reaction to his confession of love was seen as revulsion. Literally after he spent the week watching Ed suck the face of a girl HE BARELY KNEW AND JUST MET. Can u IMAGINE how DISGUSTING, stupid and inferior Oswald must have felt within himself? ) 

In conclusion: Ed needs to examine his hypocritical bullshit before he goes anywhere near Oswald. I hate Tom, he was a woman bashing sack of shit and I love Ed even with all the creepy bits, but hes not a gold turd. Hes just a plain turd. He doesn’t deserve to be elevated above Oswald by either the fandom or the god damn canon. Real tired of ya’ll stretching to defend the straight boy who’s being a right horses ass cause all this contorting to excuse Ed is just playing right into the HOMOPHOBIA. You all need to examine exactly why it is you feel the need let Ed off on this when he gets called on it. You’re not being an intellectual or a better fan. You’re not doing anything but looking like every other homophobic fuck wit desperate to defend entitled straight boys when they bone up, especially vs a gay guy who’s boned up in a similar, MUCH LESS NASTY AND ENTITLED, way. 

dear cancer,
i know your heart is heavy and your feet tread lightly. i know every sentence you say sounds like a question because you’re not entirely sure what you’re doing here, but i assure you, you are welcome. feel free to get comfortable, put your snacks in the fridge, move around the pillows on the couch. feel free to redecorate. you are not a guest in my heart anymore. you have been so much more than a roommate could ask for.
—  leo

some will solace icons!!

- ̗̀ art by cherryandsisters ̖́-

I still want to keep my pets as character bc I love them but I’m gonna miss customising them and  doing their pages so much :/

Also a lot of their stories are very specifically neopia focussed so even if I did draw or write about them I don’t know if it’d be right if I posted them on other site

Also I’m bitter af about the whole thing and I feel really really upset still 

We will never get to see Clarke and Lincoln bond over their mutual love of art