bc i love guitarists


The Marauders AU || Rock band  (x)

Prongs: Lead vocals
Padfoot: Drums
Moony: Bass
Wormtail: Guitar



Every now and then I try to tell you just how I feel
Heavens talk, the rain begins, the sky turns black
Nobody wins
Well, I try to talk but I can’t
My soul has turned to steel
This happens every now and then when I try to tell you just how I feel

This is @monochrome-kirkland‘s guitarist alfred! : ) I drew him for you bc I love him so much and also you’re so nice!!!

W/ lyrics and background and w/o lyrics and background. I don’t do backgrounds well but I figured since I drew it might as well post the version. This is also ahem, implied usuk. Artie’s probs sitting in the audience blushin.