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Top 5 Samurai Jacks

oh, a challenge! I’m leaving out season five because honestly I love every episode of it equally and it’s a whole other animal anyway

#4- Jack and the Hunters

This was a super cool episode. The whole scene on the roof is one of my favorite scenes in the show to date and the Imakandi were badass characters

#4- The Aku Infection

This episode was disturbing as hell and I loved every minute of it. I love body horror and possession themes and this ep did it really well. From the buildup to the payoff it was really suspenseful and I made the mistake of watching it in class bc I had this face the entire time

#3- Chicken Jack

Whoever thought of this episode is my favorite person like who thinks “a samurai gets turned into a chicken and is entered into cockfights” I love this episode and its humor

#2- Jack and the Scotsman II

Everything about this episode is hilarious hands down ok and it reminds me of my family honestly. It makes me smile

#1- The Birth of Evil

After the credits rolled for this I shut my laptop and just was like “yep. favorite show hands down.” It’s so cinematic and it feels like a big story, and the parallels that stem from it and the animation are stunning. Jack’s dad is a great character and Aku is so menacing and it’s just a really great origin story. The scene at the end completes it, it’s really emotional.

the horse scene though lord have mercy

Honorable Mentions

Samurai Vs. Ninja

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Jack Remembers the Past/Jack and the Three Monks (I consider them one episode)

Both of these were an emotional trip and I love them both. I’m glad the show took such time to delve into the moroseness of Jack’s situation and how he deals with it. It made the series feel more real in terms of the emotional side of the story and it really built up his character

Really there’s only one episode of Samurai Jack I didn’t adore and it was the one that reminded me that vore exists

Other than that I love them all

i was gonna wait a bit longer to actually open places but i think the intro stuff is gonna take me longer than i thought (bc i procrastinate like a devil) so here we go! this little lady is gracie monsoon and this summer, she’s lookin’ for love! or, well, the closest she can get from a reality tv show. she’s looking for 8 sims to compete in the monsoon season MMBC! i’ll be putting up a little interview with gracie soon, so people can get to know her a bit better, and some questions for her future suitors to answer too! 

i think there’s only a handful of guidelines… gracie’s bisexual, so she’ll take sims of any gender ID etc, and occults (all two of them) are a-okay! i have all the packs except spooky stuff, and (as most people say) i’d prefer cc to be kept to a minimum! if you check my resources page, you can see the creators i favour and the staples i use - if you’re loading a sim up with vintage gohliad content, for example, i’m probably already gonna have it. for now, the contestant deadline is pretty open, because i’ve got some writing and building to do before this show gets on the road! anyone can apply, so just message me to reserve a spot!

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Magnus was so happy to see Alec and he was smiling and gave a kiss bc he was worried about his bf and I love them being so positive and soft (Alec kinda ruined the moment but that's ok lol)

Their interaction in the beginning of that scene was everything I’ve wanted from Malec since this damn show started. A casual greeting kiss, standing close to each other, with small touches and bits of contact (honestly, would it have been so hard to have them touching each other’s chest/arms like that in 2a??????). It’s those little bits of affection that make it so clear that these are men in love - though obviously getting another set of ‘I love you’s at the end helped with that too.

And even though Alec did massively ruin the moment, I absolutely loved how that conflict was handled. It was realistic, nothing was conflated or over-sensationalized for the sake of Drama, and it was resolved in an honest, healthy way. Alec was wrong, he fucked up, he realized that he fucked up, and he apologized. He didn’t try to justify himself, he didn’t say “I was wrong but I had good intentions”, and he dealt with his shit on his own. I’m still THRILLED that it wasn’t Magnus’s responsibility to explain to Alec why he was wrong, or to try and defend his own humanity and his own rights. He didn’t have to ‘teach’ Alec anything. I loved that it was a conflict about a really serious, important thing, but nothing about it was overdramatic. Alec accepted that he fucked up, and he took responsibility for it and apologized.

Everything about Malec’s interactions in that ep gave me so much hope for the rest of their story. Obviously I adore that they’re getting simple affection and they’re clearly so in love with each other, but I also love that they’ve proven multiple times now that they can argue and be wrong and deal with conflict and work through it successfully, and be just as in love with each other when it’s done. 💜💜💜

also, the great thing abt wtnv that im rediscovering is that it does not ever, ever let you forget that cecil is gay and it doesnt make his attraction to carlos into a gay joke. its funny, sometimes, but in a more honestly comedically written way. like “i fell in love instantly” is funny in its abruptness but not funny because its gay. u feel me??

im trying to say that the show establishes how cecil feels abt carlos from ep 1 and doesnt ever let u forget abt it or sweep it under the rug and i love it. every “carlos” is followed by “perfect carlos” or “handsome carlos” or “beautiful carlos” and it genuinely hits a point where its sweet and funny all at the same time and the joke is never the gay attraction itself.

so. thanks night vale for that really really good writing, especially bc i listened to some episodes in the car with my mom and she laughed the first time it came up and then realized it wasnt actually a gay joke but rather, actual good writing and i love seeing straight people thrown for a loop like that

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Fifteen reasons to watch nintama.

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i caught up on all the white princess eps (and didnt live blog them. the real tragedy tbh) and like, i went to the tags (which was a mistake) bc ppl are calling lizzie a bitch and i feel like her behavior is justified???

historical inaccuracies aside, within the story they are choosing to tell (which is tbh, too focused on showing the tudors as ‘evil’ and yorks as ‘good’ (its that dumb blonde hair halo look)—

lizzie was placed on the throne to appease the york side, she now has kids of her own, she loves her husband (the king)—so the threat of this impostor who claims to be her brother threatens all of that. and on top of that, the doubt that this kid IS her brother and not knowing what to do about it is bound to make anyone act with anger and make them not trust the ppl around them. 

lizzie is trying to protect what she has, brother or not. 

If bapc’s writing and sound design was a good as its art direction, it would be a solid show!!

I love bapc its calming to me and its so cute and pretty, but it’s writing needs to be tight!! The sound design, I can forgive bc its a small studio w/not a lot of backing from cartoon hangover and aside from a few noticeable hiccups, its alright.

But the writing!! The last ep was their best imo and had introduced very cool concepts and story arcs. If the rest of the series is like that last ep, I would be so happy!! It really would shine more and feel more like a solid piece of work

honestly i loved all the dot and magnus scenes in this ep

first of all, i totally have no hard feelings towards dot bc if i was drunk and dancing with magnus i cant say i would've done anything differently

and second having this scene exist was good. it had magnus, a bisexual man, hurt after last ep and upset with his boyfriend and had a girl make moves on him. but instead of giving into shitty bisexual tropes it turned it on its head. a bisexual character was put into a situation where a worse show would have the character cheat. but instead? magnus says he’s “a one soul at a time kind of guy”

i’m so happy they had dot try to kiss magnus bc it gave the opportunity to explicitly state that magnus is not a negative bisexual stereotype 

me thinking about all the possibilities we can be given in ep 9 of yuri on ice

yoi tag! feel free to reblog and answer these -

favourite episode : 10 bc im in fukcing tears its a wild ride aND VICTOR AND YUURI ARE GOING TO GET MARRIED

favourite character : every one of them hmm well victor nikiforov slightly more than others

favourite song : yuri on ice, partizan hope, in regards to love : agape, HISTORY MAKER AND YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE (obviously)

favourite ship : victuuri is a given, of course and i really love yurio x otabek and emil x michele

favourite scene : the whole show tbh but  if i had to choose, the kiss in ep in 7

favourite thing about the show :
how EVERY single character from minako to otabek have their own detailed stories and just the fact how groundbreakingly amazing it is

[I Choose you - Dan and Phil]

“do you think you and phil are going to be best friends forever?”

“that’s the plan”


In honor and celebration of This Amazing Book/Tour is Not On Fire (and really all of their accomplishments), I decided to make this very simple video.
I made it simple for a reason. Although there are a lot of mixed emotions for the book and tour, what I think we should all realize is how big of a step this is for the two of them. They are the biggest part of eachother’s lives, and this is probably one of their biggest accomplishments together. They started out small, and have worked their way up so much. Yet, they are still just Dan and Phil. As they’ve said before, this book is their way of documenting their story forever, so that even when they are no longer uploading content their story can live on. The story of two men who simply love each other so much, in whatever form it may be, and have created such an amazing community through that.

I wanted to portray that in this video, although my video can’t do it justice.

Their friendship and how genuine it is shows through every video they make, and I strongly believe the book and tour will do the same.

I’m so proud of Dan and Phil. With everything they’ve made, and how far they’ve come.

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can you summarize the ep after its done? i wanna know what happens but not badly enough to find a download

sure. spoiler alerts for 3x09, obviously:

  • clarke is very sad but she pushes her feelings down again bc she’s the most selfless binch on the planet and this show doesn’t deserve her
  • clarke goes to see the natblidas before the conclave to ensure aden will still protect her people. he nods, saying “we all will”, and then all the nightbloods bow their heads to her. he then says, “it’s what lexa taught us. we loved her.”
  • the skyrats are being stupid again and want to execute kane, sinclair, and lincoln for some reason. idk i didn’t watch 3x08. i guess they went against pike. bellamy helps them escape for some reason but really octavia does all the work and bellamy just cries a lot. indra drags bellamys ass to next tuesday and bellamy cries again.
  • ontari kills all the nightblood children in their sleep because she’s a psycho bitch. clarke is so fuckin done with this shit
  • clarke goes to steal the flame (the commander’s chip) which is in an unguarded room for some reason. titus then finds her and stops her. he says “you killed [lexa]”. clarke just looks at this dude like what the fuc k. are u kidding me. u killed her u DICK. anyways,,, clarke’s like “dont hurt me binch lexa wants me alive” and titus is like ;/ u right but not before he chokes her a lil
  • clarke is like “anyways i’m gonna put the flame inside literally anyone but ontari” and titus is like “NO u need a nightblood but they’re all dead now except ontari lol” and clarke is like “???? if they’re so rare why do u make them kill each other” and then he chokes her again bc he doesn’t want to explain the plot hole
  • clarke is like “wait there’s another nightblood. my bae told me before she died right after we fuckt” and titus is like “ya she sucks tho lol she ran away so i aint givin her the flame” and clarke is like “pls” and titus is like “fine” so then he’s like “go find luna” and clarke is like “LUNA??? shit i know that binch!!! that’s lincoln’s friend!!!” and titus is like “cool beans so can u find her?” and clarke is like “hell yep” so titus is like “cool here’s the chip ur the flamekeeper now have fun” and clarke is like “??? ok that was easy nice” so she takes the chip and gets the fuck out
  • murphy and ontari flirt ?????
  • titus is taken as prisoner for giving clarke the flame but roan lets him live because “he’s the only flamekeeper we need him to put the chip in” and titus is like “nah bitch” and he slits his own throat “for lexa” (even tho he killed her bc he’s a dumbass)
  • ontari is like ??? ok? that’s cool beans and all but chip or no chip i’m still gonna be commander. and everyone is like oh :/ tru
  • ontari calls lexa a bitch which is honestly so unnecessary and rude like respect the dead please??
  • ontari is just generally a nasty bitch she killed a bunch of kiddos and then insulted the dead lesbian #unstanned
  • they burn lexa’s body and clarke can see the smoke rise up from polis and she looks longingly at the chip and cries again bc she misses lexa and i hate jason so much i’m gonna burn his house down
  • back in skyrat land pike is like “return the prisoners or i’m gonna kill all the grounders in captivity” and lincoln being the selfless angel he is sacrifices himself. pike puts a bullet thru his brain and it’s graphic and awful and he deserved better.
  • the end
Predictions: When/Where/How We Will  See Beth!

Okay, Bethyl shippers, listen up! (Or just keep reading.) I’m SUPER excited about this post and I needed to get it posted sooner rather than later because big things are happening for TD right now. As I said yesterday, I’ve been trying to write it since Sunday and I keep changing it and adding things because SO many things are coming together. If this theory is right, it not only brings together like seven major theories TD has been harping on for some time, but it also means we’ll see Beth in less than a month. *fingers crossed*

***I am going to talk about comic book spoilers in this post. We can already tell things won’t play out in the show as they do in the CBs but if you don’t want to know at all, don’t read. You’ve been warned. I’ll also mention some very mild filming spoilers.***

I’ve thought since the end of S6 that ep 7x06 would be about Beth bc of the Slabtown clock, right? Don’t worry, I still think that. But since she and Dawn are arguing about whether she can survive on the outside in that scene, I figured ep 6 would be all about that: Beth surviving on the outside.

But TWD loves its non-linear story-telling. Remember in season 5 when Daryl and Carol took off to look for Beth in episode 2, then Daryl returned, sans Carol in ep 3? But we didn’t even know if it was Carol with him until they showed us what happened in ep 6?

Yeah, they do that all the time to keep people watching. So I kind of figured Beth would show up before ep 6 and then ep 6 would be about her.

Last weekend, while talking with @thegloriouscollectorlady, I started wondering, what if ep 6 is NOT about Beth. What if it’s just about Tara? What would that mean?

Then I thought about episode 7. And the more I thought about it, the more likely it seemed that episode 7 might be all about Beth. Here’s my reasoning:

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Under the Dome 2x01: Heads will Roll


doodling. my tablet’s been acting a little funky so my linework’s kinda jerk-y, oops. i’m hoping i just need to replace my stylus battery.

uhhhh so, some karabita doodles- some misc out of context drawings from a really scribbled comic i did, soooome drawings of ichi n jyushi bc WOW the nii-san thing from last ep was so sweet and i love their friendship, annnnd shit boop

edit; added a doodle i forgot! chibita’s probably so used to being a protag from the ‘-kun’ shows he can pretty much recognize and steer clear of antics. usually. 

a few things that happened on this ep of penny dreadful
  • dorian grey played a lovely game of ping-pong
  • victor frankenstein was roundly mocked while attempting to buy lingerie
  • a girl tried with charming ineptitude to seduce a werewolf cowboy who thought she was a con woman when she was in fact a demon witch
  • this is the best show.