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hey jess, there's a ton of talk ab jin but here's how I feel, of course jin is a talented and an amazing individiual but i think he doesn't get many lines bc he differs from the rest of the boys? His voice, although beautiful, doesn't really fit with BTSs music... he should be singing ballads, not pop (tae, jk, and jimin's voices are so flexible). Idk i just hate hearing that it's bighits fault/that bighit is a bad company when clearly it's just not a right fit,, idk how do you feel?

OKAY so i have such a big problem with people stanning bighit more than they stan jin lmao. bighit is still a company. they are still part of the entertainment industry, they are inherently!!! flawed!!! i don’t know why this fandom likes to baby and protect bighit, when they are a company (not poor anymore, hello, thanks to bts) just like every other company in the music industry.

if we’re gonna use the “excuse” that bts’ songs don’t “suit” jin, let me just list songs from bts’ entire discography that are THE MOST “less pop.” here they are broken down by album:



skool luv affair

just one day

outro: propose

dark & wild

let me know

hyyh pt. 1

move/moving on

hold me tight

love is not over

hyyh pt. 2


whalien 52

autumn leaves/dead leaves

house of cards

“young forever” from the repackaged young forever album

youth (japanese album)

good day

wishing on a star

for you

wings (excluding awake) + you never walk alone repackaged

2! 3!

spring day

a supplementary story: you never walk alone

that’s 17 “less pop” or ballad-y songs that jin could have had more lines in. but surprise, surprise, jin doesn’t have the most lines in ANY of these songs. we’re gonna exclude spring day live version (bc the live version does it RIGHT). 

i really need the fandom as a whole to stop pretending that the “vocal color” bullshit we heard is real. it’s not. ALL VOICES ARE VERSATILE. if you’re a singer, you can sing whatever genre. i’m not gonna pretend to be a music expert, i was only in choir for a few years and i did theatre in high school. but voices don’t ONLY sing ONE thing. now, could jin’s voice SUIT ballads more than pop songs? sure. is that true? no. we can’t sit here and say maknae lines’ voices are more versatile than jin’s bc that’s so untrue. YES, jin is better at ballads. but to say he can’t sing pop is ridiculous. pop is SO easy to sing. any vocalist can sing pop, i’m sorry. pop doesn’t need some magical vocal quality that only some people have.

disclaimer before i keep ranting that i love everyone in bts and this isn’t me HATING any member so don’t come at me for that lmao. anyways let’s look at taehyung and jimin. jimin has been straining his voice since debut. his voice does not suit the more hip-hop/rap songs that bts have. YET HE HAS MORE LINES THAN JIN. taehyung has been forced to growl in a lot of songs. that’s not versatility, that’s just bad. when i think about boy in luv era, i wonder why jin didn’t take more of the verse taehyung had where he growled because jin’s voice could’ve sang it just fine. in my head.

anyways this is getting disorganized because i just rolled out of bed for this but here’s an amazing post written by my pal kinga (@taejinmin) on why bighit is shitty to jin.

i’m gonna end this by saying, let’s stop pretending jin’s voice is somehow second-rate compared to maknae lines’ voices because he’s “more of a ballad singer.” no. give him lines and he can sing well. he can sing pop, rock, r&b, whatever. bighit have consistently sidelined jin since debut and it’s just a fact? i don’t know why people want to keep protecting bighit. they don’t need our protection, they need to be held accountable for clearly doing jin dirty.

ADDITION: when big 3 companies do better line distributions than bts, it’s time to start wondering what the fuck is going on.

andreil happy fics! ♥

basically, I’ve spent the previous week going through the AFTG tag (yes, I went through all the 1250 works) on ao3, because I needed more content, official or not. and since it was so freaking hard to find some quality happy content™ (bc apparently y'all like to suffer that much —which, to be fair, I should have expected and I can #relate), I thought I could make it easier for anyone else seeking it and share it here! 🎉

so this is a recommendation list with my favorites ones so far; they’re all from ao3, and if you find any of your works there and want me to remove them from this list, just message me and I’ll remove it. if you have any recommendations for me to add here, message me too! ♥ I haven’t read anything from ff.net or tumblr just yet, but I plan on doing that later this week.

they’re not all entirely happy and they’re not that happy either, but then again that’d be hard considering the amount of trauma and tragedy the authors have to work with (thanks nora). but!!! they’re happy enough to make it to this post, so yeah! you’ll probably gonna enjoy them.

right now there are more oneshots, canon-ish, mostly set right after TKM or a few years in the future. I might add an AU and multi-chapter category later, so keep checking for updates! and don’t forget to show appreciation for the authors by leaving comments and kudos! ♥

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what is the cake scene? I haven't watched tatinof so i'm kind of lost here :(

they do a ‘fan fiction live’ segment during tatinof which is just as cringe and horrible as it sounds, in which they let the audience’s enthusiasm (screaming/cheering) determine key plot points. at the beginning the audience gets to choose if dnp will be cowboys or pirates. then later they choose whether dnp go camping or go to space. and finally they choose if phil draws dan like a french girl or if dnp share a cake. as you can imagine most cities chose phil drawing dan like a french girl bc they imagined it would be the most flirtatious or whatever, but in reality the ‘cake scene’ (which some ridiculously tiny number of cities chose across all of the tatinof dates) was the most sensual: it involves phil repeatedly feeding dan handfuls of cake with his hands. as word of this spread, people got more and more hyped about it and kept wishing they could see it. dan then teased that he might upload a professionally shot clip of it to his side channel .. then never went through with it. instead, we just have a couple really shit audience videos of it that don’t even show the stage (this is probably the best one out there bc it has the least intense screaming so you can actually hear most of the dialogue, but this one has a blurry view of the stage and earsplitting shrieks so take ur pick i guess) as well as some slightly higher quality photos of the feeding so that you can truly appreciate the sensuality. lol

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Hi do you have any photos of gee sticking his tongue out?


some low quality tongue

whatever you need those photos for….have fun i guess lmao

PS: i didnt include the ‘Gerard licking his hand’ pics bc i did a spam of that not to long ago so heres the tag for that if you wanna ruin your life some more http://www.gerardwaypictures.com/tagged/why-he-lick-me lol

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i need to follow more taehyung blogs! could you recommend me some?? preferably ppl who talk in their tags! i like reading them haha!

Ahh, tbh 99% of the Tae stans I follow talk in their tags lmao we’re wild. But I’ll try - I categorised the blogs for easier navigation. I’ll Asterix the blogs that tend to ramble heaps in their tags too. :)

@itskimtaehyung // @vintaege (my personal go-to for fluffy reads) // * @taepott * (also a gifmaker) // @tahyungs (also a gfx/gifmaker & editor) // @kthsdrug // @gftae

GFX/Gif/Edit makers:
@booptae (my personal go-to for gifs) // @butaer // @ttaewo // @taesflower // @mytaeddy // * @ciutae * // * @daegucrew * // * @ttaegiis * // * @4oclockvmin * // @fluffyliontae

Aesthetic blogs and Quality (HQ/LQ) rebloggers:

@taecheol (pastel blue/grey/white) // @kimvitae (peachy shades) // @kimtaeng (brown/gold) // @artistictae (my personal go-to for quality reblogs) // * @deletaed * // @jktaetae  // * @winktaes * // @kittaee // * @puppytae * // * @taeboos* // @protectaetae // @bts-kth // @aekth // @lostmytae // @moonkth // @silvertae // @milklattaes // @taeonie

Anyway, these are some amazing blogs with equally amazing people, and deserve so much love. Sorry it took me days to respond, I hope it’s not too late. :\

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Hi! Do you think expensive skincare is really worth the plunge? Bc I find the price of some of the products you've recommended a bit steep, but I'd love to try them in order to improve the condition of my skin, so are they worth the price?

Heya dear, I completely understand what you are thinking. 

To me good quality skincare products are one of those things worth spending a little more for, especially if you have ‘problem’ skin, ie. oily, combination, or dry; it’s much better to invest in your natural beauty, than paying either drugstore prices for makeup that has harsh chemicals, or for expensive makeup that has to come off everyday! Besides, it’s never too late to start treating your skin right, and it’ll be completely worth it to maintain a firm complexion with no wrinkles for as long as possible. 

On Korean products and the particular ones I had recommended previously: The prices are completely worth the ingredients you’re getting. They’re often more “natural” and actually uses a variety of effective ingredients like Jeju volcanic clay, bija cica, and green tea essence etc. Unlike drugstore skincare, which aims to deliver products at the lowest price range possible, instead of placing an emphasis on quality. 

Korea really is the best country in the world when it comes to skincare. There’s constant innovation demanded from companies, mostly due to the fact their culture heavily values natural beauty. This means lookism is prevalent, but also creates an extremely competitive market for skincare. Whereas in comparison, major ‘Western’ beauty brands are often under the same parent company with a heavier focus on makeup. 

Besides, you don’t need all the products I’ve mentioned before! There’s quite a lot listed, only because they all work really well, and I know people like to have a variety to choose from. However, you only really need to use one for each step! So at the basic would be 4 things every day: cleansing, exfoliating, hydration, face mask. Maybe add in others to provide variety in your skincare routine, but this is completely optional.

Also look out for offers from brands and resellers, for more cost-friendly products. Innisfree (which makes some of my favourite skincare products) is having amazing offers at the moment! There’s the buy 1 get 1 free face masks promotion, including overnight/sleeping and wash off/scrubs. So that’s already 2 things out of the 4 essential products already. Lots of samples are usually included in your purchase as well for you to try new things for free.

I’m not completely sure what is your skin’s ‘condition’, so the products I recommended for treating combination skin might not work as well for those with extremely dry skin. For example those with acne would want the ‘Cosrx pimple patch’, and not a rich cream with snail essence that would be perfect for dry skin. Looking at online reviews is definitely the best way to ensure the products you’re interested in are worth the money.

Hope this helps! Also do let me know what you end up getting xx

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People often portray Carmilla and Laura as opposites & in many ways they are but also Laura has this really snarky, asshole loving part of her (even in s1 she’s smirking about ‘surveilling her roomate’ giggling at some of Carmillas rude comments ect) and Carmilla has this soft, hopeful side that she buried down for centuries until Laura arrives & I just love how even from the beginning they actually have qualities of each other & they bring them to the surface as they become closer

its not even like it was a secret that laura was also an asshole. people just willfully ignored it bc it would make a good foil (kind of) to carmilla’s more cynical tenancies if laura was a ball of sunshine.

but that was one of the things i liked about hollstein was that on the surface they weren’t very nice people, but they do bring out other qualities in each other that they dont let anyone else see.


Okay but Yoonbum and Seungbae getting together bc they both deserve happiness??? 
Sorry for the shitty art and quality of photo btw I really want to get some relief doodles out of them bc I think they would be so good for each other honestly ;;; I just want positivity and them to have a healthy, supportive relationship
Expect more art of these two

Jikook Internet Friends AU 14


Where Jimin has a bad day

Anon I hope you liked it because I can’t angst tbh I feel more proud of my silly part. Low quality pics and shitty edits RISE. I put Jimin as being the one who’s more sad about it bc he’s just so smol he must be so cuddly and clingy. I also have a feel this contains a lot of grammar mistakes :D SUCH SPAM OF PICS :) As always if you have some request, you want to ask or say anything, go ahead! //posts irregularly 5ever

Sorry for the small mistakes and I hope you like it!


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Rec some blogs? 😅 Maybe some mx writers or monsta x in general. I'm not picky haha

of course!~ and ah i dont actually know many writers bc i don’t read much sorry :( but @mxwriters is the place to go!! (they have some amazing writers^^)

and here’s all the mx blogs i follow~

@chaerismatic @94wons @kittyminhyuk @blackhairedwonho @sonhvunwoo @sonuwoo @hyunqvwon @m0nst4x @shinhosok @moonbebe @ukihyunnie @flowermx@ourwonho @nottechae @shlnhoseok @sleepyw0ns @m-b-b @kkungki @warmwonho @sh0wnu @babywoon @kihyunswife @hotseok @wonkkyun @kukungie @minhyuk1 @kyunie 

&& do check out @monbebe-net and @mxnetwork if you need more because i don’t follow enough :(( sorry bab i hope this was helpful✨


Told y’all I’d post some sketches–I have four more waiting in the wings, but I didn’t feel like taking any more pictures 😂 sorry for the poor quality: these were taken with my iphone bc scanning is a pain. FYI: the lusamine portrait is one of three: her, Lillie and Gladion. All finished now, just need to be colored. 

Y'all still like this blog right?

bc I’m having a hard time getting things for it, capping wise, bc it takes. So. Freaking. Long. To get anything like I spend AT LEAST 2 hours each time, & that’s if I’m lucky. If it’s not already on YouTube or Netflix then that’s easily 2 hours just looking right there. And bc I don’t like low quality videos & bc I’m picky that’s extra time looking for sources.

AND FOR SOME REASON there aren’t more posts about Crowley/Mark that haven’t been on this blog 10 million times so like…y'all still like this thing? Bc if not then like what’s the point exactly. I don’t wanna make a big thing about this but I’m being fr with y'all rn. -admin m

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Hope you don't mind me asking, but what's the musketeers show you talk about?? It looks really good!!


it’s a bbc adaptation of alexandre dumas’ “the three musketeers”, and imo it’s like one of the best interpretations?

check it out!!!! four pretty beardy men (2 moc) who are emotional and full of love:

some pretty amazing, multi-faceted, complex and varied lady characters, all for whom i would lay down my life:

beautiful platonic relationships!!! [more under the cut bc lmao Lots Of Pictures]

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A tale of lack of boundaries

Dear Sam and Cait,

I write to you as a disappointed fan not of the show but of you. We shippers have been belittled, doxxed, laughed at, harassed bc we believed something you sold for almost 4 years. And no, this group of amazing woman from different races, ages, walks of life and countries were not delusional all this time. It seems you think that a close friendship is spending a lot of personal time with each other, and other inappropriate tweets, conversations and actions that clearly state a lack of boundaries that is disrespectful if you have had SO’s all this time (looking at you cait and recently Sam). Why just not tell the truth, if you know what is said on sm and you know pics will emerge. Believe me truth goes a long way and is highly respected, even for actors. You had various points in time when you could have taken that road and yet you chose not to. You chose to use an example of a supposed shipper letter in an interview to once again throw us under the bus, bc you don’t want to accept you have done wrong, and to just speak truth, which could have been done in many occasions, but no we got picnics and car parks in Ibiza, tennis, rugby and jacuzzi video. But yet we shippers are the bad guys.
This time I will not make more excuses for you. I am actually not mad, at the end I pity you bc you can’t even be truthful with the ones who can support your career after OL ends. So advice, remember OL will end at some point and you will need to be marketable (Yes marketable with fans), serious relationships and SO’s should be nurtured with a basis of respect, time and quality sharing (you have displayed none) and choosing to ignore harassment is not acceptable.

For now I will come back to The real Jamie and Claire (the books) and your interpretation of them in September.

Best regards,

A proud shipper (now just an observer)