bc i love this show and it's eps

also, the great thing abt wtnv that im rediscovering is that it does not ever, ever let you forget that cecil is gay and it doesnt make his attraction to carlos into a gay joke. its funny, sometimes, but in a more honestly comedically written way. like “i fell in love instantly” is funny in its abruptness but not funny because its gay. u feel me??

im trying to say that the show establishes how cecil feels abt carlos from ep 1 and doesnt ever let u forget abt it or sweep it under the rug and i love it. every “carlos” is followed by “perfect carlos” or “handsome carlos” or “beautiful carlos” and it genuinely hits a point where its sweet and funny all at the same time and the joke is never the gay attraction itself.

so. thanks night vale for that really really good writing, especially bc i listened to some episodes in the car with my mom and she laughed the first time it came up and then realized it wasnt actually a gay joke but rather, actual good writing and i love seeing straight people thrown for a loop like that

me thinking about all the possibilities we can be given in ep 9 of yuri on ice


1.01 ‘Quantum Jump // 1.07 ‘Bold Guard & 1.08 ‘Able Archer’

yoi tag! feel free to reblog and answer these -

favourite episode : 10 bc im in fukcing tears its a wild ride aND VICTOR AND YUURI ARE GOING TO GET MARRIED

favourite character : every one of them hmm well victor nikiforov slightly more than others

favourite song : yuri on ice, partizan hope, in regards to love : agape, HISTORY MAKER AND YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE (obviously)

favourite ship : victuuri is a given, of course and i really love yurio x otabek and emil x michele

favourite scene : the whole show tbh but  if i had to choose, the kiss in ep in 7

favourite thing about the show :
how EVERY single character from minako to otabek have their own detailed stories and just the fact how groundbreakingly amazing it is

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hey, do you know of any non-seeso way i could watch MBMBAM? i unfortunately can't get seeso but i'd really love to watch the show bc it looks fantastic


i have copies of all the eps uploaded here! episode 3 is missing because it’s the rancho ep that was uploaded to the seeso yt page, just so u know. its probably a good idea for u to download them in case they get taken down in the future

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i rly loved miyo in the newest episode. she still stands as one of my favorite characters in the series. even after all that horrible drama, she still views kiku and sukeroku as her good friends. she recognizes the unfortunate situation theyd all got themselves into and she feels bad for it, and feels bad for abandoning konatsu. shes not redeemed, but shes aware and sorry for what she did. G O D i love sgrs and its characters

MIYOKICHI IS SO GOOD This was the ep that made me absolutely adore her even more, bc it showed the current miyokichi, not the miyo from 5000 yrs ago from Kiku’s POV

this was the first time we get to see her from our POV, and she grew and she’s so good augh

she knows she messed up but we all make mistakes, even really costly ones that could destroy lives and relationships


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god do you ever just... want to think of su ideas but what the show is giving you isnt enough?? like "ooh time to think about plot" when there's no indication on where its going? like we're surving on arc after arc there's nothing overarching i feel

yea???? holy shit like su feels really really aimless, which idk i guess its a thing that depends on taste but imo the show has always been kinda like that, with droplets of information every now and then that were really interesting but the way that it lacks to be compelling and with direction is really clear right now bc of how much its got hanging and how little else it has to itself.

when i first watched su i didnt really feel compelled to keep watching it imo. it was good and kinda cute but until fusion was revealed there wasnt anything that particularly made me feel ‘i cant wait for next weeks ep’, and i didnt Really love it till jailbreak. its kind of slice of life but its frustrating bc now theres so much more to anything and you cant really afford to ignore what just happened so you can watch ppl do nothing for 11 minutes every week

a few things that happened on this ep of penny dreadful
  • dorian grey played a lovely game of ping-pong
  • victor frankenstein was roundly mocked while attempting to buy lingerie
  • a girl tried with charming ineptitude to seduce a werewolf cowboy who thought she was a con woman when she was in fact a demon witch
  • this is the best show.