bc i havent done anything in a while


rg!gaster dump! sorry i havent post anything up in a while, school is draining rn aaha i havent drawn anything decent and every time i try to.. i fall asleep in the middle of it lolol i’ll get to asks and such later when im done with school

also the last sketch is for @toolazytodoitnow bc wow we just threw angsty rg!gaster hc at each other and needs something happy for the two dorks lol 

any fucking ways im so fucking sick and tired of tumblrs black and white mentality. im literally not allowed to like anything now apparently bc eventually im gonna see some callout post or a bash for how horrible it is while these same people turn around and praise something and say theyre pure and havent ever done anything wrong. i fucking hate you all let me enjoy one fucking thing without you all getting fucking pissy bc someone did something bad once

fish n ships

that was so lame wowww

ok so im super bored and havent done ships in a while so yeah!! here goes!


mbf me (+ you might get a follow back!)

send me an ask! wyr, this or that, fmk, ship me, tell me why you love your fav, your fav song, idc anything works!

reblog this! (likes dont count)

please have an about/face page or describe yourself in the ask bc i cant ship you without it!

what you get:

ship + disrespectful gif of your ship: luke // michael // calum // ashton

secret admirer: luke // michael // calum // ashton

best friend: luke // michael // calum // ashton

like a brother: luke // michael // calum // ashton

blograte: /10

compliments bc ily:

thats it! blacklist #5sos ships if you dont wanna see this on your dash

no notes and i cry