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@punkdraco and I have already had part of this conversation but I just wanted to put this out here & add some thoughts I’ve been having out here - 

the star wars novelizations are great and all but I’m sort of weirded out by the kind of information they insert about the characters into the text, but not in the films. Some of it, okay, it adds depths to characters - but I genuinely have questions about whether a film’s (and given that the film canon existed first) characters should be interpreted differently based off information given in the novelization of the film. Like, I’m currently reading the OT novelization & Han Solo the womanizer is very much played straight in the novelization - which like, the way Harrison Ford plays Han Solo in the films is very much a Han whose real self is at odds with the image he wants to project (he’s not a cool guy womanizer, he’s kind of a totally reckless and impulsive screwball who pretty much shouts about how much he likes Leia). Here he has a woman sitting on his lap at the start of the Mos Eisley cantina despite the fact that this doesn’t appear in the films. There’s bits of descriptors that are obviously channelling us towards the Cool Guy Han Solo reading, even though those sections, viewed purely on film, could be read very very differently.

And like, there’s shit in the TFA novelization I know of, for example, which alter how people interpret Poe Dameron and Kylo Ren - Kylo more so than Poe. 

So this is the question - which ‘canon’ is more canon and do filmmakers get to cover up on their inability to show onscreen by putting additional facts into a novelization? Do we have to accept that as canon or continue our conversations based purely on the films? What does it mean for fans who can’t get the goddamn novelizations or who don’t know of their existence? How does death of the author work when you have like, coded descriptors trying to guide your reading of a scene which was previously ambiguously coded on screen?

These are just questions, I don’t have answers. But it’s something that’s been niggling at me for some time.

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I’m proud of you. You know, Sam and I, we can get pretty obsessed. But you – you watch out for this family. You always have.”

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Did you notice Chanyeol's big daddy yaoi hands when they hugged. (☆ω☆)

Hi there darling~ <3 WHY OF COURSE I NOTICED THEM.

THOSE HANDS CAN SURROUND BH’s WAIST WITH EASE. IT LOOKS SO DAMN BIG WHEN WRAPPED AROUND BH AND THE THING THAT WAS ON MY MIND WAS “Cy can manhandle Bh so easily” MYGOSH UGHH HE IS SO DADDY HNNNGGSS. And can we pls take time to appreciate the almighty Oh Sehun just being beautiful and supportive at the side. All hail our ship’s president.

And am I the only one who thought Bh looked 10000000x sexier DURING the hug compared to before?

  • before le hug:
  • During le hug: 

AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO SEES THE SHIFT IN SEXINESS? Oh it’s just me? Oh okay .___.


Daddy Yeol stripping, along with some George Michael bc DADDY YEOL IS DADDY UGHH MY HEARTEU IS HUHU (goes away to read BaekYeol smut), have a good day darling~! ^^

It’s just barely the start of the new year, and despite all the stress that life has been piling onto me, the one thing that has kept me somewhat sane has been the rp blogs that I have been managing for not that long. I’ve hit milestones on all my blogs && finally decided to do a little thank you to all of you for making my rp experience such a blessing and for meeting and writing with all you amazing people because you all make me really enjoy each and every one of my muses. Not only that you all put up with my muse difficulties and my lack of writing and still stick around. Which I am more than thankful for && very much appreciate && what better way to do that is shower you with nice things !!

Let’s let down to business;; HAVE THEM RULES

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Can we just talk about how beautiful self ships are? Like really,

You find this character(s) and you get to imagine them with you, so much love. Love in both a platonic, romantic, sibling, etc sense. You’re able to create your own little dreamland that you’re able to run to when times get hard or when times are good. These ships aren’t based around what occurs in reality’s take on love, but actual love the way you want it. There’s no rules, no right and wrong, no end; there’s how you want it. Everyone is good enough and worthy to be loved and that doesn’t change in self ships, sometimes that feeling of being enough and worthy is more found in these ships.

Every self ships I’ve ever heard of and seen are always so lovely bc even if there are 1,000+ who love that same person, there’s always something unique and loveable in each ship that makes that character(s) perfect for you. Especially when you have a hard time seeing what is good about you, having others tell you “hey (insert whoever) would just love that and (goes on)” allows you to stop and think and maybe even start thinking of that “bad thing” about you as something loveable.

I was just randomly thinking about self ships and all the ones I’ve heard of and everytime I get so happy they’re just a true beauty each one makes me smile thinking of the shipper and character(s) together. I hope y'all know you never have to feel bad about a self ship of yours and that you’d be so loved by the one(s) you ship yourself with its truly a beautiful thing.

Just a random thought :3


The Empire Strikes Back / The West Wing parallel

Funny things i love about running this blog

(Note: things will be added as i continue to run this blog)

-everyone messages me about how much they love my blog and how happy it makes them, until i posted my first “sad” ask a month ago, which lead to about a dozen messages on ‘how i am litterally satan’(honestly its kinda sad but not that bad lol)

-so many people get so estatic when i talk to them?? They treat me like a senpai??? Even though im most likely younger than 68% of my followers????

-ya'all have stuck through with my inconsistent art styles and platforms(seriously, go through my blog, you will cringe at the draws)

-you dudes are creative af with your asks

-so damn respectful to this talking trash can

-noone who follows me(that doesnt know me irl) has no real clue on what i look like, what my gender is, or how stupid i am irl xD

-ive never lost a follower??? Bc everyone who follows follows for pollination

-my most popular posts are my shittiest ones(good ideas, terrible art)

-am i reeeally the only pollination ask blog?? Seriously??? This is bs

-idk what else but im so glad you guys enjoy my content. It warms my heart!

-oh! Also i might set up a patreon! So i can buy more stylus nubs(which will keep me doing digital instead of traditional!)

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yo.. imagine the whole "munakata doesn't need rest & never sleeps" thing wasn't just a rumor but actually a part of his powers. and now without them, he's unaccustomed to needing rest and starts to nod off everywhere or run himself ragged accidentally. what would s4 (and fushimi) think? would they take care of him?

Everyone would definitely be trying to take care of him while Munakata attempts to good-naturedly wave them off. Like maybe it takes everyone a couple days to really notice, they’re all tired out after the final battle and there’s a bunch of stuff to do and nobody really notices that Munakata seems to be disappearing into his office for long stretches of time. Then one day Fushimi comes in to give him a report and finds Munakata dozing in his office. Munakata shakes off the drowsiness and tries to play it off to Fushimi like he was just resting his eyes a bit, Fushimi clicks his tongue and notes that it looked like sleeping to him. Munakata pulls that ‘Kings don’t need sleep’ line again, Fushimi says something about how Munakata doesn’t have the powers of a King anymore. After that everyone starts to notice and they start fussing over Munakata a little. Awashima is definitely the most worried, like she and Munakata will be discussing work things and she sees that he looks a little less sparkly today than usual and asks if he’s all right and did he get any sleep and Munakata assures her that he’s fine. They all know it’s gotten really bad when even the resident King of Terrible Sleep Habits Fushimi keeps muttering at Munakata not to overtire himself. And actually then I could see it being kind of sweet, like maybe Awashima and the alphabet squad and even a reluctant Fushimi all corner Munakata and tell him that they’ve seen how he’s overdoing it lately and that he needs to recognize that things have changed and he can’t keep running himself ragged this way, and because of that it’s okay to rely on all of them a little more. Munakata states that he appreciates their concern but he’s fine and doesn’t intend these changes to affect his duties as King or anything. Everyone else assures him that because he’s their King they all want to be his support, that he can open up to them all a bit more and let them help him so that he can adjust to needing sleep like a normal person (maybe Awashima makes a pointed comment about how other people should keep that in mind as well while giving Fushimi a significant look). Munakata is totally touched by this sudden show of care and admits that he has been feeling a little worn lately and perhaps a nap would do him good.

First and foremost, I want to thank those of you who’ve stuck around through my three blogs, my indecisiveness, my constant dropping of threads and my inability to complete a single plot for my desire to create even more muses is much too strong. Why’re you’re all still here is beyond my comprehension, but I love each and every one of you and I’m so thankful you’ve allowed me the opportunity to play with you each and every day. You’re all brilliant, creative minds and it’s such a treasure to have known all of you - new and old partners. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for putting up with me, sticking through it and never letting me flail even when I’m at my worst. You’re all amazing people who I’m very glad to know. 

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okay you punks listen up

do you like reading about men falling in love hell yeah you do! do you like fantasy heLL YEAH you do i’ve seen your rants about dragon age don’t even try to fight me.

how would you like to read a book with a polyamorous three way relationship between men who are main characters?? how would you like a supporting cast of badass women, lgbt and poc characters?? how would you like a poc angel, a blind elven vampire and a boy with ptsd overcoming shit bc life’s a bitch and falling in love while doing that and ALSO kicking ass??

yeah i bet you would

go read the novel i wrote

At the second callback, Grabeel and Tisdale auditioned together and their Sharpay/Ryan dynamic was quickly established. “We ran through the scene and then she gave me notes,” Grabeel recalled with a laugh. “She was like, ‘I think you should do it like this and then at the end, I’m going to say, “Ryan, grab my bag!” And you’ll go grab my bag.’ And I was like, ‘I can’t believe an actor is giving me notes at an audition. This never happens. This bitch is definitely not going to get it. That’s not going to work.’ And, of course, when we walked in, I couldn’t help but have that energy with her and I think that’s why we both got it.”
Update: Queer as Folk Script Master Post

I have uploaded the preproduction draft of Episode 3x08 to Dropbox, and you can view it here. Fair warning that as this is a preproduction draft, a lot of what you’ll read is very different to what we see on the screen aka Brian is a colossal asshole

I’ve also added it to my Queer as Folk Script Master Post, which I will continue to update as I (hopefully) come across more scripts.