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Hello! I'm new to seventeen, and I really want to be part of this Fandom, but I honestly don't know how. I've been following your since a long time and I fell in love with seventeen! I really want to know about them. What should I do? Thanks for reading this~

ahh! i’m so glad ur interested in checking out our boys!! idk if you’re used to large groups like svt, but if you aren’t, then learning to attach names to faces can be pretty tough. luckily, svt is split up into 3 different “units” so it’s a bit easier. i hope it’s okay i use @shua​’s fantastic gifs to introduce the boys:

so this is hip hop unit, aka the rappers of the group, although they aren’t bad at singing either. in order from left to right, top to bottom, we get:

  • mingyu: ridiculously tall and ridiculously handsome, and if anyone knows me they know i want to fight him in a tim hortons parking lot. in truth, he’s a really sweet dorky guy, and whatever you do don’t give him something or he’ll drop it.
  • s.coups or seungcheol: leader of hip hop unit and overall leader of svt. has the unique ability to be both a friend and a respected leader. that all flies out the window once anything remotely competitive happens and suddenly he’s out for blood.
  • wonwoo: the designated Deep Voiced Rapper of the group and a total bookworm. he was pretty calm and quiet when they first debuted but has rapidly become more and more insane as time goes on.
  • vernon or hansol: he’s mixed (korean father, white mother) and has a plethora of embarrassing videos of him as a kid you can find on the internet. ridiculously chill but can be extra as fuck when he wants to be.

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and here is vocal unit, the singers! from left to right, we have:

  • jeonghan: a cheater, a swindler, a mastermind, and also the most genuinely caring, nurturing person you’ll ever meet. he used to have super long hair, and when he cut it short again the entire fandom basically lost its shit.
  • woozi or jihoon: THE LOVE OF MY LIFE not only is he the leader of the vocal unit, but he’s also talented and intense and composes all their music. if an introverted, awkward, acerbic cat was a person, that cat would be lee jihoon.
  • joshua or jisoo: originally from LA, he used to be the sweet gentleman guy before he revealed himself to be wild and dorky as all hell. if he went to college, i’m pretty sure he’d be the guy playing the guitar at parties. you know who i’m talking about.
  • seungkwan: one of the main singers. outgoing, great at comedy and variety, talented as fuck, and ridiculously soft-hearted. loves his mother to hell and back and so far has cried over every award/music show they’ve won.
  • dk or dokyeom or seokmin: the other main singer and literally a physical embodiment of pure sunshine. his smile has been scientifically proven to banish negativity within a 50ft radius. he’s Soft and Must Be Protected. also those thighs, holy shit, those thighs.

and finally, performance unit! they are the main dancers and will kill you with their moves. from left to right, top to bottom, we have:

  • dino or chan: the talented maknae of the group. his parents own a dancing studio and he looks up to michael jackson. ridiculously responsible and mature for his age, but the other members prefer to keep treating him like a baby.
  • jun or junhui: one of the chinese members. he used to be a child actor and is basically Perfection. a really sweet and supportive mom friend, but whatever you do don’t try and argue that he’s not hot shit bc he will 100% try to prove you wrong immediately.
  • the8 or minghao: the other chinese member and has crazy b-boying skills & can do flips and shit that basically give me a heart attack. he used to be pretty quiet because he wasn’t used to the language yet, but has since become a Roasting Champion.
  • hoshi or soonyoung: the leader of performance unit and the one who creates most of the group’s choreography. imaginative, energetic, focused, serious when he needs to be, and in general has absolutely no chill. like. at all.

and that’s all the members! what i recommend is to start watching their shows to help you get comfortable with them and get to know their personalities. i recommend watching in order:

  • 17 project: detailing their challenges and tasks up to their debut with adore u, here you get to meet baby!svt and see how hard they’ve worked to gain fans, improve their abilities, and come out as a new group. expect lots of tears.
  • one fine day: set roughly in between mansae and pretty u era, watch svt get thrown onto an island, learn to fish, beg for food, and nearly starve to death if it wasn’t for mingyu. i’m completely serious. that’s the whole show.
  • one fine day in japan: set after boom boom era and only just finished! it’s one fine day season 2, except now they’re chilling in akita, japan, where they frolick in the snow, struggle with the language, eat good food, and engage in the most heated, intense rivalry the world has ever seen. 

there’s also 17tv, back when they were trainees. it’s hard to really watch it all these days, but you can find english subbed video clips on youtube of baby!baby!svt messing around in practice rooms and (usually) being Gay As Fuck with each other. trust me, this is where half the shipping comes from.

and there’s plenty else i’m sure you can find, but this is how you can really get into them! also make sure to check out their music videos, albums, etc. etc. every fandom has their issues, but the svt fandom is in general a pretty great place with lots of cool ppl!!!

A few things to keep in mind as an Army:

-The boys are all extremely excited about these new songs, so they would appreciate your full support of their hard work.

-THE BOYS THEMSELVES CHOOSE WHO GETS LINES. Mostly, anyway. Stop getting angry with maknae line for getting more lines than Hoseok (or targeting Jungkook specifically, bc he already was catching shit for getting a lot of lines even before this comeback). Those boys love each other so much. Do you really think they would make it a situation of “stealing lines”? Do you really think Jeon Jungkook would flip his hair and say “Yes I think I deserve these lines because I’m the best one here”? They probably thought long and hard about line distribution and had a good reason for deciding on Hoseok not having any lines. For all we know, Hoseok could have felt like his voice didn’t fit the song as well as the others. They could have not had a choice. WE DONT KNOW AND WE NEVER WILL SO JUST BE MATURE AND WORK THROUGH YOUR DISAPPOINTMENT RESPECTFULLY.

-THIS IS NOT TO SAY BEING DISAPPOINTED WITH HOSEOK’S LACK OF LINES IS BAD OR INVALID. If you’re disappointed, that’s fine. But BE MATURE and stop bashing the others who had more lines than him. It’s rude and immature and probably causes tension between the members, just as much if not MORE than reading all the gross and sexual comments on their YouTube and twitter updates.

-I think a lot of people forget that Jungkook is actually the main vocalist and therefore it makes sense for him to have a larger portion of lines.

-I know it’s weird to think, but Bangtan is literally made up of grown men. Yes they’re young adults, but they’re adults nonetheless. They know better than anyone what goes into their job, and they can sort through it with the support of each other and the support (not hissy fits and rage filled messages) from Army. They’re stronger than many of us give them credit for.

-There is no “Hyung line” and “Maknae line”. There is so division between those boys other than the fact that hyung line is older. Stop working so hard to make inter-fandom-warfare a thing. We have enough fandoms against us as is. Be mature and realize that Bangtan is a GROUP of seven INDIVIDUALS that deserve respect. All. seven. of them. Deserve. Respect.

-Bangtan Sonyeondan is allowed to explore music styles. Having a different sound that they did when they debuted is a GOOD THING. It means that they’re growing as people and artists. They have more creative control with their music than they did then, which means they’re working together to make it fit their personal tastes.

-Spreading negativity isn’t the way to bring justice to something you think is an issue. To the boys, if they dug around and read comments (which we know they do), it more than likely seems as if a large portion of Army aren’t enjoying the comeback because of one reason or another because of all the negativity being spread. The truth of the matter is: IT DOESNT MATTER HOW GOOD YOUR INTENTIONS ARE IF YOURE HURTING SOMEONE ELSE IN THE PROCESS. Whether it be another Army or one of the boys.

-You don’t have to love all of their music. You don’t have to love every concept or music video. And you don’t have to know every single detail about them to be a “true Army”. What makes you a true Army is respecting ALL SEVEN of those boys and all of their decisions. Musical or personal.


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I mean no disrespect to you or your anons, but can I just say something that will probably come off bad and I don't mean for it to! But Louis was traveling around a lot last year, partying himself, while his mom was sick. In fact, publicly, he was out of the UK more than he was in it. I think Harry was actually there (and in London a good deal of the time Jay was hospitalized there) more than Louis was. We don't know how often Louis and Harry were together, either. Especially in Jamaica. 1/2

2/2 I lost my dad to cancer and during the year we were dealing with it, he and everyone else were always encouraging me and my sister to go out and do things. We actually had to be forced out of his room to go do something as mundane as shopping. We took a trip, too, for a week, and it was the best thing bc we came back ready to do what we needed to do. Anyway, I just don’t think it’s fair to say Harry wasn’t thinking about Louis or Jay because truthfully, we don’t know what was going on.

I am sorry you lost your father, anon.

But I think you’re missing a lot of context here, and not really considering it in this message.

First, the point of my post about Jamaica, which, as I said repeatedly, was about how the only fandom head canons I ever saw related to Louis supporting Harry. Never the other way around. That was a critique over the fandom, not what Louis and Harry actually did, which we have no way of knowing, and which I make no judgment on, as I said in the post.

Second, it’s hard to compare the public sightings of Harry and Louis. We barely have any public sightings of Harry last year, and he claims he was in Jamaica for those two months privately.

On the flip side, many of Louis’ public sightings were strangely dated. Remember all of the weird hair length stuff while doing Calabasas Commons walks? On top of that, since Louis was the one with the secretly sick mother in the UK and a public newborn in LA, it completely makes sense for him to be public everywhere but the UK. It helped protect his family from this fucking invasive fandom. By being public elsewhere, all sides of the fandom were able to focus on (and argue over) babygate. Had he been publicly seen in the UK, especially near a hospital, the fandom would’ve gone crazy. This applies to his sisters, too.

So in this case, Louis being seen not in the UK, and especially looking like he was doing fun things, makes sense. That negates your entire first point, in my opinion. Louis not being seen in the UK protected his family and his privacy. Good for him!

Third, for many Larries, it’s not Jamaica alone that annoys them. It’s the fact that Harry got a bee (babygate isn’t over), that Louis’ warning selfies now seem to be Harry-related solo shit selfies, that the 28 is now all about Harry. The Louis tweet, the follow of the guy with the gross video, the rainbow pin, etc is starting to feel like clear baiting to a lot of people. That, combined with the fact that Harry quit with all of the subversive tweets, etc last year while Louis was in the thick of babygate–that Harry seemed to get to forget about Larry and Larries for a year, until it was time to make money–leaves a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths.

(I also know we don’t know why Harry stopped with the public subversion. Maybe Louis asked him to. We don’t know. But we can only judge based on our limited info. And it seems like he is using Larries for money.)

And because of that holistic context, a lot of people are upset at gifs of Harry drunk as fuck in Jamaica, using the fact that he’s carefree and privileged enough to jaunt off to an island, to sell his solo career. It’s just one more way, for a lot of people, that Harry gets the world while Louis gets shit.

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If you don't mind my asking, what tropes did d////l give Lance that had lasting effects? I didn't bother reading it after I saw Lance's message name be "president taquito" bc like as a latina i don't fuck with that ya feel? I'm always interested in your opinions in these types of things bc we are p similar!

lmao oh trust, i totally feel you on that. i read that and i was like… you guys really didnt see a problem with a white girl writing this fic until chapter 9?? really??? BUT, topic for another day!! i’m gonna try and remember some of it because it’s been a while, but

  • his last name being sanchez for one thing. at the time, nobody knew he was cuban, but even after the reveal he was, the author never even bothered to change that bc she did ‘supposedly’ edit the fic after criticism. but sanchez is still such a popularly used name for lance even tho it’s not a good cuban last name at all.
  • the family dynamics in that fic oh my god
    • basically lance has a big family in canon, we know this. but that doesnt automatically mean everyone in that pic is lances siblings. they could be aunts, uncles, cousins, w/e. and im pretty sure this fic gave lance like 6-7 siblings?? anyway legit when you find a Bad Fic it always has the lots of siblings, big family, things like that
    • the really traditional/homophobic relatives. i still don’t see fics where any of the other characters besides lance deal with homophobic rhetoric from their family besides lance’s even today. legit read this fic maybe not even a month or two ago where it ended with lance getting a broken arm from his dad for being in a relationship with keith.
      • just the demonization of lance’s dad in general is a pretty common trope, altho idk if that has to do with dl or not. it’s just common, but it could stem from that.
      • also the teenage pregnancy thing with the sister. like…. anyways.
      • (i.e. like pidge’s family is legit the typical nuclear family, but no one makes them homophobic to her or anything like that. i wonder why)
    • all the fucking la chancla jokes. luckily i dont see this anymore in fics, but back when i first joined the fandom there were so many memes and fanarts abt lance getting la chancla (from allura usually…. i wonder why…..) it was gross
    • lance only listening to gasolina/shakira. its still a popular trope i wanna die.
  • lance being really aggressive, keith being really passive. 
    • this is still really common in fics and i dont know why??  its a flip, you either get aggressive lance or aggressive keith in most fics, but dirty l@undry really took the cake with reinforcing aggressive lance. they make lance really mean/hateful/cruel to keith instead of the actual bickering in the show. idk if he was sexually aggressive like a lot of other fics make him, but he was definitely a big asshole to keith in this fic.
  • they gave lance a pet chicken. a pet chicken. 
    • i remember there was a slight surge of those types of fics where lance would have real like farm based animals as pets and im like…. uhhhh… okay lmao

some of these like.. had worse impacts than others (i.e. the family stuff mostly. especially with the homophobia and bad latino dad tropes. and lance being demonized and made to look more aggressive than he is in canon most def) but all of these legit like… really inspired and created a lot of Bad Fics afterwards and a lot of bad art/hcs on tumblr too blaghhhh

I saw this post a while back about how characterizing Hunk as a big beautiful lover is great and all, but it’s also super one-dimensional and neglects the complexity that Hunk deserves (that I don’t feel like he’s getting from the fandom OR the actual show but wtv). So, here are some Hunk headcannons that don’t have anything to do with him being super nice, or into food:

  • One thing that’s pretty cannon is that Hunk is very scared, and has a lot of anxiety. He’s afraid of being hurt, of hurting or failing others, and seemingly his first instinct is to run from conflict (though he fights through this fear, and was given some character development on this front in s1)
    • imagine how afraid he must be before every fight. every time he goes out in ol yellow he’s gotta psych himself up bc he’s scared and he doesn’t want to do this and it isn’t fair he’s just a teenager he shouldn’t be saving the universe he just wants to go home and be with his family. and every time he’s gotta be like no, this is for the greater good, we’ve gotta help these people bc nobody else can. I’ve got to do this. I have to. Or I’ll never be able to live with myself.
  • we’ve all pretty much accepted that Hunk is 100% there for Lance and all his bullshit, but what about Lance being there for Hunk? What about Lance being there for Hunk when no one listens to him at the Garrison bc he’s “just an engineer” and pidge is kind of show-offy about their intelligence and lance is kind of a dingus but at least he’s charismatic and has a lot of friends.
    • He gets so angry. He has valid input! He’s a member of the team! Just because he gets scared and nauseous on the simulator doesn’t mean that people should just ignore him! Imagine Hunk and Lance in their dorm, Hunk pacing and yelling about how their instructors won’t call on him bc they think he’s some kind of joke but he KNOWS what he’s talking about! He fucking KNOWS! and Lance just kind of sitting there being like “yeah man I’m really sorry. yeah you’re right. shit that sucks” until Hunk finally burns himself out.
  • what about a Hunk that gets tired of the team taking advantage of his nice-ness? What about the team asking Hunk for favors–can you help me fix this robot–hunk can I talk to you about something personal for a sec?–Hunk, train with me I want to practice dealing with automatic weapons–Hunk can you try to make this for dinner some time? we don’t have any of the ingredients? do you know where we could find them?–Hunk you’re not busy are you? we need to give the lions a touch-up on their protective coating and everyone else is busy–
    • and he just flips. out. he disappears for like 6 hours. no one can find him. It’s shiro who finds him in the end, he’s huddled up in Yellow seemingly talking to himself–though he’s really venting to Yellow, who rumbles a purr in understanding every few minutes. Shiro asks him what’s wrong, Hunk explains and Shiro apologizes but tbh Hunk is still kind of bitter about it.
    • Just because he doesn’t complain about helping them, doesn’t mean it doesn’t inconvience him. Just because he always agrees to help doesn’t mean that he always wants to, or that it’s not interrupting shit that he should be doing.
  • he gets tired. he gets tired of helping people (even his team mates) and saving planets. he gets into a funk every so often bc he just needs a minute to recharge to really rest his his body AND his mind AND basically his will to be a big ball of sunshine like his team expects.
    • nobody on the team really knows what to do when this happens. they can’t really take a break? it’s not like they can just stop helping the people the come across. and Hunk won’t really talk to them about it, bc he still wants to be that guy, though they all understand. they want to stick around and help, but Hunk seems to want to be alone, so they mostly just leave him to himself, try to give him as much space as they can
    • Lance, though, comes up with Movie Night. it took a while to put together, Lance asked Coran and Allura about Altean movies and they showed him some but he was like…no. So what he wound up doing was reenacting the entirety of Mean Girls (the script of which he practically knows by heart) with the help of team voltron INCLUDING ALLURA AND A VERY ENTHUSIASTIC CORAN (if somebody wants to assign team voltron to various parts in Mean Girls I’m not going to stop you)
    • Hunk didn’t know ANYTHING about it (despite the team carrying around the script Lance wrote for them and rehearsing for a solid WEEK) and he honestly cried a little at the end bc he didn’t know how to thank them for doing so much to show that they cared about him

so yeah. Hunk should be more than just Good Guy™, or a fat dude who loves food, or a cinnamon roll too good too pure. He’s a person with flaws and faults and problems and just bc we love him and see all the good and wonderful things about him doesn’t mean that we should ignore his faults, or not allow him to have them.

this is important okay
  • This is gonna be some long ass speech talking about mainly Jack and Roger, but I feel its important for the fandom to understand this. I don't know if I consider this something that is based on opinion or what, but it's important, and maybe you'll look at Roger and Jack differently.<p/><b></b> Among the characters, they seem to range on a spectrum. One end is the "good" end, while the other is the "bad" end. A lot of people view as Simon being the most/major/#1 "good" character; he's the purest, most innocent... No character is as good as Simon. Which, I think that's safe to say that it's a fact. On the other end, the "bad" end, the majority of people say Roger is the evilest. No one is as evil as Roger, and no one is as good as Simon. The other characters are thrown in somewhere between Simon and Roger, debating and showing their "goodness".<p/><b></b> However, I beg to differ.<p/><b></b> I 100% agree that Simon is the purest character. Like mentioned before, It's fact that he is.<p/><b></b> But I disagree with Roger being the worst. I personally think it's Jack.<p/><b></b> Now, the majority of you will flip out, defending your ginger cinnamon bun, and I know your number one cause for reasoning that Roger is the worst is because, "he killed Piggy!"<p/><b></b> Just hear me out.<p/><b></b> When I look at Roger and Jack, I see Jack as "the person pulling the strings" while Roger is a puppet.<p/><b></b> Think about that. Jack is the LEADER of the savages. Roger is just a follower. He could be some sort of second in command, maybe, but who's leader? Jack.<p/><b></b> Roger does Jack's dirty work. Why? Because Jack hung around Roger <i>even though Roger didn't want to be around him</i> and it ended up being a bad influence on Roger.<p/><b></b> Also, who declared from the beginning that his choir boys would be hunters?<p/><b></b> Exactly.<p/><b></b> Roger's part of the choir (I don't know if it was directly stated, but I think its safe to assume he was) and really didn't have a say if he were to be a hunter or not. Maybe Roger did want to be a hunter, or maybe he literally didn't give a shit about hunting.<p/><b></b> Now, Roger (and this goes for Jack too) had traits that weren't exactly the best, but didn't make them bad people. Maybe they could be called mean (which I even think would be a bit overboard) but they weren't bad people. The longer Jack was on the island, the more the bad traits were strengthened, turning him into a bad person. <p/><b></b> For Roger, remember that point in the book where he was throwing rocks at littluns and he thought about hitting them and <b>knew</b> he could, but didn't and just threw the rocks around them? I don't know about you, but when I hear of that, I see Roger as having a bit of good in him, and it's battling at the bad traits, and eventually, the good overpowers the bad. That bad being, small urges to hurt someone, which, if we're being honest here, that's just something most twelve year old boys do, like playing rough with their friends. But even if we were to put that fact aside, it still didn't make him a bad person. However, when Roger had to be around Jack, since Jack was a bad person, it brought out the bad in Roger. It strengthened it to the point where it overcame the good, and those small urges and desires to hurt people that Roger had before became larger and larger to the point where he actually committed those sorts of crimes. But Jack ruling the hunters from the very beginning made a bad influence on Roger, since he was told to hunt, wear the face paint, ect (even though, Roger seemed like at the beginning he didnt want to be around Jack and didnt like him, and only followed him because he HAD to) and him being one of the hunters had to listen to Jack, and eventually the things Jack made Roger do strengthened the bad in Roger. This then caused Roger to, one, think Jack was a good leader, two, kill Piggy, and three, overall become one of the worst savages. You've got no one but Jack to thank for that. He practically got into Roger's head. Manipulated him. See how it relates to a puppet? Jack commands Roger, and he must follow; Jack pulls the strings. Roger's a puppet. This doesn't just go for Roger, either, this relates to all the other boys (mainly hunters); Maurice, Bill, Robert, ect. But it influenced Roger the most.<p/><b></b> Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm right. I guess it's on how you view it. I'm not saying we should stop and call Roger a good person, but I just personally believe he's judged too harshly.<p/><b></b> *watches as people break out into a riot and hate*
Skype - Calum Hood x (Male) Reader

[ original written by @5sos-dreaming ]

[boy x boy]

Your phone buzzed beside you and you groaned before rolling over and taking it in your hands; your face immediately lit up as you saw that it came from Calum and you excitedly opened it to see what he was up too.

“Skype? Xx”

Your smile grew wider and you immediately turned your computer on to see that he was already online. A sound emerged from your laptop and you answered the video call before turning around and adjusting the pillows behind your back.

“Hey bab-“ you started as you turned back around and stopped as soon as you looked at the screen; you expected to see his cute little squishy face and but you were greeted by the sight of a painful-looking erection covered by the thin material of his boxers.

“Oh” you let out as you really didn’t expect something like that; “Always the romantic, Calum, I missed you too” you added sarcastically as he still hadn’t said a thing.

“Well you know how it is: I start thinking about you and then …” he said but you lifted your hand up to indicate that you knew what he meant and didn’t need to hear it.

“Can you… Can we… you know?” he said and you smirked at how desperate he sounded.

“Hmm I don’t know, baby… It’s pretty late here, I was actually going to go to bed…” you teased and you heard him growl.

“don’t make me beg” he said harshly before bringing a hand to his bulge and palming himself slowly.

This was a view he knew you couldn’t handle; he knew it made you crazy to see him pleasure himself and he knew you’d instantly get turned on. You removed your t-shirt without a word, teasingly exposing your black briefs that were begging to become a little too tight. You heard him struggle to breathe properly. “Shit, I wasn’t expecting that” he commented before slipping his hand under the elastic of his underwear.

You could see his movements through the fabric and you watched his abs tensed as he wrapped his hand around his shaft, roughly pumping the base before running his thumb on his tip. You were beginning to become more and more frustrated.

“Calum, I swear if you don’t take that off right now, I’m just going to end that call and let you take care of yourself without me” you muttered as your own hand started to rub over your bulge.

“Ah alright, alright…” he sighed before quickly getting rid of his boxers and exposing his rock hard member to you. “Mmm… shit” you moaned at the sight itself; you started to palm yourself through your underwear and closed your eyes for a second to enjoy the pleasure running through your body.

“Tss, tss; keep your eyes open, baby boy. Look at me, look at how hard I am for you… Ah shit even when you’re not here… Let me see, let me see what you’re doing” he asked and you thought about it for a second before lowering the angle of the camera so that he could see everything you were doing.

“Nice boxers… But they are not what I need to see right now” he commented as he grabbed his cock again; “come on, baby; take them off” he almost begged and you slowly hooked your fingers into the waistband of your underwear and slid them down your legs.

"Fuck” he cussed as he finally got a glimpse of your hard member, "shit, baby” he shuddered “let me see that pretty little ass.” You obediently rolled onto your stomach, facing away from the laptop and propping yourself up on your knees to show your boyfriend exactly what he wanted. You smirked when you heard him groan deeply, knowing the effect you had on him and loving it.

“Such a pretty ass. Spread yourself for me baby boy.” He commanded and you complied, letting out a loud whimper “wider, please baby. Ah fuck I’m so hard” he breathed.

"Shit.” You whispered, wishing he was there to fuck you until you were trembling at his every touch.

“I want you put your fingers in your mouth, kitten. Get them nice and wet for me.” he hummed and again, you did as told. “Good boy, now I want to see you finger yourself, baby.”

“God, I wish you were just here…” you moaned as you slid single finger past your entrance, "I-I miss having you throbbing in my mouth” you admitted as you started to pump your digit in and out.

"Shit, baby… What else? What else would y-you do?” he asked as he moved his hand up and down at a fast pace.

“I- Calum… You know what I’d do… I’d lift my hand up and gently squeeze your balls before rolling them in my palm … And I’d suck hard on your tip just how you like it… I’d guide your hands to my hair as they would be tight in a fist by your side. And then I’d deep throat you… and right when you’d be about to come I’d-I’d just focus on your tip and all the while I’d be playing with your balls… Shit I love the way your thighs tense when I do that.” You said but you weren’t even sure he heard you anymore as his moans became really loud.

“Fuck, baby… I’m so close… ” he growled as he literally fucked himself with his own hand; “Ah baby… a second finger… you need another finger; and bring your other hand to your cock, do it the way I would… You know I wouldn’t let you breathe at all, I’d go so fast you wouldn’t be able to say anything but my name… yeah just like that, god!” he instructed as you followed his orders, flipping back onto your back as you wanted to see him when he came.

The sensation was incredible and you imagined it was Calum’s fingers and not yours caressing all the right places like that.

"I can’t wait to be home” he breathlessly let out as you saw his left hand grab the sheet tightly beside him.

"I-I’m close” you stated as you curled your fingers up and moved your hips around to hit your prostate, "Calum” you moaned and his hand started to move faster around him.

“Shit yes” he said and his abs contracted violently as you heard him cry; “fuck, (Y/N)” he moaned before releasing on his stomach and torso.

You roughly curved your fingers again and your hips spasmed as you came loudly, streaks of white staining you chest and stomach, his name leaving your lips multiple times as your walls clenched around your small fingers.

"Oh my god- Cal!” you called and you heard a deep groan as you let the last wave of pleasure take over your body.

“That was so hot…” he lazily commented before moving his laptop so that you could finally properly see him; he had his post-orgasm face on and that alone made you horny all over again. You did the same and smiled shyly at him before arranging your hair as it got messy in the process.

"I can’t wait for you to come home” you told him and he smiled at you lovingly.

“Me neither” he answered before yawning, “speaking of which… I’m coming home in two weeks…” he started and you raised an eyebrow at him.

"I didn’t forget Calum; I’m counting down the hours” you said and he chuckled before running a hand through his fluffy hair.

"I just… I want this to be the last time we touch ourselves before we see each other again.” he added, looking directly at the camera so that it felt like he was looking at you in the eyes.

“Why?” you breathed out as he smirked; “I want you desperate and needy when I get home. God, I have so much in mind” he answered as you parted your lips. “Okay?” he asked to make sure and you nodded as you bit your lip, “good, I’ll call you tomorrow, you need to go to sleep, my little prince” he said before blowing you a kiss and you giggled at his gesture

"god, this is going to be hard” you whisper before ending the call.

ok so I would tell you that you could request something if you want but my ask box is being weird soooooo that’s not gonna happen rn but I hope u horny lil shits enjoyed this little gender change smut thing and I might make more bc a lot of boy/nb fans (basically all fans that aren’t girls) don’t get enough representation in this fandom so I’m gonna start doing queer blurbs and imagines and smuts and shit like that so stay tuned

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y not just put all ur smut on it?

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That’s it for now, and I’m totally kicking myself in the ass for not tagging my original content posts, bc that took forever. Anyway, there should be a new edit out tonight. Love you guys. xx

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Speaking as someone with mostly casual knowledge of the TF fandom, what WAS BotCon 96 like?

Hooooooooo doggies. This will not be short. This will be a multi-screen read. In fact, to spare folks’ dashes, I’ll put in a “Read More”. But anyone who has even a passing interest in How Not To Run A Convention, please read on.

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Romance Me

Title: Romance Me

Anonymous asked: So Jerome and Reader broke up months ago bc reader wanted Jerome to be more romantic and stuff but he wasnt. So Reader started fucking w another villain (u can invent his name or identity). One night, after fucking w her new lover, reader went downstairs to open the door so he could leave but when she came back to her room jerome was there. He started asking question and making sarcatic comments like “So you replace me for that?” “Tell me u didnt let him come inside you” He was jealous. ½ oh im the anon that send the prompt in two messages about jerome and reader breaking up and that she tells jerome that her new lover has a bigger dick. i want to make clear that THAT was a lie just to make jerome angry. so i want him to ask her while fucking “so gorgeous who has the bigger dick in gotham? and dont lie this time” and reader, while moaning, says that his cock is the biggest :) so yeah thats it <3 the other part was that when she noticies he’s jealous she says her new lover has a bigger dick and jerome is so angry and jealous but he laughs and says'oh gorgeous dont lie to me and yourself, i bet he cant make u cum’ and he kisses her and they fuck rough, and a lot of dirty talk bc jerome makes her say how much she loves his big cock. at the end they r both laying in bed,and jerome gives her a rose he brough for her bc he wants to be more romantic for reader bc he loves her but wont admit it

Fandom: Gotham

Pairing: Jerome x Reader

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A/N: Well, tbh I’m not completely satisfied with this. I might write a part two of this anyway, bc I think it’s incomplete, but it would be really nice if you told me what you think about this one :3 
In other new, I GOT MY FIRST ACCEPTANCE LETTER FROM A UNIVERSITY THIS WEEK SO I’M PUMPED!! This also means I gotta save a lot of money though :(
Anyway, I enjoy!

Fandom: The Walking Dead

Pairing: Daryl Dixon x Reader

Warnings: Swearing?

The hot sun of Georgia was burning on your back as you walked, tagging along behind the group. There was no destination of your journey; the only goal was to stay alive. You’d all found each other again after the downfall of the prison and the Terminus incident. You were relieved that you had a group again, but on the other hand you were also a bit worried. You’d been doing just fine on your own, and if you got to close to these people you knew you would just get hurt. Eventually all of them would die.

That was also the reason why you had no close ties to the people of your group. You’d been with them for over a year now, but whenever one of them had tried to bond with you, you had pushed them away. You just couldn’t afford to get too close. The only person you allowed near you was your best friend, Tina, who you’d known since your childhood.

That strategy had worked out for you so far, but after all the turmoil and betrayal you knew people were starting to doubt you. Especially Daryl had been throwing you suspicious glances lately. You knew he just wanted to protect his family, but you couldn’t help but feel slightly hurt at the mistrust he felt for you. Not that you couldn’t understand his motives.

Especially now, that you were trudging through the wilderness, the tension rose with every step. Daryl didn’t even try to hide his angry looks anymore, and from time to time one of the others would turn around and glance at you questioningly. You shrugged their eyes off as if it didn’t bother you, but deep inside you knew it couldn’t go on like this.

It turned out you were right with that assumption. At nightfall the group had found a little clearing, where you’d set up camp. A fire was built and Carol and Rick started to set up everything for dinner. You and Tina set down a bit apart from everyone else, sharing the last bit of your water supply for the day.

“I ain’t gonna stay silent about this any longer!” Daryl suddenly piped up.

Everybody looked up, frowning at the outbreak of the usually silent hunter.

“I know I’m not the only one thinking this. (y/n), why are you such a bitch to everyone? You don’t seem to like anyone in this group, except for Tina, so why don’t the two of you fuck off and do your own thing? Would be better for everyone involved!”

You were a bit startled at this open confrontation, but you weren’t about to give in in front of the entire group.

“I’ve got my motives, Dixon! Now, what do you expect me to do, anyway? Do you want me to have a cuddle-fest with everyone in the group?” You stood up and opened your arms. “Go ahead, if you want a hug come and get it!”

Daryl scoffed, while Tina rolled her eyes and patted your back. Nervous chuckles echoed over the clearing, but you knew Daryl had struck a nerve.

“Fuck off.” The hunter retorted, flipping you off. “Nobody expects you to cuddle anyone. But would it really hurt you that much to talk to people?”

“He’s right!” Tina chimed in. “I mean, these are nice people, (y/n), but you only ever stay with me. What’s up with that?”

Surprised you turned towards your best friend, betrayal burning like acid through your stomach.

“You’re on his side?”

Guilt flashed over her face, but she bit her lip and nodded, avoiding your gaze.

You sighed and sat back down, wrapping your arms around your knees. Biting your lip you shook your head, trying to keep a clear head.

“To answer your question Daryl: Yes, it would hurt me to talk to any of you. I intend to survive this shitstorm, but we all know there will be many casualties before this is over. It’s better not to get too close…” You sighed, scanning the faces of the group with your eyes. When you found nothing but disbelief and shock you went on. “I mean, I’m sure y’all are amazing people…I just don’t wanna find out, you know? The more I know about any of you, the more it’ll hurt when you’re gone.”

For a while there was silence, until Michonne stood up, shuffling her feet awkwardly.

“I thought the same way as you a while ago. But… you can’t make it without people anymore, you know. You say you wanna survive, but do you want to give up living for that cause? You need people… We all need people to remind us of our own humanity.” She was silent for a while. “As someone once told me: “When you care about people, hurt is kinda part of the package.” But that shouldn’t stop anyone from caring, because once you stop … there is no going back.”

You frowned, thinking about her words.

“She’s right.” Daryl spoke up, surprising everyone. “I thought I could protect myself, survive on my own. But you just can’t anymore.” He shrugged. “Getting hurt is inevitable.”

You sighed, throwing a glance at Tina through the corners of your eyes. She nodded encouragingly, nudging you with her shoulder. You rolled your eyes and threw your hands up in defence.

“Alright, Alright. Y’all convinced me with your hippie-shit. I’ll stop being a bitch. Satisfied?”

“Barely.” Rick nodded, a smirk playing around his lips. “But for now it’ll be enough.”

The next morning, when you were up and walking again, you made an effort to be extra-nice to everyone. You talked to them, finding out a little bit about their backstory. As much as you hated to admit it, it felt good to joke around and laugh with everybody. The only one you didn’t dare talking to was Daryl, but you saw him glancing at you from time to time, amusement and satisfaction shimmering in his gaze.

Truth be told, he was exactly your type. He was lean and muscular, and clearly something you would’ve called a typical “Bad Boy” back when things had been normal. Back in the day, you probably would’ve been all over him. Not that you had had any interest in relationships – they had been way too complicated and painful in your experience. But you didn’t have anything against casual sex and Daryl would have been the perfect affair material for the old you. Of course, nowadays, an affair was not the first thing on your mind. You saw Daryl every single day. Even if you tried to keep things strictly physical, you wouldn’t be able to keep emotions out of the deal. 

“So how long do you wanna keep avoiding me?”

You startled and almost tripped over the root of a tree. Daryl watched you in amusement, while you mustered him with your best bitch-face, rolling your eyes.

“I wasn’t avoiding you.” You defended yourself, even though he was right. “I was just doing what you wanted me to: Playing best buddies with the rest of the group.”

“Except for me.”

“Well, you’re not exactly Mr. Social yourself, so stop criticising me!”

He rolled his eyes.

“Alright, alright. Stop being so defensive, I’m trying to play nice here.”

You let out a huff of air and shrugged.

“Okay. Thank you , I guess.”

He scoffed. For a while you trudged through the undergrowth in silence. You didn’t really know what to say. Daryl didn’t seem to be the type to joke around with, like you had done with the others. But you guessed that since he approached you, he had something to say and that eventually he would talk. For now you were content with walking and minding your own business.

“You know I get why you were such a bitch.” Daryl finally muttered. “I really do. Hell, I used to be the same. But you’ll realise, over time, that closing off isn’t the solution. You’ll just end up hurting yourself.”

You raised your eyebrow, not really knowing what to say. You weren’t even sure if he wanted an answer or if he just needed to talk to someone. Daryl scoffed again and shrugged, his crossbow dangling against his back with the motion.

“I don’t even know why I’m talking to you about this. But when I saw you again… something about you told me. I knew you were the same as I was. And I couldn’t just watch while you were digging your own grave. Plus, the group can’t afford any ego-trips right now. We have to stick together, you know.”

You let out a sigh and nodded.

“Don’t worry. I get why you did this, I do. It’s just… I’m not sure if I’m doing the right thing by listening to you.”

Daryl shrugged. “Can’t be sure of anything nowadays. You’ll just have to try. I can’t promise you it’ll all turn out okay, but I think I can say it’ll turn out better than if you keep to yourself.”


Again there was silence for a while, until Glenn proposed to stop for a while, eat a quick snack and relax for a minute. After the group had made sure the surrounding area was clear of walkers, you sat down and rummaged through your backpack for a can of beans. Your search was unsuccessful, and you were just about to turn to Tina to ask if she had packed your provisions, when a hand appeared in front of your face, holding your food. You looked up, only to see Daryl grinning down at you.

“See. You forgot to pack your lunch. Now imagine what would’ve happened if I didn’t like you. I could’ve just eaten it myself.”

You snorted, grabbing the can out of his hands.

“Yeah. Right. And then I would ‘ve punched your stupid face.”

Daryl let out a huff and sat down beside you.

“No need to be that aggressive!”

He pulled some beef jerky out of his bag and took a bite, before offering some to you. You declined by shaking your head, opening the can of beans.

“Since you didn’t eat my food, I’m not gonna eat yours.”

“It’s all the group’s food anyway.” Daryl mumbled his mouth full of meat.

You shrugged, munching on your food.

“So how long exactly do you wanna pester me? Or did I just miss the memo that we’re best friends now?”

Daryl raised his hands in defence, before getting up.

“Alright, princess, I’ll leave you alone.”

You grabbed his hand and pulled him down again, shaking your head.

“I’m sorry. I still have to get used to this bonding crap. Stay.”

He sat down again, one of his rare smiles appearing on his face.

“Whatever you say. If it gets too much, just tell me, and I’ll leave. Seriously.”

You ate your lunch together in silence. Even though you had trouble to admit it even to yourself, it was nice to have someone to be quiet with. It wasn’t an awkward silence, or one you felt the need to fill with empty words. Whatever was blossoming between you and Daryl, whether it was friendship or more, you were looking forward to watch it bloom.

on kristen kringle

i feel like a lot of people in this fandom dislike kristen kringle and i don’t get why? like alright maybe people don’t like her bc of what happened with ed, but it’s like… she had every right to act the way she did??
a disclaimer: listen i love ed, i really do, like you have no idea.
…but the way he acted towards kristen was NOT okay.
if you make a move on someone and they tell you that they don’t like it, YOU STOP. when said advances make this person visibly uncomfortable, YOU STOP. when this person is in a relationship- even if it is abusive- YOU DON’T EVEN DO IT IN THE FIRST PLACE. ed did not stop, and he did not care that kristen was in a relationship. he invaded her personal space multiple times and stalked her. no wonder kris thought he was a creep.
and, as i said before, i love ed. i really do. but if i found a cupcake with a bullet inside of it on my desk i would take it as a threat. a warning. i’d think that someone was out to get me and if i were to find the person responsible for it i’d tear them a new one.
and finally, let’s talk about The Night. first of all, you have to understand, kris has been in multiple abusive relationships in the past- tom, arnold “the ass” flass, and probably more. (this alone makes me very protective of her, by the way.) so, right after they banged and ed revealed that he, y'know, FUCKING MURDERED tom (and, while looking particularly pleased about having done this, he accidentally left out the whole it-was-an-accident part), you know what went through her head?? not “oh gee wow thanks for getting rid of my evil ex ed”.
no. you know what she was thinking?? that ed was just like the others. that she was stupid enough to fall for another abusive, evil jerk. watching this part you can see where her blood just runs cold, when she suddenly sees ed in a whole new way and starts mentally berating herself.
put yourself in her shoes. imagine if, after going on a date with a person, they suddenly reveal they murdered someone. you’d flip your shit, too. hell, i’d probably black out.
so yeah, of course kris freaked out. even more so when ed forceably tried to stop her from leaving, pinning her against the door and strangling her to death.
and you know the rest.
basically, i wish that she was more appreciated. i love ed, i really do, but his whole thing with her really reminded me of the whole Nice Guy trope. y'know, that guy who doesn’t get how women keep “falling” for abusive men, choosing them in favor of Nice Guys, not realizing that he’s just as bad as abusive guys.