bc i hate linearting

I had this thing were i was a loser and i chilled with sebastian until as late as possible for the entirety of fall just because i thought it’d be nice /^\



skywalker-anakin  asked:

oh man requests are open? any chance you could draw stevonnie in like cool trendy fashion? maybe baggy pants or baggy ripped jeans and a cropped top or something? your art is amazing!

Sorry this took so long! I had to redo it bc I hated the lineart for the first one so much that I ignored it for three days and acted like I had better things to do

try the kool-aid.


anonymous asked:

hi!! i was just wondering how many layers you typically work on because your lines and colors always go with each other so nicely!

oo!! usually 4-5 but here’s my process to explain that:

1. sketch
2. lineart (i usually just clean up my sketches instead of linearting bc i Hate Lineart)
3. base colours

i’ll then add a layer at the top and paint over everything (including the lines) for rendering.

after rendering is done i proceed to add layers of multiply/luminosity/overlay effects until the colours are balanced out and that’s it!

bad time et cetera et cetera