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everyone in harry potter is a poc: hannah abbot (x)

A pink faced girl with a white headscarf stumbled out of the line, put on the hat, which fell right down over her eyes, and sat down. ‘HUFFLEPUFF!’ shouted the hat. The table on the right cheered and clapped as Hannah went to sit down at the Hufflepuff table; the ghost of the Fat Friar waving merrily at her.

I hate that feeling of “ah, a part of me is dying to write this fic, I have so many ideas” and then “ugh, I don’t wanna write this fic at all, I don’t feel connected with it and i’m honestly not excited about it, i’m not sure if it’s the kind of fic i want to read…” 


A MOTHER’S LOVE cannot be measured, but if it could, bodhi would have been rich. despite owning little, he never wanted for much during childhood, except save a few extra blankets when even the combined warmth of his mother’s embrace & all their throws wasn’t enough to combat jedha’s endless winter. to her son, amala was strength personified: left by the man she loved at 21, pregnant with his child, it would have been easy to become embittered with the world. & yet, she became the opposite — her unfailing kindness & generosity were traits bodhi was raised by, as well as a fierce independence & a refusal to back down in the face of adversity despite the odds.

his heart was broken for the first time at barely 12 when he first found out she was sick — it broke a second upon hearing news of her death. everything bodhi did, he did for his mother. she was his reason for flying through a warzone & having his ship blown out of the sky. she was his reason for enduring remarks about his test scores, despite never receiving any formal education due to lack of funds. she was his reason for finally asking the question galen erso had prompted all those months before, now there was no chance of her being put in harms way. she was his reason to REBEL.

FATHER FIGURES were in short supply during childhood, save for the man who became known as ‘uncle‘ to a young jedhan boy with no one else to look up to. takoda’s droid repair stall was a second home to bodhi in his formative years — what began as an interest in mechanics turned into his first job in response to mother’s failing health. the elder showed no sign of disliking bodhi’s presence despite occasional gruff tone; having no family himself, takoda began to see him as the son he never had. 

which was why bodhi’s decision to work for the empire had such a profound effect — takoda had always vehemently hated anything imperial, ever since his husband-to-be was killed when jedha was first occupied. while takoda understood bodhi’s reasoning, that didn’t stop him from refusing to see the newly assigned cargo pilot unless he was out of uniform — something that would continue until takoda’s disappearance many years later. stall destroyed, owner missing; bodhi never found out whether takoda was alive or dead, just that he’d been caught supplying saw’s rebels with modified weaponry & likely imprisoned or executed for treason.

galen erso’s temperament reminded bodhi of his late uncle, which was why he felt so comfortable in his presence ( & partly why his trust was so easily gained ). within his tribute — FOR GALENlay an unspoken love for a man he realised he knew very little about. a man who shaped the person he grew to be. it was as much FOR TAKODA as it was for jyn’s father.

Arabic is beautiful #2

موشح لما بدا يتثنى/ “lamma bada yatathanna” poem

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this is an old andalusian poem whose genre is called “Muwashshah” موشّح. Muwashshah  an Arabic poetic form, consisting of a multi-lined strophic verse poem written in classical Arabic, usually consisting of five stanzas, alternating with a refrain with a running rhyme. 

this poem was written in the the mid-nineteenth century, and was sung many times. here are some versions that i’ve found;

the poem and its translation:

لما بدا يتثنى
قضّى الصِبا والجمال
حبي جماله فتنا
أفديه هل من وصال
أومى بلحظه أسرنا

بالروض بين التلال
غصنٌ سبا حينما
غنىّ هواه ومال
وعدي ويا حيرتي
ما لي رحيم في شكوتي
بالحب من لوعتي
إلا مليكُ الجمال

Gracefully she arrived,
Full of beauty and glory,
So mesmerising is my beloved,
Although I would sacrifice my soul for her,
Is she willing to love me back?

She imprisoned me in a garden beyond mountains by the way she looks at me,
She seemed like a tree branch that leans towards its roots after hearing love songs and achieving richness.
I am dazzled and confused,
I have no one to ask for, but you, you .. the queen of beauty.

every time someone makes an aesthetic or a fancast with a white woman as w.anda maxim.off a part of my rromani soul dies 

I just wanted to say - I randomly discovered a bookmark for my DCBB 2016 fic, The Way Out, which is, like three weeks old but I’m terrible and I always forget to check the bookmarks because people don’t normally write anything and they don’t show up anywhere and now this person’s written half a page about my story and what they think about it and I can’t quite believe it and my brain’s all -

- as I try to do stuff - because I should go to bed but I’m too moved and amazed and stunned to fall asleep, and I’ve got a milion of things I could do since I’m awake but I can’t focus on any of them and most of all I’d like to answer to this person in some way but since this is not a comment I can’t reply, so - Icewarm, you said you read my metas from time to time - if you’re out there, thank you so much for everything you said. I know I suck at summaries, and I’m very happy you decided to give my story a chance anyway, and I’m shocked and humbled by the stuff you said about it and my whole body’s full of smiles and butterflies, so, really - thank you. I’m - I don’t know. Just - thank you.

wow such editing skills much talent wow^

Hello there lovelies, it is I; your broke ass beauty addict. bc im a broke ass beauty addict i often find myself digging for cheap products that actually work, so i thought might as well put it all in a list and share it with yall! so here it is! I present to you this masterlist of cheap beauty products that won’t make your bank account cry!


TonyMoly x Pokemon  |cleanser & handcream|   |$2.89|  
u get 5 pieces for less than $3! u also get to choose whether u want a foam cleanser or a hand cream. also, pokemons. aka cute af.
Holika Holika  |nose strips|   |$0.74|
I’ve watched a couple of reviews for this one and they said they especially liked the 3rd step strip bc it makes the skin super smooth and tightens your pores!
Pilaten  |blackheads remover|   |$0.74-$3.72|  
this one is just cheap af. u get 10 pieces for $3.72! the reviews said that u can use it all over your face not just your nose and that one piece is more than enough for the whole face!
TonyMoly x Pokemon  |hand cream|   |$4.50|
yes again but listen this one is cuter and it lasts longer so 
SkinFood  |hand cream|   |$3.82|
this one has more choices and u get to choose how it smells so
EtudeHouse  |hand cream|   |$3.95|
this one is just cute af ok. theres a panda, a dolphin, a seal, and a fAIRY PENGUIN WTF IS A FAIRY PENGUIN IDC ITS CUTE
TonyMoly  |hand cream|   |$3.87|
this is the famous aesthetic peach hand cream. u know u want it. 

yes i know i didn’t include much facial skincare products but tbh that’s a risky one that u should research on your own lmao. your face’s skin is way more sensitive and delicate than your hand’s skin so u need to be more careful with it. i personally make sure to put more money into facial skin care than other beauty products but its up to you :) However!! u cant go wrong with face masks!! 

Face Masks   I won't go into details for face masks cuz, well, they're face masks lmao. each one does a different job tho so check them all out!

|$1.26|   |$0.87-$1.09|   |$0.89-$1.08|   |$0.93|   |$0.99|   |$0.99-$1.26|    |$1.60|   |$0.99| ok listen this one actually has animal prints!!! you’ll look like a cute ass panda/tiger/puppy/sheep while taking care of your skin!!!   



|$0.89|   |$1.16|   |$0.74|   |$0.74|   |$0.74-$1.03| < this one has really nice colours imo   |$1.71| < personally these burned my lips but other reviewers had no issues with them so idk if u have sensitive lips then be careful i guess 



|$1.99|   |$2.90|   |$3.95|<40 colours yo!   |$0.74|


|$0.74|   |$0.74|   |$0.74|   |$0.74|   |$0.74|   |$0.74|


|$1.84|   |$0.74|   |$0.74-$3.58|   |$1.51-$2.43|   |$2.99|   


|$3.90| <20 pieces!   |$0.74|   |$0.74-$1.17|

huh this turned out not as huge as i thought it would be…im honestly exhausted tho  eh at least its something lmao. i truly hope u find it useful tho!! and as always if u want more cheap products recs check this tag! 
 remember!! there is absolutely nothing wrong with buying cheap shit if u cant afford high-end ones! if anything, its quite foolish to buy expensive products if u can find the exact same products for like $2 at your local dollar store. 

i couldnt get through more than 2 chapters of dorian gray bc i can only find beauty in men with age on em & i wanted to throw dorian gray himself down a flight of stairs just in general

anonymous asked:

I've had a crush on this girl that I work with for a while. I've liked her for about 6 months. We usually talk whenever we see each other and she always gets so shy. I don't see her much anymore bc our schedules are different. Anyways, I just find her to be so beautiful. I don't know for sure if she's into girls though..I think she may be in the closet :/

i think you should ask her to hang out some time!!!! like go see a movie or go get coffee, get to know her and maybe once she gets to know you she might be able to open up more and not be so shy//