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In This Quiet Place

Pairing: JayTim

Summary:  "You know,“ Tim said, voice a little irritated as he entered the cart, "you could have told me where to meet you.”

Notes: My first JayTim piece for JayTim week. The prompt was “Carnival”. 

This one isn’t explicitly romance-y? Though them being together was the intention. I love breakfast dates especially in the context of vigilantes that have been patrolling for a while. 

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rg!gaster dump! sorry i havent post anything up in a while, school is draining rn aaha i havent drawn anything decent and every time i try to.. i fall asleep in the middle of it lolol i’ll get to asks and such later when im done with school

also the last sketch is for @toolazytodoitnow bc wow we just threw angsty rg!gaster hc at each other and needs something happy for the two dorks lol 

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Will we ever get a scenerio with Zenyatta and his s/o with wireplay? I am sinful androgynous person with sinful androgynous hands.

keep in mind i havent done anything with wireplay in a while so sorry if its a bit rusty. also the reason Zenyatta’s dialogue looks a little strange is bc thats how i type like… glitching/voice box malfunctions.

Zenyatta (Overwatch)

You had pleaded with Zenyatta to let you make /him/ feel good, for once. He’s always so ready to give, but he finds it hard to let you give back. You honestly don’t know how you convinced him to let you do this, but… goddamn you were glad you did.

You had one hand wedged under his loosened chest plate, brushing against the wires and internal nodes- you had a special glove on, at Zenyatta’s request. The other hand was in you boyfriend’s. He had to restrain himself from gripping too hard, but that was the only thing he was restraining.

“A-ah… PppPLease,” he moaned, voice box glitching out slightly. He lost in composure a while ago, only able to say a few words at a time. You smiled, leaning down and kissing his cheek. You run your fingers along a deeply-set line of copper, making him toss his head back and arch into your hand.

“I doubt you even know what you’re begging for, anymore,” you teased lightly. If Zenyatta was paying attention, he didn’t respond to you. You leaned your head against his, holding his hand tightly. You sped up, making his frame shudder.

He let out a loud moan as he overloaded. He was knocked out for about five minutes.

Good job.

some dude invited me to day drink and i said no but it got me thinking bc like j**** said smth earlier today that pissed me off and im still mad abt it and even just a few months ago i would have said smth bitchy and then ignored him for the rest of the day while hanging out w someone else but i havent done anything that childish the last few times we got in an argument which i personally think is a big deal for me lmao

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🍂 just bc its halloween ! and i havent done anything in a while so im just gonna do some little promos :-) 🍂 

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fish n ships

that was so lame wowww

ok so im super bored and havent done ships in a while so yeah!! here goes!


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