bc i have a lot of feelings right now

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Today, the person I have had feelings for but are just friends with, bluntly told me they don't ever see us working out in the future. I knew this but actually reading those texts hurt more than anything ever has. I don't want to have these feelings for them, and they don't understand I don't want to be with them, i just want them in my life but they don't want to be friends bc of this. They're in a relationship which is why they don't want a friendship right now, but it still sucks

of course that sucks! of course it does. but here’s my question to you, why would you want someone in your life that doesn’t want to be there? don’t leave yourself hung up on toxic people, it may hurt now, but you’ll feel a lot better when it’s not so fresh and you can have a clear mind to look back on things.

I still have people that i still think about and hope are doing well. but that doesn’t mean they belong in my life.

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So i used to panic a lot because i would be standing there & suddenly feel like someone was standing /right behind/ me. i realize now sometimes my wings just feel really real sometimes

wings r so weird bc sometimes im like ‘yes these r Astral Wings not real’ and then sometimes im like ‘wow i cant believe i 100% have Real wings wow this is gr8′ wings, man. they’re somethin’ else

-mod hae

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Gramander where Newt needs to wear glasses and he overhears a random auror talking about how dorky he looks or how the glasses take away what little good looks he has (which is total crap because he is of course the most adorable/beautiful person alive!) and he gets really self conscious and thinks that he needs to change and stop wearing them or he won't good enough to be with graves...but the problem is he hates the idea/feel of contacts. Eventual happy ending :)

I have to add a picture of Eddie with glasses bc he’s just cute AF!

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Omg I want all the soft Alec headcanons ❤️ if you have time would you mind sharing some of yours?

okay but i’ve gotten such an influx of super polite anons it’s so adorable like. for the record, i will also respond to ‘bitch give me all your soft alec hcs rn’ but this is very sweet ❤✨

right anyway buckle up tbh, i have a lot of ~thoughts about this..

  • first of all, alec lightwood keeps a journal. he actually has since he was around thirteen, bc back then he was a mess of feelings he had no other outlet for. but now it’s become more of a habit, a way to sort through his day and (lately) catalogue literally every new thing he learns about magnus bane
  • alec is a total cuddler/heat leech?? his feet are always cold and his siblings are so warm like, izzy especially she’ll just be reading in the library and alec will plop down next to her and start wiggling his toes under her legs until she laughs and grabs a blanket to wrap them both up in
  • he never really ~liked cooking (and he’s still not great at it tbh) but he learned with izzy to keep an eye on her in the kitchen and it sort of became a good excuse to hang out with her and then later it becomes something nice he can do for her (or any of his siblings) when they’re tired and stressed and need a break. he can’t make anything super fancy, but he does some decent soups/pastas and breakfast is his specialty
  • alec has bad anxiety sometimes (like this is legit canon lbr) and when it starts to get bad he’s normally heading right for the training room to spend a few hours with the punching bag, but it’s the worst thing tbh bc it just amps him up rather than calming him down. but when jace is around and notices what’s happening, he’ll go with and always be casually more tactile than usual because he’s learned that touch is what really calms alec down. and it does
  • once he and magnus start dating and he’s spending more time at the loft, alec becomes mesmerized by all of magnus’s make up - all these tubes and powders and brushes? and like, it’s not his thing but it’s part of magnus and this whole gorgeous armor that he wears and so alec asks izzy about it and she introduces him to his new favorite passtime tbh: watching youtube make up tutorials
  • alec loves history like. part of the reason that he’s so rigid in shadowhunter tradition is bc there’s so much history there and here it is preserved in these small ways, these shared experiences and phrases that they have together? and magnus sees that and is afraid it will hurt him to hear the actual true story of some of that ‘history’ (and it does) but more than that it just fascinates him. he devours every story magnus tells him and almost passes out when he sees the true extent of magnus’s library (this nerd)
  • he is an early riser/light sleeper by training, by necessity, but once he starts staying over at the loft, sleeping in becomes alec’s favorite thing in the whole world. just lying there in magnus’s arms in this small separate world before the dawn that they create for themselves where there’s no war or duty or failure or shame, there’s just magnus. and alec. soft and warm, together
Dating Ashton Would Include:

- I feel like Ashton would be that boyfriend that pulls you by your waist closer to him at parties while he’s talking to an old friend wowowow
- Lots of whispering sweet nothings into your ear
- “Babeeee can we order pizza for dinner?” “We literally have had pizza for 5 days straight wth” “okay and?”
- Him being on the other side of the house and the whole house being dead silent until you hear a fit of loud ass laughter coming from Ashton
- Him wanting you to go with him to one of his training sessions bc he secretly wants to see you all sweaty in a nice pair of yoga pants
- I feel Ashton would really be into like concert dates where he takes you backstage to like an All Time Low concert and you guys are just goofing off and hugging and dancing like crazy kids
- I also feel like he would be in shock everytime you got dressed up for an event because of how stunning you looked and also compliment you all night long
- “You look so gorgeous tonight” “God what did I do to deserve you?”
-Him calling you princess and baby in the morning with his raspy voice OH MY GOD
- Playing Mario Kart like literally 24/7
-Him showing his unconditional love for you forever and always

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Hi! Today i read your whole comic (beautiful btw, its 6:36 in the morning and i dont regret it) and i love your art style, specialy in the comic, how you can see little by little the smal bits of changes through start to finish, but then i came to look at your tumblr and im like umm? UMHHH?! LIKE OMG WHY DO YOU HAVE SO LITTLE NOTES bc seriusly all of this its really great i love how you balance all the characters so they all have time onscreen :) hope everything's fine to you you right now~☆

Awww thank You so much for the sweet message!!! 8′)  Idk it means a lot to me to hear people actually enjoy what I make here haha

Tbh I often feel like I’m juggling 6 pick up trucks trying to balance this comic out, especially the current chapter because 4 years ago I started it with soooo many subplots it’s a bit ridiculous, but it’s almost over, and all the future chapters are planned to be a lil shorter and more focused so hopefully things will keep getting better!

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i love how no matter how busy you are with personal stuff, you dont get offended when you get asks saying "im so excited for you to update this story and that story" or "i miss *fic title* cant wait for you to update :(" bc even if those people just want to say how excited they are, some writers get mad and take it like "WYD UPDATE NOW" which is totally not the case :( i love your blog and your personality as well. I JUST LOVE YOU OKAY HAVE A GOOD DAY, DEE!:)

It doesn’t offend me because I know it just means someone can’t wait for the update because they like the story. I feel that way about a lot of stories I’m keeping up with, and I don’t think it means “I demand you update right away”, I see it as more of a “I like your story and I wanted to let you know I am excited about the next chapter”. Maybe I’m crazy haha. But when I think of it that way, these messages don’t upset me at all :) 

There are always going to be rude people though. I got lucky because most of you are so chill and patient, but a lot of writers on my dash are getting these horrible anons that just expect them to post content all the time. Writing is a different process for everyone, some people can write really fast, some need to take their time. It all depends on the mood you’re in, how pressured you feel, how much free time you have. Sometimes I have a day off just for writing but I’m worried about so many things that I can’t get a word out, let alone a chapter. At the end of the day, this is what most of us do for fun, so people can’t exactly “order” any of us around, even though some of them feel like they should. Anyway, I don’t get those anons often, so I’m happy about that :) Thanks for your support!!  ♡

Jaehyun as a boyfriend

a/n : Hey guys, I’m back. Aaaand I made NCT scenario … again. Whyy god wwhhyy. I want to make VIXX one but idk, I have soo much feeling I can’t contain for NCT right now. This time is Jaehyun. FYI I hate him so much, he ruined my bias list -_-  BUT HE’S SO HOT (and cute and squishy and literally everything) asdfghjkl. I fought a lot w/ my friend about this bc she likes Jae very much lol. 

Beware of long post and awkward grammar. Sorry for the loong a/n, enjoy!!

  • A charismatic type of boyfriend
  • Outside /insert meme face
  • He will completely becomes a sunshine when you’re around
  • Being the big baby he is, Jaehyun can be goofy and silly sometimes
  • Nope, everytime I mean
  • Is absolutely fully capable
  • That’s why you rely on him a lot. Not that he mind though
  • Is lowkey secretly veerryyy clingy
  • But loves to tease you 24/7
  • “You kinda look like my little sister when you cut your hair short.”
  • “Really? … but I don’t remember you have a lil’ sis?”
  • “Maybe I should find a new girlfriend. I don’t want to be called ped-”
  • “JAEHYUN!!” 
  • “You’re even cuter when you are mad baby.”
  • “This boi.” -_-
  • Poking his dimple everytime you feel like it
  • He pouts in disapproval
  • Makes a serious face at random times
  • And then grins at you like nothing happened
  • “Are you okay Jae? You look kinda upset.”
  • “… hm? No! I was just thinking.”
  • “Ah okaay. About what?”
  • “Um, nothing?”
  • Lady punch on the cue
  • He becomes hella jealous when one day you said that you like Doyoung (his voice, jokes, etc). Feels even more irritated when you two get to close to each other
  • I don’t know why. I just have this feeling, Jaehyun seed Doyoung as his rival in almost everything?
  • “What you were talking about with Doyoung hyung”
  • “He asked me how to pronounce some english words. Why?”
  • “(Y/N)!”
  • “Don’t yell! I asked you why, Yuno-ya.”
  • “Tsk, he’s hitting on you! Why don’t you understand asdfghjkl.”
  • “He’s not. Why are you so skeptical when it comes to him?”
  • “You just don’t know. I’m angry right now, don’t even you dare to talk to me.”
  • “Childish.” -_-
  • “Hm.”
  • You almost constantly meet his members
  • Hanging out a lot with Mark and Winwin (+Taeyong)
  • Bc they are your bae’s soulmate(s)
  • When the boys are around, he randomly starts a family skit. He as the husband, you as the wife, and Mark as your son
  • The others … yeah, as the useless and crowdy neighbour
  • “Why are you always making Minhyeong as our son? He doesn’t even look like you. Or me.”
  • “Aw you just acknowledge Mark as our son.”
  • “Don’t change the subject.” -_-
  • “Hey, we DO resemble each other. Yeah … um, in many ways that we haven’t discovered yet.”
  • Saying pervert things with an innocent eye-smile
  • “(Y/N).”
  • “Hm?”
  • “In the future, how many kids you want to have?”
  • “I haven’t really thought about that. Maybe 2?”
  • “We’ll be doing it countless time but you only want 2? Poor them.”
  • “Eh?”
  • “Eyy, you know~”
  • Dieting controlling weight together
  • But it often end up being a lunch date
  • I mean, always
  • You don’t complain, ofc. Bc he makes the food and it tastes amazing
  • When you are feeling down, he cuddles with you and listen to everything you want to say
  • Or just cuddling in silence, listening to each other heartbeart
  • And when he’s feeling down, like I said before he becomes super clingy
  • Like if you stay at his apartment, he’ll follow you around
  • Back hugging you when you cooks for him
  • Putting his head on your lap when you watch TV
  • Hides his face between your shoulder and neck when you two are going to sleep
  • One day, he asks you to play basketball with him
  • “I’m actually good at basketball. Don’t cry if you lose.”
  • “Okay.” /giggles
  • You end up being Jaehyun’s laughing stock
  • “I thought you are a master in basketball? Pffft.”
  • “I AM.” silence. “Nonono, I remember now. I am a master in volleyball. You have to play volleyball with me next time. You HAVE to Jae! Hear that!?”
  • ^his reaction bc you’re too cute
  • Actually you fight quite often, but make up in less than a day. Without even saying a word
  • But there are times when he really upsets you and vice versa, you stop talking to each other for few days
  • “(Y/N), you’ve been turning down my date lately. You didn’t answer my phone too. What’s wrong?”
  • “I’m tired.”
  • “I won’t understand the problem if you don’t want to talk.” 
  • “I’m fine. Leave me alone, Yuno-ya.”
  • “I guess you are tired of me?”
  • “Hah? No way! Why would you think that?”
  • “Your face says the opposite.”
  • “Wha-”
  • “Enough.”
  • “… okay. Whatever.”
  • At time like this, it’s really hard to look at him without wanting to cry
  • He doesn’t seem really care. But it’s actually killing him inside
  • The one suffering from your fight is either Mark or Taeyong
  • Bc one day, at noon you tell Taeyong about what happened. And in the evening, Jaehyun tells about it too
  • With different story and preference
  • Taeyong dies inside
  • As for Mark, you ask his opinion about the quarrel
  • Both of you getting pouty when he doesn’t give you a satisfying answer
  • “From the start, it was her fault. I’m not going to say about such thing if she answered me nicely.”
  • “Uh hyung, I think she did answer nicely from your story before.”
  • “Geez, I know you are on her side. You always do that.”
  • “Nonono! I’m just stating my opinion okay?”
  • “Yeah, thanks a lot man.”
  • One day, he thinks it’s getting out of hand and decides to apologize.
  • He visits you apartment without calling/texting you first. Bringing a bucket of beautiful flower
  • Makes you your favourite meal too
  • You open the door with an ‘i’m not amused’ look
  • “What?”
  • He kneels
  • “I’m sorry for everything I’ve done. I was childish. I should’t have done that (Y/N). I know you need a space for yourself, I need to … r-respect that.”
  • “Yo-you don’t need to do something like this ohmygod. Get up Jaehyun-a, your jeans will be dirty.”
  • “You forgive me then?”
  • “I’ll forgive you if you give a kiss.”
  • “You don’t need to ask for that.”
  • Having Jaehyun as a boyfriend, you life won’t be boring
  • Bc he has charms that make always your heart beat faster
  • You are lucky to have him, and he is lucky to have you
  • “Yuno-ya.”
  • “Yea?”
  • “I love you.”
  • “Looove you more.”

pics credit:Chocolaté | shordinaria | jupiter | zeusmayo | jun-woon

Hit love/reblog if you like this :3 I want to make __ as a bf again. I’m wondering if you want me to make Donghyuck/Haechan one or Leo one? 

See you!

ok so
alongside discovering (which is stupid i shouldve known right) that adhd has a lot more to it than i thought
its been pointed out that Maybe sarkis might also have adhd even though i never strictly wrote him to have it or anything
bc hes a self insert like hell it turns out and well

now i feel like making an official post about it
bc i kind of makes me happy to be like
sarkis has (undiagnosed) adhd w rsd
similar to the shit ive got going on obviously
id rather not go into ridic depth about it bc i get so nervous when detailing disorders and illnesses like that but!!
im pleased to post about it out loud i think

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  1. What song do you really love right now? I feel like there’s a lot i’m not remembering so I’ll say Platonic Love by Snuper bc i’m always loving this song
  2. Are you watching any shows/dramas at the minute? Which ones? Strong Woman Do Bong Soon 10/10 wud recommend
  3. What’s your favourite animal? Would you want one as your pet if you could have one? Dolphin and noop
  4. Who’s your ult. bias? jjong
  5. If you could see anyone in concert, who would it be? Dear lord pls give me a shinee concert that I can actually attend im begging u
  6. How are you feeling right now lmao? alrite
  7. If you won the lottery, what would you spend the money on? Holidays, the fam, some charities, food. If anything i feel like i wouldn’t spend it all until a little while after
  8. Can you think of three words to describe yourself? y u gotta be like dis uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh chill, tired, lazy
  9. If you could live in any country, where would you live and why? imma say Canada bc not only of my childhood obsession with it but I feel like they get a lot of good stuff without getting too much shitty stuff
  10. What song/s make you nostalgic? ANY BRITNEY SPEARS SONG like pre 2010 and also I Predict A Riot
  11. What’s one of your favourite music videos (+why if you want to explain?) i don’t have a distinct fave buuuuuuuuut here u go

My 11 Questions (warning im not creative)

  1. What is ur name?
  2. What is ur quest (in life)?
  3. What is ur favourite colour?
  4. What’s ur favourite meme?
  5. Who is ur favourite female bias and why?
  6. Has there a comeback that u think was underrated or underappreciated compared to other songs?
  7. Is there a movie that u cry at everytime? Or one u watch to embrace the sadness?
  8. What’s ur go to movie when ur bored?
  9. Most recent obsession and what about it appeals to u?
  10. Do u have any guitly pleasure songs? If so, what are they?
  11. Would u rather step on a crunchy leaf or step in some untouched snow?

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boys can have feelings too

My mum loves uber flamboyant famous males but I can’t be kinda feminine. I’m sensitive and emotional and feminine. Like I’m literally the same person I always was. Just different pronouns. People just expected me to become an emotionless drone or something. I have feelings. A lot of them. And v little control over my emotions right now bc of the hormones I’m on. It’s really annoying and wish it would stop.

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Hi I have a question about ed recovery if it's okay to ask, I just want to know how to deal with weight gain I'm trying to restore my weight but I'm finding it emotionally/mentally v hard and I was just wondering do you have an positivity or tips to make myself keep going bc it's really hard and I can feel myself relapsing and it's very scary(sorry if this makes you uncomfortable tho I apologise 💕)

hey! weight gain is a totally normal, albeit difficult, part of recovery. its actually what im struggling with most right now! ive gained a Lot of weight with recovery (and also from my relapse), and its like Really Hard!! i try and remember a few things:

1. even though it Feels like im getting/being unhealthy, its actually rly healthy. weight isnt a sole indicator of health

2. my body wasnt made for looks or aesthetics, its made to keep me alive. someone once said to me ‘your body needs fuel to survive. your soul needs your body to survive.’ and that always makes me feel better about eating and gaining weight. 

3. there is nothing inherently wrong with bigger bodies. ive seen a lot of ppl say things like ‘i could chose to love or hate my body, and i chose to love it’ so ive been trying to do that. a body is a body and we project ideas onto it, so try and like remove the harmful ideas in ur head and view ur body with love. idk if that makes any sense i have trouble explaining this one! basically, no bodies r ugly, but we decide that they are, and we can decide that they are beautiful instead

4. in terms of staying strong and not relapsing, something that was So Helpful and continues to be helpful in my recovery journey is ‘life without ed’ by jenni schaefer. it teaches you to talk back to the eating disorder voice/thought in your head, and address them as ‘ed’ who is a rly gross guy. a lot of therapists/professionals use this technique! whenever i find myself thinking ‘im getting too fat i need to skip a meal today’ i can respond to that with ‘i like being in recovery, recovery is healthy for me, and it doesnt matter if im gaining weight, because im treating myself well’ or just like ‘shut the fuc k uP ed’ 

5. something that rly helps me is talking to other ppl who have been through or are going through ed recovery, and hearing that they gained weight and struggled with it too. i struggle with feeling like ‘im gaining the most weight, im the only one struggling with weight gain’ and silly thoughts like that, but its not true. its rly nice hearing that other ppl have experienced and gotten through what im going through. i also notice that like i never view them in a negative way for gaining weight, and so i try to be nice to myself too!

i hope this was remotely helpful !!! if u need someone to talk to im here for u and ily and im wishing you all the best !! ♡♡♡

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Hi Emery, first of all, I'd like to say that my soul loves your poetry and you're reaching so many people and you inspire me a lot. I'd like to know if you have any strategies that help you with dealing with stress and anxiety.. as well as accepting love from others? I hope this makes sense. I was in an abusive relationship in the past, and now I'm with the most amazing man who treats me like gold but I find it difficult because I don't feel like I deserve a good love, bc I am not used to it?

currently right smack there - trying to navigate through it the right way. just trying to let life prove to me that this is as good as it appears and that i do deserve it. idk i have to think a lot about it, i haven’t figured it out yet. that’s the biggest thing i’m working thru right now. 

beauty and the beast: a few thoughts

To be honest, right now I actually have a lot more feelings towards this movie than I was expecting. The devout Beauty and the Beast fan that I am–one of the stories that means more to me than any other in the world–I’m not dancing for joy, but I’m happy

I thought a lot of things about it were beautiful, and yet my enjoyment was, admittedly, marred by changes they made (and a certain Emma Watson they cast cough cough). It wasn’t as if they weren’t good changes or as if there were a lot, but if I knew why they made them, I immediately spotted plot holes with them two seconds later.

I even recall getting a little weary in the middle, but Tumblr–believe it or not, I will say this. It was a lot better than I was expecting. On its own, and even relating to the story, it is a good movie.

So, while in some ways, I was torn, there were moments that I cried, moments that I rejoiced, and moments where I just breathed the magic of it all in. And either way, while I wasn’t as giddy as my sister-in-law in leaving the theatre, right now, I feel like I’m a princess all over again (a rather tired and droopy-eyed princess, but that’s beside the point.)

The point is, I saw my favorite fairy tale, and while it could have been better (one day followers I will be cast as Belle and it will all be perfect trust me), I will see it again.

I have…. a lot of facebook feelings lmao. 

I posted a picture of the Britten piece I’m playing right now and how I’m really thankful I got to do a Britten opera because it made me discover (and develop) an affinity I have for his music. And someone responded (without liking the picture or anything, or saying anything positive…….. OMG I’M SO… ok) by commenting with a picture of another setting of the same poem by Finzi, saying they liked that setting the best. 

and I’m like……

this post is… about me and things I like lol

how did you manage to turn it into something about yourself….


I responded (not uncattily…) saying that I prefer Britten to Finzi (and even tho the Finzi setting is nice! It just sounds like more Finzi to me, which I find boring and awkward)

and he said

“You’re entitled to your opinion!!” and then he said he didn’t even know the Britten setting!!!!! Like!!! How can you say you prefer something when you haven’t even heard both!! And then you tell me I’m entitled to my opinion like you’re giving me permission!!!!! on my own facebook status!!!!!!! lmao!!!!!

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theres nothing wrong with that. its a future you wanted and now cant/may not be able to have. theres nothing wrong with mourning the child you could have had, a lot of people have felt the same way. the important thing is to make sure this wont affect how you feel about a child if you adopt bc it wouldnt be fair to them if you didnt love them the same as you would have if they were biologically yours. that aside take the time you need to be sad and eventually accept it. ❤

aaa yeah ur right….i would still very much love an adopted child just the same!! i just??? Wow, I Really Want A Kid Of My Own.

spookyjimrippedmas  asked:

hello. i love you. 💕 you're sleeping right now (bc you never sleep at night lol) and i just want you to wake up to something nice. you're the love of my life and i appreciate you. a lot. okay? love, your oyster.

I’ll have you KNOW I went to sleep at the completely normal hour of 2am. I’ve done worse!

But I love you lots & lots & lots! You’re my oyster 🐚

I hope you’re feeling better 💕✨

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I don't think people hate Rebecca because is the orher woman, but because she slept with a drunk man who was obviously heartbroken. Not to mention that she has pretended to be Aaron's friend. No friend would do that even if she thought they were broken up (which was said by a drunk man).

yeah i feel u on how gross it is to sleep with someone drunk and take a drunk man’s word at face value. i can relate to believing something, however unlikely, simply because you wish it was true, though. i think that’s what bex did. it’s absolutely what aaron did for the duration of the original robron affair. both bex and aaron are idiots to have trusted robert in those scenarios, and they couldn’t help but be idiots bc of their feelings. i get them. i sympathize with them. perhaps it’s why i’m protective of bex right now. it’s something i see in a lot of people in real life. foolish choices made because of foolish hope.  i’m lowkey giving emmerdale too much credit here–in truth they most likely exploited bex and rob’s history so they can get a cheap shock pregnancy SL

as far as bex and aaron being friends–well, i think she does like and respect aaron. i also think she made a grave mistake which disrespects him, and that is dreadful. friends do this to each other. it’s not a pretty, happy version of the world, but it’s a true version of it. she’s gonna owe him a hefty apology, and i thinks she’s the type of character to deliver on that. maybe she won’t deliver on that, though. even then, she’s just a girl who made a very dumb mistake about a boy in my book. it’s relatable. 

90% of what ppl are saying is akin to what a “bitch” (yikes misogyny alert) bex is for wanting robert in the first place (heaven forbid someone like a taken man lol RIGHT AARON?) tho, so i’m gonna go ahead and say that even tho complaints about her sleeping with a drunk man are valid–and thank god people are talking about this–that’s really not what most of the fandom outrage is related to at all. mentions of rob being drunk are such afterthoughts in most people’s analysis and are completely absent most of the time. i think you’re honestly giving too many people way way too much credit. probably makes me a cynic to say that. honestly, so many posts are just plainly people who are hurt by this sl and taking it out on the character who isn’t central to robron. it’s probably natural and unavoidable, but it’s also uncomfortable for me to witness. also, we can’t deny the social trend irl of crucifying “the other woman” in an unfairly intense way, and i’m not gonna play pretend that our fandom somehow managed to escape that pervasive social attitude.

anyway, people are gonna think what they’re gonna think. doesn’t mean i’m gonna like seeing it lmao

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i just wanted to say: thank you for being such a sweet person!! i have sent a Lot of anon asks to this blog and you have always been so kind and positive and i feel so comfortable sending asks even if we dont know each other bc im honestly too scared to come off anon. you are amazing mod mercy and i love u (platonically) and i wish u the best !!


You’re so sweet! I’m actually grinning right now. You’re such a sweetheart, I don’t deserve you guys!!

Tysm. I’m glad that you feel comfortable messaging me, anon or not! That’s all I could hope for. I promise to try to continue being positive as long as I run this blog.

I love you, too anon! As platonically as I can. Have a super super awesome night!

–Mod Mercy